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Angie...On The Road to Recovery!
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Angie...On The Road to Recovery!

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The Angie File is the stories of a life long journey taken by Angie Bagwell through a time of abuse from those she loved. From the time she was a small child until her adult's years, she has been haunted by sex abuse and mental trauma. Her hope for this podcast is to let those who are now being traffic for sex or abused that is always loving hope if you never give up!
10 Episodes
Angie talks about pornography and how it can affect your child with their later in life's relationships.
In season 2... Angie talks with the host about how to give support to individuals who have lived a life of abuse at the hands of loved ones.
Angie talks by phone with Bill about how she has found a way in her life to cope with life on the road to recovery. After a short time, Angie opens up and chats about parts of her life that she has found to be changing.
On a phone chat with the host, Angie talks about how Porn on social media can affect children's views on sex. The conversation changes when Angie has a flashback concerning her own feeling as a youth with drugs and family.
Angie talks about how she and her husband work through everyday life while she is on the road to recovery.
Angie gift #2

Angie gift #2


On Angie on the road to recovery...Angie tells us how she handles everyday challenges concerning past flashbacks trigger by feeling.
Today on Angie on the road to recovery, Angie talks about how she controls her PTSD flash backs.
Angie talks on the subject of the importance of others support. She talks with Bill on the phone while she is walking in the park.
How we start the trip on the road to recovery with Angie part 1.
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