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Behooving the public with a touch of ignorance.
26 Episodes
Jet Life's - DJ Kelly Green , sits down with So Ig Podcast
We're late, so what… You've never been late before?!? Sometimes ya gotta wait for good things in life. Anywayz - We got Ghost Stories, Singing, Throat Clear Compilations, and a whole shit ton more , FWU. HalloWHOOPS - CPT Time
Ya'll Gon Let Me innnn??!?
Special guest L.E. sits down with the guys and gives her perspective on music, her creativity and beginning in music. This new artist has a lot to say and some really good music, you should really "want" to hear.
To So Ig Team interviews Mr. Dj. Rajer Smoove - He gives us insight into his touring with Cash Money , Lil Wayne and Dj Mannie Fresh
☢🎙A New Orleans High School Football Coach at St. Augustine was fired for leading his athletes in a chant. We discuss the politics of the decision and how raising young black men in America needs special attention and customized teaching. ☢🎙 A song was made in dedication to the chant - see video below Knock a nigga shit loose , this the Aug Nigga
Topics Include : A.B. and Sqad up quotes , Kasso Rave Intro , CTE Possibilities, snitch 9 protective custody , White Lady Saying Nigger Loud a.f. in CVS , How Old is too old to kiss your kids on the mouth? , Boot Up Or Shutup – “ Dee-Low The Diamond Man – Ft. Curren$y – (Way 2 up Remix) , Du Rag Aficionado, Stylist Washing your hair, Gradner Minshew QB Jaguars , Pelicans hire Hall of Fame WNBA player “Theresa Witherspoon” as assistant coach, Zion ahead of Klay Thompson on top 100 , Pop Smoke & Dave East , Missing the Snitching Boobytrap , Popeye , PPl Robbing on the Westbank and Shamrock , Juvy sing along again , Favorite Mixtapes EVER , Car Service Tribute , Lex Clears throat… then does it again and again and again fml …… , Broke and Bougie , Throwback Jerseys , Smoker’s Club Clothing
Mob Mentality - SO IG PODCAST
Running of the bulls Lilweezyana Fest , Antonio Brown leaves the raiders and is immediately picked up by N.E. Patriots , Snax does a Spicy Noodle Challenge , Boot Up Or Shutup Segment –  Logan Justine “these niggas”, Petty Pendagrass -LSU Planting flag and waving bye , Mac Miller o.d. and Demi Lovato , Asap Ferg New Music, Saints Schedule , Curren$y hot August nights , A.B. Left too Quick , Russel Wilson making 79 Million, Quintorris aka Julio Jones, New Orleans Sewage and Water Board , Heat Causes Racism , Spike Lee Cam , Lil Nas X and Kevin Hart interview , Lebron trying to copyright Taco Tuesday , okurrrr , Trump tried to buy Greenland , Cam Newton Shorts and Chainlink hat & Matt Ryan playing with Balls , Crack Vs Heroin epidemic , DumbSmart:I Guess it's a SportsCast Boot Up Segment Logan Justine “These Ni**as”CLICK TIMECODE BELOW TO SKIP TO BOOT UP SEGMENT 8:20
Big Raggedy Rolling Sessions with Choreographed Thotery to Wipe me Down ,  The Return of B Sleep, Undercover Cop = UNDER THE COVERS cop  , Sticks and Stones Dave Chappelle Special , Kasso Drafting during the Pod,  Juicy Smooliet , Making it vs Faking it , Boot Up or Shut Up  - Green Tea  by Pza Mnd, Kaep Chronicles ,  Lavar Ball  recap switching gears, Dorian Makes landfall, Travis Scott Netflix Documentary , Top 5 personal favorite Rappers , Drug Culture in Musicians and glorifying drug use , Future not using Drugs , Coming to America Remake , Kevin hart Car accident , Dave East Acting , Old Cats Flexing on the gram , So Ig Training Combine, Lex’s Unspoken Play , Teleportation and Baton Rouge Traffic , Swamp People Segment  , No Limit or Cash Money ties to NOLA Rappers, Underatted Song – French and Wiz “French Inhale” , Season 2 Episode 9 - Words Should Never Hurt - So Ig Podcast Click Numbers below to Skip to "Boot Up or Shut Up" Segment to listen to Pza Mnd "Green Tea" Single - 11:30
Lexington the Thespian , Encyclopedia of a side chick, Introduction of Boot up or shutup segment, G6ix - Splash , Big Spoon Little Spoon, Chic-Fil-A Vs Popeyes , Streaming vs. Physical Music , Lex Tweeting Again , Facebook Comments , Racism is dying. So Ig Podcast Click Numbers below to Skip to "Boot Up or Shut Up" Segment to listen to G6ix's "Splash" Single - 30:04 30:04
White on White Violence - White Mamba vs Rappaport, Jigga – Goodell - Kap & the Nfl , Zeke sitting out, Dak Preskott turning down 30 Million , Boogie Cousins got hurt again, Linsanity, Jeffrey Epstein Conspiracies, Bill Lewisnky, Saying goodbye to 2 NOLA Legends, Encyclopedia of a Side Chick, Hot Girl Summer – Nicki Minaj – Drake Diss , hopping out the V popping your V, Chance the Rapper’s New album , 50 Cent’s Shampoo I mean Champaign,  Snoops Longevity , Steph vs his own move , USA Basketball White Mamba Mentality
Dre Ellington makes his way back from L.A., Kasso’s Drunk, Dre Lover Voice, Favors and Expectations, Lil wayne’s musical trajectory, Stay HiDrated Twitter Beef, Carmelo Missing the U.S.A. Olympics Team, L.A. Dispensaries, Apple new phone same shit, Kids having access to youtube, Jason Shitlock , Taco Tuuuueeeesssddayyy, McDowells ,­­­ LeBron James Greatness and his Lebronaholics, Fame vs. Money, Amazon vs Netflix vs Disney, Nardwuar, Wold Star Hip Hop ,
Michael Thomas 100 Million Dollar Man, Mass Shootings in El Paso, White Supremacy, Mario Lopez Kid Gender Talk, Zion Williamson shopping for La Croix in Rouses, Siri Ribs Adrian Peterson’s Financial Problems
So Ig Podcast talks about a multitude of fuckery . Hosted by Dre L'z , Lexington, & Kasso
Today we discuss pettiness and mediocrity :-D
Today we discuss Gene's Po-boys Closing down, Lavar Ball comments on ESPN, Zion Williamson Trade and more....
Extra Seasoning - The beginning of Season 2 of Sophisticated Ignorance
We break down the weed (pun. intended) Strands we had the pleasure of consuming on our last trip to L.A.
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