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The Bridge is a podcast for all businesses where the consumer purchase takes place at a physical location, but those same consumers are shopping and narrowing their choices down online. Each episode we will focus on real strategies and examples from industry experts on how to dominate this complex and competitive environment by sharing the latest trends in technology and process.
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This season Muhammad Yasin joined us as we narrowed our focus to best practices for enabling sales teams to help drive leads from online to in-store… then COVID-19 hit and we went deeper on enabling our sales teams to survive in a world of virtual appointments. We talked with industry experts as well as sales leaders to share tangible insights and real stories.   In this recap, Muhammad goes inside each of the episodes from the season, pulling out the key highlights. We share what matters most for the businesses where the consumer purchase takes place at a physical location, yet those same consumers are researching online before they make their final decision.  Inside the Episode:  The clips shared in this episode come from Season 2 of The Bridge. You can find the full episode for each guest in the links below:   Episode 1: Virtual Apartment Tours is the New Way to Lease with Realync Episode 2:  The Art of Digital Sales with David Kain Episode 3: Transforming Your Team with Digital Sales Training with Bryan Scott  Episode 4: Equipping Your Team to Provide the Best Customer Service with NE Management BONUS: The New Reality of Virtual Apartment Tours | Panel Discussion Episode 5: Using Lease Automation to Manage Leads with Episode 6: Embracing Data One Step at a Time with Elissa Fink Episode 7: Learning Sales Enablement with Irina Soriano Connect with Your Hosts: Connect with Andy: Connect with Muhammad:
For many marketers, sales enablement is a newer marketing discipline. Irina Soriano describes it as the strategic use of people, processes, and technology operating together to improve sales productivity and increase revenue.    As the Head of Enablement for Seismic, she would know a thing or two about sales enablement.  Seismic is the global leader in sales enablement providing storytelling platforms to increase productivity and effectiveness across sales and marketing.    Learn from Irina as she breaks down the basics to this now fundamental discipline while giving listeners a plan to start. You’ll also hear how impactful it is to give back to the sales enablement community by networking and sharing ideas with other like-minded marketers and sales teams. . Key Takeaways Build a business case for sales enablement to secure a budget from stakeholders.  Lean into those with sales enablement experience to foster your own growth.  Start by focusing on one area of enablement at a time such as onboarding new hires. Resources and Links Discussed: Connect with Irina Soriano: Connect with Andy: Connect with Muhammad:
Imagine building a marketing team from the ground up and seeing that brand go public through the New York Stock Exchange. For Elissa Fink, this was her reality. As the former CMO of Tableau, business intelligence software that helps people better understand their data, she led strategic planning and execution for its marketing worldwide.  In leading marketing efforts, having the ability to facilitate conversations to drive sales digitally is a necessity regardless of where the conversion takes place. During Elissa’s time at Tableau, and now as an advisor, a few lessons have stood the test of time.  You’ll hear the key lessons learned in the conversation with Andy and Muhammad. Elissa also shares how she embraced the many challenges presented from data to mindset.  Key Takeaways Start understanding data by tracking one key metric then build over time. Focus on why you started and why the company exists to power through challenging times.  Ask good questions to uncover priorities and stay ahead of the subject matter.  Resources and Links Discussed: Connect with Elissa Fink: Connect with Andy: Connect with Muhammad:
Today’s consumer starts their buying journey online. It can be a struggle to manage all the opportunities online and turn them into sales. Another challenge is how to prioritize online leads and face-to-face opportunities. It’s easy to overlook a digital lead when there’s someone standing in front of you.  In this week’s episode, Andy Medley and former co-host Fabian Rodriguez share ways to address these challenges. You’ll also hear from Robert Lee, Director of Operations Programming from as he shares his perspective on how to reduce the burden on the sales team through the power of automation.  Key Takeaways Understanding the lead quality can help teams prioritize effectively.   Leverage automation to nurture leads without eliminating the human touch.  Use data to set benchmarks to track opportunities for sales process improvement.   Resources and Links Discussed: Connect with Robert Lee: Learn more about Connect with Andy: Connect with Muhammad:
How do you use data to enable your on-site team to get a lease? How can the marketing and sales teams work together to drive a better customer experience?   On today’s show, Andy Medley and co-host Muhammad Yasin are discussing the answers to these questions and more.   Hear how Desiree White and Colin Cloud from NE Property Management approach marketing to equip their onsite staff while ensuring the customer experience is world-class. For them, the focus is on curating the highest quality traffic online to create a higher opportunity for conversion once the visitor schedules a tour.  Key Takeaways Use training to align sales and marketing teams.  Focus on quality over quantity.  Customer service trumps everything else.  Resources and Links Discussed: Connect with Desiree White: Connect with Colin Cloud: Learn more about NE Management: Connect with Andy: Connect with Muhammad:
What do you do when your team is resistant to the digital part of the sales process? On today’s show, Andy Medley and co-host Muhammad Yasin are discussing how to pursue digital leads to help turn them into sales.  Joining them is Bryan Scott, President of Big Sandy Superstore, a one-stop-shop for home furnishing with 21 locations and counting. As president of one of the nation’s fastest-growing retailers, Bryan has a unique perspective on growing a business within a shrinking industry.  Listen in as Bryan shares the secret to Big Sandy’s success and how they leverage cultural incentives and digital sales training.  Key Takeaways Create continuity between your online and in-store experiences. It’s a people business.  Your most important asset is your team. Resources and Links Discussed: Connect with Bryan: Learn more about Big Sandy Superstore: Connect with Andy: Connect with Muhammad:
Do you ever start a call with a question like “Is this a bad time?” or “Are you busy”? For a sales professional, questions like this invite the prospect to end the conversation before it started.  On today’s show, Andy Medley and co-host Muhammad Yasin discuss how to embrace the online portion of the sales process. Joining them is David Kain, President of Kain Automotive, an internet sales training and marketing solution provider. David is a veteran of automotive retail, and his experience has given him powerful insight into the customer journey, regardless of the industry.  Learn how your sales team should treat digital leads from initial contact to follow-up. Key Takeaways Empathize with the customer. “Mirror back” the information. The team won’t buy in before the leader.  Resources and Links Discussed: Connect with David: Learn more about Kain Automotive: Connect with Andy: Connect with Muhammad: Connect with David Kain:
In a recent survey, 16 percent of consumers stated they no longer wanted to visit a potential leasing property in person. What is the alternative? On today’s show, Andy Medley and, former co-host, Fabian Rodriguez discuss virtual tours as a method for replacing in-person visits. Finding ways to connect virtually in every industry is pertinent in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Joining them to discuss is Matt Weirich and Jordan Easley of Realync, a video leasing and engagement solution that enables live video tours, virtual open houses and pre-recorded videos of properties. Listen in as they discuss everything from Facetime to full-enterprise solutions like Realync and how the virtual marketplace is affecting the real estate experience. Quick Links: Connect with Matt: Connect with Jordan: Learn More about Realync: Connect with Andy: Connect with Muhammad:
Want to better understand your Gen. Z audience? This one’s for you. In episode 6 Andy and Fabian discuss up-and-coming industry trends with Paul Bergeron, Editor-in-chief at UNITS Magazine. The increased availability of smartphones and social media has prompted gamification and content-based interactions to reign supreme amongst the youngest wave of rental residents. In an era of technological accessibility, learn how customized, engaging content can help keep customers happy. Like what you hear? Make sure to leave us a review and subscribe to The Bridge!
This week’s episode of The Bridge is coming at you live from the National Apartment Association in Denver! Andy, Fabian, and Larry Bellack discuss the development and success of Mobile Doorman, a mobile app that allows residents to communicate with their leasing company via smartphone. How can housing companies embrace the trends of their Millennial and Gen. Z residents? Learn the tricks and tools Mobile Doorman has adopted to increase resident engagement and satisfaction. Like what you hear? Make sure to leave us a review and subscribe to The Bridge!
In the premiere episode of The Bridge, Andy and Fabian speak with Katrina, the senior regional manager at Indianapolis’ Sheehan Properties, about consumer rental habits. Changing communication norms have created the need for companies to evolve in the way they engage with customers: how has Sheehan Properties embraced technology to cater to each and every potential renter? Listen to find out. Like what you hear? Make sure to leave us a review and subscribe to The Bridge!
Join us for the intro to The Bridge. Andy and Fabian look back on season 1 and prepare you for what to expect and who you'll be hearing from. 
Pattern89 | RJ Talyor

Pattern89 | RJ Talyor


Get ready to talk the ABCs of digital marketing: artificial intelligence, big data, and customer action. On this week’s episode, Andy and Fabian chat with RJ Talyor of AI marketing firm, Pattern89. Learn why a company’s brick and mortar location should be seen as an attribute and how to ensure a brand’s digital presence leads to sales even before the customer visits. Like what you hear? Make sure to leave us a review and subscribe to The Bridge!
