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Casey Halstead is a 10th Planet Black Belt and owner of 10th Planet Las Vegas. He's opened multiple successful 10th planet schools in the last 10 years and coaches several high-level BJJ athletes. Casey joins the Black Belt Business Podcast to discuss his unique strategy when it comes to opening and growing schools, how he discovers and develops talent from within the his schools, and the importance of culture to ensuring a martial arts academy continues to thrive.   Watch or listen to the full podcast on our blog: Visit to sign up for our mailing list!
Easton CEO, Mike Tousignant, and Vice President, Ian Lieberman, join the Black Belt Business Podcast to discuss the systems, methods, and beliefs that helped Easton's schools to not only survive, but thrive throughout the pandemic.
Phil and Jim are co-owners of two successful Martial Arts Academies in Georgia, SBG Atlanta and SBG Buford. Both recently joined and completed Easton Online's first mastermind for academy owners. Phil and Jim join the Black Belt Business Podcast to discuss their beginnings in martial arts, why they chose to join the mastermind even though by almost any standard they are running very successful schools, what they gained from working with Easton, and where they plan on going from here.
Alberto Crane is a Jiu Jitsu O.O.G., and his connections with Easton go way back. He received his black belt under Vinicius “Draculino,” becoming the first American to become a black belt under the Gracie Barra Academy banner. He has also been a successful competitor in both BJJ and MMA. Now, Alberto runs martial arts schools in New Mexico. He joins the Black Belt Business Podcast to discuss everything he's learned over the years operating his schools and to offer advice to new school owners.   Watch the full episode here:
Paul Halme is Travis Lutter's first Black Belt, a Master No GI Black Belt World Champion, and author of the book "How To Make Money With Your Martial Arts Gym: Even If You Haven’t Won Anything Yet". Paul also owns and operates his own school, Peak MMA, in Keller, TX. In this episode of Black Belt Business podcast Paul joins Eliot to discuss narrowing your focus as a school owner and how doing so can make your school successful.   Watch the full episode here:
Eliott credits John Hassett for being the person that introduced him to Jiu Jitsu. Hassett began his martial arts training with Soo Bahk Do, a Korean style of karate, in which he achieved the rank of 5th degree Master. In the late 90's Hassett transitioned to Jiu Jitsu, first as a student of Steve Maxwell, and now trains under Phil and Rick Migliarese of Team Balance/Balance Studios in Philadelphia. John details his journey from Karate to Jiu Jitsu and discusses what running two of his own schools has taught him about the martial arts business. Watch the full episode here:
Ricardo Almeida is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Renzo Gracie. Ricardo previously fought for the UFC and Pride FC as well as other well-known promotions. He is an accomplished grappler and multi-time silver medalist at ADCC. Ricardo operates and teaches at multiple, successful Jiu Jitsu schools along with coaching high level fighters like Frankie Edgar. He joins the Black Belt Business Podcast to discuss how he learned to operate his Jiu Jitsu academies like a business without sacrificing the quality of the martial arts being taught.   Watch the podcast:
Elliott Bayev is a BJJ Black Belt, academy owner, and author of "Sales Jiu Jitsu," all about how sales and Jiu Jitsu are similar. Elliott is also the first person to have a women-only school and women-only competition team in Canada. Elliott joins the Black Belt Business Podcast to discuss building inclusive martial arts schools, best business practices for school owners, and the responsibility we have as martial artists to grow the reach of our respective arts and push them forward.  Watch the full podcast here:
Karel Pravec, AKA the “Silver Fox,” is a 4th degree Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt, and one of Renzo Gracie’s very first students in the United States. Pravec’s BJJ expertise has him regularly sought out for seminars and classes across the world, and his Silver Fox BJJ Academy in Northern New Jersey has been grooming grappling and MMA champions since 2006. Karel joins Eliot on the Easton Online Podcast to discuss the business of Jiu Jitsu, including how academies must adapt as they grow and how to set priorities to succeed during COVID.  Watch the full podcast here:
Michael Garaguso has been running his school, Garaguso Karate, since the early 1980’s. He is professor Eliot Marshall's first martial arts instructor. Garaguso is also a master at adapting to the times, including adding BJJ into his curriculum. In this podcast he discusses how he has adapted his business practices to remain successful as times continue to change.
Chris Mierzwiak is the General Manager at Easton Arvada. In this episode, Eliot speaks with Chris about his start in martial arts, transitioning to Easton, and what Martial Arts schools need to focus on to be successful.
Sean Madden is the Muay Thai Program Director for all Easton Training Center academies. In this episode, Eliot speaks with Sean about building a muay thai program at what was founded as a brazillian jiujitsu school. 
Jordan Shipman the general manager of Easton's newest location in Longmont, which opened on January 13 of this year. Exactly 2 months after opening, Easton closed its doors due to the coronavirus crisis. We discuss Jordan's experience as a new martial arts school manager, what owners and managers can do to prevent their business from going under, how to grow during a crisis, and more. Visit to sign up for our mailing list! 
This podcast welcomes back BJJ Black Belt and CEO of Easton, Mike Tousignant. In this episode Eliot Zoom calls Mike to discuss the last 2 weeks and share how Easton has responded to the global COVID-19 pandemic. 
Rebecca Baack has been working as a leader in the fitness industry for over 13 years. She founded and opened CorePower Yoga's first franchise and expanded to two successful yoga studios before merging with another franchise, Level 4 Yoga, which now owns 34 CorePower Yoga locations across the country. We discuss balancing parenting and running a business, working hard to earn flexibility, building employees that can honestly disagree with you, and more. Full Episode & Transcript:
Matt Bloss is a Muay Thai coach, a martial arts enthusiast, and the general manager of Easton's largest location. Matt began training martial arts at an early age and eventually found Muay Thai and Easton. We discuss him leaving his old job to fulfill his passion, his belief in Easton's community, and more. Full Episode & Transcript:
Jeff Suskin is an Easton BJJ black belt and publisher of DiningOut Magazine, a successful publication that showcases the restaurant culture in Denver and Boulder since 1998. Jeff came from a humble background and worked his way up through the magazine and event management industry. We discuss his coming up in business, measures of success, and more. Full Episode & Transcript:
First impressions specialist Ayesha Hussain is a nursing student, a regular BJJ and Muay Thai practitioner, and a committed employee at Easton Training Center Denver. Ayesha joins the podcast to discuss her position, how she came across Easton, and how she has found her place through the work culture and environment at the front desk over the past 3 years. Full Episode & Transcript:
Josh Dinar is the co-founder and publisher of DiningOut Magazine, a successful publication that showcases the restaurant culture in Denver and Boulder since 1998. Josh has consulted on and has ownership stakes in several of the most popular and successful eateries in the area. Josh is also heavily involved as a volunteer in his community, sitting on several non-profit boards.   Full Video & Transcript:
Jake Bell is a BJJ brown belt and an expert in sales and leadership. Jake has been an essential component in the development of Easton's SOPs, business operating systems, and overall business model.   Full Video & Transcript:
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