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Wisdom, rants and raves from the best, about the best, and about the rest in the red hot and always controversial field of cosmetic gynecology. Hosted by Marco Pelosi III MD, Surgeon, Innovator and Podcaster.
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He went from zero to over 1.1 million Instagram followers over the past two years. And from zero to over 400,000 TikTok followers at the same time. And from 1 to 7 the same time. Meet Chad Deal. Cosmetic surgeon and entrepreneur from Chattanooga, Tennessee and listen as he shares the strategies and tactics behind his success and how you can use the same methods to boost your own business. Dr. Chad Deal can be reached by direct message (DM) via his Instagram account Dr. Marco Pelosi III can be reached via
Sherrie Palm is the world's leading patient advocate for women with pelvic organ prolapse. She's working on a new book and I asked her to bring questions from her patient advocacy forums for an in-depth discussion from the patient and physician perspective. It's a very educational conversation for patients and physicians alike. Sherrie Palm can be reached via her website   Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached via  
Carolyn Delucia is a gynecologist, a cosmetic gynecologist, and menopause management expert and she is on fire. She just published her second Amazon best selling book in less than a year. This one is based on her post-divorce renaissance. She calls it Ultimate Connection and she seeks to be your guide in attaining friendship, intimacy and connection with your partner. Take a listen as she tells it all.   Ultimate Connection is available here Dr. Delucia can be reached most easily via her websites ​ Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached via    
Dr Susan Hardwick-Smith reveals her personal journey, her scientific study and her amazing new book "Sexually Woke". Our culture tells that women over 50 are not sexy, not relevant, and are on a sexual downhill march to the grave. Her own experience as a menopausal woman combined with extensive research blows the lid off this harmful cultural myth. Tune in to an awesome discussion. Dr Susan Hardwick-Smith can be reached via Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached via
Dr Michael Reed was living the American dream yet he wasn't happy when he contemplated the future of his career... Until one fateful day, when he sought out something for himself Something that compelled him to trade in his dream for something bigger Something that demanded sacrifice and faith Something that will truly inspire you Witness the story of this brave physician. Dr. Michael Reed can be reached at Dr. Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
Dr Henry Ramirez puts an interesting spin on labiaplasty with his innovative new approach to one of the most popular procedures in cosmetic gynecology. Everyone in the industry has been buzzing about this procedure lately, so I invited Henry to tell you all about it and a few other things on his mind. Join us for an interesting conversation. Dr. Henry Ramirez can be reached at Dr. Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
Dr. Neal Rouzier is the most prolific proponent and teacher of bioidentical hormone therapy in the world. Thousands of happy doctors and their satisfied patients over more than two decades are a testament to the value of what he promotes and teaches. Even science is on his side. So why are there vicious opponents to his work from the halls of academia? Find out as we tackle all of the controversy head on in this no-holds-barred conversation. Dr. Neal Rouzier can be reached via and his teaching website Dr. Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
Dr. Robert Jason has one of the sharpest financial minds in medicine.   In this second part of our 2-episode conversation we discuss his first multi-million dollar deal straight out of residency training, his evolution out of managed care, and his groundbreaking innovative solution for credit-challenged patients who can't afford necessary medical care. To learn more about Dr Jason's solution for credit challenged patients, click here Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
Some people have a knack for business. Rarely, you find them in the world of medicine practicing as physicians. Dr. Robert Jason, one of these rare birds, is an eagle with razor sharp eyes and lightning fast reflexes for opportunity and action. He’s got decades of experience and insights to share. Successes, failures and much to teach that no one teaches you. ​I asked him to do the impossible. To compress over a half century of wisdom into a podcast. And he did it. In today’s episode, he takes you from grade school business moves through his first major business deal fresh out of residency training. Get ready to enter the mind of a genius.