Knight Furniture had a problem; after existing for 107 years, the company felt the pressure to embrace digital marketing platforms while still respecting the presence of their brick and mortar stores. Andy and Fabian sit down with Joey Gunn, the Vice President of Knight Furniture, to talk about what it looks like to marry tradition with innovation. How has Knight Furniture continued to successfully serve its customers digitally?  Like what you hear? Make sure to leave us a review and subscribe to The Bridge!
With several weeks under their belts, property management teams have had to pivot, using video and virtual leasing to get more tours. To discuss how the industry has adapted and changed, PERQ hosted a panel discussion with Jenna Miller, Senior Director of Marketing at Buzzuto; Margaret Henry, Director of Marketing with Covideo; and Matt Weirich, CEO and co-founder of Realync. The panel all agreed that with social distancing, leasing teams are learning to be more creative, throwing out fears and connecting with rental prospects on a personal level. While there is still a place for those sexy, polished marketing videos, authentic real-time or pre-recorded videos with leasing teams are the new reality and creating the most connection with renters.  Those authentic virtual tours are even resulting in leases for apartment communities. Miller noted while the first few weeks during the pandemic were slow, their teams at Bozzuto are seeing the same number of leases they were getting before COVID-19 occurred thanks to video. When polled during the panel discussion, 80 percent of attendees (approximately 100 respondents) say they had NOT used video as a primary tool for apartment tours prior to the pandemic. Out of those same respondents when asked which of the following tour options they leverage today, 83% say they are using live video tours, 91% do pre-recorded videos, 46% are using self-guided tours and 22% are doing in-person tours.    Clearly, the way multifamily communities connect with residents and prospects has changed within just a few weeks. However, panelists agree that by being nimble, creating a virtual tour strategy unique for your team, and keeping it fun, you’ll create a better sense of community within your property and stand out from the crowd. Virtual Apartment Tour Panelists Offer Video Tour Tips Virtual Property Tour Resources to Help your Multifamily Teams Live Video Tour Checklist:’  Multifamily Video Starter Pack:  A Year of DIY Videos for your Apartment Community: How to Create a Virtual Scavenger Hunt: Digital Leasing Guide: The Bridge Podcast: Using Virtual Apartment Tours to Get More Leases: Multifamily Teams Offer Virtual Apartment Tour Tips: Tours Down Due to COVID-19? Offer Multiple Tour Options Virtual Tours and Live Videos Give Rental Prospects Intimate Access:
If you’re a new listener, welcome! The Bridge is a podcast for businesses where the consumer purchase generally takes place at a physical location, yet those same consumers are researching online before they make their final decision. This behavior leaves you with little opportunity to connect with consumers before they’ve made up their minds. We dig in with industry leaders to learn best practices in making a meaningful connection with consumers during the research process. In Season 2, we’re introducing a new co-host, Muhammad Yasin, as well as narrowing the focus to best practices for enabling sales teams. We’ll talk to industry experts as well as sales leaders to share tangible insights and real stories all focused on helping you to achieve your business goals. Subscribe on your favorite platform to never miss the exclusive conversations found on The Bridge.   Quick Links: Connect with Andy: Connect with Muhammad: Fabian's New Podcast:
Enjoy a Halloween treat with this bonus episode. Past guest, Joey Gunn from Knight Furniture mentioned that his store was haunted and we just had to hear more. Tune in to this spooky edition of The Bridge to find out about Jeff, the spirit that has been haunting Knight Furniture. Try not to get chills... we dare you!   
How do you ensure that your online actions lead to in-store purchases? Join Andy and Fabian on this week’s episode as they sit down with Ivan Barratt, a multifamily unit owner, syndicator, and owner of Barratt Asset Management. In an era of smartphones and digital accessibility, we’ll learn what leads a customer to their purchasing decisions and hear how Ivan grew his business along the way. Like what you hear? Make sure to leave us a review and subscribe to The Bridge! 
Covideo | Jason Price

Covideo | Jason Price


Want to find a way to stand out from your competition and make a great first impression? Join Andy and Fabian this week on The Bridge as they chat with Jason Price, president and co-founder of Covideo, a video email software company that is enabling businesses to engage with their customers in a more meaningful way using video. According to Google, 72% of consumers prefer to watch a video of a product as opposed to reading about it. So stop writing those boring plain text emails and tune in to find out how to have a significantly bigger impact using video. Like what you hear? Make sure to leave us a review and subscribe to The Bridge.
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