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The Friendly Aussie Podcast (FAP) is a podcast created by Friendly Aussie Buds (FAB) - a Cannabis Publication based in Australia.

We aim to destigmatise cannabis use through entertaining discussions that explore the many benefits that this plant can provide to the planet.
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Sorry for the delay on this one and the poor camera angle blocking out homies face! Join us in our latest episode as we catch up with Bluntfield, a renowned rapper and 420 activist. We delve into his journey, tracing the roots of his rapping career, which kicked off when he was 23. Bluntfield shares the artists he's currently vibing with, and offers his unique perspective on the future of Australian rap and the music industry in general. We also venture into Bluntfield's personal cannabis journey, all the way back to the time he refused a joint from a group of Canadians at a ski resort to having his first cannabis at 18. How adopting the cannabis lifestyle really affected his life. We talk about our preferred method of consuming cannabis and our top picks for smoke spots. We'll also unpack the differences between "Medi" and "Green market" cannabis, providing insights into this industry. There's also an exclusive treat for wrestling fans! Bluntfield recounts the unforgettable time he met and smoked with the legendary Rob Van Dam! And as wrestling fans, we discuss the impact of Eddie Guerrero's tragic death on our lives. Bluntfield also reveals his top 5 wrestlers of all time. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to learn more about Bluntfield, and how he weaves together the worlds of cannabis and Hip-hop. Tune in now and remember to like, share, and subscribe for more amazing cannabis content! Check out Bluntfield's music and new Single DieYet? on Spotify, and other streaming platforms. You can find him in all social media here - Follow us everywhere: #CannabisCulture #SupportLocal #Australia #MedicalCannabis #organicfarming --- Send in a voice message:
Get an inside look into the cannabis industry as we sit down with Joel Hardy, CEO of CYMRA. Learn about his incredible journey, from the early days of his business to now owning a thriving farm in Byron Bay. We explore the diverse spectrum of appreciation for cannabis, and compare the unique attitudes towards this plant in California and Australia. Joel shares his insights on when Australia might see recreational cannabis become a reality. We navigate the challenges of growing cannabis organically, and why backing local Australian growers is crucial for the industry and the community. Plus, we delve into the growing list of medical benefits linked to cannabis use. This episode is packed with plenty more insights, so tune in to join the discussion. Learn more about CYMRA Life Sciences by visiting their website Follow us everywhere: #CannabisCulture #SupportLocal #Australia #MedicalCannabis #organicfarming --- Send in a voice message:
Ever wondered about the difference between the cannabis culture in Australia and the United States? In this episode, we have an engaging chat with the inspiring Abhinav Jain. With a similar background of leaving the IT industry to becoming an enterpreneur, we delve into his journey on guiding the younger generation about the ups and downs of using cannabis, how he got into the weed business, his "five pillars" philosophy for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, using weed to feel EVEN better and so much more! Check out Abhinav here: Website - Youtube - Tiktok - Discord - Instragram - Follow us everywhere: --- Send in a voice message:
The new season of The Friendly Aussie Podcast begins with a bang! Featuring a lively interview with Irish Wick - the charismatic host of Medicated TV. During the episode, Irish shares his fascinating life story, including being adopted and raised by Turkish Muslims, getting into a great deal of trouble during his childhood, being a prime suspect in a serious crime, becoming Australia's first legal medicinal flower patient, and rebuilding his life. In addition, the podcast covers a wide range of other interesting and informative topics, such as the potential impact of recreational cannabis in Australia, suggesting a mad hustle to the laziest stoner and... a glitch in the Matrix?! This episode is sure to both entertain and inspire you, so don't miss it! --- Send in a voice message:
Join us on the Friendly Aussie Podcast as we chat with Marc Selan, President of Organic Oz a Cannabis Club in Spain. Marc shares his insights and experiences as a cannabis club leader in Spain, a candidate for the Legalise Cannabis Victorian Party, and a proud advocate for the legalization of cannabis. In this episode, we delve into a range of subjects, from the workings of the election process to the unique culture of Spanish cannabis clubs. Marc also opens up about discussing cannabis use with his son, the significance of voting for cannabis-focused parties, and much more! Get ready for an enlightening and entertaining discussion on the Friendly Aussie Podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
On this episode of the Friendly Aussie Podcast, Matt Shales from MediCann Health / Clinics and Hemp Brothers jumps onto a zoom call with FAB!  Shortly after being interrupted by a literal car crash (...), a host of captivating cannabis-themed conversations ensue.  We circle around the current state of the medicinal scheme, the prospects for legalisation down under, and Matt's experiences throughout the cannabis scene leading up to the present day.  We hope you enjoy listening as much as we did yarning!  MediCann's Investment Round:  Matt is up to some amazing things. Check out his myriad projects below!  Follow us everywhere: Watch the video version of this cast: --- Send in a voice message:
