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My show is a high intensity podcast. I talk about Sports, Wrestling, #DFS, Music and mostly all current topics past and present. I do not talk much about politics or religion because I don't really care about any of that. We might mention it sometimes depending on current events going on in the world. I use to call in to Sirius XM back in the day when Tommy G and Dr Roto would let me on in which I would unleash the Painbringer for 60 seconds of intensity.

Since a lot of my former radio people have moved on I decided to make my show based on this. I also give daily advice on my #MarriedWithDfs page on Facebook. You can say that I'm less intense on this page because I am more professional there. Heat00veride is a no holds barred loud mouth so always take that into consideration while listening

I also do Top and Best of shows as well as Star Wars, sports and my insane skit called #ThingsThatMakeMeAJerk. I have done my Top ten Star Wars films and Top 20 video games list among many other great episodes. Impromptu episodes can get crazy since that's usually done when I let the Painbringer out to speak from a different prospective. Hopefully we don't offend anyone since this is a comedy show for the most part with facts and good times spread in between. I hope you give us a chance and always remember to Bring The Pain!


The views of the hosts on this podcast are not always the views of the hosts on their everyday life. Even with all of the good content the Characters or skits on this podcast are for good humor and nothing else. Our views do not represent our outside life or anyone involved with in this manner and may mention real life moments where we go the other route. That being said, you will learn real life knowledge as well as facts but we will also play a role of an intense person that may offend some. Believe me we do not mean to offend anyone here on Bring the pain we just want to offer a different prospective than you would normally not hear in everyday life. All is in good humor. Thank you for your support.

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On the latest episode of #BringThePain I have Wade on who I met in our Flying Casual group. With schedules always being crazy we were happy to finally get together and get this episode done. We catch up at the beginning before getting into Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and so much more. It is amazing how much you can cover in a short time with a good friend so I hope you love this episode and wish him a Happy Birthday tomorrow after today's release. Enjoy!Please like, follow and share for more great content and stay tuned for all of my #DFS content coming out for! Thank you in advance.
On this episode I bring to light the current contests being offered for week 1 in the NFL. These qualifiers are in easy to win contests with either three or eleven people in it. The 3 player contests should be targeted and this episodes explains why. Enjoy!#BringThePain
I'm back with another episode of #BringThePain and FINALLY #Mini00veride it's back! #OoohyeahOn this short episode we talk about the Loki series currently on Disney plus. Spoiler alert we are talking a little deep on this one so enjoy as a father and daughter talk about the Marvel cinematic universe.
I'm back with another episode of #BringThePain and on this one I tackle the world of Nintendo music while growing up. This only includes the 8-Bit era of course but as I take you on this journey through my mind you will see why these songs and games meant a lot to me. Some games were about great times with family and friends to just me enjoying a good game. That has always held true to my gaming style because without meaning you have nothing.I will forewarn that auto ducking does get me a few times but I will be the first to admit that and own it. I haven't had stable internet in almost a month which has led to me being rusty and what not. Anyway I really hope that you love this episode and please Like, Follow and share so that we can show everyone that there is more than just playing a game. There is a whole world to explore which you will never get lost in and that is the world of video game music.Thank you for your support and stay tuned for so much more in the future.I own NO RIGHTS to any of the music used in this episode other than my theme song.
I'm back with another episode of #BringThePain and joining me this time is a friend plus a listener of the podcast! Ian joined me for his very first podcast as we talked about WWE and the recent releases. We talked about the NXT In Your House event that took place moments after we were done recording. After that we settle into current topics since Ian always had to listen before but now has things that he wanted to share with us from his point of view. I liked covering past topics with him because for me it really helps me connect with my audience. It lets me know that they listen and want to come on Bring The Pain to talk about it. I had an amazing time with Ian as you will see. What felt like 45 minutes easily became and hour and a half. I hope you enjoy this episode and please LIKE, FOLLOW and SHARE! Your support is why I keep doing this and being able to connect with some of you #Painbringers humbles me. Thank You to Ian for being a fan!I own no rights to the music or content seen and heard in this episode. Also my theme song is owned by Dj Chaos.The website referenced on this episode was Bleacher Reports.
