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Cleanse Heal Ignite is for the woman on a mission to ‘Cleanse her body, Heal her hormones and Ignite her life’. She’s tried all the labs, prescriptions, supplements, diets, fitness programs, still doesn’t feel her best and is over feeling fat, fatigued and frustrated. We get it. You deserve better! We’ll help you discover the self-love key to unlock your body's innate intelligence, become your own best healer and transform your life from the inside out, by getting you clear with 3 things: What do you want, what symptoms are standing in your way and how do we get your dream life, body and energy in the fastest time possible, even if you’ve tried what feels like everything? If you want to know the answer, subscribe to our podcast and we'll see you there.

A pro soccer player turned Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner and Holistic Health Coach, Diane Kazer is a Courageous Visionary in the world of hormones and detox, empowerment and self-love. She is the creator of the world-renowned CHI program, which includes the T.I.T.S. Method to help women reverse Breast Implant Illness, by addressing Toxicity, Infection, Trauma, and Shame. Your CHI tribe is a hybrid of functional medicine, conscious entrepreneurship, nutrition, yoga wisdom, functional fitness, life coaching, and mindset mastery. CHI podcast will leave you feeling empowered, inspired and hopeful that you CAN heal no matter how long you’ve suffered.
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Less than 10% of the US population has a knowledge of CBD, and what is even more shocking is that less than 20% of that 10% know they can access CBD legally from the hemp plant. If you want to see if CBD can work for you, watch the video at the top of this page and then click below to Browse and Shop. This is the SUPERHERO herbal plant and supplement of the CENTURY in my opinion…and one that is anticipated to rise in growth faster than any other industry in America. Today, I spoke with nationally acclaimed innovator and expert in the fields of integrative medicine and psychiatry, Dr. Hyla Cass. She is known for helping individuals overcome anxiety, depression and more, free of medication, using specific natural supplements, including her own line of Hemp Oil Extracts/CBD. As a frequent media expert on national print, radio and television outlets, Dr. Cass educates and speaks to both medical audiences and the public. She is also the author of several popular books including Supplement Your Prescription, Natural Highs, 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health, The Addicted Brain and How to Break Free, and Your Amazing Itty Bitty Guide to Cannabis.   Could you be experiencing Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD)? Sign up here for immediate access to find out. You will also get access to Dr. Cass' eBook, "The Magic of CBD Hemp Oil" You can also get 15% off Dr. Cass’ hemp oil store using code “warrior15” Take advantage of this offer! What is CBD & How Can It Help ME  "The discovery of the Endocannabinoid System is the single most important medical scientific discovery ever.” - Dr. David Allen HERE'S WHY: It's full of vitamins (I see so many women taking 15 supplements, which isn't necessary, sound familiar?)  Imagine consolidating your supplements because CBD has: B complex vitamins Vitamin C Vitamin E Calcium Magnesium Essential Fatty Acids Today's average woman is dangerously deficient in these vital nutrients today which play a HUGE role in the most important things we desire:  HORMONES, ENERGY, CLEANSING. 80% of women are deficient in Magnesium and Vitamin B, both CRITICAL to make hormones and support stress levels. Also, CBD... Eases Premenstrual Pain Helps Breast Cancer Patients Fights Inflammation and Treats Autoimmune Diseases Provides Fast Relief for Women’s Anxiety CBD can be administered many ways.  I take it in high concentrated paste (50mg per serving - most don't take enough and not consistently), oil, pill form and Vape. Which....this Vape pen is a GAME CHANGER.  I have many female clients who get panic attacks and rather than take a drug, they prefer to try a natural approach, such as this.  If this is you, reach out. It's a mellow without the jello feeling.   QUOTES “Symptoms of a body disorder are generally inflammation somewhere within, and the psychiatric symptoms are just messages from your body that something is out of whack.” “If you eat the standard American diet, you’re in trouble. You ingest toxicity with every bite.”  “Food is information; it tells the body what to do. When we feed the body glyphosate, gluten, inflammatory foods and empty calories, the information isn’t there.”   LINKS
I want to share an amazing story with you today. There's a lot to celebrate in this woman that came to me, and she basically was on her knees saying, "I know I need to change. I know I need transformation. I just don't know exactly what that could look like because I feel like I've tried everything."  Janesa L. is a client of mine that recently came to me and said, "Diane, I've been following your work for about five years, and I've just been silently following everything that you say and it feels like you're speaking to my heart, feels like you're speaking to my soul." But she waited for a long time to reach out to me because perhaps part of her wasn't really ready to do something about it. She came to me, and you'll listen to her in this journey as we do shed a lot of tears in this one. You'll probably be able to relate to it because it's a real woman's journey of feeling loss and feeling like nobody would understand her emotions and her sadness or what to do to help fix her because a big part of her believed that she was broken. She was struggling with a lot of things when she came to me. She was struggling with her emotions, her gut. She had trauma from childhood wounds and a lot of stress. And she didn't know if there was anything that she could do about it because she'd been taking 10 supplements plus a day. She tried all different kinds of doctors and labs and treatments to figure out what's wrong with her. But she just felt like she was lifeless.  Take a listen to what she went through to find her freedom, and I have a feeling that every single one of you listening is going to relate and resonate with everything that she says because there are many paths to freedom and wellness and feeling the best that we were designed to feel. And hers is a windy path, just like yours might be. Janesa's story is a wake-up call for us all. That if we can really, really get real and have a relationship with our bodies and learn to listen to them and understand what they're trying to say, then we can find our freedom. We can be free from the symptoms and the suffering and the sickness that plagues us every single day.   In This Episode: How to beat the self-soothing behaviors that are slowly KILLING YOU The reason how one addiction can slyly turn into another The loss of passion can turn into RECLAIMED PURPOSE with CHI How the healing journey is not meant to be perfect A very beautiful yet HOT MESS-TERPIECE of a journey that may be closer to yours than you think   My Message for Those Struggling: There's a lot of you out there. You're going to a lot of different doctors. You're going to do a lot of different prescriptions. You're even trying antidepressants. In this case, Janesa was doing many of these things. She was numbing out with food. She didn't realize how much she was numbing out with food until we started really analyzing. She went through AA to get rid of her alcoholism addiction. But the addiction patterns did not stop with AA. They simply transferred from alcohol over to sugar, carbohydrates, gluten. And when I looked at her soul tests and her hormone tests, and she was able to see what her labs are trying to say because I helped them help what my clients understand through my filter of how we are swallowing our emotions and how we're taking our anger and frustration and sadness out on our body. We wear our emotions on our sleeve and they show up with symptoms, but many of us feel powerless to it. Like there's nothing that we can do. So we continue to numb out. Janesa's story is like so many of we women who have been shamed and belittled and harassed to just take the pill because that was what was next for her. She didn't know how to numb out any more because the food was no longer working. She didn't have her alcohol. So she was finally willing to face herself. The healing journey is not meant to be perfect. It's not meant to be 100% clear. It's a mess. It can be very messy. But what I say to my clients is you can be a hot mess and a masterpiece at the same time. I call it a hot masterpiece.   Janesa, I love you. And every one of you warriors listening and who have supported me on this path on CHI and the Cleanse Heal Ignite Podcast, I love you as well. So please take that love, bring it to your heart, turn this into wisdom and feel some of the parts of you that maybe you have swallowed back for a very long time, thinking that you needed permission from someone else like myself to feel. And emotions are there to teach you something, not to torture you.   Quotes “[Janesa] is finally feeling the emotions she suppressed, that we found living in her gut. Why do we have disease? We ignore these emotions like they’re bad. If they continue to get the best of you, and live and you, and hurt you, then yes, they’re bad. But to feel them, is to free them.” [50:56] "My message is: you can afford it, you're not too busy with kids. We make the time for what we want and we make the time for what's important. When we don't have time for something, it's because we aren't making it important enough." [1:13:00] Links Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse! Take my Neurotoxic quiz. Check out my brand new Cleanse, Heal, Ignite supplement line!
