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Fuck Monday's Podcast is about embracing Monday's, loving Monday's no longer hating the concept of Monday's and having​ good conversations and good laughs.
82 Episodes
Kiara and Judah Quote: “Don’t tell me what was said about me. Tell me why they were so comfortable to say it to you.” -Jay-Z, “Don’t poke the unpetty” -Rory Farrell [8:55] , “In business there are no permanent friends or enemies” -Judah [11:30], Top 5 most annoying co-worker [15:27], Megan and Da Baby and the music business/industry [1:25:08], Fuck Monday “Don’t Give A Fuck Person of the Week” Ivory Hecker [1:47:00].
We back!Kiara’s Quote a Tik Tok Video [2:14], Judah’s Affirmation “Don’t kill yourself for a job that will replace you in a week if you drop dead, take care of yourself”[10:44], Judah recap his ancestry journey [13;44], Kiara recap her vacation and new journey [44:29], Name a time your job tried to ruin your vacation (read responses) [ 1:00:27], Bonnet vs Monique [1:33:31], and Top 5 excuses for callouts [1:38:25].Link to all DSPs and socials:
Kiara address Girls Who Loved The JBP [7:03], Judah Affirmation: “I’m great full for the lessons” [21:56], “If respect ain’t there, I’m not there”- Mal [23:53], Joe Budden fires Rory and Mal [23:20], Starting a business with family and friends? [46:10], Olivia Pope states Joe Budden sexually harassed her [51:19], Talking to your children about speaking up and respecting boundaries [1:14:45], J.Cole follows his Basketball dreams [1:26:22].
Kiara and Judah recap their week,Judah Quote of the week “Everything that is happening now is happening for my ultimate good.” [00:6:44],Kiara Quote of the week “I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome things that money can buy.” - A Prostitute [00:10:02]…Kiara and Judah discuss Shock G passing and grieving process (Swizz Beatz)[00:10:30], Children dying from being casualties of shooting: Jaslyn Adam & Elijah Lefrance [00:24:40], Ma’Khia Bryant shot by police [00:40:52], Parenting should your child work hard if your rich? (Chad Ochocinco)[01:04:02], and Prostitution[01:18:18].
Kiara and Judah talk about passing DMX and Black Rob’s passing [00:18:38],Kiara Quote: “To live is to suffer, to surviveWell that to find meaning in the suffering.” -Earl Simmons [00:24:10],Judah Quote: “Anything that not positive I don’t have the energy to focus on it. A thing that not going in the right direction I don’t have the time or energy.”- Earl Simmons [00:24:46],Making amends [00:43:09], Mental health: mother kills children to protect from father, mass shooting, Murder on the rise [00:47:02],Police murdering: Derick Chauvin on trail for murder of George Floyd, Kimberly Potter kills unharmed teen Daunte Wright, 13 year old Adam Toledo killed by police [58:38], Them and Black trauma [01:30:00], Kevin Samuels [01:50:23], and New Ish & ice drop [2:47:07].
Kiara and Judah recap their week. Kiara wants to be a Savage X Fenty Model...Kiara Quote: “Distance is my new response. I do not return energy. I remove myself” -@jai_not_nice (twitter) [00:7:03​]Judah Affirmation: “Retreat vacation” [00:8:52​]Kiara and Judah discuss Little Nas x Video [00:11:34​], Baltimore no longer persecuted low level crimes prostitution [00:18:45​], Weed legalization NY [00:20:55​], Raz B accused sexual assault by girl friend[00:21:47​], Virginia Shooting [00:26:02​], Cop who killed Eric Gardner will remained unemployed by NYPD [00:36:41​], Jacob Blake sue officer who paralyzed him [00:37:31​], Rep Park cannon arrested for knocking on gov Brian Kemp door [00:38:58​], Stephanie Denero calls employee at Davidovich bakery a bitch ass n*** & Immigrant marriages [00:47:35​], Tamika Mallory Cadillac Commercial [00:53:28​], “If your man got company take yo ass in the room”[00:58:40​], Lack of energy for politics , goals, Kiara & Savage X Fenty, mental [01:04:01​], and Rory & Mal Joe Budden Podcast hiatus [01:07:11​].
Kiara and Judah discuss their weeks,Kiara's Quote: “You better watch those people that bounce back from everything that was meant to destroy them, those people are God’s people and they are not to be played with.” - [00:12.52]Judah's Affirmation: “Lead with love.“ [00:15:00] Kiara and Judah discuss Grammys [00:17:19], Kendrick Johnson and George Floyd [00:23:50], Kylie Jenner [00:27:35], Quavo & Saweetie [00:33:30], Derrick Jaxn [00:55:30], Pay child support for a kid not urs [01:03:15], and Asian community racism[01:06:57].
Kiara and Judah are Back!. They recap since they have been missing in action, they discuss Kiara COVID experience and the death of her Grandmother to Girl Who Love The Joe Budden Podcast & The Joe Budden Podcast Patreon [9:16], Judah gets a shout out from Jimmy Dore [15:58]. Judah's Affirmation: “I have been given endless talents which I begin to utilize today.“ [22:25] Kiara's Quote: "In the end, we only regret the chance we didn’t take." - [24.34],Stimmy and Twitter Spaces [25:04], Verzuz and Tidal... Black business selling out? [29:26], Governor Cuomo [45:38], Sharon Osborne [1:01:00], Kirk Franklin & Meat in mouth Salt bae parallels[1:16:17].
Kiara and Judah recap their weeks and give us the run down on their internet drama,Kiara's Quote: "You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens." - Louise Hay [00:21:26],Judah's Affirmation: “The things that are meant for me are meant for me, the things that are not meant for me are not meant for me” - Unknown [00:15:56],They discuss Silhouette challenge [00:23:35], Chloe Bailey [00:41:23], All women twitter [00:46:04], TI & Tiny [00:59:50], Raz B [01:22:05], Jimmy Smacks [01:32.50], Robinhood/Gamestop [01:54:45], Chad Wheeler (NFL player) beats girlfriend [02:02:08], and Vaccine colonization [02:10:11].
Episode 69- Suck It On Up

