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Lift: A Parenting Podcast

Author: Rev. Kim Meyers

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Welcome to Lift: A Parenting Podcast, where we ask questions about family and faith. Parenting takes a lot of heavy lifting, both in physical, emotional and spiritual ways. Let's face it raising a family is hard work, some of us are doing it as a single parent, some of us are working with a spouse, but all of us have questions every day. Rev. Kim Meyers and the family ministry team have dreamed of this outlet to connect with families and that dream has become a reality. Our topics come from your questions and the questions that we experience as parents, and here walking with different families.
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We often talk about how to take care of our children. Today we talk about how to take care of ourselves as parents.  We hear that we need to take care of ourselves before we can take care of others. Dr. Brad Schwall gives some simple ways to make sure our own health is a priority.
We will ask our elementary students how they are doing with school, friends, family, and faith.  It is good as parents to hear from the children in our lives. This podcast is a check-in with two elementary school students. 
How are our kids doing? We interview two high school seniors. We ask them questions about school, college applications, job searches, and of course, faith.
Today we interview Robert Hasley, our Senior Pastor about how he has helped families over the years build faith into their homes when we as parents don’t feel qualified.  2020 has had so many different variables and changes, faith has been a constant.  
We are starting Hope Squad at St. Andrew this fall. Hope Squads reduce youth suicide through education, training, and peer intervention. Hope Squad members are nominated by their classmates as trustworthy peers and are trained by advisors. St. Andrew is one of the first churches in America to launch this program. This program is nationally known for its ability to connect students with each other and to mental health resources.We are interviewing Amy Pool, from which has helped many schools launch the Hope Squad and has been instrumental in helping St. Andrew to start the program here.You can find more Information on Hope Squad here.
The election season is upon us, and our children will be hearing political ads and varying opinions as we approach November 2020.  Adults have a hard time having political discussions about political matters. How can we have a healthy conversation with our families about the upcoming political season?  Today we will interview Jenny Gomez, from and she has helped many families learn how to communicate well, no matter the topic.
How can we as parents check in with our children to see how they are doing in this time of unknown?   We interview Deborah Dobbs and Beka Mullins from, asking how we do mental health check-in with our family in this uncertain time.  They give practical ways to have mental health conversations with our children as we start a new rhythm in the fall of 2020. 
How can we as parents walk alongside our students, especially our Middle School and High Schoolers. We speak with Michael Agnew, the director of St. Andrew UMC Student Ministry.   He has a great perspective on how our students are dealing with the current stressors.
Our "babies" are going to Kindergarten. How do we prepare them and prepare ourselves for this transition?  We speak with Pride Mersbach, Director of St. Andrew Preschool. Pride has helped hundreds of families prepare for the transition from preschool to elementary school.
 | Middle school and high school feel like a giant jump for our children. How do we prepare our children and ourselves for this transition? | We interview Jeff Banner, a principal in Plano IDS. We ask questions about how to prepare our students for middle school and high school.
Our seniors are about to go into the workplace or college. How do parents and students prepare?Roy has sent four of his children to college and has prepared them all for adulthood. He shares what has worked for his family as well as the lessons he has learned.  
 | As parents, we are making a decision about school for 2020, based on guidelines, fear, and doubt.  We talk about how to make this decision for your family. We intervew an elementary teacher and a family counselor for added perspective. 
Rev. Kim Meyers interviews Jenny Gomez and Dr. Kari Roan about how to have healthy conservations about race with your family.
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S2E13 - Marriage In COVID

S2E13 - Marriage In COVID


Marriage: Nurturing your most essential business
Kim brings in her family to talk about how they are doing in week 4 of the COVID pandemic.
We talk with an elementary school teacher about the best way to navigate online learning.



We have taken your Q/A's after living life with social distancing.
Our worlds are looking a little different with the recent COVID-19 pandemic. We are looking at the spiritual, medical, and mental toll that this could take on us all.
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