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We look at what it takes to be a leader and how some people like Boris Johnson are blessed with a Teflon coat so nothing sticks. It is the court jester phenomenon. The antiestablishment. However the original idea of the Court Jester was an important part of the Sovereign's court as he was the only person allowed free speach to criticise the King (or Queen) in order to ground them and remind them they are not Gods. But being an object of ridicule themselves (with less perceived responsibility for their actions) none of the courtiers wanted to relate or be seen to relate to the Jester. Now however message of the Court Jesters is spread virally by the media and they become celebrities and some even formalise their role as comedians and others use their role as their teflon coat on the way to the top. We also discuss disinitegration of society and loss of identity as far as toxic masculinity serves to emasculate the average male which means they do not know how to behave in their relationships and that is if they have to confidence to go out and get one as there is an increase in addiction on on line dating such as Tinder.
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We are all brain-washed from an early age into thinking that sacrifice now allows you to scale the peaks of enlightened contentment at some point in the distant future. And it is this sense of virtuosity that keeps on driving us through stress and loneliness robbing us of any sense of self awareness with the result that our idealised destination always stays a tantalising figment of one's imagination as we slowly become more bitter and twisted and consumed by anger and self pity.The immediate response of the masses is instant gratification without any thought about the future which is equally if not more destructive as it usually means future generations will pay the price of those short lived pleasures. The key is to stay in control of one's vices so one can enjoy them without being controlled by them. Nothing we do should make us miserable and if uncompromising effort is ever required then it needs to come out of choice within a clear plan towards enjoyment within the foreseeable future. This explains the finding that people who live a life of vice have less regrets at the end of their lives than those who live a life of virtue. Take note therefore during this illusionary pandemic where the goals posts have been moved constantly further away. Where there is no clear logic there is no clear endpoint. We are being groomed for misery.Recent documentaries about Green Energy and the scandal of world over-fishing are stark warnings that we are already over capacity and about the finish reserves of food and water we cannot replace but coercing us through fear and lies into misery is not the answer.
For the first time in history a single idea can spin round the globe in seconds and form part of a global narrative. Unfortunately the fertility of the ground for each seed of an idea is inversely related to its veracity such that lies travel 6 times faster than the truth mainly because lies are more shocking than truth. This explains why the British accept catastrophic changes to their liberties in the name of an cold virus yet rise up en mass about the European Super League.Vested interest causes is a slave of global narrative in democracies let alone the lesser yet still significant vested interest of maintaining a quiet home life with respect to our leaders appeasing their partners should they have a pressing opinion on an issue. What is concerning also is that the government has demonstrated that what is needed for leadership is a dictatorial style of leadership unfortunately what matters is who is wielding the power and how. Right now we are all in peril.
We discuss the evidence for lock-downs causing 3rd waves and more virulent and transmissible variants which will cause an endless feedback loop of need for vaccines. We also mention that fact that all corona vaccines have been released with a temporary 1 year license pending submissions of more data. We are all part of a global experiment. There are now an army of 10000 people who's sole purpose it is to check up on whether normal adults are sticking to quarantine. Why not more police officers on the street to catch real criminals? Or training more ITU nurses to do something useful? Now consider the cost of all of this which the government are magnanimously rushing to cover. By printing money. Which will devalue the money on your pocket. We are all paying for this nonsense sooner than you think. We also touch on how lock-down and mask wearing is worsening the mental and physical health of the nation specifically in the way that is favoured by corona virus. In other words lock-down is producing more vulnerable people resulting in another never ending feedback cycle for viral panic. Why have some countries remained untouched in terms of excess mortality such as Norway and Cyprus? Why have other countries with no lock-down fared no worse than countries with strict lock-down eg Sweden, Florida , South Dakota (states). Clearly not because of the presence or absence of lock-down. Indeed parents and their children in packed playgrounds may as well never have heard of corona virus in the total absence of the the grim reaper scything his way through the roundabouts and swings.Why do Nobel Prize winning Professors take a diametrically opposite view to government scientists clearly driven by global narrative?This is a matter for decades of legal wrangling. Suffice to say we have been broadly correct with the simple application of medical and psychological knowledge and commons sense from the start. If we can do it why can't people payed to.... or maybe thats the point.
