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Author: Ash Cebulka

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Golden Nuggets with Ash is a Podcast hosted by Transformation Coach and Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Ash Cebulka.

These are inspiring conversations with Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Change Makers and amazing human beings about what it really looks like to chase your dreams. We’re gonna peel back the curtain, get vulnerable and honest about how these individuals have created success on their terms. Ash and her guests will share spiritual practices, daily action steps and strategies to help you create more fulfillment, health, happiness and success in all areas of your life.
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In today's episode I get to chat with my dear friend and incredibly inspiring human, Bethany Bubenzer.  We discuss the inevitable yet incredibly hard experience of grief. Bethany shares her unfathomable experience of losing her siblings and what grief taught her about herself and the way she chooses to live her life. She shares so many golden nuggets of wisdom in this episode.    So many of us have experienced layers of grief in 2020 and trust me this episode is not to be missed.  Bethany has gone on to create a business that helps women spiritual entrepreneurs and women who want to become their most authentic self.  Her story will give you chills, make you cry and fill you with hope.  I hope you enjoyed listening.   you can find bethany at   Sign Up For The Renew Retreat here:
In today's solo episode I share my take on Covid-19. First and foremost, thank you to EVERYONE who's on the front lines and doing the hard work to keep everyone around the globe safe. This is a wild time to say the least and I hope this episode brings you comfort.    I get into why I think now is NOT the time to put pressure on yourself to be the best version of yourself. I know, it's against what a lot people are saying in my industry but I stand by this statement whole heartedly. We're grieving, we're going through a lot. So to put added pressure on top of so many unknowns is unnecessary to say the least.    I share the roller coaster of emotions I've been on since we've been sheltering in place. I peel back the curtain and reveal what's really been happening in Chez Cebulka. The screaming, the meltdowns, the dancing, the creativity and every thing in between. It has been hard and beautiful.    I also do something I never do, which is open up about an argument I had with my hubby during this pandemic and why I'm glad it happened. Once we made up, we realized it pointed us toward the solution we were both looking for. Better communication and a schedule that's helping us stay sane.    I also give you that's so freaking helpful for you to take care of your own needs and be able to give back to your family and community the way you really want to (with as much ease as possible.)    There's one question I want you to ask yourself every few days and I'd love to hear what your answers are.    We're all in this together. Please ask for help when you need it. Lean on your community. BE vulnerable. Stay Home. Take precious care of yourself and your loved ones. Whenever you can, show up and give back to your community. This is what will help us through these wild times, making us stronger and more connected than ever before.    Get the free PDF I mentioned right here.   Find out of more about Passionately Free here.
Ready For Reset?!

Ready For Reset?!


In today's solo episode, I share the behind the scenes of my Renew Retreat. If you need a freakin' break from doing everything for everyone else but yourself, listen up.  Renew is a fun and transformative experience - where you unplug from your daily life so you can rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. I share how to know if this retreat is right for you and what each day looks like; down to the loose schedule that creates the most chill and empowering vibe for the whole weekend.    I reveal the 4 non negotiable rules of the retreat which encourages everyone to show up as their authentic self, be really honest, no gossip allowed and how to honor the heck out of their needs. If you need a nap, take the damn nap, no apologies, no FOMO, this about you taking care of you, Mama - that's the whole point.    Each person who attends gets a 1:1 coaching session with me. Most people used that do a PSYCH-K session. What the heck is that? thought you'd never ask. It's a spiritual process that gives psychological benefits. I share how it works during this episode.    The retreat is truly for anyone who wants to press the reset button from the inside out.  Mind.body.spirit. so when you return home you truly feel RENEWED.  Not to mention it's the most supportive, loving, open minded group of women.  Ready to join us? there's only 3 spots left, click here
ATTENTION: This episode contains content about mental health. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, this may be triggering.  Please contact a mental health professional to seek help.   Today's Solo episode is a follow up to the Ending the War With Our Body episode. Many of you have asked how I I actually create lasting changes with my relationship to food, exercise and my body. I decide to break its dowwwwwn. I took the deep dive and give you my "How To'. I walk you through a timeline of how awful it got at my lowest point. What is was like to spend months at a mental institution and how I eventually turned the beat around, once and for all. I looked at my healing process like a freakin' college education. I didn't take it lightly and it took a lot of work, but I'm proud to say I'm fully healed and have been for 15 years. Overcoming anorexia was hands down the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I realized in the process that we as human beings are stronger than we ever could've imagined and showing up is the most important part of our journey. We just need to keep showing up every day.  I believe we all have the ability to heal and I hope the practices I share are helpful for you. I give you the exact step by step that inspired me to fully transform the way I approach exercise, how I fell in love with food and my body, yet most importantly, how I fell in love with me. It was a long journey and I think there's a million different ways to arrive at healing. This was what worked for me. If you dig this episode, please share it with anyone who's struggling with body, food or weight issues.  As always I love hearing from you, so take a screen shot of this episode and share on Instagram the nuggets of wisdom you took away from today's show (make sure to tag me @ashcebulka.) 
Why Not YOU?