Did you know that even scrolling through your cell phone is dehydrating? There are 2 reasons for this. First we have to manufacture a new round of neuro-chemicals, using up hydration, every time we focus. Second, if your head is down and tipped forward, that added pressure on your neck means the synovial fluid, passing to your brain from your spinal cord canal is compressed and is slowed in its flow.  We can survive for weeks without food, but we would not survive beyond seven days without water.  Our organs and bodily systems would shut down.  And, if we drink too much water, we could be flushing out valuable electrolytes, vital minerals and nutrients. Today I spoke with Dr. Dana Cohen, who has been practicing  integrative medicine for the last 20 years in Manhattan. She is a nationally renowned internal and integrative medicine specialist whose multi-disciplinary approach has helped treat thousands of patients using a variety of conventional and complementary therapies. She has co-authored QUENCH: Beat Fatigue, Drop Weight, and Heal Your Body Through the New Science of Optimum Hydration with cultural anthropologist Gina Bria. Today we talk about the myths and truths about hydration, and what you could be doing about it! Tom Brady wrote that he drank 'half his body weight in ounces of water each day, and double that amount when exercising. '  Which is about 2.3 gallons just while exercising! We’ll also talk about what OVERHYDRATION is doing to your body!   In this Episode: Where did 8 glasses a day idea even come from? Ice, liquid, and vapor: what is the FOURTH stage of water that we’re missing? WHAT DOES your poop, pee, and sweat have to do with your hydration and why is clear pee WORSE? The BIGGEST threat to our water supply Hacks for Optimal Hydration: Just because you might drink 8 glasses of water per day, does not mean your body is hydrated! Here are 4 ways to hack your hydration: Hack 1 - Drink 16 oz. of water  first thing in the morning with salt (Real Salt, Celtic Salt or Himalayan Sea salt) with lemon. Hack 2 - Afternoon fatigue is #1 sign you’re dehydrated.   Drink a green smoothie in the afternoon instead of coffee, but be careful with how much sugar! Hack 3 - Suck on chia seeds while exercising, this is something even elite distance runners do!  Hack 4 - Movement is a hydrating act.  Move your joints to lubricate them!   What water SHOULD you be drinking? In this video I answer all of your drinking water questions. You'll learn why Pur, Brita and bottled water is costing you money and your health! Find more of my recommended products here!  
Vaginal yeast infections are very common in women. It is estimated that almost 2.5 million are affected by recurrent vaginal candidiasis and that recurrent VVC is the second most frequent fungal infection in women, as 75% of all women will have at least one in her lifetime, and 40%-45% will have multiple cases. More than 6% of women suffer recurrent episodes. UTI’s - The prevalence in women over 65 years of age is approximately 20%, compared with approximately 11% in the overall population. Between 50% and 60% of adult women will have at least one UTI in their life, and close to 10% of postmenopausal women indicate that they had a UTI in the previous year. I am joined again by CHI graduate and medicine woman Marisa Reyes,  an L.A. native with Mexican roots, is a lifelong learner, teacher, and world traveler whose curiosity to experience different cultures and adventure has taken her around the globe. She has attained her B.A. in Liberal Studies and a Master's of Library and Information Science, which has allowed her to be a school, academic, and public librarian since 2010. In 2013, she traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand to study Thai massage and become a Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal Massage practitioner. To bring balance to the mind body connection, she trained to become a Kundalini Yoga Instructor at the Awareness Center in Pasadena and Hatha/Yoga Nidra instructor at the Himalayan Academy of Yoga in Rishikesh, India. In addition, she is also a California-certified massage therapist from the Massage School of Pasadena, To help support women’s health, she studied with Keli Garza in her Vaginal Steam Facilitator Training. You can even find Marisa steaming Ellen Degeneres’ producer, Lauren Pommerantz on In May of 2019, she trained with Dee Dussault, author of Ganja Yoga, to become a certified Ganja Yoga instructor. In her weekly Ganja Yoga LA ritual, you can experience the incredible blend of her training combined. Missed out on WHICH herbs should be used in your yoni steaming? Join The Warrior Cleanse TODAY for the rest of this great interview! For now, GET $150 OFF Marisa and Michael’s Empowering Menstrual Health and Womb Wisdom Program using this link. (normal price $399, get it for $249)  In this Episode: How to steam your yoni to release pain, stored emotions, and anxiety RELIEVE yourself of discomfort with menstruation OR menopause The RESEARCH about yoni steaming- what works best? WHICH yoni herbs can treat your ailments- all through The Warrior Cleanse! PHYSICAL BENEFITS: Reduction in pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation Decreases heavy menstrual flow Regulation of irregular or absent menstrual cycles More rapid healing and a toning of the reproductive system after giving birth Eases discomfort of uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, uterine weakness, uterine prolapse & endometriosis Promotes healing of vaginal tear, episiotomy, or C-section scar Helps to restore bacterial and ph balance to aid in prevention of infections, bacterial vaginosis and odors Relief for symptoms of menopause including dryness or pain Can tighten the vaginal canal Detoxification of the womb and body Emotional & Spiritual Benefits Allows modern day women the opportunity to reconnect to the ancestral wisdom of the womb Release of stored emotions & anxiety Access to the feminine energy that gives rise to our vibrant radiance and creative potential as women Relieves tension and creates a state of bliss Helps with insomnia Can help aid in healing from sexual trauma   LINKS: How to Steam your Yoni! Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse! Take my Neurotoxic quiz. Check out my brand new Cleanse, Heal, Ignite supplement line!   QUOTES: “I had been married for three years at that point, and was having low libido and chronic infections… It was around that time where I discovered yoni steaming with my mentor, Kelly Garza, and it tied in so beautifully to what you were sharing. For me, it created a huge shift.” [09:19] “Most of the women that have come to me is because of menstrual pains: cramping, bloating, tender breasts, and acne, all from hormonal imbalance.” [22:39] “Really, this is a practice of forgiveness, just letting the steam be this nurturing, self-care practice. We get to be at peace with where we’re at in that moment.” [36:07]   RESOURCES: Uterine fibroids: current perspectives An introduction to the epidemiology and burden of urinary tract infections Prevalence of vulvovaginal candidiasis in gynecological practices in Germany: A retrospective study of 954,186 patients Endometriosis: Epidemiology, Diagnosis and Clinical Management
We're going to talk about hormones, yeast infections, UTI’s, testosterone for men and women, how to use bioidentical hormones, and whether or not birth control makes sense for you. We're even going to talk about how addressing these areas of your body is going to possibly save you a lot of money down the road. Dr. Anna Cabeca is one of my personal and dearest friends. She is an internationally acclaimed menopause and sexual health expert. She's a global speaker and pioneering promoter of women's health and has several different mechanisms that she supports her patients with. In this episode, she's going to share different tips, without seeing an OB/GYN, to support hormone metabolism on the mucosa of all of your tissues. She will tell you how to reverse weight gain, energy drain, body pain, and broken brain.  In this Episode The low-down on HORMONES: what are they, how do they influence our health, and how do they change as we age? What hormone could be the reason that women are TWO TIMES as likely to get Alzheimer’s? The NUMBER ONE reason women get placed into nursing homes Dryness, Incontinence, and all natural parts of aging that DO NOT need to equal suffering Warriors- it’s Christmas morning. Well, not exactly, but I have TONS of discounted gifts just for you from Dr. Anna Cabeca that are sure to make your life a whole lot better, plus one FREE jar of Julva (Dr Anna’s Anti Aging Cream for your Vagina and Vitality):  Keto Green 16 Book Keto Green 16 QuickStart Kit/Challenge Mighty Maca Trial Mighty Maca Full Tube Progesterone cream Keto-Green® Shake 40 Servings Keto-Alkaline® Protein Shake TO TALK TO ME 1 ON 1 ABOUT BIRTH CONTROL or any lady logistics, such as how to increase your odds of fertility, preparing for a healthy baby, recovering your adrenals and beautiful temple from childbirth, hormone balancing, herpes or HPV, bacteria overgrowth, yeast infections, itchy/swollen ‘Gardens', Urinary Tract Infections, and just about everything else under the sun: BOOK A TIME WITH ME HERE!   Quotes: “The transitions that women go through, either if it’s monthly, or when we start our periods, to when we end our periods, it is natural. It’s always natural and mandatory but suffering is not.” [06:30] “It’s not only about the reproductive hormones, it’s about the other major hormones as well. The three that I talk about are: cortisol, insulin, and oxytocin.” [09:35] “Clitoris to anus, that is our most valuable real estate in our body. That is important to take care of, we need to take care of our vulvar area, and clitoris to anus” [41:42]
