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Author: Nathan Osmond

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Your weekly podcast headquarters for inspiration, motivation and all things AWESOME! Brought to you by Master Life Coach, Nathan Osmond.
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Abandoned by his mother and left in a shoe box, in a park, in the war-stricken country of Iraq, Emmanuel Kelly has quite a story to tell. He shares how a group of nuns found and raised him and how he ended up in Australia. A huge success on Australia's The X Factor and now touring with musical groups like Coldplay, Emmanuel Kelly is living proof that anything is possible, if you never stop believing. Unphased by physical limitations, he focuses on self-image and loving one's self. If you're looking for a story to inspire your day, you've just found it! 
Greg Writer is a professional speaker, coach, marketing expert, investor, and the youngest owner of a full investment bank in United States history. Known as, "The Entrepreneur's Best Friend," he has raised over $100 million in financing dozens of IPOs, mergers, and acquisitions for start-up companies. He discusses his newest venture, LaunchCart, and how everyone of us can start making money online immediately for FREE. Become a money magnet and learn how to get your cash register ringing with your very own online business. You don't want to miss this episode!
This week I sit down with Johnny Covey, the author of "5 Habits To Lead From Your Heart." We discuss how one can get out of their head and into their heart. Learn the three commitments we break each time we get into our heads and how to avoid those disrespectful thoughts. Shed your life of fear and learn how to feel a sense of worthiness and acceptance by both you and others. 
Do you speak a second language? How about a third or a fourth? How about 20-25 languages?! Meet Timothy Doner; the world's youngest hyperpolyglot. At age 24, he is a Harvard graduate and has studied 20-25 languages extensively. He speaks most of these languages with fluency and is currently studying International Relations at University of Cambridge. His TedX talk has been seen over 4 million times and he now serves as the VP of Strategy of Business & Development for FluentWorlds; the world's highest-rated English learning app. Timothy walks us through his early days on the streets of Manhattan and how he began his incredible journey into learning the world's languages. He'll show you how he is able to retain so much information and what you can do to up your game when learning a new language. 
Get ready to laugh, cry, and bust a gut as comedian, Greg Hahn, visits the show. A favorite on the Bob And Tom Radio Show, Greg has also appeared on Late Night with Conan O'Brien, Comedy Central, CBS, ABC, FOX, MTV, and CMT. A former Captain in the US Marines Corps, Greg helps others, by distracting them from their problems. From golfing, to job interviews, to the dating scene, Greg will have you rollin' on the floor, laughing out loud. Don't miss this hilarious episode with one of my all-time favorite comedians, Greg Hahn. 
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction," said the late president, Ronald Reagan, and Nathan Osmond is not going to watch his freedoms die while on his watch. On this special 4th of July episode, this honorary Command Sergeant Major opens up the history books and shares with his listeners how God protected America long before she was ever declared an independent nation. This is one fascinating episode, full of incredible stories from our Nation's rich heritage. Happy Independence Day America! #IndependenceForever
Alan Osmond, leader of the musical group, The Osmonds, shares his deepest convictions about life: who we are, why we're here, and where we're going. He shares stories from his days in the Army and how he's battled multiple sclerosis for over the past 33 years. He breaks down what it means to be T.U.F.F. and that we are all children of a loving Heavenly Father. #GetNOIZ #HearHim
"Bob, you're going to die," said the doctor. Learn how a near death experience changed a man, whose children claimed he was 'like a mosquito on cocaine,' and turned him into a quiet, calm giant. Bob Kittell shares how learning to connect with others helped to heal him of his childhood trauma. An engaging, audience connected, Ultra Memory presenter, Bob inspires and empowers personal and professional effectiveness and academic success through human connection and personal mindfulness.
Gordon Cooper uprooted his family from South Africa and came to America to escape a country where you are more likely to be murdered in your bed than to be killed in a car accident. He's successfully run more than 3,000 Firewalk events in various countries, and trained and qualified almost 30 instructors world-wide. He is a martial arts expert and has trained military, law-enforcement, and security personnel. Learn how to overcome the hold of fate and fear and how to awaken the beast inside. This insightful episode is a must listen for those looking to step-up their game. 