Nothing much needs to be said about President Biden and his sheer lack of activity and any kind of substance. Clearly making way for Camalla Harris to take over. The only elected official to refuse to salute the military. Good luck to you America. Trump is not looking so bad after all and he probably won the election in reality. We also examine the rights of individuals versus that of society and free speech. None of this functions without clear leadership and structure . Social media which for the first time in human history can form a global narrative within seconds has become an unregulated monster fostering fake news and outrage which elected politicians serve in a responsibility avoiding panic. The problem is that holding the rights of the individual as paramount with no leadership and structure as relevant to a functioning society is simply individualism and materialism whereas we are in fact tribal and this is what has brought us political correctness and total loss of national identity and lack of leadership other than toxic fake news social media driven global narrative. Good luck Western World.
Misoginy is becoming a hate crime . However by omission then not including misandry (hate of men) is discriminatory and therefore illegal. In theory.Of course this simply gives women an excuse to be week and for the toxic elements to be offended and make complaints that occupy an already stretched police force. No reasonable person disputes that hate of men or women is bad. A law enabling toxicity will simply drive away good men and further fracture society. Indeed this is part of the vicious cycle of a society disintegrating with the Marxist political correctness which itself is a sign of lack of clear leadership.We discuss how global narrative in a democratic society now marked by vested interest at every level is now the world's most powerful force. Politicians are voted into power and stay in power as servants of global narrative indeed the only leader to stand out from this was Donald Trump who just did not care until Twitter took the responsibility upon themselves of banning the US President. Not seeking to influence world politics at all then. We conclude that everyone needs to start taking responsibility at the most basic level if our leaders are not. This includes neither man nor woman walking down dark alley ways at night or wearing provocative clothing in environments where drugs and alcohol are rife while taking no precautions. Whatever the situation the simple nature of humans is that females are gatekeepers and men and hunters. Both have to play their role responsibly and respectfully. The number one coaching rule is people will do to you what you let them. This is why most women are killed by people they know. Not by strangers. It is why friends are the most likely to let you down instead of strangers. So lets recognise human nature as well as trust it.
This podcast is about two things: authenticity and what you do with it. Put simply not only do you have to be authentic (and we posit that is Meghan Markle's deficiency) but if you are in a position of responsibility then authenticity comes with an understanding of your duty within that role. (Piers Morgans' deficiency) Pure authenticity aka personal agenda within a position of power then becomes abuse of power. A society that encourages that aka rating figures is a confused lost one with lack of leadership.
This is an easy answer. Science is surgically narrow in its focus because it has to be exact. Therefore it is up to the leaders of the country to ask the correct questions for answer by the the correct scientists and indeed to consult different experts on the correct questions to answer. So far we have had a tight group of technocrats with computer models running rough shod over the economy and mental and physical health of the country with self serving politicians anxious to avoid responsibility hiding behind them. Simply asking an obscure professor who is finally being given brief significance whether we can hope to control a sub-type of the common cold virus which science has never found a solution to after decades is going to result in only the obvious answer and the farce is that government policy gets based on that. The question itself shows a lack of grasp of common sense and scientific knowledge and the answer shows a lack of care of the consequences of not pointing out that the question is the wrong to be asking in this specific situation.The problem is democracy is of course the self serving need to win power rather than serving the community while at the same time having little hope of achieving anything. Dictatorships or indeed any organisation such as the military with clear structure hierarchy and leadership are far more efficient and effective but of course are liable to misuse. It is notable that the government is having to be far more dictatorial to push through nonsense measures and the only reason why the vaccine roll out has gone well is because it was tasked to the military. We breath a sigh of relief that Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance as not army colonels . They have done enough damage already.
We discuss why more people are finding this 3rd lock-down harder to cope with than those that have come before. We also explain that acting out of fear is no excuse for a complete loss of objectivity and professionalism. How would you feel if your elderly father spent the last year of his life in a care home with no contact with his family and died with nobody by his side? Its not difficult to know the decision he would have made. Live for a year in solitary confinement at the most vulnerable stage of your life or see your loving family and risk dying from flu after a few weeks. Go take it up with the government. Legally.
