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Episode 94! Cars Suck

Episode 94! Cars Suck


In this episode Kyle and Matt discuss their recent difficulties involving owning and operating automobiles, as well as Bluegrass bands, Christmas movies, Breaking Bad, and Vail's stupid line policy. AND present the unveiling the star-studded upcoming Schmiggity's Winter Stand-up Series lineup!
In this episode Matt and Kyle talk Halloween, the hottest superheroes, and their weekly positives and negatives
Check out the latest episode of the #BestoftheBoat Steamboat Comedy Podcast! Matt and Kyle are back after a long break to break in the podcast studio! Topics also include the recent private birthday show, comic-con pun costumes, and the worst open mic audience member ever.
In this episode Matt and Kyle talk about America's obsession with serial killers and murder shows, as well as their upcoming birthday show, Matt's ultra Marathon, and television shows that don't involve killing people (mostly)
In this episode Kyle and Matt talk about their latest shows with Brent Gill and Georgia Comstock, whether or not Batman is bulletproof, and have some brief messages from their new sponsors!
Episode 89! Gay for Comedy

Episode 89! Gay for Comedy


In this episode of the award winning Best of the Boat podcast, Matt and Kyle recap the long weekend of shows and their road trip to Denver and Fort Collins. Subjects also include vape addiction, Kevin Durant's love for Twitter, and the benefits of being gay.
Episode 88! Undateable

Episode 88! Undateable


In this episode Kyle, Matt, and Reed put on the shades and take of the shirts for a deep dive on dating in Steamboat Springs! Kyle shares his dating horror stories and some listeners send in their own terrible tales as well. Topics also include relationships comedians, the failure of DC's Batgirl, and a recap of last weeks blowout shows with Sam Tallent!
In this episode Matt and Kyle talk about their upcoming show with the great Sam Tallent and discuss his best selling novel "Running the Light." Topics also include recent comedy specials, terrible football in Top Gun, and the surprising fact that Navy Seals are actually men and not seals.
Episode 86! Baby Crazy!

Episode 86! Baby Crazy!


In this episode Kyle, Matt, and Kalynn recap their recent comedy shows with Sean Patton and Caitlin Cook, as well as Kyle's Seattle debacle and Kalynn's disappointment in Marvel's lack of decent female characters (no love for she-hulk?)
In this episode Korey David from Denver and Shelton Holmes from Grand Junction join Kyle in Steamboat to talk about their weekend of shows at Schmiggity's! Topics of discussion also include working on the road, Korey's shows in Denver and Carbondale, and Shelton's plans to build up a Steamboat Comedy-like scene in Grand Junction
In this episode Kyle and Matt are joined by Reed to discuss the recent Judd Apatow's new documentary: George Carlin's American Dream. Topics of discussion also include cable TV, South Park, Bill Hicks, and the impending doom of the upcoming "Rainbow Festival"
Episode 83! Norm's Farewell

Episode 83! Norm's Farewell


In this episode, Kyle and Matt catch up on life and discuss a myriad of enjoyable topics, such as Kyle's recent road gigs, Matt's marathon, how Jenny was the protagonist of Forest Gump, and the final comedy special from the legend Norm MacDonald
Episode 82! ROASTED!

Episode 82! ROASTED!


In this episode Kyle, Matt and Reed discuss the latest Steamboat Comedy road gig in New Hampshire and Kyle's birthday roast at The Press! Topics of discussion also include autistic Libertarians, the Hamptons, and sweaty hot yoga.
In this brand new episode of the award winning Steamboat Comedy Podcast Kyle and Matt give a recap of their terrible performance at a private gig in Buena Vista, as well as their opinions on the trial between very attractive and talented Amber Heard and old, stinky John Depp
In this episode Matt and Kyle honor our lord and savior Jesus Christ by talking about Easter candy, strip clubs, failed dates, and failed bits. Praise the lord!
In this Episode Kyle is joined by special guests Robbie Bernstein and "Forrest Mommy" Jessica Fenske! Robbie, Jessica, and Kyle recap the weekend's shows and skiing. and discuss in intricacies of human semen
In this episode Kyle and Drew are joing by New York comic Matt Ruby! Topics of disccusion include the weekend's shows at Schmiggity's, Matt experince skiing in Steamboat, and lots of talk on tripping on shrooms!
In this episode Kyle, Drew, and Matt are joined by LA comedian and star of the latest installment of Steamboat Comedy's 'Winter Stand-up Series' at Schmiggity's! Topics of discussion include The Comedy Store vs other clubs, the Los Angeles hat scene, Bruce's day on the mountain, and Jeremy Piven's amazing stand up.
In this Episode Kyle and Matt bring in some more hot, hot comedy inside baseball as they recap their latest show in the Schmiggity's Winter Stand-up Series! Topics of discussion also include Adam Schefter and why he sucks,, the diverse cast of Walk Hard, and some minor, obscure Chinese scam called the Olympics
In this episode Matt and Kyle talk some insider info learned from their recent stand up show with Mike Stanley and some news about upcoming events in the Steamboat Comedy scene! Topics of discussion also include Jolly Ranchers vs Gushers, VR heroine porn, and expert NFL playoff predictions.
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