It takes 10,000 hours to become a master at something. Most children will play that many hours of video games before they turn 21. Imagine the possibilities! Join me as I interview Erik Lehmann, TedX speaker and Founder of the Game Changer Movement about how video games can save the world. From discovering the powers of graphene to finding a cure to COVID-19, video games could actually be the solution.
Does being a man of your word make you Superman? It does in this week's episode. Country music legend, Jeff Cook, shares some fun insights and advice which has helped him to achieve awesomeness over the past 50 years in show business. As one of the founding members of the hit Country group, Alabama, he and his cousins (Randy Owen & Teddy Gentry) have changed the style of an entire industry, selling over 75 million albums and earning over 40 #1 hit singles & countless awards. He's an entrepreneur and has had a solo career of his own. Jeff is a cancer survivor and is now battling Parkinson's Disease; something he kept private for quite some time. He is living proof that you "Can't Keep A Good Man Down!" 
Wanna change the world? Start by changing your habits. This week we sit down with entrepreneur and success coach, Justin Prince, to discover new ways of igniting the greatness that lies within you. Learn what it means to go "All In" and how to follow success formulas. Learn one word that can guarantee your success. Receive a FREE copy of Justin's e-book when you listen to this episode so that you too can enjoy unapologetic success. Details contained within the interview. Learn more at 
RG Williams, the host of Open Your Destiny podcast, shares some important life lessons he's learned along the way. Known as the "Mentor's Mentor," RG has created, developed, and written training curriculum for some of the biggest wealth coaches in the America. Learn that success is not a secret, it's a formula, and that each one of us play an intricate part in this world. Learn more at 
Jon Gossett of Life's Worth Living podcast sits down with Nathan Osmond to discuss how to find true joy in this life. They discuss the topics of suicide prevention, overcoming depression, and seeking help when needed. Nathan shares some very personal stories and how he overcame the "Charlie Brown" inside. He also shares a song he recorded with Linda Davis about suicide prevention called, "Don't Go There." 
From starring in 76 films and tv shows, garnering three Platinum Albums, ten Gold Albums and five Gold Singles, to running his own guitar manufacturing company, Stallone has done it all...Frank that is! This episode covers how he was able to step out from his brother Sylvester's shadow and create a name all of his own. This real Italian Stallion's story is "Far From Over" and you will see why. Learn how you too can take life's hits and keep getting up! 
Join the conversation with the hosts of Your Cre8tivity podcast, Dylan Mazziotti and Stephan Hatch. We discuss the importance of staying creative during the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic and why it is so important to take advantage of the time we have right now. Learn the power of the blank page and how your uniqueness should be your greatest strength. Learn why studies show that only 2% of each age range (10 years and up) are considered highly creative. Where do you rank in your creativity?
Meet Gabe Adams. This young man born with a rare brith defect called, Hanhart Syndrome, resulting in no arms or legs, and yet he is a professional dancer, songwriter, and even recently walked the runway at New York Fashion Week. His Can-Do attitude is infectious and will inspire you to go after your dreams. He will show you that anything is possible and how you too can be "Limbitless!"   
As head of LA Times Studio, it is Clint Schaff's job to create storytelling that connects with audiences in the spirit of respectful, informed conversation. He oversees some of the nation's biggest podcasts. Growing-up in a small North Dakota town, Clint developed an inner desire to connect with the world. Whether writing for the New York Yankees, working with David Bowie, or serving in the Clinton-Gore White House, Clint has lived an adventurous life. He shares several tips on how to overcome loneliness during these days of isolation and social distancing.  
Award-winning director and licensed psychotherapist, Alexander Vesley, shares insights into his grandfather's life; Dr Viktor Frankl. Author of the hit book, "Man's Search For Meaning,"  Frankl depicted how he survived Nazi death camps and became the father of logotherapy, the subject of Vesely's hit film; "Viktor and I". Learn what it means to find meaning in suffering and how these lessons are more pertinent today than ever before.
Voted "Top Ten Keynote Speaker" by Entrepreneur, Scott Duffy discusses how to live your dreams through entrepreneurship. From working with Tony Robbins and having a business acquired by Sir Richard Branson, to interviewing some of the world's top thought leaders, Scott has some invaluable information to share with you, the listener. 
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