We discuss why people snitch on their neighbours and of course it is all about empowerment and the ability to exert your position in the social hierarchy. The brutality with which you will do that is predicated by your own sense of inferiority and therefore chip on your shoulder once given that power over others. We also discuss social media and how it is culpable for the rising trend in depression and suicide and indeed the false global narrative of corona virus which in reality is a subtype of the common cold with a mortality in the under 70s less than influenza. Lock-down an entire country for that? Destroy lives and livelihoods? Allow people to die of cancer? Not in your right mind. However brainwash with fear over social and commerical media and disappear down the rabbit hole of cognitive dissonance and any nonsense is possible. That is the problem. The common attribute of social media giants and Meghan Markle is ofcourse arrogance is disrespect. That they think they are above the law or above the constitution which they are already part of or joining and that they can follow their own self serving interests in a position where self imposed duty and responsibility are paramount yet flagrantly ignored.
We discuss Euromommo data of excess mortality and how it differs drastically between different European countries and ask the question whether the virus understands the concept of borders and passport control or whether there are other causes for the differences we see.
There is no doubt people have been dying over the last year and that most of these deaths have been labelled as corona with a corresponding drop in other cause mortality. However in many countries excess mortality has not exceeded some previous years. Indeed some European countries have seen flat mortality curves. Additionally we know that corona deaths are not necessarily due to corona but just people dying while at the same time testing positive for corona which would explain the drop in other cause mortality ie it is being mislabelled as corona. We also know the PCR test is not fit for purpose and the WHO has even changed its narrative about the usefulness of the PCR test and advised caution in interpreting positive test results. We know autopsies in the first wave have failed in most cases to identify corona as the main cause of death. We know lock-down can at the very best have a tiny effect of reducing corona mortality and will probably make it worse as it delays herd immunity and encourages more lethal strains by interfering with natural viral propagation and life cycle. We know it is natural for viruses to mutate , in fact corona does it less than influenza and that mutations are less lethal and more infectious so they can continue spreading. Therefore panic about new strains and hand wringing at not achieving 90% effectiveness with shiny new vaccines does not even qualify as a bad joke. It would not even make into a medical student Christmas play yet it gets centre stage in global media and useless government policy. What is certain is that the failure of leadership and to protect the integrity of the national economy and sense of security and control over ones present and future is causing irreparable harm to the nations mental and physical health and creating a mass of learned helplessness. Indeed it is a proven way of subjugating the masses and keeping them that way. Almost every single aspect of mental and physical health is worsened by lock-down and the corresponding uncertainty and changing conflicting government advice. We suspect that already recent mortality figures have been inflated by already rising non corona casualties labelled as corona and or people weakened so severely by mental stress and physical illness that they become susceptible to influenza and or corona. Months of lock-down and takeaways will severely affect vitamin D status and metabolic health for instance. Professor Karol Sikora estimated from the first lock-down that there were going to be 40,000 extra cancer deaths and that by the end of the year that would rise to 60,000. And that was without 2nd and 3rd lock-downs. The idiocy beggars belief. One Canadian Professor initially pro lock-down estimated recently that lock-down would result in 10 x more deaths than it would prevent. The one sure scientific fact is that metabolic status and Vitamin D3 status is critical in preventing influenza and corona deaths and is much worse in people of Asian origin who have typically much lower D3. Interestingly following a string of early deaths amongst healthcare workers from corona who were almost all of Asian origin there have been hardly any more deaths as doctors are mostly taking Vitamin D3 now.Our advice when asked how we would help people improve their mental and physical health is to address the cause and not the symptoms . Lobby against lock-down. Use your brains and fight against toxic narrative and self serving responsibility avoidance of politicians none of whom is on furlough or had a salary reduction yet who like most dictators know that when they lose power the ghost if christmas past and present will be upon them.
