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Author: Dee Shields

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Live on air with Dee Shields‼️! 🎙:current events, celebrity relationships, film, tv, entertainment news, political issues, social justice, social welfare and more. All right here on ‘I am Dee Shields’‼️ Powered by 4JSHIELDS, LLC

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🎙‼️ If you are new to how to respect a couple, here are a few necessary tips with your host, Dee Shields
🎙🔥 #classISin Lovers‼️ Join the host Dee Shields for this necessary #DATING / #LOVE #Marriage lesson: ‘Your list has to go beyond ‘fine and rich’ 👏🏾👏🏾😂‼️‼️🎙 #iamdeeshields The #Podcast
Join the host in her hilarious attempt to end the era of people 'throwing shade' via FB posts and anywhere across social media! Join in this part 1 segment and tweet your responses to @iamdeeshields on Twitter, add hashtag #whodahellissomebody ! Team #iamdeeshields
TV and social media alike are buzzing after a Pastor said the most unexpected and shocking set of words in his sermon!! Join the host Dee Shields commentary on this pressing matter!!
As singles across the globe discuss #relationships , a common phrase people immediately say to explain a breakup is: ‘it didn’t work out’. Tune in as the host shares necessary Relationship coaching to explore the truth behind many using that phrase.
Today the host challenges listeners to sit in the truth of what offends many #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA across the globe,
Hilarious capture of mic as host Dee Shields & Brent Reborn film 🎥 her ‘Things I Never Saw Mother Do’! #iamdeeshields #4JShieldsLLC
In response to news of Morgan Wallen caught on video using the ‘N’ word. Dear Friends of Morgan Wallen & other Black folks with White friends🎙 #iamdeeshields
As the buzz of the weekend slows, there is still so very much to discuss after watching ‘Wendy Williams: The Movie’ 🎥 🍿 Tune in as host Dee Shields shares the lessons we can take home after viewing.
Join the host 🎙Dee Shields on her favorite subject: #BlackWomen, the hair experience, the love affair with #BlackHair ,♥️ alongside the hatred of it and where we will go on this all in 2021! ‼️Host of #iamdeeshields #LyricsBreakdown #askDeeVa (since 2010) and more !
“There is nothing greater than that moment when the facade is unveiled...” Author Dee Shields in, ‘Remember This...’ available on Amazon #iamdeeshields
Join host Dee Shields as she shares a way to GUARANTEE that you are residing #wherethemoneyreside in 2021!🎤 #iamdeeshields
Surely you made the wise decision to leave emotionally unstable friends, family and associates over there in 2020! Give them a few months before inviting them in to the new year! If not, press play as the host explores the thin line between moody & happiness! 🎤 #iamdeeshields
🎙 After 2020 the host is focused on personal goals and has put a list together over the past few months. Take a listen to a few on her list that may inspire YOU as well!! (Created by Content Creator for 4JShields, LLC, #askDeeVa and #iamdeeshields)
🎤 Join the host recap the roller coaster that was 2020! Moments that matter, moments we will grow from, moments we will never forget.🎤 (Created by Content Creator for 4JShields, LLC and #askDeeVa) #iamdeeshields
Grab a cup of tea and a notepad, 🎙class is in as host Dee Shields shares from her book, ‘Reasons She’s Excessive Over a Man’‼️
Host 🎙 Mz DeeVa weighs in on the final days of election 2020 and any leftover undecided voters 🗳! #askDeeVa
Trying to go Vegan? More Alkaline? Just get on healthy living path? This episode is for you! Join the host Mz DeeVa 🎙 as she shares NECESSARY #EERF arguments you MUST have with ALL around you‼️Join the group on Facebook: Exercise, Eat Right and Focus!
‼️LIVE with the continued dialogue as the men call in to discuss with Mz DeeVa the reasons behind Black men and women cheating! (Listen to part 2 on Twitter: @mzDeeVa4you) ‼️
Join the host Mz DeeVa and the #askDeeVa show featured guest. An incredible #artist #author #rapper #activist and #blackbusinessowner #entrepreneur - Mack Mama shares her #newMusic her #song ' #TalkToMe ' #noJusticeNoPeace sheds light on the good officers and the importance of the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Press play as she shares her life and in recent news, shares details on her heartbreaking experiences with the #COVID19 misdiagnosis after the loss of her grandmother, seen at a #NewYork hospital during the #2020 #pandemic.
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