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This podcast is produced by front line education workers to provide a forum for the voice of all those concerned with affirming the human right to education. The show will delve into all aspects of education and the working lives of those who provide it and those who rely upon it for their future.
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In this episode our hosts discuss some things to consider when reviewing the tentative agreements recently signed between the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association and the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario. References and background for this show: Episode 32: Forum on e-learning in Ontario – Why everyone should be concerned Episode 23: Challenging Bill 124
In this episode we are providing the panel discussion from the forum on e-learning held on February 29, 2020 in Windsor, Ontario hosted by Education is a Right and Teachers for Global Awareness. Panelists address the Ontario government’s plans to impose mandatory e-learning on secondary students in the province and give their perspectives on e-learning
In this episode we discuss with Dr. Beyhan Farhadi, an e-learning teacher and researcher, about what is salient as e-learning is used as a means to maintain the continuity of learning during the COVID19 pandemic. References and resources for this episode Episode 32: Forum on e-learning in Ontario Dr. Farhadi via e-mail here Ontario: TV
In Part 2, responding to COVID19 in education, we discuss the rights of teachers and education workers in the context of school closures and working in schools during this pandemic. Resources and references for this episode: Summary of requirements province-by-province for the right to refuse unsafe work from CUPE National    
In this episode we discuss the measures being recommended by Health Canada to combat the spread of COVID-19 in the sphere of education and our schools. We also provide an overview of the measures being taken in all provinces and territories as of March 15 for listeners information. Part 2 of this series will take
In this episode co-hosts Ezio and Enver give overviews of the annual meetings of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association and the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation, which are both taking place from March 14-16 in Toronto. Both unions are in the midst of negotiations and strikes to defend public education in the province. For
See powerpoint slides here: In this episode we are publishing the introduction and keynote address with slides (images below) from the Community Forum on E-learning held in Windsor, Ontario, Canada on February 29 , 2020. The forum was on the topic of the Ontario government’s decision to greatly increase reliance on e-learning courses for
In this episode representatives of the newly formed Ontario Teacher Candidate Council discuss their formation and the Ontario government’s new math test for teachers and how they are challenging its legitimacy. Visit the OTCC here For related discussion see Episode 17: We are neither robots nor police – Standing up for teachers’ professional judgement in
In this episode we interview award winning educator and curriculum writer in Black and African studies Shantelle Browning-Morgan about how she incorporates Black history into her classroom and what is important to emphasize this Black History Month in particular. References and Resources from this episode: Roads to Freedom, GECDSB. 2015 Breaking the Colour Barrier: Wilfred
In this episode we speak with Angela Brandt, Vice-President Research and Policy of the Ontario Autism Coalition, about the work of the organization, how she got involved and why people should attend the “Relentless Part 2” Rally they are organizing at Queens Park on February 18, 2020. Visit the Ontario Autism Coalition at  
In part 2 of our interview with Dr. Isaac Saney we discuss the link between how Canadian history is taught and the reality facing black youth in the education system. For part 1 of our interview about Black History in Canada click here. Resources and References for this episode Report of the United Nations Working
On this episode we present Part 1 of a series for February, Black History Month. We speak with Dr. Isaac Saney, Director of the Transition Year Program at Dalhousie and University teaching fellow. Dr. Saney discusses how to view Black History Month in Canada with an eye to the problems of the present, dispelling many
In this episode Kris and Dave return to interview two Child and Youth workers, Lisa and Richard, about the important work they do and what the classrooms of today look like from their perspective.
In this episode Alberta junior high teacher Kevan Hunter returns to update us on a recent arbitration ruling which imposed wage freezes on Alberta teachers as well as the status of large layoffs at the Calgary School Board he spoke about on a previous episode. Check out these past episodes on the situation in Alberta:
In this episode we interview high school English teacher April Roy about the Grade 11 college and university level courses she teaches entitled Understanding Contemporary First Nations, Métis and Inuit Voices. The courses replace the mandatory grade 11 English courses at her school and are from the 2019 First Nations, Métis and Inuit studies Ontario
In this episode we update listeners on the growing opposition in Ontario to Bill 124, legislation which interferes in collective bargaining for virtually all public sector workers. Educators in Ontario are at the forefront of this opposition and are affirming their right to negotiate their wages and working conditions so that they can uphold the
In our first episode of 2020 we provide an overview of a recent court ruling in Ontario in which students’ associations blocked the Ontario government’s attempt to interfere in the affairs of their student associations  and other student organizations on university and college campuses. We discuss the ruling itself and the broader significance of the
In our last episode of this decade we lay out plans for episodes for 2020 and introduce you to our very own farm team who sum up the first half of their school year. Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year from the whole team here at Education is a Right.
In this episode, we discuss legislation in Ontario that changed the journeyperson-to-apprentice training ratios and eliminated the Ontario College of Trades, the oversight body that was made up of skilled tradespeople.
In this episode educational support staff Kris and Dave clear up some misconceptions about their wages and working conditions and the important work they do in Ontario’s education system.
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