The facts are as follows: Corona Virus has never scientifically been proven to cause any disease at all. Koch's postulates globally accepted for decades as being the pre requisite have never been fulfilled. The PCR test has never been shown to formally identify corona virus rather just a protein sequence found on it but which could equally be found elsewhere. A study in October of 1500 positive PCR tests was unable to isolate a single corona virus and instead they were all positive for Influenza A or B. The inference being that since excess mortality is not above the seasonal norm that people are dying as usual of influenza and not corona. The next point is that there is a vastly different mortality rate between neighbouring European countries and assuming viruses are not geographically aware then the only difference is the medical treatments which during the first wave included putting 80 year olds on ventilators and blowing their lungs apart and or putting them on huge doses of hydroxycholoroquine or dexamethasone ie a large proportion of deaths were due to treatment not any virus. We also now know that in the UK the point prevalence of infection right now as defined by testing is between 1 in 30 -50. Assuming a two week infection this means that any form of physical isolation is ludicrous. It's already spread. It also makes a vaccine useless unless one is comorbid. Instead a far more sensible approach is to address population health such as Vitamin D status and diabetic status. For instance Vitamin D is the main predictive factor for whether you get corona or influenza and if so how severely you get it. Also according to the Kraft test 70% of the Western World is pre-diabetic which in turn is the biggest risk factor for cardiovascular disease which is the the single biggest co morbid risk factor for corona. The biggest killers in the western world is stress and depression which will be severely worsened by lock-down and diet causing diabetes.The government's response? Lock-down us all down destroy business and allow take-aways.Boris Johnson is clearly unfit to have any kind of leadership role. He has a concentration and impulsivity problem and cannot focus on anything he is not interested in. His main interests are power, women and the classics. He can therefore write books about ancient Greek but he is known not to be a man of detail when it comes to every day politics. His idea of following the science is meaningless if he does not know which advice to seek ie doctors who specialise in viruses and infectious disease absent in the government advisory group instead run by academics and government funded Professors effectively administrators. The key medical dictum of 'do no harm' has failed miserably when increasing research shows that lock-down is likely to kill 10x more people than it saves. Furthermore when Sage in an effort to avoid responsibility told the parliamentary select committee that their job was to advise about the virus and not the wider effects of lock-down there is an instant break in logic and ethics. You cannot recommend a treatment without explaining the side effects otherwise you do not have informed consent. It is illegal.The other side of the pond is not fairing any better. They have a new President who at one point could not remember his grand-daughter's name and who looks frail. With age comes huge experience and wisdom but it needs the strength clarity of mind and stamina to apply it. Instead we have a frail president with a vice president who was the youngest female district attorney and who focused on viciously dealing with cannabis users despite having admitted to having used it herself. Lawyers by definition are adversarial and disagreeable and she rose to the top. We therefore have a frail president and a power hungry disagreeable VP. Watch this space.
There are multiple reasons why there is global hysteria over a common cold virus which the CDC states has a mortality under the age of 70 less than influenza. One possible one is media hysteria and social media hysteria forming an exploding narrative. This is then the popular belief through repetition by authority figures and anything else that differs even the truth is seen as bad and potentially dangerous and needing to be suppressed. The passage of time across the centuries is littered with martyrs many of whom are now posthumously revered. The research is clear that fake news travels 6 times faster and deeper than the truth across social media as it usually triggers more negative emotion and is therefore considered more exciting and newsworthy. Research also shows that people are not only terrible at making choices that are good for them but they also don't know why they make said choices to the extent that 75% of people in experiments will even go on to justify a choice they never even made. Religion used to be the tool of population control for good or bad. Now it is an imaginary predator spread through global computer networks regulated by algorithms and socially impaired CEOs. In some ways a conspiracy theory would be preferable as that would imply a degree of intent organisation and direction rather than an orgy or chaos and self destruction. The trouble is if it is not a conspiracy , if there is no agenda, there is no 'off ' button until the substrate of the chemical reaction is spent, and that ladies and gentlemen is us.
