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We are a podcast about Tesla, SpaceX, The Boring Company, and all of Elon Musk's other crazy antics.
14 Episodes
The gang got together for another great episode where we talk about the Planet of the Humans documentary, the latest Tesla Traffic Light Update, and Elon's tweets. Tony and Sara give their impressions of the new TeslaCam viewer, and we get ready for the TSLA Q1 2020 earnings release.
Hey folks! We have been MIA during this ongoing pandemic. Please understand. We did record an episode on 4/3/2020 that Asif finally got around to editing. Check it out!
On our eleventh episode, I am joined by Adam and Tony as we discuss the news of the week. We break down the ongoing TSLA short squeeze and talk about the decision to do a secondary offering last week. We also take some time to tap dance on the graves of TSLAQ, because they are so RONG. Don't doubt ur vibe, and check out this awesome episode of 9to5 Elon.
On this episode, the gang reacts to Tesla's Q4 2019 earnings results release and conference call. They also talk about Starlink, Tesla's Dojo AI, and just how wrong TSLA shorts have been. Don't doubt ur vibe, and listen to this episode!
On this episode, the gang talks about the new Byte app, and also why now is a good time to be politically active. We also talk about rockets. Because he's one of our great geniuses, and we have to protect our genius.
This is our last episode of the year, so the gang talks about some EV, Tesla and SpaceX news of the week while taking a look at important TSLA share price levels.
The gang got together to chat about the Tesla Cybertruck reveal, and all of the dank memes. On this episode, the gang also talks about the Lordstown Endurance electric pickup truck, and Asif shares his most recent experience with Autopilot. The team tries to peer pressure him into buying one of these low-poly machines. This is our longest episode to date! We also post a video version of the podcast to the Shacknews YouTube channel, so check us out over there for maximum enjoyment.
On this episode, Tony, Sara, Adam and Asif talk about the following topics:General news topics: Siemens CEO, Boring Company Vegas progress, SpaceX, Ford Mustang EV, Ok Boomer, and Ford Mach E.Tesla news topics: Halloween Teslas, Musk dunks on Einhorn, Andrej Karpathy: How Tesla is developing Full Self-Driving, Tesla Owners Can Edit Maps to Improve Summon Routes, Tesla breaks down range of Model 3 Performance with different wheels, and the Cybertruck reveal event.We also want LEGO and Tesla to work together on some sweet toys. 
On this episode, the gang talks about the following topics:Tony and Sara's 18” stock tire repair, Cali wild fires, Elon’s private eye and being cash poor, meme rich, Making the Model Y, Starlink, Gigafactory 4, TSLA stock jump and much more! 
On this episode of the podcast we talk about the upcoming reveal of the Tesla Truck, the new battery chemistry in Tesla packs, Elon Musk's AI chat with Jack Ma, and the Porsche Taycan. We also talk about the DOJ's new investigation of VW and other auto companies and the Canadian supercharger network's buildout.  
On this episode of the podcast, we talk about the escalating trade war, Porsche Taycan screen, VW's fake acquisition of Tesla, Walmart solar panel fires, and Moody's upgrade of Tesla's credit rating.
On this second episode of our 9to5 Elon podcast,  Asif, Sara, Tony, and Adam are on this episode to talk about nuking Mars, Spotify Premium coming to the states, the Model Y price decrease, early Japanese Model 3 reviews, Yung Gravy's Whip a Tesla song, and Elon and Andrew Yang's shared views on universal basic income. Asif also defends his decision to show up to the podcast recording with Starbucks. Please give it a listen! (Apologies for Tony and Sara's audio issues)
On this first episode of our 9to5 Elon podcast, we have our special guest John Benyamine on to talk about his experience with his brand new Performance Model 3. Asif, Sara, Tony, and Adam are also on this episode to talk about NHTSA vs Tesla, road tripping in a Tesla, and Asif's gripes about the Model X.
9to5 Elon - Pilot Episode

9to5 Elon - Pilot Episode


On this very first episode, we totally botch our video capture. Adam, Tony, Sara, and Asif all talk about Tesla's recent earnings, Tony and Sara's cross country Model 3 road trip, and we explain what this podcast is even about. Enjoy!
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