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DJ and Producer. I was born in Barcelona (1.976).
Enjoy my Songs and my Electronic Music Shows:

- "" Pop & Dance of a single artist, mixed with House music...A show into show!!! Rock, Rap, R&B, etc... are allowed!!!

- "" is a multi-artist Vocal Trance mixed with House music show!!!

- "" Only House music!!!

- "" Pop & Dance multi-artist, mixed with House music...A show into show!!! Rock, Rap, R&B, etc... are allowed!!!
109 Episodes
APP ANDROID & iOS [DJ JORGE GALLARDO RADIO] 013 3HitsMixed Peter Schilling – Dream TRACKLIST01 The Different Story (World of Lust and Crime)02 House Cut 703 Terra Titanic (Extended Version)04 Time Lapse (Pete Oak Remix)05 Major Tom (Coming Home) [Director's Cut]06 It's a Dream
012 3HITSMIXED Peter Murphy - The Dark Hour TRACKLIST01 All Night Long - Peter Murphy02 Elements - Danny Tenaglia03 Cuts You Up - Peter Murphy04 Federation of Tree - Chris Carrier05 You’re So Close - Peter Murphy06 Humancity - t'AwiDJ Jorge Gallardo Website Version
3HitsMixed 011 Lionel Richie – American Idol TRACKLIST01 Angel (Boogieman Remix Extended) Lionel Richie02 Elsewhere - Allan Villar03 Dancing On the Ceiling (12_ Mix) Lionel Richie04 Path Into Universe - Yogie Smith05 All Around the World (Bob Sinclar Remix) Lionel Richie06 Adrift - Arthur OskanDJ Jorge Gallardo Website Version
In - Grid (L´Amour)

In - Grid (L´Amour)


Dedicada a Mar Montoro... Besotes!!!3HitsMixed (Show 010) Azul y Negro – La Vuelta01 No Tengo Tiempo (Versión 1983 _ Remastered 2016) Azul y Negro02 Move Your Body - Miguel Lobo & Collective Machine03 The Night (Versión 1983 _ Remastered 2016) Azul y Negro04 Ladies - N-Telekia & Alaan H05 Me Estoy Volviendo Loco (Versión 1983 _ Remastered) Azul y Negro06 Rahamah (Armonica Remix Dub) - Emmanuel Jal
3HitsMixed 009 Fundacion Tony Manero – United Good SoulsTRACKLIST01 Supersexy Girl - Fundacion Tony Manero02 Amaru – Brigado Crew & Crisstiano03 United Soul - Fundacion Tony Manero04 Alexandria – Hidden Empire05 Can't Nobody Love Me Like You Do - Fundacion Tony Manero06 Tensions - Vanita
3HitsMixed (Show 008) Leona Lewis – Sweet TRACKLIST01 Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis02 Satin Curtain (Kevin Yost Remix) Ray Okpara03 Forgive Me - Leona Lewis04 Mirror - Kommodo05 Collide (feat_ Avicii) [Radio Edit] - Leona Lewis06 Dansing Mood - Brodanse
3HitsMixed Tino Casal – Rey de la Movida TRACKLIST01 Champú de huevo (On the Rocks Clubs Mix) [Remastered 2015] Tino Casal02 Special Things (Nightbob Remix) Theeburn & Puhi Alexander03 Embrujada (Radio Edit) [Remastered 2015] Tino Casal04 Red Shadows - Wheats05 Oro negro - Tino Casal06 River - Patrick Podage & Youen DJ Jorge Gallardo Website Blogger Version3HitsMixed - Katy Perry - I Wish to Meet You TRACKLIST01 365 (KUURO Remix) Zedd & Katy Perry02 House Cut 7 - Glasidum03 Never Really Over (Syn Cole Remix) Katy Perry04 Ashram - Sunar05 Small Talk (Lost Kings Remix) Katy Perry06 Violine of Love - Bona Fide & Johnny Leoni
Snap! - One World

Snap! - One World

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