Does any of this sound familiar?   I was experiencing recurrent respiratory infections that antibiotics couldn't clear up, extreme fatigue turned mono diagnosis, mental fog, lack of clarity and focus, unexplained weight gain despite unwavering commitment to exercise. I was lost in my personal life and in my career. I felt numb and devoid of joy despite having married the love of my life and excelling in a career where I knew I made a difference. The final fracture was the unexpected loss of my father in 2013 and finding out I was going to be a mother in the same week, the heaviness of trying to pretend I had it all together was hiding the reality of the pain that I was carrying.   That heaviness that our warrior, Genaye L., experienced can be like carrying around a ton of bricks. You think that by carrying this weight it will make you stronger, but it’s just further burdening you. By first enrolling in our CHI warrior cleanse, she began to toss out these bricks one by one.    But what about the ones that remained- such as the unexpected loss of her father- something completely out of her control?   The combination of her metaphorical CHI strength training relieved some of the burden that was in her control, and gave her more stamina and resilience to tug the bag along. Genaye’s story has been invaluable, to say the least, so that’s why we decided to dedicate this episode to her story, hormones, wins and fails, and how she made it to the other side.     In this episode How one woman, after many different programs, was forever changed by CHI Discover what is blocking YOU from your health goals High levels of this hormone creating a TOTAL IMBALANCE in the rest of her body Learn that there is no better advocate, best friend, mother, sister, or mentor, than YOURSELF  
Have you ever thought about being a public speaker? Public speaking is one of the number one biggest fears in the world. I want to share with you a fun, fun friend of mine named Robbe Richman, who just rocked the stage the very first time I saw him speak and I thought, "I have to know this guy."  Robbe Richman has really contributed to the culture of the shoe company named Zappos. In fact, he actually has created a whole book and system around this that has helped him get paid tens of thousands of dollars just for stepping on stage for a half an hour.  If you've ever thought about inspiring people, I have a lot of people coming to me saying,  "I really want to help people, I want to influence them, and I want to inspire and uplift them." There's a way to do this, and Robbie has a very, very authentic, fun, humorous way of sharing it, you feel like it's you. Can you imagine just jumping on stage feeling like you're just being yourself surrounded by thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people that you really, really enjoy looking into the eyes of and connecting with their hearts and their souls and their minds all at the same time. This was born because I actually have been invited to do a huge series on a media company for toxic beauty called Dying to Beautiful. I said, "Oh, my God. I want to make sure I do this right so that I can really help people," and not just speak from my perspective, but also to help people see things from their own. In this Episode: CAPTURE, MOVE, and INSPIRE others! How to make people feel like they’re the only one in the room. My own strengths and weaknesses in public speaking- and how I’m fixing them The difference between AUTHENTICITY and VULNERABILITY Quotes “So much of communication happens beyond the words. The content isn’t actually as important as the delivery.”  [14:10] “I think being authentic is talking about what’s important for you and what’s coming up for you.’ [38:20] “What I keep in the back of my mind is that people will tune out in a second.They want to get it digestible, they want to get it quick, we want it to have some oomph and some impact. So, deliver.” [48:42]
Today you're going to learn a lot about your teeth and specifically (pun intended) the root cause of so much infection today. We're going to cover a lot of things from if you have ever had a root canal done, or if you've had your wisdom teeth pulled. 86% of people who have had their wisdom teeth pulled have some kind of cavitation that is causing disease peripherally in other parts of their body. This is one that you absolutely not only want to listen from, start to finish, but you'll also want to share this with other people, because it is said today that 70 to 80% of chronic disease begins in your mouth. Even better if you watch our youtube video on this to follow along with the diagrams. I am joined by Alessandro Porcella Jr., future holistic dentist, to shed some light on why holistic dentistry should be the ONLY way. In this episode: Why it's time to retire your family dentist for a HOLISTIC DENTIST The not-so-wise removal of those wisdom teeth MERCURY: how’d it end up in our mouths & why are so many dentists defending it as a ’safe’ material? So you don’t have a mercury filling but you DO have a white filling- WHAT NOW? What is a cavitation? Is that like a cavity!? (NO!)   There is a special discount  that I wanted to share that American Bio Dental has for you. If you mentioned my name, Diane Kazer with the CHI podcast, you will get $100 off of your treatment. You can call their office, talk to them about your possibility of treatment that you might need, schedule a visit and get that discount.   Biological Dentist-Approved Dental Detox Kit  I use something called the Dental Detox Kit from Primal Life Organics, by my friend, Trina Felber. She has several things in this dental detox kit that you absolutely need to start cleaning out your personal care products, and your oral care routine. We all need to just do a lot of healthy swaps to get back to mother nature's types of ingredients.This whole dental detox kit is six products and it's all that you need to keep your mouth clean. And she's had lots of testimonials for people who have cleaned a lot of things out of their mouth, including avoiding certain procedures that their dentist said that they needed to have because they saved their own mouth microbiome. Oral Health & Mercury Fillings? The ONLY time it's debatable not to is if you have mercury fillings as they do leech vapor into your mouth which gets absorbed into your bloodstream through your cheeks, under your tongue (sublingually) as well as you swallow it with food when you chew.  WATCH THIS VIDEO which clearly illustrates it. This is why I HIGHLY recommend against mercury fillings and/or seeing a Biological dentist to have them removed properly and in small groups.  I made the mistake of having all of mine removed at the same time which is just too much for the body to absorb at once.  It went into my lymph nodes on my neck under my cheek bones and I looked swollen for years until I slowly detox'ed them with these HEAVY METAL HERBS as well as more dedicated detox things such as Coffee enemas and NIR Infrared sauna.  It takes a MINIMUM of 2 years to remove these toxic metals from your body so the very best thing you can do for yourself is not add them back in. Without knowing, many people chase the concept of a sexy body, booty or belly, without realizing that one of the key root causes that roadblocks us from these goals is toxicity, much of which comes from the mouth, and the meridians you see above. Links:    Quotes: “If you go to the dentist and he says “oh yeah I'm a holistic dentist I can remove the Mercury and the metals in your mouth”.First of all, It would be good to see if they are part of one of the holistic organizations… We've seen a lot of doctors say they’re holistic and the only difference is that they don't put metal in the mouth. “ [15:56] “If you have a tooth removed and you don't clean it out properly underneath, even if there wasn't an infection the periodontal ligament that's left behind and your body over time will reabsorb it but it is essentially like super glue for bacteria.” [58:41] “We’ve had a person come in, in a wheelchair because they were having all these muscular pains and joint pains. After removing the cavitations and other old root canals, and older in on they were walking within the next few months. Some people will tell you the next day that you can start feeling arthritic pain go away.”  [1:06:30]   Resources: Evidence of Harm Youtube Documentary
There’s no denying that EMF (electromagnetic frequencies) are TOXIC. In fact, over 240 scientists and doctors from 41 nations who have published research told the United Nations we need URGENT ACTION and reduced exposure. And they wrote the FCC for a moratorium on the roll-out of 5G—citing the serious risks to human health and the environment. Did anything happen? HECK NO—because 5G is poised to become a TRILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. EMFs make those sensitive to parasite excretions and mold mycotoxins even sicker. Ever tried a candida cleanse or a parasite protocol and it didn’t seem to work, or maybe it did but only for a few months until it came back? This could be why. Our guest today is Brian Hoyer who is amazing. Brian is going to knock it out of the ballpark on all the different things that affect us from EMS, EMRs, our health and why it's so important for what I say, your balls, your boobs, your babies, and brain and your entire body.  