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Author: Chipheads

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Two chiptune-oriented musicians sit down semi-regularly to discuss music tech, their personal projects, the electronic music scene, events, music theory and...well, anything that comes up, really. Get ready for some geekin' out!

Hosted by Wisefire and 4ntler.
4 Episodes
Drumroll puullleeeeease, for ChipHeads episode 4, we sat down with sir Bit Shifter during his European tour and talked about Gameboy photography, his personal album recommendations and the insane amount of bikes in Utrecht. You can find everything about bit Shifter over at: Stuff mentioned during the podcast: Anamanaguchi's [USA]: Square Sounds Melbourne's back! Gamewave podcast: Scythe: Rugar: Omodaka: Bit Shifter: CHIPS Festival on Twitch:
We're back in Wisefire's studio for another round of Chipheads! This week we're taking a beginner's look at Houston Tracker, talk about Aquellex' gameboy comparison charts, a voice separation algorithm, and some more shenanigans. So, do *you* have any questions that we can answer in future episodes? Leave a comment!
A special episode recorded at Chipwrecked 2019 on the island of Bornholm, Denmark! And even better, Chiptography, the queen of chiptune photography joins us to discuss our lovely community, her past and the future of the chip scene and some tips and tricks for the Chip artist that like to be photographed.
Ep. 1 : The Pilot

Ep. 1 : The Pilot


Where we talk a bit about ourselves, RetroPlug, Rick and Morty and other stuff.
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