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Author: Caleb Jones

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The Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast brings you the best business and entrepreneurial information straight from one of the world's top Entrepreneurs -- and a man who lives one of the best lives on Earth. I will help you maximize your potential, your freedom, and happiness in business and life.
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Prepare Now!

Prepare Now!


Not preparing for troubled times. Being totally unprepared logistically, sexually, and/or financially during times of economic recession, civil unrest, and/or natural disasters. Don't be like that! In this podcast I'll cover exactly what you need to do to ensure these things never screw with you again.
Guess what? You actually want your problems. That's why you have them. If you didn't want them, they wouldn't be recurring problems in the first place. In this podcast I'll talk about how to avoid this odd psychological... problem.
Everything in your life is your fault, and this is GOOD NEWS. In this podcast I go through all the counter-arguments to this truism and why you should embrace the concept that everything wrong with your life is not anyone's fault except your own. It's the only way to be long-term happy.   Discussion
The inability to be alone is one of the greatest sources of unhappiness for a huge swath of humanity. In this podcast I'll help you identify this problem and solve it.
You have the body and brain of a caveman sitting in a cave 100,000 years ago. If you're not careful, if you don't realize you're operating on heavily out-of-date software, this caveman will make you very unhappy. This podcast will show you how to be aware of this.
Your number one greatest enemy, the one that stands between you and freedom and long-term happiness, is Societal Programming. Those thoughts you have that seem right but are 100% factually wrong. In this podcast I'll help you clean this out of your mind.  
Want a proven dating model that works even for "normal" guys? The Blackdragon Dating Model is a step-by-step system of being successful with women fast as possible for the least amount of money spent. I overview the entire system in this podcast.  
This podcast is two sample unabridged audio chapters chapters from my new book The Ultimate Open Marriage Manual on how you can create, convert, or maintain a non-monogamous marriage where you can live with the woman you love and have sex with other women at the same time... and protect your finances.
When you're having sex with just one woman, you're monogamous. It doesn't matter if she's not your girlfriend and it doesn't matter if you haven't made any commitments or promises to her, the same problems will still result.
Not every Alpha Male 2.0 needs to move out of your country, but if you're thinking about it, what should you consider? If you want to move out of your country where should you go? I'll answer all of these questions in this podcast, plus more.
Politics Will Kill You

Politics Will Kill You


Too many men, both on the left and the right, are inflicted with the disease of constantly looking for and getting excited about a political "savior" who will come along make their lives better. Focusing on this will actually make your life worse, not better.
Adversity is Good

Adversity is Good


Times of hard, real adversity are what make you a stronger and more capable man more able to accomplish your objectives and alleviate future events of crisis. Use adversity to your advantage!
Learn how to benefit from how online dating has changed recently.
Make sure that the business you start is one most conducive towards your personality and goals. You'll be successful faster if you choose correctly.
Learn how you can make money and improve (or at least maintain) your sex life during a recession. Recessions, even ones caused by things like the coronavirus, are the biggest opportunities for both        
Happiness vs Meaning

Happiness vs Meaning


Does having a life of happiness mean you have no meaning? You can actually have both. Here's how....
Freedom-Based Income

Freedom-Based Income


What is Freedom-Based income? Why do you need it? How can you get it? Let's talk about it some more!
The State of Marriage

The State of Marriage


Here's what the statistics actually say about marriage...
You're too comfortable

You're too comfortable


How to live a better life:    
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