What I wanted to share with you guys is an offer that is exclusive only to my followers. Brian Hoyer and my good friend Nick Pineault, have been collaborating together for quite some time to create a 6 week EMF protection course. As a member of this waiting list, you'll get a chance to grab your access for this new class at a discounted price! In this six week program, you're going to learn the solutions that I wish I would have known three years ago when I first became EMF and EMR certified. Especially with all these mysterious symptoms, that most of your doctors may send you away and say, "We have no idea what's wrong with you. There's no big deal. Take this pill, take this pill, take this pill." In this course, which they have offered a discount for you guys, for my tribe, it's a six week program, just the basics because this is a very complex topic. Especially in this episode, you might be a little overwhelmed. It gets distilled down in this program so that you can have little bite-sized step-by-step things that you can do to incorporate this into your life, to save you and your family. This is the step-by-step take action plan so that everything you learned about today, which is going to blow your mind, how to take these and implement them into your daily life to reduce the toxic burden and load on EMS and EMRs, and 5G, which is one of the top three, I believe, hazards in your health, in our lives at this point, for animals, insects in humans. After testing many homes for EMF around the country Brian founded Shielded Healing in 2017 with the goal of helping modern humanity recreate electromagnetic environments that more closely mimic our historic human habitats.   In this Episode What you’re NOT considering in terms of EMFs and 5G Eliminate unnecessary stressors from your home to improve SLEEP, RECOVERY, and ENERGY Learn if you really can CLEAN DIRTY ELECTRICITY Which length of electromagnetic rays are HARMING YOU the most Things you MAY NOT be considering in terms of EMFs Electric fields via wiring in walls - wired radiation, which is micro using up calcium and magnesium and a huge reason we are magnesium deficient.  Your workplace- you could be exposed to really high levels of this toxin. A car that’s loaded with Dirty Electricity (such as my foot on the gas pedal) Home lights like fluorescent (mercury vapor, cause dirty electricity lines throughout the whole home). Fitbit, Apple Watch, etc emit lots of EMF (unless on Airplane mode) Earbuds, airPods, holding phone up to head, headphones. Cell phones in the pocket, on the body, holding them for long periods of time.  Tips to social distance from yourself from your devices and the EMFs they emit! Turn WiFi off when you go to bed (use a christmas light timer - plug router into that and have it come on in morning). Paint to block out frequencies, so earth energy can come through (shielded bedroom Get a sleep switch for your room. Brian’s company test for wiring areas and these types of frequencies: electric, magnetic fields and dirty electricity, wireless,and geopathic stress from the earth. Connect computer to wired connection via ethernet cable vs using WiFi. Purchase an organic cotton sleeping canopy (you can order this here). Consider red light therapy  Replace fluorescent lights with incandescent and halogen lamps, (more watts the better because they are hotter and flicker less).   Get the AuraRing (deep sleep, fitness tracker, Heart Math, counts steps?)...improve deep sleep by up to 50% Consider a Defender Shield phone case. And last but not least… take Brian and Nick’s 6 week course all about EMFs. Quotes: “Your body is on your side, when you have a symptom, thats your body telling you ‘hey, I’m trying to excrete something’.” [28:50} “Any healing modality requires the body to activate healing. In order to activate healing, your nourishment has to outweigh your stressors.” [36:20] “There’s a pathway to healing that starts with listening to this podcast, and implementing some of the things we talked about” [1:34:52] Links: Esoteric Agenda 6 week EMF protection course Resources: Unexplained Illness by Martin Paul The Invisible Rainbow The Body Electric  EMF Proofing your Home with Building Biologist Brian Hoyer The Truth about Water Flouridation  
HOW TO HEAL from Low Sex Drive, Chronic Colds/Allergies, and Chronic Fatigue, WITHOUT the toxic side effects of Antibiotics in LESS than 3 MONTHS! When your marriage and your life's on the line, you have a BIG choice to make...Live in HELL every day, or commit yourself to WELL for the rest of your life.The magical Marisa Reyes and I talk about her healing journey from several health conditions and symptoms in a matter of a week.   In this episode Throwing out the conventional medical book “cures” How to ditch the always 'sick and tired',   Releasing the shame associated with low sex drive One warrior’s story about how she got her mojo back! Marisa manage to cure herself from these conditions: Anemia Frequent Headaches Asthma Chest pains Respiratory Issues Chronic cold/Flu symptoms Chronic fatigue Low libido Kidney problems   ...without toxic pills and creams. No matter how much you think you know about health, hormones and eating healthy, you do not want to miss this! You will walk away with a TON of confidence that you too can feel at least 3 times better than you do matter your genes, your age or your circumstances. Just when you think you can't...Marisa's story will inspire you that you CAN! Quotes: “I feel like libido is something that I never talked about openly, and since i’ve started your program I’ve been more open about it because I realized that other women could be going through the same thing.” [21:10]   Links Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse! Take my Neurotoxic quiz. Check out my brand new Cleanse, Heal, Ignite supplement line!
The lymphatic system is INCREDIBLE, here are just some of the things it does: • Filters bacteria, foreign materials, toxins and harmful substances • Drains excess fluid from tissues and cells into the bloodstream to prevent water retention swelling & inflammation • Transports proteins back into the blood supply • Produces antibodies to fight bacteria • Absorbs fat from intestines and transports it back to the liver • Makes white blood cells called lymphocytes, which protect and defend against infection * It moves slowly like a sloth The lymphatic system: • Filters bacteria, foreign materials, toxins and harmful substances • Drains excess fluid from tissues and cells into the bloodstream to prevent water retention swelling & inflammation • Transports proteins back into the blood supply • Produces antibodies to fight bacteria • Absorbs fat from intestines and transports it back to the liver • Makes white blood cells called lymphocytes, which protect and defend against infection * It moves slowly like a sloth   This episode, I am joined by Kelly Kennedy, a biological holistic nutritionist whose studies began more traditionally as a pre-med student at Cornell University, receiving a degree in Biology. Her father had Hodgkin’s disease and passed away when she was just 20 years old. That same year she was in a bad car accident that left her in chronic pain, emotionally drained and her life in a state of upheaval. Today we discuss ALL things lymph and what you can be doing to cleanse, heal and ignite! After 3 years of succumbing to the contemporary allopathic approach without results, Kelly finally sought out a different approach and got relief from her pain permanently. Kelly did not understand precisely how she had healed, but knew she had found the answers she was seeking. Kelly began studying and working with Ian Kennedy and a skilled, passionate practitioner was born. Today we discuss ALL things lymph and what you can be doing to cleanse, heal and ignite! >> GET MY FREE EBOOK, “LOVING ON YOUR LYMPH”<< Dr. Christine Schaffner’s SophiaFlow cream is a product I absolutely must showcase. It's a proprietary blend of probiotics, so it's using probiotic bacteria that produce a specific peptide, macrophage activating factor, which is one of the ways that our bodies communicate to macrophages, to clear viruses and bacterial infections.  Because these pathogens are tricky and intelligent, one of the ways they evade our immune system is by creating an enzyme called nagalase that basically disrupts that macrophage activating factor production. The SophiaFlow cream has the ability to be a transdermal (through the skin) delivery of macrophage activating factor, and then it also has some other things that are really supportive like vitamin D3, oleic acid, chondroitin sulfate, and so it's this wonderful combination to really increase lymph drainage, as well as to support the immune system. Transdermal products such as Flow cream can promote lymph drainage and deliver active ingredients such as macrophage activating factor by simply applying it directly to your skin. I highly, highly recommend this product for all of my warriors looking to optimize their lymphatic drainage.    LOVING ON YOUR LYMPH Tips: Alternating between hot and cold water during a shower is a great way to stimulate lymphatic flow. When your skin is exposed to hot water, your lymph vessels relax and when they are exposed to cold water they contract. Furthermore, when your body's exposed to hot water the blood in your body moves in greater volume outwards, towards your skin, in order to release heat and maintain the ideal temperature of your vital organs. In the opposite manner, when your body's exposed to cold water, the blood in your body moves in greater volume inwards towards your vital organs in order to preserve vital heat. So by alternating between these two temperatures a couple times, it stimulates lymphatic flow. Pranayama, deep belly breathing. Nothing moves lymph like a deep diaphragmatic breath. It acts like a vacuum pulling lymph through your body and filtering out toxins. Deep breathing enhances lymphatic stimulation ten times the normal rate. Constant shallow breathing will increase lymphatic congestion. So if you want to become healthier, take deep diaphragmatic breaths regularly. BONUS:  Use Breathe Essential Oil prior to your exercise, breathing, yoga exercises Increasing the oxygen supply to tissue facilitates a healthy immune response and may prevent cancer. Exercise stimulates blood circulation and the transportation of oxygen to tissues and cells. The lack of exercise leads to an accumulation of toxins in muscles. Tumors thrive in a low oxygenated environment and this condition known as hypoxia promotes the invasion of cancer and its growth.   >>GET MY FREE EBOOK, “LOVING ON YOUR LYMPH”<<   Links Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse! Take my Neurotoxic quiz. Check out my brand new Cleanse, Heal, Ignite supplement line!    