Episode 69- Suck It On Up


Kiara and Judah recap the week,Kiara's Quote:"It is so easy to fall in love, but hard to find someone to catch you." [00:10:40],Judah's Affirmation: "I except myself" [00:12:10],They also discuss social media censorship [00:15:25], Funny Inauguration Moments [25:55]; Trump pardon [00:26:40], Dani Leigh [00:31:20], Bali girl [00:57:05], Woman attacked in Harlem [01:10:40], Daniel Cameron Jurors petition for impeachment [01:16:20], Recommended movies [01:17:00], Pegger Messages [01:20:55], and Bitcoin [01:26:20].
Kiara and Judah discuss their weeks and give their Quote: “Grief is messed up cluster of emotion...” -Vanessa Bryant and Affirmation: "My business is profitable" &"Someone else's success is not my failure" -Judah [13:45].They discuss the following topics...Trump update, Capitol Building, and Social media monopoly [21:00], Minimum wage increase [45:28], District attorney sure NYPD [1:00:21], Jacob Blake [1:04:50], Skia Jackson and Solange son Juelz [1:06:05], Women Prefer “I want you to come vs if you want to come” [1:23:05], Flint water crisis [1:36:10], Rolling Ray vs Karma? [1:42:00], and Tik Tok Toliet video[1:53:19].
Kiara and Judah discuss recap the week, Quote: “This is the America that Black people know.” -Cori BushAffirmation: "I want more money, and thats okay”- Judah [13:40]. They then talk about Capitol Terrorist Attack & Trump Ban [00:18:50], Georgia senate [1:09:00], Rap lyrics being used as evidence [01:16:00], Updated arrested Miya Ponsetto and her Gayle king interview [01:19:50], Murders jail [01:30:05], Buss it challenge and Respectfully Social Media [01:36:26].
Episode 66-Be Specific 2021

Episode 66-Be Specific 2021


Kiara and Judah Recap 2020 (Judah Quits, Holiday’s, and School) [00:45], What are we looking forward to in 2021? [12:25], Quote and Affirmation [20:40], Kiara's Quote: “Life doesn't get easier or more forgiving we get stronger and more resilient” - Steve MaraboliJudah's Affirmation: "I'm what? Where the money resides"- Durell Smylie or Relly B.Kiara and Judah talk about MF Doom transition [23:39], Ceaser from Black Ink Crew Parenting [31:01], (YT Women) Attack Teen [48:00], Baby momma drama Iggy and …Play Boy Carti [53:01], Stimulus Check, Pelosi and Mitch homes vandalized [1:03], Read New Years Resolution of people from social media and what they are looking forward to in 2021. Host Share Resolutions [1:14].Fuck Monday's Podcast is about embracing Monday's, loving Monday's no longer hating the concept of Monday's. Having good conversations and good laughs. Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Website:
Episode 65- Razor Pussy

Episode 65- Razor Pussy


Kiara and Judah recap their weeks, talk Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson and Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones, Snoop as the best commentator, Summer Walker and Baby Momma Drama with London on the Track, Kevin Hart vs Club House, 21 Savage and energy, Young Berg on Drink Champs, Chris Unbias story, Megan Thee Stallion Tory Lanez and Kelsee, Grammys, Lysol for pussy, Orgy shutdown, T.I. "Do women want men that attract other women?", and Coming Out.
Kiara and Judah recap the previous week, Kiara gets a bad review, school closings in NJ and NY, Keke Palmer and Food, New Emmitt Till 2020, Domestic Violence double standard, Kiara shares dating app rules, and Rapper shot (Benny The Butcher and Boosie) wolves are out.We discuss Verzuz Jeezy and Gucci, Mulatto name, Meg Thee Stallion Album review Good News, Charlamagne tha God, Meg declines an interview, Fresh Prince Reunion, Trump lost or did he?, and Joe Biden asks for money.
Kiara and Judah are back we discuss COVID rise, Joe Biden/Kamala win, Is unity possible?, Van Jones, Attack on progressive, Stacey Abrams, Black women, Snitching in the black community, Alex Trebek, King Von, Reach out to people, Surgery, and feet.
Episode 62: Vote?

Episode 62: Vote?


Kiara and Judah discuss Kiara's Onlyfans, Joe Budden has COVID, Voting on Tuesday, Lil Wayne a coon...Why are people surprised?, Parenting, and Relationship labels.
Episode 61- Smelly Pussy

Episode 61- Smelly Pussy


Kiara & Judah discuss depression, 50 Cent, Ice cube, Worldwide Police Brutality, Ryan Henry, Cardi B, Bobby Shrmurda, Jennifer Lopez, Sex a chore?, & Submissive or Dominant.
Kiara & Judah discuss the passing of her cousin Balderin Payano, Delonte West, Kanye west, Social dilemma, Trump & Biden, Kamala & Pence, Breonna Taylor, Meg Thee Stallion & Tory Lanez, and Cardi B & Offset.
Kiara and Judah are back after missing last week's episode to discuss: Cuties on Netflix, Sex trafficking victims found, Tamala Horsford investigation reopened, 2 officers shot, 9/11, Tekashi 69, Stimulus check, Joe Budden vs Charlemagne Tha God, and Odell Beckman Jr.human toilet.
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