On this edition of the Friendly Aussie Podcast, we sat down in person with Anthony - the extremely enthusiastic and high-energy Product Development Manager of cannabis clinic Releaf. He also works on Mull - a space dedicated to medicinal cannabis patients. Anthony is on a mission to make a difference to people's lives. His passion and love for cannabis is in full display in this interview, and the energy he brings to the roundtable is infectious. We loved speaking candidly with him about the interactions, properties and potential futures that the plant has in store. The more we meet people like Anthony - doing amazing work within the industry - the more we feel justified in our hope for drug decriminalisation, cannabis legalisation, and the continued evolution of the medicinal cannabis scene down under.  In this podcast, we cover a smorgasbord of topics. From THC percentages and the entourage effect, to the basic underlying values of Releaf, to a discussion of the strains available on the medicinal scheme, to Anthony's journey into the cannabis scene and how he got where he is today - we basically run the whole gamut within just over an hour. We could have continued this way for much longer (he was certainly keen!), but we decided to cut the recording short for the sake of brevity.  We're looking forward to having Anthony back on the podcast some day for another round of chats. Thanks for coming through and speaking with us, mate! --- Send in a voice message:
The Aussie Canna-Podcast Collab of the Century! The FAB boys had a couple of highly engaging conversations over zoom with Andrew and Mitch (not our Mitch - the one with the effortless actor hair) from the AltMed podcast. This is also the pair behind Phytoca - a company that works with Australian medicinal patients using full spectrum cannabis products, and seeks to unlock the full genetic potential of cannabis. We ended up recording these back-and-forths for you, our audience, in what was our very first podcaster cross-collaboration! In fact, you'll be able to listen to an identical discussion over at AltMed, if once wasn't enough... If you haven't heard of AltMed before, they list themselves as an online resource with a mission to educate the broader Australian community about alternative medicines (such as cannabis). They have a particular focus on medicinal CBD. Not only does AltMed have a quality podcast - they also have a great website that features loads of written information covering all things medicinal cannabis. It's great stuff - we definitely suggest that you check it out! Given that this discussion was spread across two separate weeks, we had a lot of time to stir over points we brought up in part 1 - which ultimately meant that we had much to talk about in part 2. This might explain why the podcast is over 2 hours long in total, and seamlessly leaps from topic to topic... like a Tarzan of discourse, in a jungle of weeds! We had so much fun with this episode of the podcast, and we would like to thank Andrew and Mitch for spending their afternoons speaking candidly about the cannabis industry with us. They're both incredibly interesting and funny dudes with a unique outlook on the space. We're very grateful for their time, energy, and insight, and we hope to collaborate with them again in the future! FAB - Facebook | Instagram | YouTube --- Send in a voice message:
Well, it's been nearly 9 months... but the Friendly Aussie Podcast is finally BACK!  To commemorate this exciting occasion, the folks at FAB sat down for an in-depth discussion and interview with David Madigan and Neil Helsby - the co-founders of medicinal cannabis clinic Canwell and cannabis oil company Elevated Extracts.  As insiders of the burgeoning Australian cannabis industry, David and Neil both have unique backstories. With David coming from the world of events and marketing - having once worked for Red Bull - and Neil working for years at Queensland Health, the two couldn't come from more different industries. Yet, that basic fact hasn't stopped them from coming together to achieve remarkable successes in the field of treating regular people with medical cannabis - if anything, it's brought them together to apply their respective strengths on a project much bigger than them as individuals. After being profoundly inspired by the beginnings of legalisation in the United States, the two friends and business partners have taken it on as their mission to contribute to the fledgling Australian medical cannabis industry with high quality, accessible products and services. They pounced at the opportunity to get involved in something they both loved - bud - at the instant it was legalised medicinally... and they haven't looked back since.   With David's expertise in communications and Neil's specialisation in the nitty-gritty details of healthcare, the peculiar pair have proven to be highly complementary, which has helped them to build two amazing businesses that regularly change the lives of their patients. Their M.O. is simple - make cannabis accessible to as many people who need it as possible. This is why they both set out to construct a crack team of doctors, nurses and specialists - to make that aim a reality. We were completely captivated in our chat with these guys - it's so interesting to hear the perspective of people who are working on the ground to make a real positive difference to the lives of so many patients. We hope you have as much fun listening as we did yarning with these two standout blokes!  420 Seconds With | Strain Series Canwell (Medical cannabis clinic) | Elevated Extracts (oils) Our stuff: --- Send in a voice message:
For this episode of the podcast, we had the pleasure of discussing one-on-one with PlantMed Cannabis Doctor, Dr. John Teh! We were both very excited to ask Dr. Teh about all different kinds of stuff - so excited that we didn't check our camera, and it quits out after 50 minutes. We press on, throwing a mountain of questions surrounding Medical Cannabis at Doctor John.  By the end of the podcast, we both gained a clearer understanding of how the system in Australia works! If you're interested in learning more about the medicinal cannabis scheme and the opportunities it presents to Australians, listen on - or check out PlantMed's site! FAB Site | YouTube --- Send in a voice message:
We brought "Her Highness" onto the podcast earlier on our first season... and now, Shelly is back - alone this time, and with a vengeance!   Shelly is the head of 'Her Highness' - a female owned and operated cannabis group/online space. She started the 'Her Highness' group on her own, and has been managing this group since 2017 - pouring her heart and soul into the community she created.   The 'Her Highness' group includes approximately 7000 adult Australian women; with the purpose of the group being to support, uplift and motivate all women with a love for cannabis.   Her Highness is a kind of 'internet family'. It sure as hell isn't just a place to smoke weed... though, that does happen from time to time! The girls are selfless, always putting each other first - the whole community is devoted to promoting solidarity amongst women in the Australian cannabis community.  Whether Her Highness girls are just hanging out, providing non-judgemental emotional support, or helping each other to find places to live - they always go above and beyond.   After picking Shelly's brain on the 2020 state election, we engaged in a protracted yarn which concerned the political climate of Australia; identifying some of the challenges that our 'cannabis legalisation' movement is currently facing, in our quest to legalise this wonderful plant.   We also talked to Shelly about her finally getting onto the medical scheme!    Links - Breaking stigma since 2017. By women, for women. 18+ Don’t hate, educate! 💞✨💨 --- Send in a voice message:
Tom from HONAHLEE on the Friendly Aussie Podcast! 'Honahlee' is a safe online space dedicated to learning, exploring and elevating cannabis-related conversations across Australia. We were honoured to catch up with Tom, who helped us to understand where his online cannabis publication emerged from, what it's all about, and where it's headed next.  Mitch and Josip chat with Tom about his background in startups and product development, eventually transitioning into what initially brought him into the cannabis space. We talk about Tom's 'Drive Change' campaign, which spearheads calls for fair roadside drug testing. We let loose on the dreams and plans for big projects we all have in the future, sharing our aspirations.  We speculate on the future of technological advancement, communications and social media platforms such as facebook. We even briefly take forays into cultural and political differences between the US and Australia - with Tom having an American background.  Finally, Tom introduces us to 'Druid' - an amazing phone app that can detect your impairment before you hit the road. This thing can show you how stoned you really are. We recommend you check it out for yourselves!  Honahlee's Links - FAB's Links - FAB Website - FAB Instagram - FAB Facebook - FAB YouTube - --- Send in a voice message:
On this episode of the Friendly Aussie Podcast, get STOKED for our 110-minute long-form conversation with Simon - the Founder of Stoke Industries. Get ready - perhaps it's wise to go to the bathroom, make yourself something to eat, do some stretches... then sit or lie down, and get comfortable. You'll need to respect all of your pre-podcast preparation rituals  - because this time, we're abandoning any care whatsoever that we usually have, with episode lengths. We've gone ALL OUT. Again, get ready. Stoke Industries is an up-and-coming Australian manufacturing company. They work with sustainable materials such as recycled Aluminium, and employ the finest machinery to produce items that will last you a lifetime. As the inventor of an uncompromisingly bold and original product - dubbed the 'Stoke Inhaler' - Simon gave us an opportunity to peer behind-the-scenes of the development of his space-age beug, on this podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
We chat over zoom with ACT MLA Michael Pettersson, asking him the questions we've been quietly wondering about since the ACT passed legal cannabis back in 2019. As a Labor backbencher, Michael has put his career on the line to champion progressive drug law reforms - he was the one to spotlight the issue (against party platform) and presented a proposal to the public.  The response was largely positive, which created new opportunities for Michael's colleagues to appreciate the bill and what it could mean for the territory.  Now, with cannabis legal to grow in the ACT, Pettersson and other Labor members are tabling additional legislation to decriminalise illicit substances (such as heroin, MDMA and methamphetamine). Michael's Facebook --- Send in a voice message:
CBD Talk With Mauricio