Why Not YOU?


In today’s solo episode I encourage you to try on the phrase that could change your life. Why not you? Seriously. Want to move through you fear, have boatloads more confidence and do the things you said you were going to in 2020? Then this question is your new best friend. I explain why I think asking yourself this question every day, will help you tap into courage on a whole new level and get into action. I like to say it’s married to, “I’m betting on myself.” If you’re needing a little boost of inspiration and a reminder of just how a capable you are, I created this episode for you.    Want to join the community of incredible women in passionately free? Join us here
I recently chatted with one of the funniest and most inspiring women I've ever had the pleasure of meeting, Karen Kenney.   *** There's a lot of adult language in this episode, if the kiddos are around, you're gonna want to ear muff it.  We talk about how human beings love to complicate the shit out of things. Meanwhile the things that truly change our life are actually very simple. As Karen says, "Everything has the meaning you give it. You've gotta heal, deal and not make it too real."  Karen shares the unthinkable tragedy she's experienced and how it became her greatest teacher.  She has a way of being so vulnerable and inspiring while making you laugh out loud. She shared a hilarious way to find a spiritual mentor, one who can help you transform your life. While explaining how to cultivate a daily spiritual practice.  Karen talks about the importance of being in a beginner mind, staying curious and how to stop arguing for your limitations.  Her story about Marinanne Williamson and how A Return To Love is the gateway drug to A Course In Miracle, will leave you cracking up.        Karen Kenney is a writer, speaker, and the founder of Fearless Flow Mentoring.  She’s a certified Spiritual Mentor, has been a student & guide of A Course in Miracles for 26+ years and is a longtime student of Passage Meditation. She’s also a Gateless Writing Teacher and has been a yoga teacher since 2001. KK grew up in Lawrence & Boston, MA and is known for her storytelling, her sense of humor and her “down-to-earth” approach to spirituality. Her signature mentoring programs: Your Story to Your Glory™ & Fearless Flow™ help people let go of their old stories of suffering and victimization, so they can write a new kick-ass story from a place of inner power, forgiveness, freedom and Spirit.  A sought-after expert and Spiritual Thought Leader for Live Events, Podcasts, Coaching Programs and Shows, Karen speaks on stages across the country and leads Transformational Retreats in the New England area and at the Omega Institute in NY. KK is the host of The Karen Kenney Show Podcast. She’s currently at work on her memoir. You can learn more and connect with Karen at:    
Your Vision For 2020