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Explicit Advisory 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥On this new episode of #BringThePain Crissi joins me as well discuss how this world is changing even more. How a certain 1nject1on gives people the right to do other things some can't. With everyone fighting already about this I decided to let out the #Painbringer and hold a class about this. We talk about a recent email that Crissi received from her employer about requirements that we feel will further separate people. I thought we were all supposed to be about unity and living together in this beautiful world. However with so many places and people losing control they decided this would be the next step in making things "normal" for some.Some being people who are compliant and the rest of the people being forbidden. Forbidden to do things that other crab which led me to why this is the next step towards segregation. For some people they cannot receive things like others so is this fair to them? That's a good question and that's why the Painbringer wanted to reliever this knock out blow to the movement before good people are banished. Well that's enough talk so let's get to it! #OoohyeahI own no rights to the music on this show. Also please FOLLOW me on my Twitch so that you can stay update with my gaming and sports you! 👊🍻
On this new episode of #BringThePain I bring up the fact that no one likes to mind they're own business anymore. In a world full of people and their soap boxes some have taken it to social media to explain their views. Unfortunately their views are usually one sided and and fueled with jealousy in my opinion. A lot of us stay quite while others spew their hatred towards people and the system. These same people are the social justice warriors you see screaming online everyday telling people how to run their lives. They figure out things to do or say to put you down and it's all meant to hold you down. It's meant to belittle you and to further their own agendas which usually leads to more fighting on different platforms. Sure everyone has an opinion but maybe some of these people need to walk in other people's shows before they judge anyone. I hope all of you understand where I'm coming from in this matter as I explain it over the course of the show. In the end, us here at Bring The Pain want everyone to love a full and healthy life. A life full of happiness and we hope it leads you to your goals. This world is a beautiful place is you want to see it that way and to do anything else only causes stress in your own life. Why stress over something you can't control and let it consume you to the point that you are cold. Enjoy this episode and please like, follow and share so we can see more smiles. Let's all move towards a common goal in being happy and enjoying life. Thank you. I own no rights to the music in episode.
I'm back with another episode of #BringThePain and this time I have to call out people who think they can get away by making people feel guilty. After that I talk about just life getting back to normal without masks and contents from people who don't even know us. So I did start or intense until I cool down at the end. I cannot wait until people finally people which will make things easier for all of us. Here at Bring The Pain we do want you all to just have fun and live a very fulfilling life. In the end it's fun to be a #Painbringer but if you can't have fun then hopefully one day we push you all the way to it. Well that's enough talk for now so let's get to it! #OoohyeahThe music on this podcast is owned by DJ Chaos. All rights reservedPlease check out my Twitch at comment, like and follow so we can give you more episodes that you like in the future. Thank you.
I'm back with another episode of #BringThePain and on this one I dedicate the entire show to the late #Avicii. He was an amazing artist as your about to hear and I hope you enjoy the list I put together for you. Tim had an amazing talent that lead him to making so many different songs with artists you would have never thought of. He did this because of his love for music and it inspired him to create something we ask loved and enjoyed. Since I didn't see any tributes being done I said to myself this cannot happen. So I took things into my hands and delivered this episode. I couldn't use my usual equipment because of limitations of my recording program so I'm sorry if my crazy voice gets loud. That being said, the music and the tone I tried to set is there and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you for your support and please share,like and follow so we can all enjoy his music together. #Ooohyeah 🔥 I do NOT OWN any rights to the music in this podcast🔥All credits are listed below so that all artists are given their proper due. Thank you Avicii! "You Make Me" is a song written and recorded by Swedish DJ and record producer Avicii and Swedish musician and singer Salem Al Fakir in collaboration with Swedish songwriter Vincent Pontare and producer Arash Pournouri."True Believer" is credited to Avicii and Chris Martin. "Addicted to You" is a song by Swedish DJ and record producer Avicii, incorporating vocals by American folk rock singer Audra Mae. The track was written by Avicii, Arash Pournouri, Mac Davis and Josh Krajcik for making appearance on Avicii's debut studio album, True (2013), with it being later released as its fourth single. "Addicted to You" first premiered to Australian radio on 23 November 2013; a digital single of "Addicted to You" remixes was released on 11 March 2014."I Could Be the One" is a song by Swedish DJ Avicii and Dutch DJ Nicky Romero, which features uncredited production from Iranian-Swedish record producer Arash Pournouri and uncredited vocals from Swedish singer Noonie Bao."Broken Arrows" is a 2015 single by Avicii featuring uncredited vocals from Zac Brown of American country music group Zac Brown Band, released on Universal Music.