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I have been working with Mitel in one capacity or another for my entire professional career.  So, it has been very exciting to learn more about Mitel Connect their UCAAS Solution and to talk with one of Timothy Petch about the advantages of their product.  If you are looking into a UCAAS product then Mitel is really a company you need to look at. They have a clean UCAAS software, great looking phones and the advantage of being stood up in the Google Cloud.  Give this podcast a listen and learn more and email or call me if you need more details / 310-622-9731
An awesome conversation I had with Jason Lowe, where he explains the architectural differences between Talk Desk and their competitors.  The use of Microservices allows Talk Desk offer stability that their competitors just can't compete with.  Give it a listen and if you have questions feel free to email me at
Had a chance to talk to Eric Brooker at Big Leaf Networks and discuss their easy to deploy SD-WAN only device.  Big Leaf is one of my favorite partners because of their singular focus on SD-WAN and their device is so easy to deploy I was even able to set one up at my house.  Another cool thing about Big Leaf is they now offer an at home SD-WAN device, so if you are experiencing internet issues at home then this is a good option to look into.
I know totally serious title but it is a totally serious topic.  I had the pleasure of having Angele Hogaboom talk with me to discuss the ins and outs of CCPA and what your company should be doing with all the personal data you are collecting.  This really is important information so I highly recommend you take a listen.  
Just before the New Year I got a chance to interview Jim Murphy the CEO and one of the founders at Broadvoice.  The thing I really like about this interview and Mr. Murphy is that at the core he comes off a business owner like many of my customers.  His attitude about his work reflects in his company and you see it every day at Broadvoice.   We also got a chance to talk about the key differences between UCaaS and a simple hosted voice platform.  Understanding how communication has changed in the workplace and what a company should do when picking a new UCaaS provider.   So give it a listen, great information on Broadvoice and on a larger scale great information about UCaaS.  If you have questions or comments feel free to email me at 
Spoke with Jamie Minner the VP in charge of the UCaaS solution at TPX.  It was a great conversation and we were able to discuss the differences between a traditional hosted PBX and a UCaaS solution.  While traditional hosted PBX will provide ring service and phones on the desk, the modern office has really moved past that.  Now with employees working from in remote offices, on the road, or at home creating true communication solutions is more important than ever.  That is where UCaaS comes in allowing coworkers to see availability can communicate across platforms. Finally two huge take aways from this conversation.  First off the unique approach TPX takes to installing their solution.  While many of their competitors out there will simply drop ship phones and have you plug them in TPX is different they take a customer first approach dispatching the resources necessary to ensure a successful transfer.  Secondly, TPX has built a product that allows users to implement UCaaS onto their premise phone system. So they can get the most from there capital purchase but start expanding into new technology.  I hope you enjoy this talk if you have questions as always call me at 310-622-9731 or email me at 



The last in my four part deep dive with TPX and I got a chance to talk to Larry Cushing the Technology Evangilist at TPX.  A super bright guy who really gets the managed service approach that TPX has had so much success with and why that approach is beneficial to business.   We also went into a deep dive about SD-WAN the most revolutionary technology for internet service in my professional career.  If you haven't looked at SD-WAN then please listen to this episode.  The power a company gets when they implement a proper SD-WAN solution is truly awesome.   It makes implementing a worry free cloud solution possible and so much more.  So please listen and if you have questions call me at 310-622-9731 or email at
Got to speak with Erik Nordquist product manager for security services at TPX and what a great conversation it was.  As he pointed out in our call hackers are no longer the teenager at home eating pizza on a Friday night.  No, they are bots and they are coming at our systems 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  If you are not taking your cyber-security serious then you are in danger of being hacked.  So what do you do, how can you be protected? Give a listen and find out.  If you have more questions feel free to call me at 310-622-9731 or email me at
Meet the new TPX

Meet the new TPX


A great interview I had with Ken Bisnoff of TPX.  Ken has been with TPX (formerly Telepacific) for over 20 years and really has great insights into their changing role with customers.  When TPX was Telepacific they offered connectivity services (voice and data) and had a limited footprint.  But, they are now a managed service provider on a national level offering UCAAS, Cyber Security, SD-WAN, Office 365 and much more.  All this while still offering connectivity and exceptional customer service.  This is the first of a few interviews I did with TPX highlighting there services and how they can help customers today.  
I finally did it. I recorded my first podcast, it was short but that was the point. I just wanted to put something out there to let people know what I am doing and why. I also found out you have to have something recorded in order to get on all the directories (like Apple Podcast) and that once you submit it could take up to a week for your show to appear. I didn't want my first interview to be part of that set up time, so it seemed prudent to make an introduction podcast, so that's my first pro tip to those of you considering doing a podcast.What did I talk about on this first episode. Why record a podcast? It comes down to the fact that our industry has changed so much in the last five years that I need a platform to let people understand how it can help their business. The cloud can truly compliment a business, make it more productive, nimble, and cost effective. But, the right solutions need to be implemented. My podcast is an opportunity for my partners to talk you with out the pressure of trying to sell you something and explain what it is they offer and why they offer it.This has always been truly interesting stuff to me and I am hoping that I can deliver an engaging, entertaining podcast that makes this stuff interesting you to. So that's it, sweet and short like my first episode.To hear my first podcast and subscribe (as soon as more than just Spotify come up) go here
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