Your Vision For 2020


In today's episode I help you come up with a CRYSTAL CLEAR vision for 2020. We all know goals can be fun, or for some they're a doozy but I think it's often because they're leaving out one MAJOR part. Your values. Don't worry we cover that and so much more.  I have a feeling 2020 is going to be one for the books!  Which is why I'm share the exact process I use to create a vision for the year ahead AND break that vision down into baby action steps. I don't know about you, but I'm really good at dreaming and I used to get paralyzed with where and how to start taking action. That's why I'm sharing how you can know what baby steps  to take first to get that momentum going, so you can be off to the races come 2020. I also share a few key mindset upgrades to help create not just the career, the entire lifestyle you want to be living. This was such a fun episode to create for you, I hope you dig it. please make sure to subscribe, rate and review the show.  If you want to know more about Passionately Free check it out here >>>
Todays' guest is my dear friend, Dave Brown. During this episode we've decided he's a hobby therapist. He openly shares how he navigated his unicorn divorce and consciously uncoupled.  Dave breaks down what it was like to navigate one the hardest and messiest experiences in life while being super grounded and having enormous grace. It gets pretty emotional as we talk about why divorce is so hard for not only the couple going through it but also the people they're closest with in life.  He sharers how he and his ex cancelled out the drama and were able to navigate the divorce in such grounded and even empowering way - for everyone involved. They came out the other side even closer and happier than they ever could have imagined.  Dave gives so many nuggets of wisdom in this episode.  From a Tennis Pro to a CEO of Shine Papers - 24 karat gold wrapping papers. Dave is one of the most brilliant entrepreneurs I know. He shares his very simple yet powerful motto when it comes to running a successful biz. He shares some of his Psychology around taking risks in business and making such huge career leaps.  He also gives some tough love about what it really takes to launch and run your own business. While giving you a spoiler alert that’s also a guaranteed outcome about entrepreneurship.  Make sure to check out Daves company @shinepapers If you liked this episode, please rate, review and take a screenshot then share on your favorite social channels. If you loved this episode and Passionately Free Sounds right up your alley make sure to check it out Ash on & Instagram @ashcebulka  
In today's episode I share how you can avoid family shit shows by a trick I use no matter how chaotic the situation. Trust me it's a changer. You and I both know the holidays are amazing, joyful time that can be sprinkled with family drama.  That's why I'm giving  you a few practices that can help you feel your best through the holiday season. They only take 5 minutes max. So, you know - no excuses around here.    Are ready to be a little bit of a rebel? Id share a few stories about how we've created our own family traditions, yes they ruffled some feather but let me tell you, they help us love our Thanksgiving and Christmas day more than ever. I hope they inspire you to create your own traditions. Lastly, I share a fun alternative to giving gifts and it doesn't cost a thing!    Now, let's go celebrate, be grateful and avoid the shit shows together!    Share this episode with anyone that you think would love it.    Also, make sure to subscribe, rate and review the show. 
In today's solo episode, I break down a bunch of BS myths about being an entrepreneur. If you've ever let self doubt hold you back from going after your dreams in business, this is a must listen. I share some of my favorite tips to help you get clear on what business to launch and how to keep your head in the game - long term. I also very honestly share that entrepreneurship isn’t  for everyone and why I think you need to be a little crazy to launch your own biz. I reveal a super humbling and hilarious story about my entrepreneur journey, one I've kept secret for a long time - but it actually changed the course of my entire career. I bet you’ve had a pivotal moment like this in your career, too. I also answer a lot of questions I get asked on the daily about how to launch a business in a way that's actually fun and fulfilling. I have a feeling this is going to be an ongoing conversation.  Grab your coffee and let's get into it.    Guess what? We are now on Patreon!  Click the link below to support Golden Nuggets and help us keep this show ad free.
On today's episode, we have the incredible, Steve Palmer managing partner of the hospitality and consulting company, The Indigo Road Hospitality Group. He's basically a hospitality badass. He's shares his new book coming out soon. Which is full of his inspiring story of how he overcame intense addiction and truly transformed his life. He's been sober for 18 years while staying in the restaurant industry. He's gone on to not only stay in the industry, he's built a restaurant and hotel empire. We discuss how he finally got sober and why the restaurant industry saved his life. I know, not something you hear every day. It's a story full of hope.    Steve has such a fascinating point of view on human sustainability and he shares why it's so damn important to him. He also talks about an incredible organization he's created with Micky Bakst, called Ben's Friends - a support group offering hope, fellowship, and a path forward to professionals who struggle with substance abuse and addiction. This episode is not be missed.  Make sure to take a screen shot and share the nuggests of wisdom you gained from this episode on Instagram and tag @ashcebulka   If you know anyone struggling with addiction.    Please listen, check out Ben's  and/or to find help.   You can find Steve in any of his various restaurants and hotels or on Instagram @stevepalmer12   As Always make sure to subscribe, rate and review.
