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Join Bill and Ed as they continue their discussion of leadership from the Book of Acts. In this episode they continue bringing together Thom Rainer's Acts6/7 leadership, Collins' Levels of Leadership and the Book of Acts. Listen as they investigate the third level of leadership. A key component of level three leadership is managing well with an outward focus.  If you are a leader in the workplace or church you don't want to miss the wisdom that is found in the book of Acts. Are you a "outwardly focused" as a leader?
Join Bill and Ed as they continue their discussion of leadership from the Book of Acts. In this episode they continue bringing together Thom Rainer's Acts6/7 leadership, Collins' Levels of Leadership and the Book of Acts. Listen as they investigate the second level of leadership. A key component of level two leadership is contributing around the common table.  If you are a leader in the workplace or church you don't want to miss the wisdom that is found in the book of Acts. Are you a "contributing leader", or simply filling a seat around the table? 
The book of Acts holds tremendous wisdom for leaders of faith. Whether you are in the workplace or church, you will benefit from this conversation. Bill and Ed discuss what we learn about leadership from Acts Chapter 1, in this first of several episodes diving into scripture for help with our daily role as leaders. Utilizing leadership models from Jim Collin's Good to Great and Thom Rainer's Breakout churches, Bill and Ed unpack the different levels of leadership defined in scripture. 
In this episode Bill and Ed are privileged to interview Judge Drew Crislip. Drew has served in many different roles as a legal professional  in addition to a lifetime of volunteer Christian service with youth. He shares keen insights into how to lead from your faith based core values in the legal world. You don't want to miss this episode. 
Dog-Tired; Worn Out; Exhausted; Weary; Burdened; Stressed; Burnt Out? How many times have you heard colleagues utter these words? How many times have one or all of these terms described your current emotional condition? As leaders we are often confronted with the need to lead teams who are experiencing the same level of weariness that we are. This can be a very difficult task. As Faith Empowered Leaders, we have some answers for how to lead well in spite of the heaviness of the load we and our team are carrying.  Join Ed and Bill as they look to scripture for how we can have hope in the midst of being tired. 
Mindfulness and mindful leadership is a hot topic in the leadership world today.  What about the Christian and mindfulness? Should Christian leaders adopt buy into the idea of mindfulness? Join Bill and Ed for a discussion on this topic and discover how mindfulness just may be a very biblical way of leading.
How do others see you as a leader? Do they see you as more of a "little engine that thought he could", or an "Eyore." Eyore, that pessimistic donkey in the Winnie the Pooh cartoons once said, "thanks, but I'd rather stay an Eyore." In this week's podcast Bill and Ed discuss the concept of being a possibilist leader.  Author Rob Hoskins uses this term to define leaders that have several different characteristics in common.  Hoskins says, "This type of individual holds loosely the reality that both bad and better exist. It takes this kind of balanced leader – someone who recognizes both the good and the bad – to move a community forward and bring sustainable change to their world."In this episode Bill and Ed discuss how we as faith empowered workplace leaders should adopt a possibilist attitude concerning leadership.
Are you by nature a curious person? Or do you make quick judgements without asking a lot of questions. On this week's podcast Bill and Ed discuss the essential ingredient of curiosity for leaders in the church and workplace. Curiosity leads to discovery and is fundamental to healthy relationships. However, it can be negative if our beginning point has no presuppositions. You know you're curious! Join the conversation today. 
Don't miss this episode! Bill and Ed interview faith empowered workplace leader Duane Huck. Listen to Duane describe his faith based leadership journey as a Plant Manager, Pastor, Maxwell Certified Leader and Small Business Owner. Duane shares his thought on key aspects of leadership needed in the world today. He describes how his faith in Christ intersects with his everyday leadership. 
Do you have awesome goals? Do you make great plans? What happens next? Do your goals and plans remain good goals and plans or do you execute them well? Join Ed and Bill as they share from their experience 5 barriers to execution. Maybe you can identify with these barriers....Daily DistractionsFearUnder Utilization of Your TeamLack of Self AwarenessOver ComplicationLack of Beginning WellIf you are a follower of Christ and have the privilege of leading in your business, non-profit organization of church, you don't want to miss this very practical episode. 
Join Bill and Ed on this special episode as they welcome J.D. Reed, Global Consultant for Latin America and the Caribbean with American Baptist Church's International Ministry.  Leadership must adapt as we work cross-culturally. However, there are many similarities in leadership that complement the differences. You will be blessed and learn about working with others whether you are a pastor or workplace leader. 
Is competition always bad? Is collaboration always good? Should the two be viewed differently in the church than they are in the workplace? As faith empowered leaders these are questions we face every day. Whether you are a leader in the church, workplace, or both you won't want to miss this discussion. Bill and Ed look at both the positive and negative of competing and working together in the organizations we serve.
Join Bill and Ed as they discuss several key lessons from 2020. Listen as they mix personal confession with organizational wisdom to make a list of items we can take into the future as faith empowered workplace leaders. 
Are you happy at work? Whether you spend your time in the church, the non-profit or the marketplace, statistics say that most of your folks aren't happy. As Faith Empowered Workplace Leaders we should be setting an example of the joy filled life. Ed and Bill tackle how we can do this in today's episode. 
Are you stressed out? Does your life as a leader seem way more complex than it should be? Listen as Ed and Bill discuss the spiritual discipline of simplicity. Looking to scripture as their guide they share practical insights on how to simplify your life as a leader. Resources: Richard Foster's Celebration of Discipline
Join Bill and Ed as they talk about the necessity of allowing team members to suffer. Are you a rescuer? Do you always step in and make sure that your team members don't suffer? You may be robbing them of some of the greatest gifts that God has for them. Pain and suffering, while not good, can be used by God for good. As leaders, we need to suffer with our team, search for the way God is working when we suffer, and sometimes allow others to suffer as well. Join this very serious conversation and engage us the conversation in The Few facebook group. 
In today's episode, Tammy Jordan shares her story as a Faith Empowered Workplace Leader. Tammy, owner and founder of Fruits of Labor, a Nationally Certified Culinary Arts & Agricultural Educational Training Center for youth/young adults as an addiction prevention program and adults in recovery from addiction.  Fruits of labor is a culinary and agricultural training social enterprise. Tammy shares wisdom from her experience on how to manage through a crisis and allow the mission to be the filter through which all decisions are made in a business that seeks to honor God. You will be blessed by her story!Check out Fruits of Labor at
We are super excited about this episode. After an introduction from John Pierson, a local faith empowered business owner, Ed and Bill discuss Bolsinger's book and its appropriateness for leaders in the church and workplace. Based on the idea of Adaptive Leadership, Bolsinger's book is timely for those leading in the unchartered territory of today. Bill and Ed apply the concepts from the book to both the church and the workplace. If you are a Christian and find yourself in a position of leadership in the church or workplace, you don't want to miss this episode.
Join Bill and Ed as they discuss a very sensitive subject for Faith Empowered Workplace Leaders. If you have ever had to deal with an employee or church member who is always in the center of conflict, this episode is for you! Bill and Ed talk about the need to make sure we as leaders aren't the real antagonists and then how to deal with others who are. Looking once again at Paul's mentoring advice to Timothy, you will discover how to deal with these energy-draining individuals in a way that honors God and builds your leadership credibility. 
Join Bill and Ed as they explore the book for First Timothy for Paul's advice on how to lead. In this episode, Ed and Bill will discuss how to lead with love as the goal. Whether you are a leader in the church or workplace, this discussion can equip you with the tools to lead in a way that is not only effective but can literally change lives and your organization. 
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