TOP THREE MYTHS: I poop every day I don’t need a colonic. Ain't nobody stickin' no tube up my ass (says those who need it the most usually with UC, IBS, IBD) My doctor did a colonoscopy and said everything was clear, so my bowels are good. Today, I am joined by Kitty Marteen, CT, a digestion wizard. She uses Colonics and Reflexology to tune up sluggish fueling systems. With 20 years of experience in holistic wellness, Kitty educates and demystifies how eating, lifestyle and ways of thinking affect the colon --- and how the condition of the colon impacts your health. Kitty teaches how you can restore your colon to its optimal functionality, naturally. Want a treatment from Kitty in person (Orange County, Los Angeles, CA)? COUPON CODE: DKPodcast --- use this code for a free second treatment + frequency balancing with your first visit     In this episode: Find out WHAT to ask your colon hydrotherapist Learn how everyone can benefit from a colonic, even if you have regular bowel movements Enemas: coffee, saline, and everything in-between! The HEALTH DRAWBACKS from colonic therapy (spoiler alert, there are none!)   STATISTICS: In the United States, colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of cancer-related deaths in men and in women, and the second most common cause of cancer deaths when men and women are combined. It's expected to cause about 53,200 deaths during 2020. They say the incidence is decreasing because of early detection of polyps but that’s limiting causes of cancer to only physical abnormalities.     QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR COLON HYDROTHERAPIST Do you use an open system or a closed system?   Does it hurt? Is it messy?  Can you lower the water pressure if I feel uncomfortable while you’re filling my colon?  How often should I get colonics? Are there any negative side effects ? If I have ulcerative colitis, can I get a colonic ? If I’m pregnant, can I get a colonic?   What does a colonic do?  Can I eat before a colonic?  How will I feel after my colonic?  How many colonics do I need to feel amazing?   THE COLONIC EXPERIENCE 4 Steps to Finding a good therapist near you: Uses OPEN system  Gauge by Yelp reviews Check certifications (esp reflexologist - acupuncture without needles). Especially look for someone trained in this. Bonus if they use essential oils to support the body’s senses during treatment! Quotes: "If your body is healing from an imbalance, it will take advantage of the water, your small intestine will absorb about 30%, and most of the water will be absorbed in the large intestine." [18:35] "You can be drinking water all day and you may not even be absorbing it because there may be a wall of mucus in your colon that prevents absorption." [22:10] "The best time to detoxify is before the holidays, most people will be like 'oh, let's wait until after I eat all that crap' but consider when does flu season start? After January 1st, people start to get sick because they're all full of toxicity." [01:01:55]   Links Kitty’s website  Watch Diane LIVE getting a hydrocolontherapy session Watch Diane LIVE doing a Coffee Enema. Learn how to prepare one & perform one & which products & kit to get Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse! Take my Neurotoxic quiz. Check out my brand new Cleanse, Heal, Ignite supplement line!
Facts: ✅ Only 5% of breast cancers are related to BRCA gene mutation. The other 95% are related to diet and lifestyle. ✅Researchers found 66 reports that mentioned problems with mammography for women with breast implants. The majority (62.1%) of problems reported were for breast implant rupture. ✅Implants can interfere with the detection of breast cancer in mammograms, as approximately 55 percent of breast tumors will be hidden in women with implants, not to mention the increased risk of rupture. ✅ Mammograms cause DNA damage, and low dose radiation can actually *cause* breast cancer. A Canadian study done on 90,000 women over 25 years indicated that mammography didn’t reduce breast cancer mortality rate not even by 1%. In fact, they were just as effective as a self breast exam that women do. ✅FOR EVERY WOMAN THE HARM OF MAMMOGRAMS ALWAYS OUTWEIGHS THE BENEFIT is the consensus among most doctors today who have researched them especially when considering advancements in technology today, both with labs and screenings. ✅ According to my friend Veronique Desaulniers of Breast Cancer Conqueror ”By the time they see a lump on a mammogram, it has taken five to eight years to develop. And if a woman follows the 10-year protocol of getting a mammogram every year or every six months, she is getting as much radiation as a woman had at Hiroshima; the atomic bomb, if she stood a mile away from the epicenter. She is getting over 5 rads of radiation in a mammogram if she follows the traditional methods of mammography.   Today’s episode is about the newest technology that every woman needs to know about, the SonoCine. This is a less toxic method for breast cancer detection, and has ZERO radiation exposure. I interviewed Jasmine Khordandi, an ultrasound technician that uses the SonoCine daily and her experience detecting breast cancer.   MISSION To debunk and disrupt and demystify, destroy and “de-story” to decrease the lies and replace with truth. My mission = Destroy toxins, “De-story” trauma  The formula = Cleanse your Body, Heal Your Hormones, Ignite your Life (Cleanse your Trauma, Heal your Body, , Ignite your Soul Goal) Cleanse your Trauma, Heal your Tissues, Ignite your Transformation Heal your Emotions, Detox your Ego, Find your Joy Outcome = Freedom, Self Love, All Day Energy, Natural Beauty, Intuition, A Trusting Relationship with your Body QUESTION? In our Reversing #BII Facebook group, one of our members sent me this question: "I am seriously leaning towards “explant” and had talked to my husband about it with my plan of first getting a mammogram then seeing the surgeon that placed the implants in the beginning. Now I am questioning all of that. Is it safe to even get a mammogram?” We highly recommend you know the risks before you do this, with these 3 key points being: 👉According to, breast implants can interfere with the detection of breast cancer by obscuring the mammography image of a tumor and potentially delaying the diagnosis of breast cancer. American Cancer Society warns that the X-rays used in mammograms cannot go through silicone or saline implants well enough to show the underlying breast tissue where your radiologist is looking for signs of cancer. 👉Researchers found 66 reports that mentioned problems with mammography for women with breast implants. The majority (62.1%) of problems reported were for breast implant rupture. 👉Implants can interfere with the detection of breast cancer in mammograms, as approximately 55 percent of breast tumors will be hidden in women with implants, not to mention the increased risk of rupture. There are so many other things you can do to detox harmful Xeno-estrogens that fuel cancer, such as: 1.5 cups of edamame daily is enough to cancel out and reverse the BRCA gene mutation.  3 5 tsp of ground flax seeds fed to women over 30 years, their markers decreased anywhere from 30-73% - tumor size, tumor markers.  Aside from breast implants, sources of Xenoestrogens include plastics, pesticides, processed meats, packaged foods, parabens in beauty care products, phthalates in fragrance contained personal care and laundry products as well as water, since most filters do not adequately filter out prescription drugs such as birth control and run off from hormones used in agriculture. So what ARE the benefits, if any, to women, implants or not. According to my friend Veronique Desaulniers of Breast Cancer Conqueror ”By the time they see a lump on a mammogram, it has taken five to eight years to develop. And if a woman follows the 10-year protocol of getting a mammogram every year or every six months, she is getting as much radiation as a woman had at Hiroshima; the atomic bomb, if she stood a mile away from the epicenter. She is getting over 5 rads of radiation in a mammogram if she follows the traditional methods of mammography. So mammograms cause a lot of problems – the compression, the radiation. Studies have shown that they can INCREASE your risk of cancer. And the new study that came out in Canada, it was a 25-year study where they found that "mammograms did not decrease breast mortality rate at all. In fact, they were just as effective as a self breast exam that women do". My boyfriend, Jacob Bradley Johnson, is the Director of Clinical Technology at Kaiser Permanente, responsible for hospital wide medical equipment purchases. They are investing billions on this new technology, so I’m educating him on these risks, especially for women with implants. I’m hoping his voice will be heard at the national level, so women with implants will be prescribed a SAFER breast screening and women without implants are AT LEAST provided informed consent AND thoroughly examined for genetic/family history predispositions potentially exacerbated by radiation, before blindly trusting their doctors lead to have their tatas smashed like a pancake, in the name of 'early detection'. The best tools in a woman's toolbox today I believe are: A team of practitioners who can help you explore root causes for your symptoms and illness, the main being Toxins, Infections, Trauma and Shame, then come up with a game plan to help you self heal them ALL simultaneously, and efficiently as possible. A Functional Medicine OB-GYN who offers comprehensive examinations and can prescribe the proper scans and protocols to you. A family who supports you with the belief that your health is your MOST valuable asset and worth investing in. Paying out of pocket for testing and proper treatment is not a bad thing, in fact it's THE best care you're going to get, individualized or bio individualized, and taking all aspects of your life into account so that we can really get at the deepest level of what's going on in the body and heal it FOR GOOD. Western medicine does not offer this, so please know this: if you went to your Primary Care doctor and expected this kind of treatment, you will be sorely disappointed. The future of medicine is to take our health matters in our own hands, rather than putting all of our trust in the medical system, and your most POWERFUL weapon is to be informed. Because you AND your boobies deserve the best....don't they?  Quotes: "Dense breast tissue means more connective tissue in our breasts compared to fat." [19:45] "Insurance can cover up to 50% of SonoCine" [21:20] "I don't like the word strict when it comes to diet, I like the term "abundant." [31:30]   Links There is 70% more detection in SonoCine v.s. the traditional mammogram More about Jasmine’s work in ultrasound.  Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse! Take my Neurotoxic quiz. Check out my brand new Cleanse, Heal, Ignite supplement line!
