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Week in, week out we're bombarded with coverage of the top levels of football. Let's be honest, who doesn't love following the trials and tribulations of the Premier League or the drama of the football league.The thing is, very often the true heroes of the game are forgotten. The players up and down the country who pull on the shirt of their local amateur team, the coaches who selflessly give up their time to give others the opportunity to take part in a game they love, the parents and supporters who brave any weather to be there for their loved ones and the whole host of volunteers who keep the wheels turning at their chosen club.Without these people there would be no future of the game so we felt it was about time that these people were given a voice and a platform to discuss the weird and wonderful sides of grassroots football. So let's build a huge online community where we can share the fantastic stories of grassroots football and the people in it.....
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The FA have, controversially in some parts, updated their guidelines on heading in junior football. Hear my thoughts on the subject.Join the conversation
Why is that 8 year olds no longer play 11-a-side, like they did in my day?? Yep, that's right, progress!! Steve argues that we need to look forward and not back when it comes to doing what's right by our young footballers.Join the conversation
Holiday's and Tournies

Holiday's and Tournies


The discussion about why grassroots football should be a summer sport continues. In this episode, Steve puts to bed the opinion that family holidays and club tournaments should prevent the season taking place in the warm, dry months! Join the conversation
Steve continues the discussion about why grassroots football should be a summer sport, by tackling the opinion that it would impact too much on existing summer sports such as cricket, athletics and tennis.Join the conversation
I know what you're thinking, "don't be ridiculous, football is a winter sport and it should stay that way!"It may surprise you to know that it wasn't all that long ago that I would have agreed with that statement, but in light of the mild, wet winter we've had in the UK this year, and the amount of football that has been lost to the elements, it is time that we have a serious conversation about whether we're providing the best possible experience to the youngest players of our game.Join the conversation
It's about time the conversation for grassroots football being played in the warmer months became serious. Let me know your thoughts and we'll discuss the subject over the next few episodes.
As 'Match Officials Week' draws to an end, this time we journey over the Atlantic to Rochester, NY and a discussion with Steve Montanino. As with all of our episodes this week, it is fascinating to get information on the state of play of grassroots football in the States. This is a discussion that meanders through various points on football but please heed the warnings in relation to parental and coach behaviour on the touchline, something that Steve is particularly in tune with. The Grassroots Football Podcast...FacebookTwitterInstagramwww.grassrootsfootballpodcast.comadmin@grassrootsfootballpodcast.comIf you're enjoying our content, please leave a review where available. We need our football family to help us reach out to listeners all over the world!
Wow...where do I start??!!I challenge anyone to listen to this interview and not be blown away by Hary's passion and knowledge of grassroots football, and match officiating in general.Hary has a huge amount of refereeing experience and his journey has taken him all over the world, perhaps most notably as part of The Homeless World Cup.From the inspiration to become a referee, to almost being left physically disabled due to an incident with a violent spectator, and everything in between.Whether you're a match official yourself, or just a lover of the beautiful game, this is an interview that you won't want to miss.Ladies and gentleman, The Grassroots Football Podcast is proud to present, Mr Hary Milas.Twitter - @HaryMilasWebsite - The Grassroots Football Podcast...FacebookTwitterInstagramwww.grassrootsfootballpodcast.comadmin@grassrootsfootballpodcast.comIf you're enjoying our content, please leave a review where available. We need our football family to help us reach out to listeners all over the world!
Barrie has been taking charge of games since 1996 so is well placed to express his experiences and opinions of grassroots football.Also, with his son now refereeing, and Barrie continuing his football passion by coaching his other sons team, he is able to give a unique and varied outlook on the game.I thoroughly enjoyed our chat and I really hope that it comes across in this episode.As always, you can get in touch via our social media pages or by e-mail to I hope you Enjoy!Australian Referee Jarred Gillet Mic'd Up For Final A-League Game
If we're going to cover all of the bases in grassroots football then we need to talk about, and share the experiences of, individuals from various roles in the sport. What better way to start than to focus on the people that everyone loves to hate....the match officials!!We kick-off a series of episodes focusing on the thankless task of officiating games with an interview with, Level 5 qualified referee, Bradley Totney.I have little doubt that you will really enjoy listening to his experiences and thoughts about his grassroots life, it was a real pleasure to be able to chat with him and I certainly got a lot from it.Enjoy!