[3][4][5] The track appears on his album Stories."SOS" is the first posthumous single by Swedish DJ Avicii featuring co-production from Albin Nedler and Kristoffer Fogelmark, and vocals from American singer Aloe Blacc.[1] It was released on 10 April 2019 and is included on his posthumous third studio album Tim, released on 6 June 2019."The Days" is a song by Swedish DJ and record producer Avicii, with vocals by English singer Robbie Williams. The song was written by Brandon Flowers,[1] Robbie Williams, Salem Al Fakir, Avicii, and Vincent Pontare,[2] and was produced by Avicii, Fakir and Pontare."Waiting for Love" is a song by Swedish DJ and music producer Avicii, produced by Avicii and Dutch producer Martin Garrix and featuring uncredited vocals from Simon Aldred, the former lead singer of English band Cherry Ghost."For a Better Day" is a 2015 single by Swedish EDM producer Avicii featuring uncredited vocals by American singer Alex Ebert released on Universal Music."Hey Brother" is a dance song by Swedish DJ and record producer Avicii from his debut studio album, True (2013). American bluegrass singer Dan Tyminski provides vocals for the track. It was written by Avicii, Ash Pournouri, Salem Al Fakir, Vincent Pontare and Veronica Maggio. "Hey Brother" sees Avicii giving his brother advice."Silhouettes" is a song by Swedish house producer and DJ Avicii featuring vocals from Swedish singer Salem Al Fakir. Heart Upon my Sleeve - Artist: Avicii Featured artist: Imagine DragonsAlbum: TrueReleased: 2013"Wake Me Up" is a song by Swedish DJ and record producer Avicii, released as the lead single from his debut studio album True, released on CD by PRMD Music and Island Records on 17 June 2013. "Wake Me Up" was written by Avicii, Mike Einziger, and American soul singer Aloe Blacc.[1] Aloe Blacc also provides vocals for the track[2] and Mike Einziger of Incubus provides acoustic guitar."The Nights" is a song by Swedish DJ and record producer Avicii. It features uncredited vocals by singer/songwriter Nicholas Furlong. On 1 December 2014, it was released as a digital download by PRMD Music and Universal Island on Avicii's The Days / Nights EP, then on 11 January 2015 in the United Kingdom."Without You" is a song by Swedish DJ Avicii, featuring vocals from Swedish singer Sandro Cavazza. The song was released on 11 August 2017 as the lead single from Avicii's EP, Avīci (01)"Fades Away" Artist: AviciiFeatured artist: Noonie BaoAlbum: Tim"Heaven" is the third posthumous single by Swedish DJ Avicii, featuring vocals by singer Chris Martin of British band Coldplay."Levels"[a] is a progressive house song by Swedish DJ Avicii that was released on 28 October 2011 through Universal Music Group on iTunes. "Levels" topped the Swedish Singles Chart. Outside Sweden, "Levels" topped the charts in Norway and peaked within the top ten of the charts in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Netherlands, the Republic of Ireland, Switzerland and the United Kingdom and received a platinum certification eight times in Sweden, twice in the United Kingdom, and once in the United States.I own no rights to the music in this podcast. My theme song is credited to DJ Chaos.
I'm back with another episode of #BringThePain and I'm riding solo on this one with so much coming on the horizon that you don't want to miss this one. I start it off catching up and talking about where I'm at currently during the MLB #dfs season. With spring in full effect most of us have duties outside to attend to so I talk about that as well. After that I talk about support and what is coming to my Twitch, You Tube and Patreon in the future. With the amount of Dfs videos and gaming coming to all of you soon enough I want to ease all of you into this transition. Patreon will be used for my more edgier episodes as I explained while still delivering those great times with Crissi Rae and dropping those great Top list. At the end I give you a summary of my last couple years and how I am using this motivation to catapult me into the future. With a very big announcement coming in the future I want to give all of you a heads up so that you stay tuned for this ride we're about to take. I talk about the ups and downs as well as how I over came everything thrown our way. I hope you enjoy this episode and understand that I have to keep my lips closed for now. Look for me to make the announcement after Memorial day. Please like and follow me on ALL of my social media platforms and you won't be left out in the dark. Twitch - Tube - - music used in this episode is owned by DJ Chaos.
