DiscoverPreExisting Condition with Priyanka Wali and Sammy Obeid
PreExisting Condition with Priyanka Wali and Sammy Obeid
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PreExisting Condition with Priyanka Wali and Sammy Obeid

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Everyone has a medical condition, but most of us don’t talk about it outside of the doctor’s office. Good thing we have board-certified medical doctor, Priyanka Wali, and alternative medicine fanatic, Sammy Obeid, here to invite comedians to open up, laugh, and cry about their serious--and sometimes secret--medical conditions. Each week, we hear a raw, untold story, and learn what worked and what didn’t. Making fun of big Pharma and Reiki hippies alike, we walk out with the best prescription: laughter.
49 Episodes
Priyanka administers the "Highly Sensitive Person" test, and we won't reveal the result here, but let's just say Sammy is triggered.
As the state of the world right now is merely a reflection of humanity's collective pain consciousness, the only way to 'flatten the curve' is by going within to heal our own pain.
Sammy and Priyanka discuss what you can do to keep your lungs safe and happy during fire season.
It's that time of the month where Sammy's raving about the lunar diet.Follow us:
After a basketball injury, the lump on Mateen Stewart's back grew to various sizes of citrus fruits, until the threat level reached orange and he had to go see a doctor whose nipples showed through the absence of an undershirt.Follow us:
Episode 44: Fasting

Episode 44: Fasting


Priyanka and Sammy talk the benefits and cautions of short and long term fasts.Follow us:
Priyanka and Sammy swap liver stories and discuss the ultimate liver cleanse.Follow us:
Dr. Farid Jalali has a theory on COVID being a vascular disease. A must listen.Follow us:
Julie Ash has OCD, alternatively known as the Original Comedian Disorder.Follow us:
As a medic working the frontlines, Tara Ó Flaithearta shares survival tips for protests.Follow us:
Episode 39: Retrograde

Episode 39: Retrograde


When this week's guest cancels at the last minute, Sammy and Priyanka are forced to dissect what's wrong with the world, and ultimately trace it back to Mercury Retrograde.Follow us:
Despite every doctor telling him he has GERD, Stroy Moyd follows his gut.Follow us:
Chai Sharma says he's tried everything to get rid of his acne, but we show him there's more.Follow us:
Sara DeForest and COVID go toe to toe.Follow us:
From drug fueled nights to fist fights with other performers, stand up comedian Mean Dave shares stories of his alcohol use disorder, from which he is now in remission for six years.Follow us:
Stanford trained Virologist and Infectious Disease physician Dr. Sudeb Dalai talks to Pre-Existing Condition about the future of coronavirus, his vaccine prediction timeline and how he plans on fighting the virus with his bare hands.Follow us:
Mortician by day, comedian by night, Juan Cias tells us about the uptick in his business due to the pandemic.Follow us:
Dr. Anoop Maheshwari was just another ICU physician working on the frontlines. Until he caught covid from a patient, became critically ill, and was forced to say his last goodbyes. Listen to his incredible survival story.Follow us:
After years of working the New York comedy scene, Bryan Yang finally gets signed by a top management group, only to catch covid, be hospitalized, and go unconscious for a week.Follow us:
After contracting COVID-19 at a retreat in Palm Springs and being told by the hospital that his 103.8 degree fever wasn’t high enough to qualify for testing, Todd Sherry successfully lowers his temperature with ice packs after seeing it work for a character in the movie Outbreak.Follow us:
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