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If you think the world could do with a little more love, then you've come to the right place. We're giving a platform to people who love louder, covering topics like wellbeing, advertising, the climate crisis, racism, addiction, self-discovery and more. Released fortnightly. Part of the Love Louder Project. Support us on Patreon.

18 Episodes
S2E10: Series 2 Finale

S2E10: Series 2 Finale


Join us for a special festive episode where we take a look back on Series 2 and share some of our favourite moments. A big thank you to all our guests across the series, and to you the listeners. We'll be back in 2021 - until then!Support the show (
In this penultimate episode of the series, we hear from 3 guests in 3 continents, who share 1 goal: to elevate the role of women in science. Gabriela Ivan, Stephanie Okeyo and Ammad Haider work in the fields of robotics, STEAM education and international development, guided by the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, and campaigning for equality, inclusivity and access to science education.It’s a powerful, personal and at times moving conversation, and we think you’ll agree it’s the perfect way to close Series 2. We'll be back in 2 weeks with a special festive episode looking back on the whole series. Until then!Support the show (
In this episode, we hear from Colleen Lally, a yoga and mindfulness practitioner supporting families, friends and children affected by substance abuse. Through her company Splendour Wellness, she helps people discover new ways of expressing difficult emotions, connecting mindfulness practice with body movement and breathing techniques, to better cope with drug misuse, alcohol dependency, emotional eating and addictions of all kinds.Support the show (
In this episode, I speak to Richard Foster, a secondary school teacher from Wigan, Greater Manchester. Growing up, he faced bullying and isolation, and turned to food for comfort. I spoke to him to hear about his journey, emotional eating, the benefit of hindsight and paying it forward to the next generation.Visit for show notes and the full transcript.Support the show (
In this episode I speak to Tracy Douthwaite, founder of Way to Wellbeing, a training and consulting service that helps businesses prioritise the wellbeing of employees. It was such a warm conversation, ranging from simple mindfulness practices to the importance of connecting with nature – a must-listen for any HR professional looking to improve their company offering, as well as anyone struggling with the stresses of modern work.Support the show (
Dr. Paramabandhu Groves is clinical director of Breathing Space, the health and wellbeing wing of the London Buddhist Centre, and teaches mindfulness meditation for depression, addiction, and for carers. In this episode, he tells us how he ended up being ordained into the Triratna Buddhist Order, how Buddhist teachings translate to addiction recovery, and how Buddhist principles of loving kindness can be cultivated to create a more loving world. There's even a 6-minute guided meditation, starting 27 minutes into the episode. We hope you enjoy it!Visit for show notes and the full transcript.Support the show (
In this episode, we speak to Alexandra McMillan, co-founder of the Legendary Community Club, a grassroots project delivering emergency food provision across Lewisham, London, and campaigning for systemic change alongside Save The Children, the Children Society and Child Poverty Action Group, to make sure that food banks become a thing of the past.Visit for show notes and the full transcript.Support the show (
What lurks behind the climate crisis? Could it be that the child-like view we have of the world – as something separate from ourselves, as a resource to plunder, control and colonise – sits at the very heart of it? And could it be that our patriarchal society is rewarding this immature boy-like behaviour instead of rewarding wisdom?Jonathan Wise enjoyed an award-winning career in advertising, but in 2009 awakened to the part he was playing in promoting unsustainable lifestyles, quitting his job and studying a masters degree in sustainability. He has since played an instrumental role in the UK ad industry’s response to the climate crisis, co-founding the Purpose Disruptors, and working to reshape the industry to tackle climate change. We spoke to Jonathan at the end of 2019 to discuss his career, the climate crisis, changing systems, and what makes a man in the 21st century.Visit for show notes and the full transcript.Support the show (
How does somebody end up homeless? What's the best way to help a rough sleeper? We put these questions and more to Wendy Lewington, CEO of DENS, a Hertfordshire charity supporting people facing homelessness, poverty and social exclusion. It was a brilliant conversation that offered us a unique insight into the causes and conditions of homelessness in the UK today.Visit for show notes and the full transcript.Support the show (
We’re kicking off Series 2 with advertising legend and diversity champion Michael Brown, to learn about the people daring to break stereotypes in UK advertising, and the power of media in shaping cultural norms.Visit for show notes and the full transcript.Support the show (
S2E0: Trailer

S2E0: Trailer


We're back! Series 2 of the Love Louder podcast is landing this Monday 17th August 2020, and every 2 weeks after that. We can't wait for you to hear what we have in store!
Chris, Sim and Mario discuss an idea Episode 5's guest John left with them - a piece of police training that says 'behaviour breeds behaviour'. In other words, approach someone with aggression and they'll likely respond aggressively. What if instead you approached them with love?This is the last episode of Season 1 - don't worry though, we'll be back soon with new guests and new ideas to help us love louder. Until then!
In this brilliant episode we talk to John Purcell, former Met Police and British Transport Police Chief Inspector, to find out what he's learnt about compassion, humanity and loving louder from his time spent in the police.
In this episode we reflect on our interview with Alessi's Ark, discussing the highs and lows of the music industry and life in general, and how to stay grounded when things go well - and when they go wrong, too.
In our first interview we speak to Alessi & Jason of Alessi's Ark, about the realities of the music industry, the pressures of success and how love pulled them through hard times.
In this episode we discuss pop culture, who really shapes it, and how aliens might just be the key to bringing everyone together...Referenced in this episode:The Great Hack (Netflix)
Meet the team in this first episode, hear what loving louder means to us, and find out what happens when foxes start loving a little too loudly...Search for the Love Louder Project on social, or visit for more.
S1E0: Trailer

S1E0: Trailer


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