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Author: Nathan Osmond

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Your weekly podcast headquarters for inspiration, motivation and all things AWESOME! Brought to you by Master Life Coach, Nathan Osmond.
38 Episodes
Voted "Top Ten Keynote Speaker" by Entrepreneur, Scott Duffy discusses how to live your dreams through entrepreneurship. From working with Tony Robbins and having a business acquired by Sir Richard Branson, to interviewing some of the world's top thought leaders, Scott has some invaluable information to share with you, the listener. 
As the world faces the coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19 fears have forced conferences, trainings, meetings, and social gatherings to be cancelled...That is until now. Technology & business Fall-Of-Famer, David Bradford, and his wife, Dr Linda Bradford share their 7 million-dollar solution; 3D Meet! Learn how a 3D virtual video game is helping to solve the social distancing challenge by helping companies come together and carry on business as usual. Learn how you and your family can also take advantage of this incredible technology.
Country music legend, Michael Peterson, takes us on a journey from his football days, to his number one Billboard chart topping hits, to his over 150 private concerts for US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Recipient of the Bob Hope Spirit of Hope Award by the US Army and the USO, Michael asks the question, "How Can I Serve?" 
Denis Nurmela, the founder of The YES Place (Young Entrepreneur Success), joins us from China where he is teaching thousands of university students both English and Entrepreneurship. He shares the power of neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and how to underpromise and overdeliver in business. Learn updates about the Corona Virus (Covid-19) from someone who is on the ground. This episode is filled with great advice and some laughter too. Enjoy!
From football coach to homeless drug addict to motivational speaker, Jared Miller takes us on his road to recovery. His stories help to instill hope when there is none as we explains how he overcame a powerful opioid addiction. Jared reminds the listener that even the smallest prayer can still be heard, even when it comes from within the walls of a dark jail cell. To learn more about this dynamic young man, please visit, 
US Silver Meadalist Paralympian, Utah "Wheelin'" Jazz Player, and two-time Guinness Book of World Records holder, are just some of the titles Jeff Griffin carries. He teaches you the power of the apostrophe in the word, "I'Mpossible." From training with US Navy Seals to tackling activities doctors told him he would never do, Jeff will amplify your power and potential and he'll show you how he does it one step at a time.
The "Money Ball Guy," himself, Tom "Tommy" Schaff, breaks down what it means to be authentic in sales. His quick whit, humor, and love of baseball will open your eyes to a world of delivering Big League value and return on investment for your customers and clients. This is one episode you don't want to miss!
From taking imperfect action to the power of purpose to showing up to serve, Tiffany Peterson shares ten invaluable lessons she has learned in the ten years of running her own successful business. This is one powerhouse lady who knows what she wants and lets nothing stand in her way. Enjoy! Learn more at
Former Utah Film Commissioner, Marshall D. Moore, takes us behind the scenes of some of Utah's most iconic films. He shares invaluable lessons he's learned about creating opportunities and listening to his associates. Bust out the popcorn and get ready to learn to Mr. Movie Man himself, Marshall D. Moore! #FilmLife
World class wheelchair athlete and world record holder discusses the day when a 2,000 bale of hay shattered his neck, leaving him a quadriplegic. His contagious optimism and zest for life will inspire you to do what must be done. Grab a tissue and get ready to be inspired! Learn more at 
Jeff Crane is a what I like to call a "Super Connector" and has mastered the art of networking. On this episode he shares some invaluable information on how to stand-out in the room and how to connect with anyone, anywhere, anytime.  It's not so much of what you know, but who you know, who they know, and who knows you! 
What do I have to do to become financially secure and reach overall genuine satisfaction with my life? William D. Danko, Ph.D., co-author of "The Millionaire Next Door," sits down and gives over 20 years of research and specific action items to help make this possible. In his new book he shows you what it takes to become "Richer Than A Millionaire - A Pathway To True Prosperity." Learn more at
Meet Sarah Osmond - Mother of four sons and my better half! If authentic is what you are looking for, Sarah gives it to you straight. Her no fluff insight into motherhood is resonating with women everywhere. From raising an autistic son, to dealing with postpartum depression, to starting her own business...Sarah helps the listener deal with the life's hardest challenges and just keep moving forward.
Learn the science of power-posing as taught by Amy Cuddy and how just two minutes of changing your body language can help change your behavior. Nathan shares insights into the "You Can Do It" mindset and even shares an original song written to help welcome in the New Year.
If happiness is truly on the opposite side of success, then your brain will never get there. Learn the scientifically proven effects of a positive outlook and how it can dramatically give you a cutting-edge advantage. Look for the good in this world!
Why NOT You?!

Why NOT You?!


Discover the power of a parent's influence in the life of a Super Bowl champion quarterback, Russell Wilson. Why asking the right questions can dramatically increase your chances for success. Learn how to tune-out the naysayers and to show-up as a Super Star in your own life.
This week we sit down with Tony Toscano, two-time Emmy Award-winning movie critic and film historian, to discuss: "Finding the Good In Movies." Take a journey through Hollywood history with the host of "Talking Pictures" as he shares his insights into film ratings, what to expect this Holiday season, and what elements he looks for in great films. 
As "The Undercover Millennial" and president and founder of the Center for Employee Retention, Clint Pulver teaches us the power of Management vs Mentorship. He shows how one 5th grade teacher completely changed his life by handing him a pair of drum sticks. Discover how creating a positive workplace can create lasting loyalty.
Have you ever been blindsided in life or hit hard in business? Has life dealt you an undesirable hand or an unexpected change? What are you gonna do about it? Dr Jason Carthen #99, retired NFL Outside Linebacker for the New England Patriots, gives us insights to the six lessons he learned from professional football that will immediately grow your business. #NFL #DrJasonCarthen
People hate to be sold, however, they love to buy! Learn the science of persuasiveness and the art of being a sales superstar from sales expert, Patrick Henry Hansen. Trainer of Fortune 500 companies the world over and author of 4 best-selling books. Be sure to get your FREE e-book from Patrick today. Details are included on the podcast. 
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