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In this 3 part series reviewing the Ontario Ford government’s reforms in education since taking office we discuss some of the major reform that took place in post-secondary and K-12 education. In part 1 researchers Adam and Kaitlyn lead the discussion on major reforms in post-secondary education. Part 2 will address major reforms in K-12
In this episode, we’re starting the discussion on what, in the opinion of Education is a Right, an education friendly government means in the context of the June 2 Ontario election. Teachers and education workers in Ontario are being called upon to elect an education-friendly government. This is a lofty goal. However, what does this
From March 11-14 some 600 hundred k-12 teacher delegates of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association from across Ontario gathered online to discuss and debate. In this episode we interview David Del Duca, president of the Wellington Unit of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association about the meeting .
From March 11-14 some 650 delegates and observers attended the provincial assembly of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation virtually. In this episode we interview Deborah Buchanan Walford, an adult day school teacher, executive member of OSSTF District 12 Toronto and a delegate to the Provincial Assembly about her experience and major discussions at AMPA.
In this episode we catch up with Kevan Hunter, a middle school teacher in Alberta, about the situation in education in that province. He updates us on the situation of covid19 requirements in the schools, the government’s new curriculum and their intention to takeover the Alberta Teacher Associations role in regulating teacher professional conduct. For
In this episode we speak with two members of the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology – Academic  bargaining team, which has given notice of their intention to strike on March 18th. Ravi Ramkissoonsingh is President, OPSEU Local 242, Faculty Union at Niagara College in Welland Ontario and Michelle Arbour is President of OPSEU Local
In this episode we continue our discussion with Toronto teachers Mel and David about a work refusal at their school in response to unsafe working conditions during the Omicron wave in Ontario. For part one of this discussion click below: 130: Experiences upholding health and safety in our schools during the Omicron wave – Part
In this episode Toronto teachers Mel and David discuss their experiences organizing in their high school with their colleagues to uphold health and safety standards and protocols. In Part 2 they discuss their own experiences refusing unsafe work in the context of the Omicron wave of COVID19 in Ontario.
In this episode Ezio provides an overview of changes to academic streaming taking place in Ontario for the 2022-23 academic year. Previous episodes on the Ontario math curriculum, on of those being de-streamed, check out the following episodes: Episode 103: Destreaming High School Math in Ontario – Part 1 Episode 105: Destreaming High School Math
In this episode we interview Lana Talbot and Willow Key about a grassroots project on the Windsor -Detroit border to establish a museum at the Sandwich First Baptist Church, a historic site on the underground railroad built by freedom fighters who had liberated themselves from slavery.
In this episode we catch up with antibody engineer Dr. Shane Miersch about his lab’s work to develop engineered antibodies to treat diseases like COVID-19 and the massive potential Open Science has to free our responses to infectious disease from the shackles of narrow private interests. For the paper on Open Drug Discovery referenced by
In this episode we get an update from Ben, an educator in Nova Scotia. The interview was recorded on December 26 prior to the announcement that Nova Scotia students would go online until today, January 17 when they subsequently returned to in-person school. Ben discusses developments during the start-up of school, how Orange Shirt Day
In this episode we discuss developments in Ontario and Alberta in K-12 education following the holiday break. This discussion was recorded prior to Ontario’s announcement that schools will resume full in-person learning on January 17, 2022.
In this episode we talk with educational support staff in Ontario that continue to work in schools despite reported school closures. They share their concerns for their health and safety and the challenges they face in keeping their students safe in class and how they are empowering themselves under these circumstances to bring attention to
In this interview we talk with Chantal and Jon, educators from Manitoba, about how the opening of school went, how the government of Manitoba is adjusting after the defeat of Bill 64 and how educators and students marked Orange Shirt Day in that province. We also discuss what to look out for in the new
In this year end episode we reflect on what advances have been achieved in 2021 and what to look out for as we enter 2022.
In this episode we endeavor to provide an update on what we know as of December 26, 2021 about what is happening across Canada in education in relation to the start of the schools after the holiday break amidst the uncertainty we are all facing about whether and how schools will re-start after the holiday
In this episode we speak with Dr. Jane McArthur, community-based occupational and environmental health advocate and parent about the airborne spread of COVID-19 and how we can work together to implement what’s required based on what we know and are learning about this virus. Dr. McArthur recently moderated a webinar entitled Time to Say It:
This is part 1 of our interview with Kevan and Dougal. In this episode we discuss the current teaching and learning conditions in K-12 education as well as post-secondary in Alberta during the pandemic.  Part 2 will address the state of negotiations in both K-12 and post-secondary as educators in both sectors are currently in
In this episode we catch up with Peter Miller, a Canadian living and teaching in western China. Peter has been teaching at a private international school in China since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and has provided regular insights into what conditions are like where he is living and teaching and how he and
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