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What would an R-Rated E.T. film look like? Is Jessica Fletcher from Murder She Wrote actually a secret psychopath? If we could travel back in time what cult would you start? These are just some of the serious questions we tackle on the Super Mega Geek Podcast. So, if you like in-depth analysis of films, TV, books and video games, well, this isn't the podcast for you. If however, you like inappropriate jokes, unqualified opinions and a lot of laughs then tune in each episode as three idiots from Scotland discuss pop culture with a careless abandon for actual facts.
12 Episodes
As we delve into our first conspiracy we look at the Flat Earth theory and the flat earthers behind it. Are they just idiots or should we be worried. Spoiler - it's both. Join us on a very angry, very ranty, but still very funny episode as we find ourselves near despair at the level of idiocy currently floating around the globe. You hear that flat earthers? I SAID GLOBE! #flatearth  --- Send in a voice message:
3 idiots chat about the pandemic, the best pandemic or virus movies and games, whether we'd rather become sex slaves to apes or have a dinosaur burst out of our know, standard conversations. Recorded back in March, the podcast is now woefully out of date. Enjoy!! --- Send in a voice message:
We're back! 2020 - the year we thought there would be hoverboards, flying cars and cure-all pills is here and to say it's not what we imagined is to put it lightly.  Join us as we chat about all things 2020, what we imagine 2040 will be like and why Keanu Reeves is a god. Plus more nonsense chat from our studio rural Scotland. Very always! --- Send in a voice message:
Delve into the murky and filthy minds of the SMG crew for a brief look at what our personal favourite time travel themed films, tv shows and video games. --- Send in a voice message:
Join as we chat about Bowie's prominent junk, grinding up Smurfs into Meth, the terrors of being sucked into an arcade game Tron style, home computer memories before the internet and more in another completely inappropriate filth laden nostalgia fest. --- Send in a voice message:
As we build up to releasing Back 2 the 80s Part 2 we reminisce about going to the arcades in the 80s and 90s --- Send in a voice message:
On this SMG Short we're chatting about the "Blob" - a slime mould with 720 sexes that can heal itself in minutes, has no brains but learns and will inevitably lead to the downfall of mankind. --- Send in a voice message:
SMG discuss the news that the UK government's Digital Economy Act aka The Porn Bill has failed. --- Send in a voice message:
In a world of big hair, big shoulder pads, big action stars, big egos, big coke habits... SMG travel back to the 80s in the first part of our two-parter 80s special --- Send in a voice message:
There are some extremely important debates happening right now about the future of robots and AI - This podcast isn't one of them. --- Send in a voice message:
Time travel is complicated. Listen to us blunder our way through time travel based scenarios. --- Send in a voice message:
With people ready to attack Area 51 we thought it best to talk tactics which includes sacrificing virgins and World War Z style zombie charges as well as chatting about alien anal probes, fighting aliens, and alien tech. --- Send in a voice message:
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