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Author: Caleb Jones

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The Alpha Male 2.0 Podcast brings you the best business and entrepreneurial information straight from one of the world's top Entrepreneurs -- and a man who lives one of the best lives on Earth. I will help you maximize your potential, your freedom, and happiness in business and life.
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Now that I've been in my new home (Dubai in the UAE) in this podcast I go over a few of the changes in my life I've noticed since moving here.
Over the next few decades, there will be revolutions in technology that will radically change our lives, more so than most people currently expect or understand. In this podcast I will cover those that directly relate to the future of Alpha Male 2.0.
Alpha Males used to be portrayed positively in pop culture. In this podcast I go through the Alpha Male characters I grew up with in the 80s and how they shaped my early life.
Do you have the kind of personality where you just "accept" false societal programming when it's fed to you? Most people do. In this podcast I will analyze this. You might be surprised at what you discover about yourself.
Most guys focus on the negatives they incur if they choose non-monogamy, but they almost never think about the negatives they experience when they promise monogamy. In this podcast I'm going to go over a huge one most guys don't even consider.
I recorded this podcast while recovering from surgery after getting some loose skin and stubborn body fat removed. In the podcast I cover all the details of what I did as well as my views on cosmetic surgery in general, both for men and women.
I'm in the process of moving out of the USA and will be done in a few weeks. In this podcast I go over some of the logistical steps I'm taking to do this so you'll have an idea of what to do if you decide to move out of your country in the future.
So many men complain about the drama they receive from women in relationships. The problem is that these men don't realize this drama is THEIR fault, the fault of the men, not the women. In this podcast I'll describe this problem and how NOT to be a part of it.
Perfectionism and procrastination are two diseases that cause you to be less confident, less successful, and less happy. In this podcast I'll tell you exactly how to cure (or at least greatly alleviate) these two diseases that are poisoning so many men.
In this podcast I go thorough Jordan Peterson's 12 Rules for Life and evaluate each one in terms of both Alpha Male 2.0 and my personal opinion.
In this podcast I show you exactly how I plan my entire year at the end of every December so you can do the same thing to achieve maximum results next year!
In this podcast I talk about why marketing is the NUMBER ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN YOUR BUSINESS. I also overview how to get started with marketing your product, service, or information in your Alpha 2.0 business.
Alpha Male Role Models

Alpha Male Role Models


In this podcast I talk about one of the biggest masculine Alpha Male role models I had when I was young, and how important these role models and mentors are... and how I screwed it up... Learn from my mistakes!
In this podcast I detail the experiences and successes I've had when I've hired coaches to help me in my business life (and other areas). Hiring coaches, provided you do it right, actually does help. I wouldn't be where I am today without the coaches I've worked with both now and in the past. If it helped me, it will help you.
In this podcast I relay a dating experience I had many years ago as a young beta male, trying to date a really attractive woman when I had no idea what I was doing. I use this painful experience as a way to describe what being a beta male really means and how it really feels. It's not pretty.
This a sneak peek of my new book, The Ultimate Online Dating Manual Updated For The 2020s, coming out later this month. This podcast the completely unabridged audiobook version of Chapter One of that book. Enjoy!
You Can Do This!

You Can Do This!


In this podcast I'm going to give you four factual-based reasons why you can accomplish an Alpha Male 2.0 lifestyle even if you think you can't. Sign up for the Focus Program here to get all of my courses for free and work with me one-on-one:
What if I'm wrong and the West doesn't collapse? What if the USA, Europe, and Canada end up doing great over the next few decades? My answer will probably surprise you.
In this podcast I will give you the ONE deciding factor that determines whether or not you will get your income to $100,000 per year or way past that, and how fast you'll get there. And it's not what you think.
Should you take government money? In the past I've talked about how I have never taken any government money for any reason and never will, regardless of the reason. In this podcast I explain my philosophy behind this and address some of the objections.
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