CBD Talk With Mauricio


This episode of the Friendly Aussie Podcast is a CBD-themed chat with our friend Mauricio! We cover his relationship with cannabis (and cannabidiol in particular) over the years - detailing how he has used it medicinally, how he is going with setting up his own CBD operation, and how cannabis has assisted his family members. Economics, business, society, health and politics - Josip, Mitch and Mauricio fit a broad spectrum of cannabis-related topics into this one! Mauricio is a player in the business and management field. You can check him out on LinkedIn: Our socials - --- Send in a voice message:
Rose Jackson, NSW MLC

Rose Jackson, NSW MLC


We are honoured to have Rose Jackson - a pro-cannabis (and drug) reform Labor rep in the NSW parliament - as a guest on our podcast!  Our chat was an amazing opportunity to speak to a bright young leader with an optimistic outlook on what the community could achieve - if advocates put in the effort to organise and lobby for fundamental shifts to policy.   A bit of a 'policy person' herself, Rose recognises the countless measurable benefits of moving towards broader drug decriminalisation, as well as legalising, taxing and regulating the cannabis plant. She's particularly concerned with improving public health outcomes, and reducing the harms that emerge from criminalisation, substance abuse and general stigmatisation.   She also recognises the very real dynamics of the parliamentary chamber. She has been outspoken about cannabis legalisation, in an environment where it's rarely mentioned... and her perspectives on how to make change happen in parliament and around this issue are deeply valuable for people who are setting out to advocate for a change in this area.  We covered a lot in 1 hour! We hope you enjoy our back and forth :)   Check out Rose's 'Policy Safari' Podcast!​ Here are some links where you can check out some of Rose's other work -​​​​  Thanks for coming onto our podcast, Rose! --- Send in a voice message:
We’re back – and better than ever! This episode is a lengthy and winding live zoom discussion with Dr. Todd Subritzky, PhD. ... a man of many talents! Todd is an author, social scientist, lecturer and entrepreneur. He is part of an exciting new wave of cannabis research being conducted here in Australia. His keen interest in the topic has led him to engage in a range of important academic work in recent years. For nearly an hour, we go ‘around the shop’ with Todd on a myriad of cannabis-related topics – such as the myriad mysteries of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and how cannabis interacts with the human body… or, exposing the many challenges that cannabis industries and communities face to this day in Australia. We also sink our teeth with Todd into the potentials of various legal schemes that exist (and thrive) overseas… of which Todd has extensively researched! Colorado, Canada, Washington… you name a legal place, and Todd will likely have an extensive analysis of the policies that have existed there, and their iterations and changes throughout time. We were honoured to have Dr. Todd contributing his expert knowledge to the Friendly Aussie Podcast – and we’d like to return the favour by sending our audience his way. For more details on Todd’s research and other projects, please see the links below: Todd’s Research Medical Cannabis Doctors Cannabis Education Cannabis Research Our Socials: --- Send in a voice message:
Reviewing 2020

Reviewing 2020


2020 was one hell of a year... so much so, that it really begged for a bit of review and analysis.  To kick off the second season of our podcast, we decided to do just that!   Discussing the highlights and low moments of the previous year, we come to a final verdict on the infamous and storied year of 2020 - refining the whole experience down into a metric 1-10 score.  This totally serious dialogue between two colleagues will answer: just how bad was it, really? --- Send in a voice message:
Nathan is a massive part of what brought the Magical Butter machine over to Australia - in all of its 240v glory.  We get comfy with him for an hour-long conversation, in which we mull over how Nathan entered the cannabis industry - including what led him to where he is today, as the head of the Magical Butter company in Australia. We also muse together about what could emerge in the future of the cannabis industry, across this great Australian continent - and pose a variety of opinions and suggestions, when it comes to the Aussie legal medicinal cannabis scheme (as administered by the TGA...) Check out Magical Butter's Facebook! MAGICAL's Website (Australia) --- Send in a voice message:
This episode of the podcast is a candid and intimate sit-down chat with an influencer, activator and high-flier from Sydney's Eastern Shores - none other than Will, from 'Willy's World' and 'Ballin' on a Budget'. Will's hustle is all about making a social impression and projecting a positive image. We talk cannabis legalisation, the differences between scenes across the world, the respective images and lifestyles associated with the 'cannabis culture'. We also consider together where things are headed for the Australian cannabis community, in the long term - and wonder how the question of legalisation will be approached in the future, as institutions lag behind public sentiments and health advice. Be sure to check out Willy on his other platforms! Ballin' on a Budget Website FAB's Facebook | Willy's Facebook FAB's Instagram | Willy's Instagram Willy's Blog Check out the Willy's World Podcast! --- Send in a voice message:
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