BOOK REVIEW: From a fellow functional medicine practitioner: “About 400,000 women a year get breast implants. And that means that each year 400,000 women are faced with health challenges that they most likely do NOT know are being caused by them. Most women, myself included, think that they are just fine and not causing any problems. WRONG! It doesn't matter if they are silicone or saline, the toxins imposed on the body from implants is the root cause of over EIGHTY symptoms, many of which are chalked off to hormone imbalance, genetic predispositions, problems with aging or just plain old normal symptoms of being a woman. If you or someone you love has breast implants PLEASE GET THIS BOOK AND READ IT COVER TO COVER. You will not only save your life (or at least improve the quality of your health and energy), but you will understand what may be going on in your body, and how to methodically and proactively get your health back or prevent the downward spiral once your toxic burden cup overflows. I am grateful to the author for having the guts to write this book, to share her personal experience and save those of us in her path from, not only the financial expense, but from the heartache and the misery that will ultimately result from having these time bombs ticking away in our bodies. This is your guide and your "how to". But it is also your opportunity to evolve from having had the experience of implants and learn, as the author says, "the lesson you bought them to teach you."   Learn: What I would have done DIFFERENTLY with my breasts (besides not get implants in the first place) My experience with implant alternatives (aka FAT TRANSFER) Tips on how to make the best of your breasts How to make your next visit to a plastic surgeon as SAFE and health-conscious as possible   Executive assistant to CHI and fellow warrior/soul-sister Jess Del Pino and I discuss my journey after I explanted my breast implants; recovery, fat transfer, and all the in-betweens are covered on this and including some helpful advice for those going through the same journey, covered in my new book Killer Breasts: Overcoming Breast Implant Illness. Even if you aren’t the target audience for this episode, listen to Jess and I have a lot of fun making lemonade out of my lemons.    My Results with Fat Transfer = Fat Necrosis & Fibrocystic Breasts  “There are a few disadvantages of breast augmentation fat grafting, such as the survival rate of the breasts is not stable, patients are prone to breast cancer, breast calcification, etc. Despite being a disadvantage, the survival rate of breast can actually be increased through the technology of stem cells. It must be known that the risk of getting breast cancer does not have anything to do with autologous fat grafting. This can be scientifically proven. Hence, the other major problems that patients should keep an eye on is the post-operation calcification and the formation of lumps. According to medical journals, the success rate of autologous fat grafting is largely related to the process of injection. Lumps that are smaller than 2cm in diameter can be taken care with fomentation and massage. Consequently, the lump will decrease in size and disappear. For lumps that are greater than 2cm in diameter, the lumps won’t go away if nothing is done. Even though this is not breast cancer and it does not increase the risk of breast cancer, to those who are facing the problem, the surgeons who had carried out the operation should take up the responsibility to resolve the problem instead of treating it with negligence. The most important thing is to pay attention to the way the injection is carried out during the surgery.” -Dr. Cheng-Hung Chiu Genesis Aesthetic Clinic THINGS I HAVE BEEN DOING PRP Hyperbaric chamber IV chelation IV vitamins, glutathione, etc Iodine application Magnesium Stem Cell Massage Lymphatic Drainage Wearing loose bras Things I Would do Differently   I would explant and lift only first and go back for Fat Grafting later I would have done these preparations for surgery and beyond: Optimize metabolism, hormones and energy by first step reducing emotional stress & mental burden. Prioritize rest, CHI tenants. Before you detox, Open pathways FIRST (colon, kidneys, etc) Then begin to work on the Lymphatics and getting that pumped Calm the CNS, vagal tone, lymphatic efficiency (coats the GI tract).  Heavy Metal detox after alongside Gut Healing I wouldn’t have gone through insurance. I’m STILL battling them on who owes what. Think about it as 3 separate surgeries, it’s so confusing. I would have slowed down.  Don't miss the message.  I have clients that remove them and just keep working full time or bury themselves more. Still hiding from the story of not enough and covering it up with perfectionist prison just in another form. I would get a looser bra and compression garment and try them on/ wear them for a full day or 2 before using them for surgery I would do a SonoCine rather than the MRI, ultrasound, and Thermogram after being constantly harassed to do a mammogram.  I would avoid Fluoroquinolones, a class of antibiotics.   STEPS I WOULD ADVISE YOU ON NOW: Get my book. It has everything you need to get started on your journey Consider other implants and address them (form a plan and pace yourself) - in the mouth and in your mind.  Do TWC with us.  Learn the foundations on how to reduce stress in, on and around your body including your mind. I’m always surprised how many women don’t have their foundations and roots of their CHI. You’ll get freebies with that such as what to ask your doctor, how to pick one that’s best for you, etc.  For ex: mine is a year out wait list and he no longer accepts insurance. Reach out to me if you are the kind of person who prefers to have her hand held through a journey that’s tough to explore on your own. I have an advanced team to help you through this entire process from start to finish including all of the homeopathic and boob biohack treatments at a reduced rate than you would on your own. Quotes “Some women think their surgeon can help them with everything, the surgeon knows one thing, how to safely remove the implants and the capsule around it.” [13:00] “We’re culturally conditioned that we are not a priority, and last on the to-do list. So just so you know, if you end up having fat transfer, you are more likely to have fibrocystic breasts and calcification.” [40:25] “The time you put in to learn this should be rewarded” [01:15:24]   Links Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse! Take my Neurotoxic quiz. Check out my brand new Cleanse, Heal, Ignite supplement line!
Hear one woman’s journey from health hell to healthy and well in the matter of weeks, no matter your genetics, background, age or circumstances. Where there’s a warrior, there’s a way! Join Patricia Clancy so she can share her vulnerable story from breakdown to break-through in past trauma, relationships, physical symptoms and business struggles. This is a great listen, especially if you or someone you know is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis or an autoimmune condition. When Patricia first came to work with us through the CHI Transformation program she was diagnosed with MS and had tried many many things to improve her health on her own (including reading lots, attending summits, and trying various programs all the while wasting time and money)   Hear it directly from her: “With the MS, I had many different symptoms, all unpleasant. The worst were extreme dizziness/vertigo About 25% of the time, I was using a wheelchair. That doesn’t sound like much, but when it's you, it's a lot.  I spent Some of the Spring and most of the summers in a wheelchair. It’s now July and I haven't been in the wheelchair in months!”   Pre-CHI she had many blocks that were keeping her from her health goals... ❌Being diagnosed with MS ❌Unresolved Tramas ❌Not fully knowing herself ❌Physical symptoms including extreme fatigue, dizziness/vertigo & many more that would get triggered constantly ❌Spent 25% of her time in a wheelchair ❌AND Came to find out she was loaded with parasites too!!   In going through CHI, Patricia realized all of this and that she was really only living up to about 50% of her true potential in life!   This all changed through the program and in her own words she now says she’s up to living about 75% of her potential and that is continuing to improve. “The journey isn’t over, and neither is my improvement. I graduated with a plan going forward, and ongoing support.”   Post-CHI her accomplishments have well exceeded what she had originally imagined… 🙌Waking up refreshed 🙌Learning how to eat for her body and CHI helped her find the best foods for HER 🙌No more working long hours 🙌Truly understands her own self worth Improvement in her mobility 🙌Has been out of her wheelchair for months now!!! (So INSPIRING!!)   When we asked Patricia what she is doing now that she never imagined she could she told us she now takes time for herself! “I didn’t even think about my own self worth before, but now I COME FIRST!”   You always come first Warriors! It's time to get over your trauma and toxins so that you can unblock your own ability to heal yourself!! AND You don’t have to do it alone… Reach out to me and click the link in my bio to set up a free Breakthrough call so we can help you too learn to put yourself first and start living more of your own potential in life   If your doctor tells you there’s nothing you can do to heal from autoimmune disease, they’re ❌WRONG❌!!   Patricia did just that 🦄🔥 Here are Patricia’s 12 steps: The thought is that I'm not enough; I wasn't old enough to play/hang out with my older siblings, so I had no friends. I wasn't smart enough (like my brother, or our neighbor)..."97? What happened to the other 3 points?".  I wasn't pretty enough or fun enough for kids my age (two older sisters were prettier/more fun). On and on...I also felt like I don't exist. HELL NO it's not true!!! My younger sister and brother in law have been coaching me for years; telling me about how great I am - even giving me examples.  It took two failed marriages, among other things, to get to the point where I finally realize my value. I hid from everyone. Literally. We had a weeping willow tree I used to hide under. If I wasn't there, I was in the woods, or even hiding under my bed.  I hung out with AND MARRIED the wrong people! I felt empty. The symptoms were in my head (with cluster migraines), my stomach (nausea), eventually my gallbladder died and actually started rotting in my body! I feel 4 years old!!! Being alone, hiding under the weeping willow tree. It was my safe place, while my older siblings played and did fun things. My brother (who actually IS a good person) was "the boy", and therefore, most important. He also was (is) so incredibly bright...perfect SAT bright. The same was true for my neighbor and friend, Amy Herman (she's also pretty amazing).  While they are both amazing now, and I understand my parents wanting me to look up to them/try to strive to improve myself, it came across like I wasn't good enough. Acknowledgement that I'm a good person, and having others (anyone) be interested in me for who I really am. My ego knows that I get a LOT of attention when I talk about how I wasn't enough. I'm really am pushing myself to not accept what my ego says (I'm working through being the warrior challenging the judge).  I would be FREE to be the person I really am...imperfect and goofy! Others' perception of me is really a perception of the hidden person I was showing everyone - not the real me. When I allow myself to be the goofball that I am, I have the most fun, AND I notice that people ARE interested!  WHOA!   On a wellness scale, I'm a 6. My physical health needs help. I'm working through my past trauma and suppressed feelings. It's very scary, and thrilling to work through all of this!     Quotes "I had gotten a lot of unwanted sexual attention and that's not what I meant the kind of attention I was looking for. I then realized what I was actually getting is pity. I'm good with who I am and you and the other women in the group were able to show me or make me realize that I am for the way I am. The person I am is a good person. There's no reason why I need other people to see that, and you helped me turn that around because I definitely used to be a different person depending on what the other person wanted me to be. It’s really freeing." [00:00] "I am strong, I can get over this, but I have to prove it to myself" [19:41]   Links Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse! Take my Neurotoxic quiz. Check out my brand new Cleanse, Heal, Ignite supplement line!