I'm back with another episode of #BringThePain and I'm riding solo on this one. That being said, I wanted to do a podcast to catch up a little about Daily Fantasy Sports and the MLB season so far. After that I pay tribute to DMX who was a tremendously gifted hip hop artist. His music reminds me so much of a certain time line in my life that I believe had led me to where I'm at now. At the end I talk about the future of my podcast and hint about exciting things that are on the horizon. Things that will have all of you Painbringers happy and don't forget I know my day ones. Then I talk about getting to 50 followers on Twitch which I am truly blessed for. I couldn't have done it with out some of my close friends and of course Crissi Rae. This has been an amazing ride so let's get to it! #Ooohyeah*I own no rights to the music in this episode. My theme song is owned by DJ Chaos and Follow me is Owned and protected by Dj Shaolin*Please follow the link below to follow all of the Djs mentioned in this episode and also check out the link to Follow Me. Like, follow, share and buy this song. You'll thank me later. Watch djmagicmike01 with me on Twitch! deejayshaolin with me on Twitch! ClubUnity with me on Twitch! Follow Me at
🔥🔥🔥 Audio Version of the New Episode🔥🔥🔥On this episode of #BringThePain I talk about the many different types of Daily fantasy players and the styles the use. I know that others have done episodes like this but with the new season upon us I wanted to get our heads right. I start up talking about building line ups and what to look for and then I talk about the types of personalities there are. After that I go into playing with in your means and not over spending so that your keep yourself fresh. We know that you can sometimes get lost in the chase of the competition in the betting and DFS world. I want you to know even though I give advice out I also take breaks and that is what always makes it so much more fun. Remember you have an outside life and that is what I want to convey so have fun while being competitive. That being said, I hope you all enjoy this fast episode and are ready to slay the slates with me this year. Baseball is going to be great but I cannot wait for NFL football. You'll see why soon enough. Have a great weekend and be ready for all sorts of content coming your way whether it be in video, writing or audio format. #Enjoy!Please follow me on my..Patreon at at
On this episode of #BringThePain we wanted to push the envelope a little and talk about things that bother people. As funny as it may sound a lot of people are offended by almost everything now a days so I decided to bring Crissi on and talk about things being cancelled. We understand that things from the past do offend a lot of people but what about when they choose to attack 1 thing but let another thing go I have to step in. As your local #Painbringer I have to call out these shenanigans and tell it how it is. Crissi also has a problem with certain things and understands why somethings are heading a different direction to protect the future generation. That being said, we talk about this being more than a cancel problem and that it stems to other things. As recently stated some people in this world seek full control and these same people end up being one of the biggest supporters out canceling things. So enjoy this episode as we take your in and out of the years talking about where we feel this person is headed and how unhappy they truly must be. We have said this for years that people need hobbies well hopefully they find them fast before they truly loose themselves in pointless fights with others people. Fights that only lead to heartache and not laughter so please tune in. Thank you for your support and please like, follow and share! The music in this episode is owned by DJ Chaos.
I'm back with another episode of #BringThePain about gaming and the communities they create. I'm flying solo on this one so I decided to talk about gaming and why I am so passionate about. Passion that has lead me straight to the people I talk to on a daily basis. You see, gaming is more than just being able to detach yourself from this sometimes ugly world. It allows you to meet people your everyday life would not normally let you do.On this journey I talk about how our love for Niagara Falls led us to become friends with Jay from #RockBurger. That is right my passion for burgers opened up a road for me to meet Joshua the owner of #ToysFromLo. Toys from Lo is in Lockport, NY where josh has lived most of his life. His AMAZING customer service and inventory of Retro Gaming and Collectables was hook, line and sinker for me.After Jay Introduced us Josh and I started talking a lot and from there I started sharing and trying to let everyone know about him and how much passion he puts into his store. A store that has led him to his next dream which is owning an old school video arcade one block away from his store. That same thing we share also introduced me to some really cool people he knows and thats where this starts.When I first met Bj through Josh and the #GHU community I was floored. Not only did everyone there love to talk about video games we also all share our memories and so much more. Game Heads United is not only growing but it is literally about to explode onto the scene so this is my story that led me to this amazing community. I hope all of you enjoy this episode and then support them and the communities they support.Links are below to each of the places mentioned in this podcast so follow, like and share. You will surely be #Entertained. #OooohYeahToys From Lo Heads United Burger follow me on my Patreon and Twitch below as well because I will always follow you back too as long as you are a real person. LOL
This time out I couldn't refuse having a guest on that has followed the same passions I have had all my life and that is Videos games. Not just games but Transformers, He-Man and so much more as Josh talks about so much than your average person. That is what this episode is about as we #BringThePAIN together taking all of you down a trip through memory lane.From there we talk about 90s music and what led Josh to his passion for Nike sneakers especially Jordan's. We also talk about growing up and how sometimes you have to work hard to get where you want be. From there we talk about the growing community with in the Game Heads United page that we are a part of. There are so many topics we cover that if you love gaming you don't want to miss this episode.You will surely be entertained and feel like your right there with us as he also take us in an extensive journey through his personal collection. That is something he never had really opened up to before so I felt honored that we had the privilege to witness this on this episode. Josh is truly a passionate person and it shows through the smiles we shared together. He is a big reason Toys from Lo is my ONLY place I shop now. I hope all of you enjoy this rollercoaster ride through the many years that we have both been blessed with by living through them. It makes us who we are as collectors of the things we love and we're so proud to share these experiences with you. I couldn't thank him enough for coming on the show. He is a very busy man with this business so to have him on was amazing.Also contact Joshua at #ToysFromLo on social media for all of your retro gaming and collection needs. His customer service is outstanding and I hope you get to experience what I do when I visit him in Lockport, NY. *Explicit language is used during this episode so by listening you consent to my disclaimer. *We own no rights to the music in this episode.