We continue Futsal Week with a brief history of Futsal and why it can play a huge role in player development.Excuse the waffling(!!) but this episode was hastily organised based on some very valid feedback received from the previous episode!Nike Joga Bonito Advert with Ronaldinhowww.grassrootsfootballpodcast.comadmin@grassrootsfootballpodcast.comFacebook - Twitter - -***Notes will be updated with links to studies and material relating to the benefits of Futsal***
There's no question that Futsal is growing rapidly in popularity, but are we giving enough opportunity to grassroots teams to get involved with the sport? And what more could we do, if not?
Today is Global Mental Health Awareness Day, but are we aware enough about the role of grassroots football on mental health? --- Send in a voice message:
Many grassroots coaches cite parents as one of their biggest bugbears around running their team, but why should this be the case? Skye Eddy Bruce, of the Soccer Parenting Association, tells us how we can better approach the coach-parent relationship and create a more enjoyable atmosphere for everyone involved in grassroots sport.The Soccer Parenting Association's main aim is to "Inspire Players by Empowering Parents" and believe, amongst other things, that a more collaborative environment between coach, parent, club, and player is in the best interest of player development.One thing I'm sure everyone involved in grassroots football can agree on, is that they want to provide the best possible experience to those taking part. However, like many other things in life, we can lose track of what exactly that entails. In this wide ranging episode, Skye gives coaches and parents various techniques and processes they can employ to help get the best out of their children's time in grassroots sport. A must listen for ALL parents involved in their child's sporting experience. Send in a voice message:
Discussing the "Non-Competitive" nature of Foundation Phase football. Is it beneficial to the development of the players involved, or is just another case of political correctness gone mad?--- Send in a voice message:
Episode 3 brings you what probably should have been Episode 1 of the podcast! Our host tells you about his background and why The Grassroots Football Podcast is such an important project...--- Send in a voice message:
Talking all things Strength & Conditioning with Rob Anderson from Athletic Evolution.Rob created Athletic Evolution to provide the best practice in the athletic development and coaching of young athletes. He is dedicated to improving the quality of athletic development training delivered to young athletes. Rob currently leads the Youth Athletic Development for the Scottish Rugby Academy in the Caledonia Region. He has previously worked for numerous organisations including NYFA Sweden, Wolverhampton Wanderers, Team Palmer-Grimson Beach Volleyball, London Thunder Basketball, British Gymnastics and Leaf Studio School.He holds numerous qualifications, including: MSc in Applied Sport and Exercise Physiology BSc (Hons) in Strength and Conditioning Science World Rugby Coach Educator – Strength and Conditioning UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach ISAK Level 1 Anthropometrist Precision Nutrition Level 1 Level 2, Level 3 and Level 3 Advanced NASM qualificationsThe Athletic Evolution Mission:To positively impact the long term development of youth athletes, at the grassroots level around the worldTheir Vision:To utilise 4 strategies to achieve their mission: Provide high quality information online for free Provide economical and scalable training programs for coaches to use with athletes Provide high quality in-person education for coaches Consult for schools, clubs and organisations to provide specific solutions to their challenges Send in a voice message:
Dan Abrahams is a sport psychologist working alongside individuals, teams, coaches and organisations globally. He is known for his passion to de-mystify sport psychology and for creating simple to use performance techniques. He is the author of four best-selling sport psychology books and is the founder of both the Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy and The Sport Psych Show podcast.   Dan helps people of all ages and at all levels achieve their performance goals. Working predominantly in sport, and specialising in soccer and golf, Dan also helps people in areas as diverse as business, the performing arts, and the military. He does this by breaking down the complex theories of sport and performance psychology and helping his clients to easily implement them into their everyday lives. His interests and specialities are numerous including individual development, high-performance environments, performing under pressure, leadership, team building, skill acquisition, well-being, organisational culture, and coaching practice. Whatever your performance goals are, whether professional or recreational, at grassroots or the elite level, Dan can help you achieve them.  Resources discussed during the podcast... Soccer Tough: Simple Football Psychology Techniques to Improve Your Game (Dan Abrahams) Soccer Tough 2: Advanced Psychology Techniques for Footballers (Dan Abrahams) Soccer Brain: The 4C Coaching Model for Developing World Class Player Mindsets and a Winning Football Team (Dan Abrahams) Mindset (Dr Carol Dweck)--- Send in a voice message:
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