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This podcast is produced by front line education workers to provide a forum for the voice of all those concerned with affirming the human right to education. The show will delve into all aspects of education and the working lives of those who provide it and those who rely upon it for their future.
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In this episode we get updates from Alberta and Ontario in the midst of the spread of covid19 within schools in those two provinces. This roundtable was recorded on November 22, 2020.  
In this episode we continue our discussion of the new math curriculum in Ontario with a focus on the strand called Social and Emotional Learning. The concept has also been introduced into the new Careers curriculum which is also mandatory for all students in Ontario.
This year Remembrance day takes place in the 75th anniversary year of the end of World War II. It will take place in schools in the conditions of a pandemic where assembly or other large gatherings are not permitted. This means educators will play a bigger role in commemorating Remembrance Day with their students than
This is part 2 of a roundtable with Educational Support Staff from Ontario speaking about their experiences and concerns during the re-opening of schools. It was recorded on October 24,2020. Listen to part 1 below. Episode 66: “Our kids have been forgotten”
In this episode educational support staff from Ontario speak about their experiences during the re-opening of schools and what effect this is having on them as well as the students they work with and their parents. This is part 1 of 2 of the roundtable held with educational support staff recorded on October 24, 2020.
In this episode educators from Nova Scotia and Quebec update us on developments in their provinces and how they are finding ways to empower themselves. Resources and references for this episode: Second Roundtable Part 1 First Roundtable Part 1 Part 2
In this episode educators from Alberta and Ontario provide an update on the state of education in the midst of the pandemic in their provinces. This episode was recorded on October 11, 2020. Part 2 will include educators from Quebec and Nova Scotia.
In this episode we follow-up with students after their first weeks of face-to-face and virtual school. We discuss what their experiences are like under covid19 restrictions in school and what they are doing to ensure their concerns are heard.
This episode is focused on Every Child Matters in the context of Orange Shirt Day, September 30, 2020 a day to honour residential school survivors. We’re speaking to cultural advisor, elder, and second generation survivor, Cecil Isaac from the unceded Bkejwanong territory (or Walpole Island). This episode can be used for personal learning as well as
In this part 2 of our national roundtable on the re-opening of schools, educators from BC and Ontario discuss their experiences, concerns and how they are empowering themselves under the circumstances. This episode was recorded on Sunday September 11, 2020 after a week of schools being open in BC and Ontario. For Part 1 of
In this episode you will hear from educators from Quebec, Alberta and Nova Scotia about the first days of the return to school and how they are empowering themselves and taking a lead under these difficult circumstances. In a future episode, you will hear from educators from British Columbia and Ontario.    
In this episode we discuss some broader aspects of Ontario’s math curriculum such as the philosophy of education it is based on, de-streaming and much more. This is part 2 of a 4 part series delving into the new curriculum.  
In this episode we begin a review of Ontario’s new elementary math curriculum. It is being rolled out this year as schools re-open. In this series we will: provide an overview of the curriculum, discuss its overall significance, delve into social and emotional learning and explore a new trend towards what is known as computational
In this episode we are rebroadcasting a July 20 podcast from Union School Podcast created by the Elementary Teachers of Toronto Political Action Political Education Committee. In this episode host Charles Gibbs interviews Rachel Wagner, a Toronto teacher, about Outdoor Education in the context of the re-opening of schools. We encourage you to subscribe to
In this episode two of our hosts provide an update on the growing demands in Alberta and Ontario for a safe re-opening of schools. References and Resources for this episode Organizing for a Safe September for All Forum –  Ontario Education Workers United, Thursday August 26, 2020 Register here Model-based projections for COVID-19 outbreak size
In this episode we speak with e-learning researcher and teacher Dr. Beyhan Farhadi about her own experiences during remote learning last year, her new study about how the implementation of educational policy by secondary teachers in Ontario and Alberta during the pandemic and about how teachers can prepare for the new school year in terms
In this episode we speak with four K-12 students from Ontario about their thoughts and concerns for the re-opening of schools. This podcast was recorded July 27, just days prior to the Ontario government releasing its guidelines for the re-opening of schools. References for this episode: Raise Your Hands Raise Your Voice Facebook Group  
In this episode we talk with Dr. Shane Miersch about science literacy. As provinces announce various different plans for the re-opening of schools, we discuss what to make of the studies and reports relating to sars-covi-2 virus, the virus that causes COVID19, and children. We also discuss hope re-opening can contribute to the greater body
In this episode we discuss key aspects of health and safety legislation from Ontario and Alberta as well as the specific concerns of educational support staff in following new guidelines for their health and safety and that of the students in their care. References and resources for this episode: Ontario Ontario Occupational Health and Safety
In this episode we survey the landscape across Canada for what provinces and territories are planning for school re-opening as well as international guidelines for re-opening provided by the World Health Organization. References and resources for this episode: Considerations for school-related public health measures in the context of COVID-19 – World Health Organization Canada-wide education
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