Everyone be very afraid as your civil liberties are eroded quicker than you could have possibly imagined due to lies and society and the way of life as we know it is destroyed. Forget Brexit deals there will be no economies to worry about. Maybe thats why an extension to the Brexit deadline was never asked for because in reality it was irrelevant.The following are facts that can easily be looked up on peer reviewed journals or official government websites yet hardly any of us do as we believe the media and our trustworthy politicians who never lie. Independent autopsies of people who apparently died of Corona virus in April/May have revealed that less than 10% actually had corona and that the vast majority had other illnesses and were above the average life span. ie above 81.5 years.SAGE did not have a single virologist or infections disease specialist and Nial Ferguson is a theoretical physicist (or the like) who just uses computer models of which every single one has produced over estimations of risks in the past often by several multiples.Key errors in their modelling include that they assumed that corona virus was novel and that there was no community immunity and they took as unchallenged preliminary mortality data from China which has since been found to be off by at least a factor of 10. Based on this they came up with a potential mortality of 500,000. If this had been true then it would have been as virulent as Spanish Flu which killed more people than World War 1. Clearly this is not the case. Then when barely 1/10 of the feared mortality occurred they both credited it to lock-down even though the mortality curve was reducing BEFORE the lock-down and also worried that the rest of the population was still susceptible and therefore at risk of another 460,000 casualties after lockdown was over so they rushed around doing antibody tests and did not find any community antibodies. This was the wrong test to do as Corona immunity is T Cell mediated and therefore many infections do not result in antibody production. We now know there is a 40-50% pre existing community immunity from cross reactivity with other corona viruses and Corona itself had been present since at least October 2019 (from water samples) spreading around unhindered. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that a large amount of the UK population have already been exposed to and infected by Corona. Estimates vary between 5-15% bearing in mind herd immunity requires 60-65% to have immunity. After all that is the purpose of a vaccine. Google mobility data showed that half way through the first lock-down people stopped complying in ever greater numbers yet mortality continued to drop. The operational false positive rate of the PCR test is unknown. Matt Hancock even lied on a radio interview saying it was 1% when in reality he does not know. Even if that were true a false positive rate of 1% over hundreds of thousands of people would account the majority of supposed corona virus infections now. The army even went into schools in Liverpool and tested children without parental consent. Right now there is an apparent spike of corona virus infections but mortality is dropping and all cause mortality is within seasonal norms BUT other cause mortality is dropping. So overall death is normal but corona is up and other cause is down. That is because other causes are being missed and mis-labelled as corona virus. Additionally once someone is labelled corona virus the delay caused in that process makes it too late to test for influenza. Now experts such as Mike Yeadon are being gas-lighted and discredited with this false positive pseudo epidemic as he said the Corona virus epidemic -such as it was- was over. It is.CDC data show that mortality in the under 70s is the same as influenza. Would people accept a lock-down that ruins lives , businesses and communities if they had known the true mortality is the same as the flu? ie 0.1 %? Indeed there were similar of bigger spikes of mortality from respiratory infections in several previous years including 2001 and the late 60s. In the latter Hong Kong Flu killed 80,000 people in the UK yet society carried on as normal. Now we have an new strain of Corona which is being used as an excuse to justify more lock-down. This is irrelevant. Viruses mutate all the time , in fact Corona less than Influenza and this is part of their survival mechanism . Once they kill the vulnerable everyone else is resistant so they cannot spread unless they stop killing people ie become less lethal and more infectious. Indeed the last case of Spanish Flu was recorded in 1957 yet it was decades since anyone worried about it.The break with logic and reality by the government is highly concerning. It may or may not be coincidence but a pandemic operation plan by the Rothschild Foundation in 2012 and a 1956 Totalitarian regime for subjugation of the population are almost step for step what the government have been doing to us. They are even using a psych ops group to try and frighten us. The coined the term 'kill your granny.' Think there is an end in sight? The probability based on increasingly hysterical claims and subjugation by the government suggest otherwise. Is this incompetence combined with the democratically elected politicians quest to avoid any sort of responsibility? Who knows? Why is Bill Gaites who is clever enough to know this is mostly nonsense pushing masks and vaccines?Leadership is about a clear vision and direction and how to get there. What the government are showing us is abusive chaos and destruction of lives and community and business . Will people tolerate this? The fact is that