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Typical back-to-school essentials include clothing from fast fashion brands, stacks of new textbooks and notebooks, and plastic school supplies. The good news is there are simple steps you can take to make this school year your most planet-friendly yet. Whether you're a college student or a parent, this week's episode is loaded with tips and tricks to start your year on a sustainable note. For show notes, visit
If adopting a plant-based diet is among your strategies for bettering the planet, you’re not alone. This week, Nisha Vora, the lawyer turned plant-based chef and cookbook author behind Rainbow Plant Life, shares how to cook up vegan dishes even the pickiest eaters will enjoy, ways you can develop more sustainable habits in the kitchen, and more. For show notes, visit
Entrepreneurship and product innovation are the true drivers of change within the vision of a more sustainable future. There's always room for more people to work on solutions, small and large, that can change our way of life for the better. This week, Julia Collins, founder of Planet FWD and Moonshot, shares what goes into starting a planet-friendly business from scratch, insight into innovation within the sustainability sector, and more. For show notes, visit
Earlier this year, we dropped our 2022 Sustainability Trends Report—and one of the buzziest of the bunch was waterless beauty. In this week’s episode, Kate McLeod, the pastry-chef-turned-beauty-entrepreneur behind the brand of the same name, discusses the rise of waterless beauty, why it’s better for the planet, and why you should give it a try. For show notes, visit
If you have the travel bug, you’re not alone. Recent data shows 71% of Americans are planning on traveling for leisure this year. This week, we’re sharing tips and tricks that will help you explore as sustainably as possible, from booking a place to stay to packing with the planet in mind. For show notes, visit
Every month, an estimated 1.8 billion people around the world menstruate. As you can imagine, that results in a lot of waste. This week, Nadya Okamoto, the co-founder of August, discusses the environmental impact of periods, how period products have evolved over the years, and the rise of sustainable options. For snow notes, visit
When most people think of sustainable fashion, they think of a minimalist wardrobe—a sea of browns, beiges, and creams. But designer and content creator Sara Camposarcone is teaching the world that maximalism—chunky jewelry, layering, bold prints, and lots of color—can be sustainable, too. For show notes, visit
If you live in an area that doesn’t accept glass recycling, tossing a single bottle in your bin can wreak havoc on the planet. Franziska Trautmann, co-founder of Glass Half Full, is challenging the current system by turning glass "waste" into a resource. In this episode, she discusses all things glass recycling and waste management, the benefits of turning glass into sand, and more. For show notes, visit
If you were to take a walk around your block right now, what are the odds you’d find at least one piece of trash? Going out of your way to pick it up might feel pointless. But Sharona Shnayder of Tuesdays for Trash is here to prove small climate action work done by countless individuals across the globe adds up. In this week’s episode, she shares how she’s using social media to start an anti-litter revolution—one that’s already resulted in 23,000 pounds of trash collected worldwide. For show notes, visit
The restaurant industry loses billions of dollars every year due to food waste. Luckily, some entrepreneurs are already figuring out how to make a difference. In this week’s episode, Jeremiah Chapman, the CEO and co-founder of FreshFry, shares how he’s turning one corporation’s trash into another corporation’s treasure. For show notes, visit
Climate change doesn't just impact wildlife and the weather. It also impacts human life—and that includes parenting. In this week’s episode, Sara Mauskopf, CEO and co-founder of Winnie, discusses the intersection between climate and childcare—and how younger generations are directly impacted. For show notes, visit
If your lack of a green thumb has kept you from becoming a plant parent, you're not alone—promise. But that’s all about to change. This week, we’re discussing the best plants for beginners, how to avoid making common mistakes that can kill your plants, and more. For show notes, visit
From the sheets on our beds to the clothes on our backs, textiles are everywhere. But what are our textiles really made of? And how should you go about shopping for options that are actually planet-friendly? In this week's episode, Eileen Mockus, the president and CEO of Coyuchi, will teach you everything you need to know. For show notes, visit
Fast fashion dominates our feeds. Scroll through your TikTok "For You" page and you’re bound to see clothing hauls from SHEIN, Princess Polly, and other brands. This week, Laura sits down with Garik Himebaugh of Eco-Stylist to discuss how to finally break up with fast fashion and build a sustainable wardrobe you love. For show notes, visit
NASA climate scientist Peter Kalmus was recently part of a peaceful protest outside of a JP Morgan Chase building in Los Angeles. His passionate speech not only made headlines, but also went viral on TikTok. In this episode, he discusses what leaders and civilians need to be paying attention to in order to make substantial change, offers some positive outcomes from the climate movement, and shares how you can help make an impact. For show notes, visit
Plant-forward, sustainable eating and scrappy cooking are on the rise as ways to mitigate climate change and better the planet. This week, Max La Manna, a low-waste, sustainable chef and award-winning author, shares simple ways to reduce food waste, how to incorporate more plant-based foods into your routine, and more. For show notes, visit
With everyone pointing fingers at each other, who’s really responsible for achieving net-zero emissions on a global scale? Shanu Mathew, an expert in all things sustainable investing and net-zero research, is here to help answer your questions. For show notes, visit
When it comes to sustainable eating, many people assume swapping meat and dairy for plant-based alternatives is the only way to reduce your impact. But this week's guest, Clarissa Wei, host of the Climate Cuisine podcast, is reimagining mindful and sustainable eating—one local crop at a time. For show notes, visit
We just launched our Sustainability Trends Report on, and one thing that's on the rise in 2022 is sustainable pet parenting as conscious consumers look to reduce the carbon pawprint of their furry friends. In this episode, Laura and veterinarian Dr. Rory Cowlam discuss everything from eco-friendly pet diets to how to cut down on waste. (Poop bags, included.) For show notes, visit
Jacques Cousteau was a legendary researcher, explorer, filmmaker, and pioneer in ocean conservation. Now, his grandson Philippe Cousteau—an oceanographer, environmental activist, producer, and author—is following in his footsteps. In this week’s episode, Philippe and his wife, journalist and environmentalist Ashlan Cousteau, share how they’ve combined entertainment with activism and research to inspire the next generation to change the world for the better. For show notes, visit
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I only now came across this and went back and listened from the very beginning! I love it so much!!! Especially loved the Parka episode so far....this has been a constant research project for me that has ended in me pushing off buying a good winter coat for years now. I'm also moving into a new space which I will need to furnish. Loved all the direction on how to spend my hard earned dollars in a productive way!

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Hey Castbox fam! This is Laura from Good Together. Thank you for listening – let me know what other topics you want us to dig into!

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