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Slow & Steady

Author: Brian Rhea & Benedikt Deicke

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Join us as we share what it's like to build and launch a bootstrapped startup while working for yourself full-time. Benedikt is working on Userlist with two other co-founders and Brian is running solo on a product to combat loneliness on remote teams.
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Benedikt is ripping out cords on Userlist profile pages and Brian has a couple of very large vehicles in his driveway.
Brian talks about his new consulting gig and the first blind playtest of Backpack. Benedikt shares the progress on Userlist features and marketing.
Benedikt finally has a calm and focused week. Brian's spinning a lot of plates, but things are looking good.
Brian and Benedikt are in good spirits this week. They talk about recent progress on Brian's board game, Benedikt's successful battle against performance issues, as well as how Bitcoin helps Brian with his year on the road.
Benedikt has had a productive (yet tiring) couple of weeks and Brian released a "How to Play" video for Backpack!
Adii Pienaar joins Brian and Benedikt to talk about his new book Life Profitability: The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success. They talk about the concept of Life Profitability, how Work-Life-Balance doesn't really exist, and why it's important to challenge traditional ideas about entrepreneurship.
Benedikt got some much-needed rest over the weekend watching some American Football and a sailing race that completely baffles Brian's understanding of how wind works. Brian is also getting very close to being able to share his board game ... stay tuned!
Brian and Benedikt are sharing a bit about their plans for 2021. Brian is preparing for their year on the road, Benedikt is sharing details about a new direction for Userlist.
The Year Ahead

The Year Ahead


Benedikt has some huge news from the break and Brian is still feeling much more relaxed after shifting his focus to a hobby project. We also dig into our "Year Compass" reflections and talk about 2020 and 2021.
Benedikt is slowing things down as the year comes to a close and Brian's story pivots to, "An honest peek into my life as I try to recover from burnout by designing a boardgame."
Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind


Brian is happy to not have any updates to share while Benedikt is fighting with frontend dependencies and the big question of what to work on next.
Quality of Life

Quality of Life


Brian is making plans for a big reset in 2021 and Benedikt is feeling better about Userlist's November numbers.
Default Dead?

Default Dead?


Brian enjoys working on a team again and starts to realize solopreneurship might not be for him. Benedikt is cautiously celebrating a revenue milestone with Userlist, but also contemplating its future direction.
Do You Even Outsource?

Do You Even Outsource?


Benedikt is busy with lots of little things and trying to sort out when to make time for investing in bigger projects with long-term benefits. Brian's thankful for his many blessings and thinking about how to reset his approach to building a business in 2021.
Back To Work

Back To Work


Brian is back from a week away from everything in the Grand Canyon. Benedikt is trying to increase momentum by shipping smaller, less polished, increments.
Brian's got some new client work lining up to ease some anxiety and Benedikt's schedule continues to be a bit hectic.
Brian is working on (in)validating the idea for Brand Patrol and might be close to signing a consulting deal related to Headlamp. Benedikt is trying to stay focused and talks about upcoming pricing changes for Userlist.
Busy weeks & Burnout

Busy weeks & Burnout


Benedikt had a stressful day when a code change accidentally sent 1000+ emails and Brian shares that he's feeling completely burned out.
Benedikt is back from vacation and already swamped with work. Brian share's some details about the new thing he's working on.
Benedikt is out again this week, so Brian is joined by his good friend, startup partner, confidant, and sometimes co-conspirator, Richard Miller. They talk about Richard's current project, the origins of the idea, and the importance of laying in a hammock so people will think you're sleeping. No, really. It's important.
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