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Author: John Perry

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Parenting is hard. Single parenting, even more so. Navigating the modern dating world on top of that? Mind-bending. Hey everyone, I’m John Perry, an entrepreneur, musician, world traveller and most of all, proud dad of two beautiful children. I'm pretty excited to be bringing this Single Dad Dating Files Podcast to you. Every journey starts somewhere and this is the beginning of a new one for me. I wanted to share experiences and help navigate some unknown waters as you enter into the new world of single Dadhood. You're definitely not alone in this and sometimes it's hard to find someone to share the nuances with. This podcast will be therapy for me I'm sure, maybe some nuggets of humor and cringe worthy moments for you, but ultimately I hope it's a resource and relatable experience for you. The stories you’ll hear here were my reality, the feelings and emotions I experienced are here for all to experience. I hope that you enjoy, like, share, do all those things that people do when they find something of value.

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12 Episodes
I really wanted to take a little time to talk about discovering who you are and how to manifest and fulfill your next relationship. We tend to bounce around and act like creatures of circumstance rather than leaders and directors of our lives. I share a little bit on past times for me when I was on point and times when I wasn't. Practice is what's needed to succeed here and I may, in a juvenile way, have a way for people to practice manifesting and being intentional.
Coming back from a month long break with some interesting stories from this time. I decided that I would allow my immediate community to know about this podcast as I had kept secret because of the vulnerability and exposure of my private life. This led to some very interesting conversations and feedback. While I recorded this I had an "ah-ha" moment that choked me up. These podcasts shed so much light on my own behavior, fears, and programming that I always learn something from what I am saying about myself.
This is the last episode in this series and I hope you find it interesting and enlightening. I go back through the breakups I've been a part of and how some of them went, including my divorce. I feel that there is a good way to end a relationship with maturity, but sometimes it doesn't go that way. There are some questions in here that I woud like some feedback on so please reach out! Find me on facebook (Single Dad Dating Files) and email me
I'm going to be talking about love, falling in love and if you're lovable or not. Good news, you are. There's a time where this is a real question and often we get into bad spaces when we are trying to feel that love again. Finding the difference between loving someone and being in love with someone is very important and often confused. This is the time to get some coffee, wine, or beverage of your choice and take a stroll into your past as i bring up some of these feelings.
In this episode i cover off the highs and lows of long distance relationships. I have had good and bad and have put together the reasons and rules to and to not have a long distance relationship. As a single parent, this can be extra challenging when considering your kids needs and the needs of the other person far away. So as you listen, I would encourage you to take a moment to pause and consider before you agree to this type of dating and see if your life and the life of the other can truly coexist.
This covers off a period of time between the breakup and my next dating cycle. I took some time to go inward and work on myself. It was eye opening to say the least and after almost 4 months of that, I felt I was truly ready to get back out there. I had a couple of flings and felt I handled them well except for one. It was a unique experience that I never had dealt with and I definitely could have handled it better.
In this episode I go through the first "long term" relationship I had as a single dad. It wasn't particularly long, 6 months in total, but I learned a lot about who I was, who I am inside of relationships, and how I ignored certain red flags through some cringeworthy stories. This culminates in a healing moment for me and a recognition of what I hang on to.
Covering off a lot here... Those moments of and before the first kiss with someone who I'm attracted to and all the thoughts and and horrible brain exercises that I go through leading up to that intimate moment. The conversations goes a very different way after a while talking about other parents treatment of single dads, what women see or are scared of when dating or considering dating a single dad... there could be some incoherent babble in this one so hang in there.
In this episode I cover off the "Online Dating Game." I'm not sure if there's a better way to say it because that's really what it is, a crap shoot. I tried a couple dating sites and had some good things, some bad things come of them. You don't really know the story in the other end of the profile until you meet in person and there are ways to make that a safe and pleasant way for both of you and start to parse out the real story. Always consider the position that the other is in when this happens the first time. Likely you are both getting out there for the first time and it can be a bizarre time.
Continuing the events following my divorce. This a story that I don't share often, maybe 10 people know about it because it was so bad. Prior to the story, I give my experiencing with "Nesting" post divorce and what that was like. As you get through the story, you'll hear some strong language about a certain behaviour that has no place in our society.
The Mistake. This is a story about a night that changed me. I have a certain moral compass that I follow and this night spun it out. It's one of these life changing instances that I think everyone gets when they find themselves released into the wild and the only way to sum it up is "Mistakes were made." Like;y that will be the title of my book if I ever get (if I ever decide to write one.)
Welcome to my first ever podcast, I hope you enjoy, the well is deep and I look forward to sharing some stories and some relatable info as we go forward. Episode 1 is really the overview of how and why I became a single dad and what happened immediately following my divorce. This is a flyover accounting of the time and will lay the groundwork for Episode 2. I hope you enjoy.
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