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Author: Jack Baric

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Ocean Solutions at AltaSea host, Jack Baric interviews various ocean and science experts on creative solutions that can be found in the ocean. AltaSea is creating the most innovative ocean research campus in the world. Located in the Port of Los Angeles, AltaSea is a place where scientists, businesspeople, and educators can join together to find solutions to some of mankind's most pressing challenges, such as climate change, energy supply, and global food security.
15 Episodes
Rusty Jehangir, the founder and CEO of Blue Robotics, discusses how his underwater drone company is creating products that are dramatically less expensive and how accessibility to marine products creates so many new ocean exploration opportunities.Support the show (
Regina Wetzer and Dean Pentcheff, scientists with the LA County Museum of Natural History, discuss their organization's study of marine biodiversity in ocean waters off the coast of Los Angeles. They describe a new method by taking cups of seawater, which hold the DNA of all the species in the water nearby. Support the show (
Dr. Marcus Eriksen, the ocean plastic pollution expert who sailed the Junk Raft to Hawaii, talks about corporate social responsibility around the issue of plastic pollution in the ocean and the incentives for companies to be more environmentally correct in their business practices. He also mentions the Trash Blitz, which allows students and volunteers to do gather data on where plastic pollution is coming from all while doing clean-ups in their community. Support the show
Ann Carpenter, the co-CEO of Braid Theory and the Chief Innovation Officer for LA City Council District 15, discusses how entrepreneurs can help create solutions for a healthier ocean. Support the show
Dr. Geraldine Knatz, the former executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, explains the importance of studying the ocean to solve some of mankind's most pressing challenges and describes why AltaSea is positioned to be a key place in making this happen. Support the show
Legendary ocean explorer Bob Ballard talks about how "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" inspired him to become an oceanographer and his passion for motivating kids to study science and the ocean. This includes making his ocean explorations available for everyone to watch on Support the show
Quiksilver founder, Bob McKnight discusses how his company supports various non-profits that work on creating a cleaner and healthier ocean and how Quiksilver has adopted numerous workplace and manufacturing practices to do their part on creating a greener environment. Support the show
Kris Primacio, the executive director of the International Surf Therapy Organization, discusses  how the physical exercise of surfing and the calming effect of the ocean can provide great therapy for people such as autistic children and military vets with PTSD.Support the show
The co-founder of 5 Gyres, Dr. Marcus Eriksen talks about his epic voyage across the Pacific Ocean in a raft made entirely of junk. 5 Gyres is dedicated to bringing attention to plastic pollution and this voyage was designed to educate people about the massive problem of ocean pollution. Dr. Eriksen also provides some practical tips on reducing your plastic consumption.Support the show
Rusty Jehanger, the founder and CEO of Blue Robotics, discusses how a hobby idea of building a solar powered surfboard that could be propelled from Santa Monica to Hawaii turned into a business building affordable underwater drone kits -- a breakthrough that has the potential for dramatically expanding student and citizen science ocean exploration opportunities. Support the show
A discussion with Scott and Brian Schmidt, the brothers who co-founded Primary Ocean, an aquaculture company that cultivates seaweed to create food and organic fertilizers. The conversation focuses on the food security and environmental impacts solutions that farming seaweed can provide.  Support the show
BioBlitz at AltaSea

BioBlitz at AltaSea


Regina Wetzer and Dean Pentcheff, scientists at the LA County Museum of Natural History, discuss the bioblitz that the museum is leading at AltaSea to study the marine biodiversity of the urban waters off the Los Angeles coast. Support the show
Ann Carpenter, the CEO of Braid Theory, a business accelerator that help tech companies with solutions for the ocean, discusses some of the companies that her company supports and how their technologies can create a healthier ocean.Support the show
Dr. Geraldine Knatz, the former executive director of the Port of Los Angeles, discusses her idea to relocated the Southern California Marine Institute to City Dock 1 at the Port of Los Angeles and how that grew into a vision for AltaSea. AltaSea is building a cutting edge marine research institute at City Dock 1, which brings together scientists, businesspeople, and educators to find solutions for some of mankind's most pressing challenges, such as climate change, energy supply, and global food security.  Support the show
Dr. Bob Ballard is the ocean explorer who discovered the Titanic. He tells Ocean Solutions the wild story of how finding the Titanic was connected to a secret Navy spy mission to locate a nuclear sub at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to finding the Titanic, Ballard's legendary career has featured numerous ocean exploration discoveries, including his discovery of hydrothermal vents, which many scientists believe can help determine the origin of life on planet earth. Support the show
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