In this emotional episode I share my crazy journey with body image, Anorexia and how I’ve come to love my body. I put it all out there, including stories I thought I'd never share publicly. This is a intimate conversation between me and you about how we, as women, have a resonsibility to stop the war with our bodies. Not just for ourselves but for every girl watching us. If you've struggled with body image, disordered eating, or quite frankly are a woman in today's society that's had any number of challenges with your body - this is for you - this is for all of us.    It's time to call BS on the lies women have been told about their worth & their bodies.There's so many beliefs that have been passed down for so damn long, we don't even think to question them. I share why I believe no matter what's happened in your past, what stories you tell yourself about how need to look like or the size jeans you need to wear to feel good enough or the programming you received about the definition of beauty - no matter what - you can come to love the body you're in. I get super fired up about why we need to change the body image narrative once and for all. While giving you practical tools and ways you can jump start your very own body love revolution right now. I believe when we decide to change the relationship we have with our body, we change our entire life. If I can do it, I know you can too.    Please share this episode with friends, family and anyone who you think can relate  and share with friends who inspire you to love your body & yourself.    If you're ready to kick back and Renew with us in Charleston this month for The Renew Retreat click this link to join us     If you want to find out more about Passionately Free, the program I mentioned during this episode check it out here --->
WARNING: This might make you uncomfortable. In this first solo episode, I get straight to the point about how I want you strip down and let go of one of the most pervasive and total BS lies you've been told. Perfectionism. I'm no stranger to it and my guess is, you know a thing or two about how striving for perfect - can actually be paralyzing.   I break down how we started believing in perfectionism in the first place. I get real about what happens when we try to do it all. While falling for the belief that we have it have our whole life figured out. (there's a nugget in there for you.)    I share the many reasons why the big P is one of the biggest road blocks holding you back from creating the experiences you really want in life.    Whether it's finally stopping the war with your body or taking the risk to launch your dream career or being vulnerable in your realtionships  I share what can happen when you drop that dangerous label. Whatever the story is, you don't have to live with that intense pressure driving your daily decisions anymore. There's so much freedom, ease and fun waiting for you on the other side of perfectionism.    I say a few things that might really piss you off, but I want to help stop hiding behind the excuses of this belief  - "being a perfectionist" - once and for all.    I share 3 action steps you can take, starting today, in order feel way more at ease in your skin, be more light hearted, have fun making decisions and enjoy the life you're creating - one choice at a time.    Ready to kick back with us at the Renew Retreat? It's almost sold out so, if you what I shared on the pod sounds right up your alley click this link to join us     If you want to find out more about Passionately Free, the program I mentioned during this episode check it out here --->        
Today On Golden Nuggets I talk with the incredible, Meegan Sciretto a Holistic Wellness Coach Extraordinaire and dear friend of mine. Meegan's story about her journey with Lyme Disease, is incredibly inspiring.    We discussed what really happened when she decided to stop being a control freak, made healing her job and how Lyme disease helped transform her entire life. She now says, Lyme's is her greatest teacher. During our chat, Meeg gets super vulnerable about the unexpected visitor in her marriage and how they overcame those challenges.    While sharing how the depth of her challenges pushed her into a career where she now helps people all over the globe transform not only their health, they change their entire lives. She gives so many golden nuggets of wisdom in this episode you guys, I can't wait to hear what you think.      If you want more inspiration from Meegan, follow her on social media  @meeganscireto   If you loved this episode make sure to check out Ash on & Instagram @ashcebulka
Today on Golden Nuggets I talk with one of my best friends, Kathryn Budig. You may know her as the Internationally Celebrated Yoga Teacher, Author, Clothing Designer, Speaker, Incredible Cook - basically a creative genius.    We discuss everything from the myths of success, how she's navigated challenging transitions in her life to what it's really like to be in the spotlight. We have a bold conversation regarding sexuality, one we all need to have more often. Kathryn shares the behind the scenes of her newest project and how thrilled she is to share it with the world. I also ask her to be honest about what really works for her in the wellness world vs what's a bunch of BS.    If you want more inspiration from Kathryn, follow her on social media @kathrynbudig If you loved this episode make sure to check out Ash on & Instagram @ashcebulka  
Ash Cebulka gives you a little taste of what's coming during this mini episode of her NEW Podcast, Golden Nuggets.    Subscribe Now and tell your friends about these nuggets coming soon.       
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