people are more easily fooled than persuaded that they have been fooled as Mark Twain put it and we are hard wired to respond to authority. We always commend to people the Socratic principle in the preface of many legal text books that the law has to be followed even if some laws are silly otherwise there would be chaos. However in this unique instance we are on the precipice of a change in life as we know it and we encourage people to think for themselves , do the research and stand up for their rights to freedom hard won only a century ago. This means active resistance rather than numb compliance. Otherwise the vast majority of man kind will find themselves hurtling backwards in a dream like state to surfdom to the few elite ruling class with our bodily functions controlled and harvested as we will have nothing else to offer.Alexi's podcast:
Current publicly available Office of National Statistics Data of excess mortality including Corona show where there was a late or no lock-down around the world there were high initial peaks of excess mortality but now there are only seasonally normal rises in respiratory infections and deaths. In areas where there was strict lock-down or there was geographical isolation there was a low or no initial peak and now there are larger peaks relative to the previous group showing that they are in catch up and that once the virus has passed through we are seeing herd immunity. In fact in the US data shows that even now in California which had strict lock-down compared to Florida or New York with no and late lock-downs respectively although it is now having a moderately high peak there were higher peaks in 2017 and 2018 but nobody batted an eyelid. This is repeated in many other countries. Corona virus is larger than influenza and does not mutate as much making a vaccine even less necessary once it has passed through a population and there is a relatively high risk compared to influenza of Antibody Dependent Enhancement of Corona virus infection ie cross reactivity between parts of the virus and parts of the human body which may cause autoimmune disease as discussed in an article in Nature June 2020. We also ask why we are using a PCR test with a known high false positive in the community and a long lead time of up to 72 hr whereas the lateral flow antibody test is immediate and although slightly less sensitive can always be repeated 12 hrs later to confirm a negative test. Surely that is a more efficient way of getting an economy going. We also ask why international travel is being limited when corona is a pandemic ie all countries have it. You could not make this up.Brexit is heading towards an administrative disaster as preparations are in the nascent stages which at least is consistent with 3 years of chaos and squabbling which is the result of modern democracy ie self serving politicians subservient to the media which control the masses by repeat carpet bombing of whatever story line will sell the most. Therefore we have chaos destruction of common-sense and values that have created modern society ie culture, religious , moral, ethical which is business as normal for a modern materialistic democracy of instant gratification and rule of the rabble. It finished off its birth place Ancient Athens in short order and its doing the same now. What is to become of us? Drones of artificial intelligence algorithms weaving us an imaginary world of pleasure but not being human they wont realise it is not pleasure we seek but contentment . Not ecstasy but peace of mind. How to attain that for ourselves? Watch this space. In the meantime don't worry about Corona, respect other people's anxieties abide by the letter of the law and treasure your close family and friends over Christmas . We will back on the 9th January.
Corona update:The rate of acceleration of corona deaths was slowing and flattening BEFORE the first lock down. Google mobility data show that as people stopped adhering to lock down and after it was lifted death rate fell exponentially opposite to the rise in mobility. In fact no human behaviour has affected the incidence of corona virus apart from a small increase when mask wearing became law in June. We now know corona is less lethal than influenza in the under 70s. Also it is not that infectious. Infections within the same household run at 50%. The rise in mortality now is in line with seasonal rise in respiratory infections in fact this exactly mirrors a small dip in other cause mortality such as flu suggesting that at least some corona deaths are mis-attributed. There was a bigger peak in 2001 with 42,000 deaths. Now there are 39,000 deaths not 55,000. Hospital wards are running at or just above seasonal norm with some regional variation inversely proportional to how severely they were hit in the Spring ie whether the virus passed through there or not before. There is a 50% cross reactivity in immunity from other corona virus infections and between 8-15% the population at least have had corona virus. So a herd immunity is almost already achieved. The virus has sunk in to the flora and fauna of our corona virus subtype milieu. Rushing through a vaccine that 40% of medics in the US say they would refuse to take because it is not thoroughly tested both in terms of efficacy and side effects is not the answer especially when the virus is gone and has a relatively low mutation rate so what immunity there is will persist. The Moderna vaccine has a 21% side effect occurrence and there is a suggestion that one vaccine cross reacts with uterine tissue effectively risking the fertility of women. One of the cleaning products in schools in rat studies increases the risk of neural tube defects and reduces fertility. This is what we are exposing our children to. There are numerous conspiracy theories such as the vaccines containing luciferase which is a bioluminescent marker so we can effectively be branded as having a vaccine and that there is a component that has nano bots that can communicate with apps in your smart phone not one but both ways resulting in total state control . We remain skeptical of this although unfortunately cannot rule anything out as the shear scale of the current determined ignorance and malevolent and or negligent damage to liberty economy society family health beggars belief. 