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Matt welcomes Breitbart Texas reporter Randy Clark to the show to discuss what is truly going on at our southern border. The White House blames Boris Johnson for Biden not taking questions and a new term for "Cancel Culture".
Director of The Plot Against The President @AmandaMilius joins the program today to talk about the Durham indictment of Michael Sussman and why Marc Elias is leaving Perkins Coie. Republicans file articles of impeachment against Puddin Pop Joe and jobs numbers sink again.
"Science" not "Fear"

"Science" not "Fear"


Democrats lose their minds over the new Florida Surgeon General. Joe Biden speaks to the United Nations, and the left calls the crisis on the border "hateful and xenophobic'.
A world without police

A world without police


Matt welcomes Minnesota Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen to the program. We discuss law and order, the Covid and immigration. Are Haitians being flown back to Haiti from Texas and Michael Sussman.
Over the weekend the Lame Stream Media dumped three stories that you were supposed to forget about. No Covid booster, The Pentagon apologizes for drone strike and France pulls its ambassador.
Governors from Red States find ways around the edicts of the Biden Administration. It's R.E.D. Friday and Texas Senate candidate for District 10 Warren Norred stops by the show.
Singer Nicki Minaj is silenced by the left for telling you to think for yourself. Sleepy Joe forgets the name of the Austraiian Prime Minister. North Korea back to launching missiles and Democrats reject bill that would vaccinate illegals.
California Governor Gavin Newsome survives the recall vote, Gen. Mark Milley is in hot water and Covid mandates forever.
Tax The Rich

Tax The Rich


AOC shows up at the Met Gala with a Tax the Rich dress on. Hypocrisy ensues. Tony Blinken on Capital Hill via zoom and the economy is struggling under Puddin Pop Joe.
Over the weekend we could see why the White House was trying to hide Joe Biden. Congressional candidate for the 12th District of Texas Chris Putnam joins the program and the recall election in California.
Joe Biden delivered his speech yesterday mandating that businesses over 100 employees vaccinate. It's R.E.D. Friday and ChrisX joins me to discuss all of the daily news.
Tim Barton from Wallbuilders joins the show to talk about Critical Race Theory, the 1619 Project and the "Harmful Language" warning added to the Constitution at the National Archives. Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated and a spike in cases.
Joe Biden is a huge failure

Joe Biden is a huge failure


Washington political correspondent Charlie Spiering joins me to talk about the massive failures of the Biden Administration. The Constitution has now been labeled for "harmful language" and the economy is in freefall
FOIA documents reveal Dr. Anthony Fauci lied to Congress. Planes sit on runways as Biden Administration waits for proper verification and the left have lost their minds over Texas.
Another scary Covid variant

Another scary Covid variant


World Health Organization has come out with another scary Covid variant. CDC says stay home over the Labor Day weekend. The Biden Economy takes a nosedive.
Operation Pineapple Express

Operation Pineapple Express


Matt welcomes VP of Quick Reaction Construction and Army Reservist Zach Warters to the program to discuss Operation Pineapple Express and the new joint venture t-shirts. Afghanistan, Biden, Covid, McConnel and much more.
Angry Joe gives a worthless speech on Afghanistan. Leaks are now starting to surface on how Joe dealt with the issue. Texas passes election integrity and abortion laws and the economy takes a nose dive.
Breitbart News Washington Political Editor Matt Boyle joins me to talk about Joe Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan. Parents of the fallen service members speak out about Joe Biden's behavior and Big Tech is at it again.
Who's running the country?

Who's running the country?


What are the names of the two ISIS-K planners that were killed by drone strike. Did #SleepyJoe really check his watch during the memorial service for the fallen? Why are we hearing conflicting stories out of Kabul and is Covid really an emergency?
Failure in Chief

Failure in Chief


Demands grow for #SleepyJoe to step down. Biden Administration doesn't know accurate numbers of stranded or evacuated Americans in Afghanistan. National Security Team provides Taliban with a kill list, plus it's R.E.D. Friday.
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Justion Rector

Awesome show Matt!

Aug 21st

charles little

I love your shows Matt. I had download this episode to hear the hole thing. there was couple times it skipped about 5 to 10 seconds. I think my podcast provider don't like when you talk bad about the democrats lol

Feb 27th
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