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Let's take a look what happen in Taiwan; my hometown, my COUNTRY!
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speaking of TAIWAN, of course we cannot miss this topic, delicious food, snacks, dishes on this island. the first we chose for you, is pearl milk tea, which may represent Taiwan. have you even tried it?
you may hear many podcasts talking about food, sightseeing spots, even the difficult political issues on this island; we wanna present a topic which might be not noticed usually, art. enjoy the introduction of an old gallery in Taiwan.
Music 12 - Fire Ex.

Music 12 - Fire Ex.


The band we are going to introduce today, it was invited by the very first female Taiwanese President, Cai Ying Wen, in history, to write a theme song for the election, named Zu Xin Yong Gan, Lan E Mia (confidence and bravery, it’s our name), in 2019.
the Zheng Xiang band, a hakka composer, writing songs about all phenomenon in our society. his works feature through using local traditional instruments and the hakka lyrics.
a music live house in taichung, which provides a place for a bunch of indie bands to perform their works. the new location is really near the taichung train station, if you visit this city, don't miss it!
a rare music style of Taiwanese indie bands in Formosa, a band full of joy and merriment. you must listen to their songs!
Vast & Hazy, came back on stage with two-membered style. the vocal, Da Ka, her clear voice, collocating with various guitar tone; let's listen to their amazing works.
Taiwanese puppets show is a part of our culture. Though those puppets are not just for amazing plays, also for blessing ceremony in lunar February. Let's take a look on Ban Xian, the first time praying to the Earth God in a new year. Take a look on
another Taichung local band, which was invited to Japan for having a tour performance. They are "The Broken Flowers."
today, we don't talk about real history parts, just making a formal ending of history series; and doing small talks to make the world learn that, Taiwan is NEVER a part of China. on the contrast, Taiwan authority has the position to claim that. Nevertheless, we, Taiwanese in new generations, merely want to make clear, P.R.C is China and R.O.C is Taiwan. This is the solid fact that the world shouldn't ignore and deny. 520, the day our Xiao Ying President takes office, for another term, ya~
What do you think, Taiwan is a prat of China or not? Or, what do you know about this point of view?
Why could Chinag Kai Shek take over this island where he didn't want to come at the beginning? A rumor according to old files says he planned to Philippines; on the other hand, he didn't want to move to Taiwan at first.
Music 7 - The Bike

Music 7 - The Bike


Before we're going to the end of History Episode which might be a bit solemn and serious, let's listen to some nice melody before it comes. The Bike, a local band in Taichung City, a halfway point in Taiwan, they perform a brisk tune for our hometown.
we lived under "White Terror" period for 38 years; perhaps that's why Taiwanese always claim human rights so much nowadays.
the martial law began, the white terror period began
Who is KMT? or shall we say, WHAT KMT is.
Zhuo Shui Xi Gong She, the abbreviation is LTK, a Taiwanese band founded in 1898. Their lyrics mainly state the social chaos, unemployment, difficulty from working places, the lament for social movements, and care about people living at the bottom of social. Their music contains hardcore, punk, noise pop, grassroot, folk music and Nakasi elements. They regard themselves as ‘Taiwanese Rock’. In fact, Zhuo Shui Xi is the longest river in Taiwan, following in the middle area of Taiwan, watering the crops which can feed all people on this island.
the social circumstance in Taiwan after Japan started WW2
how did Japan treat their first colony, Taiwan, when they planned to start the WW2
before the WW2 started, Taiwanese drama, literature and popular songs were pretty booming on this island.
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