1 year ago the fact that democracies would subject their citizens to a pandemic of festering and acidic and self serving incompetence would have been dismissed as the ramblings of a burnt out delusional alcoholic. Even the World Health Organisation 1 year ago recommended against quarantine once a virus is in the general community and lock down was something not even considered and is still not a recommendation. In reality we think the power of media not just the paparazzi which are their own festering self serving school of mediocrity and baseless gossip but also social media that in an instant can turn anything whether fact or fiction viral and send it spinning round the world. This is then what democratically elected politicians with no training or aptitude to lead have to respond to. People are not stupid in themselves but 98% of everything we do or think is not driven by logic but by our emotion. As a group as a society as a nation people are hard wired to comply and cooperate and respond unquestioningly to hierarchy and authority. Experiments such as the Stanford Prison Experiments, the Milgram Experiments, real atrocities such as the Nazi and Stalin regimes demonstrate this repeatedly and beyond question. Even Stockholm Syndrome where the captive may fall in love with the captor and come to value the torture as a sign of caring and security and come to fear the outside world. It is easy to see how the entire global population could be subjugated by an imaginary predator that exists only as a relatively toothless tiger which has been amongst us already for decades suddenly re branded by willful ignorance . It is done by the combination of fear and rigid struct rules and structure and severe consequences for breaking them. People as a group are sheep and will follow. The heart breaking irony is that the same strength in leadership could have been applied in honing national identity and community unity and the sanctity of family life. Instead we are being led off a cliff.
We review Ivor Cummins and Mike Yeadon's data presentations and interpretations which almost conclusively via observational data show that corona virus had its peak and was on the way out BEOFRE the first lockdown and is now part of the flora and fauna with almost certain herd immunity. Young people cannot be causing any kind of a peak now because young would always have been the ones least likely to isolate so would have been over represented in the first wave. Current community testing shows this. There is equal prevalence across all age ranges. Low community antibody titres simply mean there is not enough virus around to stimulate an antibody response rather than short lived immunity which itself is mainly T cell Mediated. It is accepted that about 50% of the population were already immune due to cross reactivity with the other corona virus strains which after all includes the common cold. The PCR test is not suitable for industrial scale testing as it is too delicate and liable to false positives. The recent rise in cases is no more than seasonal rise in respiratory viruses. There have been much bigger spikes in the last 30 years and nobody batted an eyelid. This is because corona virus is a fact of life not a reason to stop life.The WHO have never recommended quarantine once a virus is in the general population and lockdown is something that has never even been considered. Why then are politicians and SAGE getting things so catastrophically wrong and directly and indirectly causing the suffering and deaths of millions of people through the deprivation of liberty and livelihood?The answer is self interest and compliance with media driven hysteria combined with the fact that the general people do not as is commonly claimed have common sense. They are sheep led by fear and fear seeks structure. We introduce the concept of cognitive dissonance i.e. two conflicting ideas in the same individual and how they deal with it by making excuses, avoiding responsibility and confirmation bias. We also discuss how doing what one feels is right is a rare luxury in a society where appearing to fit in and the guarding of ones digital reputation is central to continued functioning in todays society. Yet. Research is clear that economic catastrophe increases the life span of a nation. How can this be when we know millions will die? The answer is that modern life is more toxic than economic catastrophe. Stress is the biggest killer in the world today directly and indirectly. Depression was the 5th comments cause of illness and death 20 years ago and now it is the commonest. The Royal College of Psychiatrists Defeat Depression Campaign although a bulls eye in identifying an urgent need missed the root cause. It is not clinical depression people suffer from today . It is unhappiness. What is to come of us? We will reveal more in our next podcast. Should one cuddle grandparents at Christmas? Do SAGE and politicians understand the real values of family and society? We say ask the grandparents.
