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First podcast of 2022! Dutchi talks her new list of reflections from 2021. Starting off with “1. Someone is waiting for you to show up. Don’t stand them up.” Your destiny awaits you so don’t stand yourself up! It’s all a matter of choice, paying attention and listening.
Dutchi speaks to the difficulty in staying disciplined in uncovering, fostering, and following her dreams. How will she pursue what’s for her if she can’t become disciplined enough despite her doubts and focus?
Dutchi talks about self-discovery and how she’s filled with absolutely everything she needs. She hasn’t mastered this as it’s an ongoing journey, but she’s leaning into the process. Dutchi wants you to continue practicing to save yourself, because nobody is coming, sis!
episode 46: focus

episode 46: focus


Dutchi chats about the ability and inability to focus as achievement and accomplishment attempt to rear their heads in judgement. How the ability to focus and rest at the right time on the right thing makes all the difference when it comes to being aligned and living a purposefully balance life in pursuit of one’s dreams.
episode 45: belief

episode 45: belief


Dutchi talks about belief, doubt, and how we believe in ourselves.
Dani chops it up with her first guest of the year, Alex B. They discuss ghosting, leveling up, and being in tune with the universe.
Dutchi has arrived in 2021 and life is still life! She’s happy to be here and taking no chances. Tune in as she’s discussed why hindsight is important to 20/20 vision going into the new year!
Dutchi dives in to chat about her cooking inspirations since quarantine, isolation, and self-care.
Dutchi talks about the current pandemic, needing to take a knee, the value in asking for what you want, and finding the hugs you need during this time.
Dutchi is in between the sheets and has a talk from her 50 threads of grey with a special guest. Another guest has happened along from the bedside. The trio will discuss things, that’s what she said, and sex therapy...
episode 38: watch my 6

episode 38: watch my 6


Dutchi talks friendship, the importance of friends, who are real friends, and what makes a friend a friend. After losing several friends, for reasons unbeknownst to her, she wants to chat about her experiences and journey through varying friend relationships.
Dutchi chops it up with Panama Jovi. When Dani visited Houston last month, they overheard a guy ask someone if they were with the same wife. Hilarious! So they’re gonna run with it. Tune in to hear more
Dutchi chats about her personal growth and self-acceptance. The self-love journey isn’t always easy or clear but it’s a must. Check out this episode to hear how Dutchi is coming to realize she’s enough.
Dani chops it up with Just Jeff to talk about how friends just know. You’re never alone as long as you have your friends’ ears to cry on and shoulders to lie on.
episode 34: let it go

episode 34: let it go


Dutchi has had to take some of her own advice based on friend’s and family feedback. She discusses loss, grief, and attempts to move forward.
Dutchi takes questions live from IG.
When making decisions, Dutchi has realized don’t think there’s only a Plan A or Plan B. There may be a third choice.
Dutchi goes in further depth about lessons learned this year by discussing discovery, reflections, challenges, etc.
It is the last quarter of 2018 and Dutchi has a few updates, lessons, and whatnot to share to her loyal listeners.
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