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Things You Didn't Learn in School
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Things You Didn't Learn in School


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Things You Didn't Learn in School Podcast - Life hacks and cheat-codes for life by Peter Saddington.
71 Episodes
The project is complete! Time to roll a new project!
You must DO to learn. You must DO to grow. You must DO to win!
Trust your gut. If you do. You win at life.
Listen to my 3 experiences of battling depression and overcoming!
It's good to remember from time to time that it's never you. You're just not that special.
These are 7 money lessons I've collected over my short life.
Read the bible. It's good for you. Seriously.
Are you hanging around with people who will ensure you don't succeed?
We all need accountability. More than just to survive. To win!
Being motivated by love is the superior choice for living life to it's fullest!
Know what type of friends you have... and how to not get burned!
I learned from my father that asking is always free. It opens opportunities!
Mentors are the jam. Go get one!
Stay the course. You must never quit!
The bad law of attraction is all about focus and no work. Let's be real.
I learned in economics something very powerful. The the value of wealth building over spending.
Make sure you know your highest values in life! So you can live by them!
Forgive always. Then get to business.
Put the auction on NO RESERVE. It's more fun that way.
You're wrong more than you think.
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