I'm back with another episode of #BringThePAIN where I have 2 really good friends on from our martial arts school. Jose and Emmanuel certainly delivered on great stories about growing up bringing out some of my old memories. At first we started about their journeys and what led them to karate. It was great to hear their stories and how similar they were to mine with out a foundation to fall back on like karate.From there the show takes off like a rocket and the start talking about making movies like I did with my friends when we were young. Then we talked about their beginnings and the trials they both overcame to follow their passions. Emmanuel brought up how he always loved to draw and create things which I found very interesting. I found out things I never knew about them that makes me want to go even harder now.We also bring up parts of our lives where we were either bullied or put down by someone if life. How we weren't accepted but found our way through different means and outlets. So then we switched gears and started talking about going to tournaments and what it takes to win one. That is when we talk about family and why I joined so that I could inspire Mollie as well as my self.This is why I do this show and it makes me happy to hear their stories and relate to them and others with my own. In the end we are all human and when you find the right path in life its never hard to make a decision to follow it. You just do it and it never feels like work or something that can drain you. You prosper from it and thus you build a strong foundation.Thank you so much for listening and please like, follow and share so we can so the world no matter what happens you can always over come anything as long as you always maintain your focus.
On this episode of #BringThePain I have a good friend on by the name of Scotty. He and I first met talking Star Wars on the Flying Casual facebook with their great community. From there we became friends as we have talked about Marvel, DC, Sports, and other topics. I wanted to have him on to catch up a little and hear his point of view about all of these great Universes that we are huge fans of. That being said, we decided to talk about Wanda Vision which he is in deep with at the moment. He has been doing multiple episodes for awhile about the new hit series and talks with me about what direction he thinks Disney is going with the series and the Marvel franchise. After that we get into a little more of the universe before shifting gears back to #StarWars.While talking about Star Wars we talk about the direction we see them going and how the new High Republic series will hopefully bring back some great aspects of the Expanded Universe we love with still keeping it "Canon" in Disney's eyes. After that we swing into the DC universe where so much that we desire seems bleak for a lot of fans like us. This was definitely a great episode to do as we talked about so much stuff.I hope all of you enjoy as we take you #Hawkward on a journey through so many universes that you will be amazed about how much content we fit in on this episode. Enjoy!Also please follow Scotty on Hawks Holocrons on facebook and Youtube as well. Thank youAlso thank you for your support and please like, follow share and comment! Are we right or do you have a different opinion. Lets us know.
On this episode of #BringThePain I talk about the Super Bowl. This one is short and sweet which means you'll get Showdown lineups, bets, Parlays and some inside game theory. I didn't want to ramble on about match ups and other intangibles so I hope this peek into the #Painbringers mind is enough to win us all cash and end the season on a high note. That being said, let's spare you no the time reading any more of this into and let's get those bets in so we can slay the competition. Enjoy and be ready because I speed through some of these. Let's go! All music used in this episode is owned by DJ Chaos.
I'm back with another episode of #BringThePain in which Dave is back to avenge the audio mishap from out first episode. This time out we talk about the Super Bowl in which his beloved Kansas City Chiefs are in against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We also talk about the Royal Rumble tomorrow as well as the pandemic. After that we talk about video games and how the old school systems have been getting revamped in to Mini systems with and awesome feature called Save state. We catch up and talk about music and finally understanding why our minds are so diverse when it comes to that. We definitely have some fun and give some in depth look at the big game. This is an episode you don't want to miss so strap on your seat belt and get ready to ride in to the Kingdom of Chaos. So that is enough talk, lets get to it! #OhYeahAll music in this episode is owned by Dj Chaos. Also find me on Patreon at you so much for your support and I would greatly appreciate it of you Liked, Follow and shared so we can turn everyone it #Painbringers.
On this episode of #BringThePain I talk about this week's #NFL playoff match ups between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Buffalo Bills. Then we have the NFC match up between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Packers of Green Bay. I give out my picks and go over what each team does good and what their keys to victory are. I give out hints for #betting and #dfs plays as well as some props. For my full write you can clink the link below to my Patreon. Anyway at the end I go on #DraftKings and build a line up cold turkey which I will play this weekend. Well that's enough talk so let's get to it! #ohyeah Find me on Patreon at music used in this episode is owned by DJ Chaos.
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