So, if cleansing is SO important why aren’t more people doing it!?  Why aren’t doctors recommending it?  There has been NO research to see how one toxin in the body reacts with another. The EPA recently discovered that up to 80% of cancer deaths are due to environmental toxins. But doctors tell you your body detoxes on its own, and you don’t need to do more. The reality is that doctors aren’t trained  in toxicity and what it does to the body and are profiting from prescriptions that are based in toxins. This is an extremely harsh reality that all of us are basically living in a toxic wasteland, and doctors will blow off illness as something you’re “genetically predisposed” to. I call 🐂 💩. Since neither the government nor traditional doctors are looking out for your best interest, it's time to take matters into your own (and my) hands. I 🚨 Another CONTROVERSIAL OPINION: Cleanses should not feel like a punishment! I am here to guide you along the way through The Warrior Cleanse, which is my 4-week cleanse program that I promise is much different than any other cleanse you’ve done. Many cleanses I’ve seen focus on deprivation and monotony in your diet.  In this episode, I talk to friend and colleague Jess Del Pino about The Warrior Cleanse, what other cleanses get wrong, and some tips to make your cleanse a good one. This is also part 3 of our Gut Healing Series by addressing TOXICITY, so we also touch upon being your own Gut Goddess Gardener.   In this Episode: Why is cleansing so important? What are the top reasons people NEED to cleanse? How does it work?  Lifestyle Changes? Cleanse kit? Diet? Support? How The Warrior Cleanse is not a transaction; it’s a way of being, beginning with a physical and MOST importantly, a MIND reset. How to unleash your inner GUT GODDESS Top 5 Cleanse Fails ‘You did a 3 day cleanse’ aka The ‘quick detox’ fix To think we can do a quick detox to purge the toxins we’ve been exposed to our whole life, is the PERFECT way to set yourself up for disappointment. Not addressing the mind-body connection As Tony Robbins says “Your quality of life is only as great as your emotional state”. It’s harder to think positively when you’re eating negatively. You used harmful cleanse products and ingredients (90% + of them) Many products today, while they may ‘produce a good poo’ are abrasive to the lining of your intestines, which is the area we’re trying to clean up and rebuild. Common herbal colon cleanser and laxative ingredients may present serious health risks and major medical complications. However, they are contained in a majority of detox and cleanse products. You didn’t focus enough on FOODS that SUPPORT DETOX Missing fiber, missing macros, missing fermented foods, you may be guilty of this in your last cleanse (or in your day-to-day diet). You start but don’t finish OR worse yet, you DO, but you think there IS a finish line and go back to the same lifestyle that caused you to NEED a cleanse in the first place. Your lifestyle has everything to do with how successful your detox and cleanse program will be. Without creating a change in your lifestyle and creating lasting new habits, you will remain toxic and unhealthy.    What we focus on in The Warrior Cleanse is not only the ACT of Cleansing the toxins that are already inside of you but ALSO the ART of prevention, in staying clean, by living as toxin free as possible. There is SO much more in-depth information on the top-5 cleanse FAILS in my The Warrior Cleanse book, which comes with your registration to The Warrior Cleanse.    FREE WARRIOR CLEANSE GIVEAWAY Today's episode of the Cleanse Heal Ignite podcast, I am sponsoring it with access to one lucky winner to The Warrior Cleanse which is my 4-week online program to cleanse your body, heal your hormones and your gut, and ignite your life. I myself am watching you directly through how to heal and detox all the parts of your body so you can learn to listen to the symptoms.   One lucky winner  will be chosen if you go to my podcast on iTunes and give it a rating with something to day and we'll pick one lucky winner for access into this program. Every single week we get more and more reviews so if you are chosen, you will gain access to our FULL registration for The Warrior Cleanse which includes access to my Warrior Cleanse book, recipes, grocery lists, weekly walk-throughs, and even more. Didn’t win or want to secure your spot for the fall? Register now HERE! I am starting The Warrior Cleanse on Monday, September 14th; join me and we can help each other along the way! And BONUS: it’s on sale for 67% off!   Links Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite for Natural Beauty & BII Facebook Group Visit here to grab your own Parasympathetic Oil Blend bottle now Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms
WOW, this episode is packed full of root-cause related information that I hope will inspire you. I brought Dr. Navaz Habib to talk about this one specific nerve that controls and regulates so many functions of the body. If you or someone you love suffers with IBS, obesity and weight gain, chronic fatigue, depression irregular heartbeat, ulcers, weight loss, gastroparesis, chronic inflammation, epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, trouble urinating, fertility problems, sexual pleasure, anxiety, heart disease cancer, poor circulation, leaky gut, Alzheimer's, memory and mood issues, migraines headaches, fibromyalgia, tinnitus, addictions, or any autoimmune conditions… I highly recommend listening to this episode about our vagus nerve. (Yes, THAT many manifestations + more)  The sheer amount of diseases and symptoms in the parts of this body that this nerve innervates is a testament to how important it is to maintain your health. Stick around for this entire episode to learn how this is truly the root of so many of our issues and one of the biggest underutilized discussions and Western medicine while I talk to Dr. Navaz Habib about how we can stimulate our Vagus nerve to ensure that this nerve is functioning optimally. (Also, listen for information about a FREE GIVEAWAY and DISCOUNT for a highly helpful essential oil blend.) In this episode: How living in fight or flight hurts your brain and body Where “sympathetic” 24/7 is NOT a good thing How our vagus nerve connects with our immune system in riding our body of toxins Learn how easy it is to improve your vagal tone with simple exercises Vagus Nerve The function that it imparts is extensive. In the brain itself, it helps control anxiety and mood. In the gut, it increases stomach acidity, gut flow/motility and other digestive enzyme production. Low stomach acid is a major source of gut-related health conditions so an underactive vagus nerve is correlated to the root cause of many health conditions. In the heart, it controls heart rate variability, heart rate and blood pressure. In the pancreas it controls blood sugar balance and digestive enzymes. In the liver it controls bile production and detoxification through hepatic phase 1 and phase 2 conjugation. In the gallbladder it controls bile release to help break down fats. In the kidneys, it promotes general function including water balance, glucose control and sodium excretion which helps control blood pressure. In the bladder it controls voiding of urine. In the spleen it helps to reduce inflammation. In the sex organs it helps to control fertility and sexual pleasure including orgasms. In the mouth and tongue, it helps to control ability to taste and saliva production through salivary gland control. In the eyes, it activates tear production through the lacrimal glands. Vagus nerve stimulation has the potential to help those suffering from various health conditions, including but certainly not limited to anxiety disorders, heart disease, some forms of cancer, poor circulation, leaky gut syndrome, alzheimer’s, memory and mood disorders, migraines and headaches, fibromyalgia, obesity, tinnitus, addiction, autism and autoimmune conditions.  