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Author: Matthew & Ellen

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We all want to sort through our sh*t and live feeling more fulfilled. These two Foxes have come colliding together and are completely committed to transforming their lives into something extraordinary.

Tune in every week to hear Matthew and Ellen engage in conversations about life; how to enjoy it more and how to do it all better. Full of personal insights and experiences, we dive deep into discussions on what has and hasn't worked on this rollercoaster ride called life.

If you are ready to destroy the excuses and poor habits and begin really enjoying the process of growing and living fully, then this is the show for you.
8 Episodes
In this episode we discuss the importance of change and we share stories on some of the life changes we've made and how we knew it was the right time to make them.
#007: Why Do We Grow?

#007: Why Do We Grow?


Here lies our very best episode... so far! In it we explore the overall topic of growth; what it is and why we do it, and along the way Ellen gets 'official' with her growth and we find out what Matt and Oak Trees have in common.
In this episode, we chat about the downfalls of expectation, the influence of culture, chasing ideals, and the dreaded word 'SHOULD'. We discuss how strong emotional investments in the past, present and future can foster unwanted stress and upset in the now, and detail how to replace these expectations and disappointments with excitement and enjoyment.
In this episode I, Matthew share a little on my history with depression. We discuss how it still occasionally shows up on my transformational journey and how we navigate those moments together as a couple.
In this episode we talk about death and positivity all within a single conversation. And we share a three step formula for building and maintaining the motivation needed to achieve your dreams. So let's get to it!
In this episode we kick off with the hot topic of taking responsibility and the negative connotations surrounding the word. We take a look at how we show up in our lives and being truly honest with ourselves in order to open that door to change. We dive into the distinction between self blame and responsibility and what the benefits are of turning the finger inwards instead of outwards.
In this episode we jump straight into talking about enthusiasm and passion in life and how to incorporate it on a small scale. We discuss how to change your focus and shift your perspective, how to question yourself, 'dirty windows', and understanding how to differentiate between fact and opinion.
In our very first episode we introduce you to our show, give you a little bit of insight into what we will be discussing, how the show will evolve over time, and how trying something new is the only way to grow. We also discuss how we will be putting ourselves outside of our comfort zone and embarking on this journey as a couple.
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