Meet Dr Oscar Aguirre, urogynecologist, cosmetic gynecologist and entrepreneur. He's been making solid bets for over two decades. He's betting that his new surgicenter model will fill a void in the market. Take a deep dive as we travel to Denver, Colorado to explore his world. Dr Oscar Aguirre can be reached at Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
Dr Mark Lowney is the most popular cosmetic gynecologist on social media and a first-class cosmetic whole body surgeon. He was once a frustrated and overworked OBGYN. Until one day, when everything changed. This is his story.   ​ Dr. Mark Lowney can be reached at And at Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
Dr Mark Berman is one of the leading proponents of stem cell therapies in the United States. He is also an accomplished cosmetic surgeon from Beverly Hills. A dynamic speaker, entrepreneur and cofounder of the multinational Cell Surgical Network , Mark battles tirelessly with the FDA on behalf of physicians. His energetic and unapologetic commentary on the entire field of stem cell therapy is an eye-opener and mandatory listening for anyone interested in this topic.  ​ Dr. Mark Berman can be reached at and the Cell Surgical Network website at Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
An introduction and an update on the entire field of cosmetic gynecology for physicians and everyone else interested in the topic.  This presentation was originally broadcast as a Zoom lecture delivered by Dr Marco Pelosi III MD hosted by Dr Mohan Thomas in Mumbai, India, on June 20, 2020.
I’m a huge fan of the history of medicine and the history of war. So when these two domains happen to come together, I am all in. In today's discussion, I’m not referring to the conduct of medicine and surgery within wars. I’m referring to the conduct of wars within medicine and surgery. There are no artillery pieces or MASH units in these confrontations, but they are just as ruthless as those conducted by warriors on the battlefield. Settle in for a very interesting ride. Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
We live in a state of technical ecstasy. New machines and products enter the aesthetic space at warp speed. It’s easy to get disoriented and lost in a sea of features, benefits and promises. We need a skilled navigator who can blend technology and common sense into a winning strategy. You will not find a finer skipper to navigate your race for success than Dr Vivian Bucay. Join us for the second part of our two part masterclass in cosmetic dermatology as we focus on treatments of the body including elements of cosmetic gynecology. You’re going to be impressed. Dr. Vivian Bucay can be reached at Dr. Marco Pelosi III can be reached at  
How would you like to learn a few things from one of America's top cosmetic dermatologists? Here's your chance to up your game and expand your mind. Meet Dr Vivian Bucay, world-class cosmetic skin expert from San Antonio, Texas. She knows it all! We covered a huge range of topics. So huge, in fact,  that we had to turn it into a two-part masterclass. Dr Bucay can be reached at and ​Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
Why is vaginal laxity ignored by conventional gynecology? Why don’t conventional prolapse repairs address vaginal laxity? What’s the deal with nonsurgical technologies and vaginal laxity?   Get the answers and more as world expert pelvic floor physical therapist Dr Laira Ramos PhD who practices in Brazil and Portugal hosts Dr Marco Pelosi III MD for this webinar including questions and comments from practicing pelvic floor specialists.   Dr Laira Ramos can be reached at Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
Female genital mutilation (FGM) cripples millions of children every year. You would think it simple to pass a few laws and be done with it. Think again. I thought I had a decent grasp of the salient issues until I learned what I didn't know. And now you're going to learn why this problem is a beast to be reckoned with. I thank Brian Earp and Rebecca Steinfield for their scholarly analysis on which this episode is based and you may access their essay Gender and Genital Cutting: A New Paradigm here Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
Dr. Alex Bader had a vision, a mission and a plan. Beginning with gynecology in his native Greece, he quickly expanded his horizon to include cosmetic gynecology. Then he expanded his horizons to Dubai and London. Then he started the European Society of Aesthetic Gynecology. You’re going to enjoy this conversation with one of my all time favorite colleagues as we dig deep into cosmetic gyn hot topics and the mechanics of success.   Dr Alex Bader can be reached at and at Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
Dr. Michael Goodman published Female Genital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in 2016. The first textbook devoted solely to the topic. Today, he reflects on his long career beginning with the evolution of gynecologic laparoscopy and culminating with cosmetic gynecology, menopausal medicine and sexual medicine. We cover how he got started in aesthetics, in publishing, and teaching as well as his favorite procedures and technologies.   Dr Michael Goodman can be reached at Dr Marco Pelosi III can be reached at
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