The statistics are clear. Excess deaths have remained unchanged since May/June this year. The PCR test applied on an industrial scale is unreliable with an unspecified high false positive rate so the more testing of even a healthy population the more false positives masquerading as cases will be found. The apparent rise in covid mortality has exactly mirrored the reduction in mortality from other causes. Hospital bed occupancy is lower than this time last year. SAGE have had to back pedal and say that their only remit is to advise about Corona yet they stand in front of the National media advising drastic measures without any due consideration for the side effects of those measures. It is potentially medicolegally an assault. One the main effects of lockdown is stress for a number of reasons all centred on loss of individual control over one's life. This will lead to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as well as innumerable other illnesses. Stress is already the biggest killer in the Western World above poor diet. Bullying also can lead to PTSD and we look at allegations which have found to be true against the Home Secretary yet she has not been sacked. This is in contrast to a junior politician who's promotion was blocked by Boris Johnson because BJ's girl friend gave evidence against him in a harassment case where he was exonerated. It looks like you either have to be guilty to thrive or its just who you know in this life. That said we now all know. The days of the government are numbered although Labour have made an even less cogent argument for deserving any power or influence at all. The only sense (and integrity) has come from a wind-sailing ex civil servant who resigned after he concluded the Home Secretary had broken ministerial code but Boris Johnson said it was ok because she did not realise and a group of conservative MPs who have formed an anti lockdown group.
Why is there so much disagreement amongst the medical community about Corona Virus? The reason is that there is no clear specific risk along the lines that is being presented to us which can bear logical scrutiny. The average age of a corona virus death is 82.4 years old which is higher than the average life span i.e. the average person cannot expect to experience death from corona in their life time . Whereas misery and poverty depression stress cancer heart attacks suicide panic are guaranteed companions of lock down. Further more where is the logic of justifying lockdown because of lack of trained medical staff ? At a fraction of the cost of trillions of pounds borrowed for furlough we could have trained staff and opened medical facilities rather than just held hands up Pontius Pilot style. The risk of dying from corona under 30 and under 50 is less than being struck by lightening and less than being run over by a car respectively. Yet millions are now being thrown on the unemployment scrap heap. What lock down will do is increase civil unrest as it will increase the disparity between the haves and have nots as lockdown is vastly more punitive on the poor versus the rich. The academic models being used are generally accepted to overestimate risk and they are the same types of model that produced vastly overinflated risk figures for foot and mouth and SARS which led to hundreds of thousands of animals being needlessly killed. Academics by their nature have a very obtuse field of view and are usually far less effective at dealing with illness in the real world than clinicians. Yet it is government funded boffins the government are listening to.The logic of. the bigger picture of the cost of lockdown being exponentially higher than the cost of corona is so patently and reasonably obvious to anyone clear thinking without vested interest that enforcing lockdown may even be considered criminal and indeed a threat to the integrity of the state which has its own definition. Treason. The results of modern democracy.
Politicians continue to show a singular incompetence to manage any major situation due to media hysteria and a self serving need to stay in power resulting in abrogation of responsibility at every opportunity hiding behind the apron strings of unipolar Aspergian academics largely government funded. We are faced with further nonsensical all consuming debate on whether to apply more lockdown based on rising total infections despite infection rate hardly changing at all. Thus it is an artefact of increased testing using a PCR Polymerase Chain Reaction test with a false positive rate 10 times higher than the current true incidence and a 30-40% false negative rate in the community. In other words this test in the current environment is meaningless yet this is the tool for deciding further destruction to economy and mental and physical health. If any businesses survive this is fertile ground for criminal incompetence class action law suit. Indeed political incompetence has raised a malevolent head of Stasi like penalties such as £10000 fines for breaking a lockdown based on no common sense at all and for the purpose of which neighbors are being encouraged to spy on and snitch on each other. And it's started already. Meanwhile large pharmas have achieved indemnity for unlicensed vaccines on both sides of the Atlantic despite the fact that flu vaccine is only ever 50% effective and despite the fact that influenza is currently killing 10 X more people than Corona. Did we say that vaccines won't even stimulate an antibody response in the obese which is the majority of the population? Not had your fill of nonsense yet? No fear there will be endless more served up by the media and government tomorrow for your delectation.
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