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Artificial intelligence isn’t just for faking voices or generating images. The technology can also sift through mountains of data and extract actionable insights. Humberto Moreira, principal solutions engineer at the software development services company Gigster, explains how these insights can assist manufacturers become more flexible and be more attuned to consumers.
When it comes to research and development, engineers lead the way across a wide range of industries. But when it’s time to translate cutting-edge research and prototypes into commercial applications and technologies, the process can be quite complex. Paul Cherukuri helps shed some light on that process, from strategies to challenges to real-world examples. Cherukuri is Rice University’s vice president for innovation and he also serves as Chief Innovation Officer, Adjunct Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship, and Associate Research Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Risk-adverse, technical professionals find securing new business takes understanding a new generation of buyers and how they build relationships, assess services, and ultimately purchase products.
While it make be an election year, there is plenty of opportunity for science and engineering policy to be passed and implemented in Washington. ASME's Paul Fakes previews the potential areas for bipartisan agreement.
In a year that started to feel like “normal,” technology and the engineers behind it were a big part of the story. Listen as the staff of Mechanical Engineering magazine discuss their picks for the top engineering stories of 2023 in this special year-end edition of ASME TechCast.
Space Workforce 2030

Space Workforce 2030


A program called Space Workforce 2030 is seeking to bring in a new generation of engineers that is more diverse and talented than ever. It will significantly increase the number of women and underrepresented groups not only in the workforce, but also across aerospace engineering programs and senior company leadership. Via Van Liew, principal director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at The Aerospace Corporation, one of the many companies that has committed to the Space Workforce 2030 pledge, shares more about the program and how it's making its mark.
Alquist 3D CEO Zachary Mannheimer talks about 3D printing affordable housing and building a workforce.
3D Printing Houses

3D Printing Houses


Alquist 3D CEO Zachary Mannheimer talks about using 3D printers to build affordable housing and stand up a workforce.
Jorge Puente, vice president of engineering with Kelly’s Science, Engineering, Tech, and Telecom unit talks about busy engineering firms that are enjoying low turnover rates, but still report that recruitment remains a challenge.
An often-overlooked source of air pollution is the household kitchen, especially those that use gas ranges and ovens. The environmental advocacy group WEACT for Environmental Justice recently conducted a study to look at the impact of switching out gas stoves for induction cooktops in New York City public housing. Jennifer Ventrella, a doctoral student in mechanical engineering who helped conduct the study, joins ASME TechCast to discuss the results and the steps that can be taken to mitigate reduce indoor air pollution.
Moving from a technical role into a management position is difficult to navigate. Engineers find themselves in uncharted waters. Jeff Perry, founder of More Than Engineering is a software, mechanical, and manufacturing engineer. For years he has been working with engineers and helping them map out the necessary skills for becoming a quality leader in the field.
In New York City, Local Law 97 is pushing owners of large buildings to take steps to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency. Tristan Schwartzman, principal and director of energy services at Goldman Copeland, a New York-based engineering firm, discusses the impact of the law and the steps being taken to prepare buildings in the city for a low-carbon future.
Behind the Webb

Behind the Webb


Mechanical Engineering magazine’s October/November cover story dives into the engineering feats and solutions that brought NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope to its current home, orbiting the sun about 1 million miles away from Earth. Author Lina Zeldovich shares some insights behind the story, how it came together, and pieces that didn't make the story's final cut.
A proven way to secure billable hours, the seller-doer business development model allows firms a way to offer engineers a clear career development path.
Virginia Tech's Theo Lim looks for solutions to urban heat islands.
Photovoltaic solar panels are becoming increasingly inexpensive, but there are many sunny surfaces where adding them is not feasible. Veeral Hardev, vice president for corporate strategy at Ubiquitous Energy, talks about his company’s quest to make transparent PV cells that can be applied to window glass.
Being a project manager is more than getting tasks done and ensuring your team does the same. Learn the skills needed and the steps necessary to move from engineer on a project to PM of the team.
Heat pumps, which use the outside as a source—or sink—for heat, are a familiar environmental control technology in many homes. Kathy Hannun, founder and president of Dandelion Energy, a company that makes household geothermal heat pump systems, discusses the efficiency advantages and engineering challenges of drawing heat from the ground.
As advanced manufacturing continues to thrive, the ties among academia, industry, and government must be fostered to ensure the next generation of engineering students enter the workforce fully prepared to tackle the technologies awaiting them. In this episode of ASME TechCast, Kathryn Jablokow, a professor at Penn State, and Tom Kurfess, a professor at Georgia Tech, discuss technology readiness levels and strategies for educators and industry in partnering to prepare engineers for the future. Jablokow and Kurfess are both members of ASME's board of governors and members of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Study Committee. Both helped author “Infusing Advanced Manufacturing into Undergraduate Engineering Education,” a report that examines advanced manufacturing techniques for the defense industry and explores how undergraduate engineering programs can better develop advanced manufacturing capabilities in the workforce. 
Kyle Saleeby and Gabriela Ciocarlie of the Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute talk about standing up cyber protection throughout the manufacturing supply chain.
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