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In this webinar, Loxley Graham (Head of Europe & ROW at Alexander Daniels Global) and Michael Molitch-Hou (Editor in Chief at and SmarTech Analysis) present data from the 2022 AM Salary Survey Report and SmarTech's latest Data Service Reports that point to how to attract talent to your organization and where to hunt for jobs going forward.On the agenda:Introduction (00:00)Intentions of Talent to Change Jobs in 2022 (02:09)How Can You Attract Top Talent to Your Organization (12:28)Where to Hunt For Jobs in 2022 (14:47)Tips for Managing Salary Expectations (30:50)Tips for Negotiating Compensation Packages (37:15)Stay in Touch with ADG and (47:15)Webinar Resources:Monthly Hot Candidate and Talent Market AnalysesHot Job Updates (get job opportunities straight to your inbox)Upcoming Webinar - The Gap in DEI in the AM WorkplaceThe 2022 AM Salary Survey ReportHiring and Career Advice learn more about SmarTech's 3D printing data, analysis, and consulting, inquire at info@smartechpublishing.comTo keep up with the latest 3D printing news, sign up for the newsletterIf you have any 3D printing news tips, email Download the latest Data Service Reports on the Core Metal AM market and the Core Polymer AM market
In this webinar, Nick presents data from the 2022 AM Salary Survey Report that points to how the AM industry has been affected by the Great Resignation between 2020-2021, and what that means for hiring in 2022.On the agenda:Growth of the AM Market (in 2021)Demand for Talent vs Available Talent on the marketImpact of the Great Resignation (in numbers)Who Has the Hiring Power in 2022?Tips for the Future (moving on from the Big Quit)Webinar Resources:Monthly Hot Candidate and Talent Market Analyses Hot Job Updates (get job opportunities straight to your inbox) Upcoming Webinar - What the Talent Really Wants in 2022 The 2022 AM Salary Survey ReportWI3DP Virtual Career Fair - Featuring Jennifer Killingback, Director North America, Alexander Daniels Global Hiring and Career Advice Blog
Here you can listen to the interview between Sophie and Nick, where they explore the success that Alexander Daniels Global has had in promoting a diverse team environment.Disclaimer: This is not a 3D People podcast episode, it is a recorded interview which has been transcribed in a blog post on the Alexander Daniels Global website.
In this episode, founder of Alexander Daniels Global, Nick Pearce, and Director and Podcast Host, Iulia Oprea, discuss their impressions of the 2021 Salary Survey results. What talent market and salary trends were noticed? What behaviours are these indicators of? And which questions have been sparked as a result?Sit back, listen and enjoy.
We hosted a panel discussion with John Barnes, Janne Kyttanen, and Nick Pearce to talk about what companies need to excel in this industry, how creativity, people, and training matters, and - most importantly - how these guys can help you. Teamed up with the Barnes Global Advisors and Janne Kyttanen, Alexander Daniels Global is hosting a competition for those companies that participate in the 2020 AM Salary Survey for Employers by November 30th.Read more, and participate to win, here:
 In this episode, we speak to Alexander De Vore, CEO of 株式会社3D Printing Corporation in Japan.We speak about additive manufacturing, culture, people and setting up a business in a foreign country, specifically in Japan
In this episode, Tuan tells his person stories, and he talks about how to network in 3D printing, start-ups and bravery, what’s next for AM, impact of Covid-19, challenges of 2020, and social selling.
In this episode, we talk about taking risks, change management, 3D Printing composites and the power of corporate values in a digital work environment.
We did not consider COVID-19 in this podcast. In this episode we talk to Marie Langer about sustainability in 3D printing, organizational structure, the growth and future of EOS, and Marie's personal stories and experiences. 
This episode addresses the talent market in the 3D printing / additive manufacturing industry. Alexander Daniels Global has released an extensive whitepaper on the topic, which can be accessed here: The war for talent, hiring trends, the most in-demand roles, the talent gap in 3D printing and regional talent landscape analyses. All topics covered by the 67 page whitepaper.
In this episode Iulia interviewed the interviewer, Davide Sher from They talked about 3D Printing health and safety which we hope will be a trending topic at this year’s Formnext. Are you curious which 4 studies he found on the internet related to health and safety? Listen to the podcast and send us an email if you would like to receive these studies from Iulia and Davide.Davide shares his advice to people who are considering a career in additive manufacturing, but don’t know where to get started. He talks about his all time favorite 3d printing topic, one of the most challenging ones, in his opinion. The recording was done via Skype, so please excuse the military plane which flew over Davide’s house in Sicily when we had our chat online. 😊  We hope you enjoy!
In this episode, we are discussing the yearly 3D Printing Salary Survey with the help of Alexander Daniels Global team members Signe, Loxley and Nick.We discuss what the salary survey is, how it was born, what it analyses and how it is beneficial for the industry.Are you an employer in the additive manufacturing industry? Participate in the survey here: you a professional working in the additive manufacturing / 3D printing industry? Participate in the survey here:
In this episode, we are speaking to Stefanie Brickwede. Since 2015, she has been in charge of the 3D printing project at the Deutsche Bahn. And she is responsible for the successful introduction of Additive Manufacturing throughout the group. This includes the identification of application areas, the development of business models, and the establishment of a 3D printing competence center. As Managing Director, she's also building up the Mobility Goes Additive and the Medical Goes Additive networks, to help AM achieve an international breakthrough. 
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