Dr. Habib’s book “Activate Your Vagus Nerve” is a simple to follow guide to help you identify and address a major missing piece in patients dealing with chronic health concerns such as anxiety and depression. Here are the top 10 related disorders: Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Obesity and weight gain Chronic fatigue Depression Irregular heartbeat; too slow or fast  Ulcers, Stomach acid issues and/or H. pylori Weight loss Gastroparesis Chronic inflammation  Epilepsy But how does this pertain to my hormones? In the immune system we have 70% of our immune cells by volume located in the lining of the gut in what's called “gut associated lymphoid tissue”. What happens is we either have foods that can trigger leaky gut, aka intestinal hyperpermeability, or we have bacteria that are backed up or or dysbiotic within an hour but are going to break down the gut lining and trigger an immune response. When that happens, we are overburdening our liver with toxins that need to be immediately or as quickly as possible eliminated from our body, and we're increasing toxic burden. The liver plays a major role in control of nearly everything, all of the hormones, all of the blood sugar balance, all of the things that come into the body essentially need to go through the liver first and need to be controlled through the liver. Parasympathetic Oil Blend This episode of Cleanse, Heal, Ignite includes a FREE GIFT to the lucky winner who leaves a review for the podcast on Apple Podcasts, which is a solution I hand picked to help you optimize your Vagal tone. The Parasympathetic® essential oil blend is the missing link that has helped thousands bring their health back into balance and eliminate unwanted health symptoms like fatigue, depression, anxiety, migraines, inflammation, and extra weight. By making it part of your wellness ritual, you can… ​Enhance your body’s ability to purge harmful toxins Eliminate digestive issues Boost nutrient assimilation & absorption Sharpen memory and focus Clear up paralyzing brain fog ​​Calm the fires of inflammation And melt away anxiety & depression All you have to do is massage a small drop behind your earlobe to ignite your parasympathetic state – as you’ll learn in this episode this is where all of the healing and health maintenance processes occur. There are 2 ways to get your hands on this magical oil: Enter to win by leaving a review on Apple Podcasts  Visit here to grab your own bottle now. Quotes “Many chronic illnesses are multifactorial, there is not a single positive event with symptoms and signs that happen afterwards. Finding a specific diagnosis is the reason why the ICD-10 codes are now up to 20,000. It’s like if we say, “Okay you've got acid reflux, we’ll give you a proton pump inhibitor.” What you're doing is saying that the only way that this possibly could have happened is because you have too much stomach acid. You're not asking the question “why is there too much stomach acid?” [22:55] “When going to a parasympathetic state what's actually happening is our blood flow increases to the prefrontal cortex or ability to learn and think and be in that conscious state. By being told to not question something we're actually saying stop using your prefrontal cortex sending the blood just to the lizard brain to the survival centers would put you in your sympathetic zone all the time.” [27:40] “We cannot recover when we're under stress, where you send blood flow is where you send function. If we are under stress and under that sympathetic system, blood flows to the muscles of the arms and the legs so we can either run away or fight against whatever the threat is that we feel is coming towards us.” [34:30] “70 to 80% of us are in sympathetic mode 70 to 80% of the time and that's where the problem lies. It's supposed to be almost the exact opposite that we should only be in sympathetic mode about 10 to 30% of the time at absolute maximum.” [36:25] Resources Links Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite for Natural Beauty & BII Facebook Group Visit here to grab your own Parasympathetic Oil Blend bottle now Dr. Habib’s book “Activate Your Vagus Nerve” Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms
In the second installment of my two-part gut talks with Dr. Seth Gerlach, we address some FAQ's regarding gut health such as: How can birth control and medications destroy your gut health?  What are the dangers in taking over-the-counter medications like antacids?  Why won’t a probiotic fix everything? What kinds of bacteria show up in the gut? How does candida affect your brain? Listen for even more answered questions about your gut. Also, listen and subscribe (free) on your favorite app:  Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RadioPublic | TuneIn | Android   In this episode How to distinguish what is “normal” for your health The power (or lack thereof) of Candida cleanses What traditional medicine fails to consider in gut health How your gut affects nearly every part of your body   Links Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse!
What is gut health really? It’s multifaceted, and is supposed to come back to a state of equilibrium. Conventional medicine does not aim to heal these ailments but rather attack the problem. When you go to a practitioner who is only looking at blood tests, you’re not going to get to the root cause of your illness. Today, I talked with Dr. Seth Gerlach, fellow CHI coach about the top 5 gut myths and misperceptions.  GI problems can show up anywhere in the body. The gut does much more than digest food, it helps control inflammation in the body, makes neurotransmitters, and sends chemical messengers out all over the body. If you’ve ever been on even antibiotics, chances are you have some sort of problem in the gut. Dr. Gerlach sees many patients who visit his practice that come from gastroenterologists with completely clear tests such as blood work and colonoscopies. What this fails to mention is that traditional doctors are looking for major causes of concern such as cancer or ulcers. This is rarely accompanied with a stool test, which can actually show what’s happening in the gut from a microbial standpoint. Many people have been misled in terms of their gut health, by listening to this, you can learn to take your health back. Also, listen and subscribe (free) on your favorite app:  Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RadioPublic | TuneIn | Android   In this episode How to distinguish what is “normal” for your health The power (or lack thereof) of Candida cleanses What traditional medicine fails to consider in gut health How your gut affects nearly every part of your body   Quotes “Many people function at 20% and don’t know they have an extra 80%  [14:24] “The gut and gut health is a balancing act.. If we can educate people on how to maintain a healthy gut, they can live a healthy life” [43:45] “It’s selfish to not work on yourself, because no one gets the best of you, everyone gets a little piece.” [49:34]   Links Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse!
One of the top questions I am asked is ‘What supplements should I take for _____?’ and my answer is always ‘it depends’.    I created an entire supplement protocol to help you get well by looking at practitioner-grade supplements that have really high levels of nutrients that improve and increase your body's ability to absorb them and get where they need to go. Because today, when you look at the majority of people, they're taking a multivitamin, omegas, vitamin D, and probiotics. A lot of these things can only get to where they need to go to the extent that your cells have the open doors and receptor sites to receive them.  That was when one of the voices in my head said “I have to help these ladies. They need a simplified version of this as well as a customized option”. Today I talked with Heather Morgan about the process of creating a supplement, and what kind of thought gets put into creating a supplement that actually works, and isn’t filled with binders and fillers. Also, listen and subscribe (free) on your favorite app:  Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Stitcher | RadioPublic | TuneIn | Android  In this episode What supplements you SHOULD and SHOULDN’T be taking Change your morning routine with a singular protein powder  What goes into Beauty, Immunity, Energy and Vitality? The facets that go into creating a supplement Brand New Supplements I wanted to try to make things easier for people embarking on a supplement journey. For the last 20 years, I've been doing all different sorts of things. I'm a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, which means that I look for root cause issues in your tissues that are causing you to suffer with symptoms and sadness and a level of stuckness that maybe you're not even sure why maybe you're super sick. And this was me for a very long time. And I took a lot of supplements. In fact, at one point, I had about 30 supplements on my shelves.  And I was like, "Okay, enough is enough. How did I even get here? Which supplements are for what? And who told me to take this? And my one doctor told me this, and my coach told me to take this. And I read somewhere online this, and I watched something on Dr. Oz that..." And then maybe you're taking things because they’re buy one, get one free. And you're like, "Oh great, buy one, get one free. And it says that I should have more energy, or more fat loss."]   And that hook gets us. So then you start taking these things, and much of the time, the majority of the time, when I see them, they're very toxic products. They're filled with a lot of binders and fillers and artificial ingredients and artificial colors, and things that actually block your body's ability to absorb them.  That’s why I created this supplement line. Take a look here for what I offer, and listen to the podcast for my recommendations.    Quotes “Love your body with nourishment” [26:06] “You cannot get all the nutrients you need from soil, 95% of modern soil is genetically modified.” [06:30] “We are living in the most toxic world we’ve ever had.” [45:45] Links Follow Diane on Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | YouTube  Join the Cleanse, Heal, Ignite Facebook Community Watch our MasterClass & Get to the Root of Hormone, Auto-Immune and Breast Implant Illness Symptoms Join my Warrior Cleanse! Take my Neurotoxic quiz. Check out my brand new Cleanse, Heal, Ignite supplement line!
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