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Author: Moh Muriuki

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I'm a happy, care-free person and I believe in doing things with purpose, beauty and intention. I also believe in Jesus Christ as the centre of my life and attention, and; I believe in you. Do what you were created to do, we all need you to!
5 Episodes
If you had a way out of poverty, would you share it? It's a rough a idea, yes. But we can work on it. Let's see ourselves out - this one is not our portion.
Have fun, have adventure, don't forget your soul - it's the reason why you exist.
Life's fun is in the tiny little details. Go after them, let them bring you joy. Be happy, be whole, be alive.
We're not alone, let's not let loneliness be a killer.



It's about time... you do the things you're supposed to be doing.
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