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Author: Ryan Saint George

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Dedicated to all things Martial Arts and fight related. Traditional martial arts, Mixed martial arts, Internal Martial arts, Kung Fu, HEMA, Chinese Martial Arts, And everything else martial arts related.
17 Episodes
I had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Barnard Kwan. Life long martial artist who began with Aikdo and eventually found his way to the internal arts and mainly Bagua. Bernard Kwan is a disciple of C S Tang!More about Bernard below!www.chi.academy
Viet Le was kind enough to share his journey through martial arts with us. We discuss his training in Chinese Kung Fu along with Vietnamese martial arts. 
To celebrate the start of season 2, we chat with real life Cobra Kai Karate; Justin Ichikawa of American Tang Soo Do.Justin shares what it was like growing up in the martial arts with his father (Dennis Ichikawa ) as his sensei. How his father started with Chuck Norris and eventually went on to own his own Karate school. Justin's journey as a martial artist is fascinating. Please enjoy!
Jon Nicklin shares his journey through Xingyiquan, which lead him to the exposure of various branches of Xingyiquan, Xinyiliuhequan, and even the original family art, Dai Xinyi.We also discuss Yang and Chen styles of Taiji. Enjoy
Ken Gullette is back! This time we discuss his evolution in his training of Chen Taiji. Comparing village style to the Beijing line. We also discuss Yang style Taiji and much more!!
Maarten Franks discusses his decade long life in china, how he met his master, and his initial struggles when it came to discovering authentic Chinese Kung Fu.
Today we have a conversation with Wing Chun master Alex Richter of City Wing Chun. We discuss his journey from Non Classical Gung Fu based Wing Chun to traditional Wing Chun. Topics include:Traditional kung fuWing ChunBruce LeeKung Fu in MMAWing Chun in an MMA worldHonesty in martial arts
This episode we speak with Jon Dyer, he discusses his journey from traditional Chinese Internal Kung Fu/martial arts to MMA.  This is an in depth conversation that pulls no punches. Topics include:Dai XinYiXinyiliuhequanInternal martial artsBecoming a disciple And more...
Today we chat with Byron Jacobs, a Xingyiquan/Baguazhang practitioner and a former Wushu athlete. This is a hard hitting discussion that holds nothing back. Topics include:XingyiquanBaguazhangWushu "internal" kung fuWhy're internal arts harder to learnkung fu in mmaXuxiaodongand much more!Byron is extremely knowledgeable, please enjoy!More about Byron Jacobs:Youtube a look at Byron Jacobs (@Mushin_Martial): Drunken Boxing Podcast:
Today we chat with life long martial artist David Tavares. As you can read from the title he's a practitioner of Kempo/Kajukenbo. We discuss the history of Kajukenbo and mainly what happened the night of Joe Emperado's tragic death. This is a sensitive topic understandably, it is not mine nor David's goal to offend anyone. Just wanted to set the record straight regarding Walter Godin's role in what happened.Key points of discussion:Walter GodinJoe EmperadoEarly Kajukenboand much more..More about David Tavares
Today we sit down with Sean Madigan of Big JKD and the co-host of The Dudes Of Kung Fu.He's a lifelong martial artist specializing in Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun. He discusses his martial arts journey which took him from training at a local martial arts school as a kid and what eventually lead him to training with a direct student of Bruce Lee. Sean also discusses martial strategy. If you're interested in Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, and kung fu in general, this episode is a must! about Sean Madigan
In this episode I interview Ken Gullette of Internal fighting arts. He’s a life long martial artist that specializes in Chen Taijiquan, Baguazhang, and Xingyiquan.Longest episode yet, clocking in just over two and a half hours.Topics you can expect to be discussed...Shaolin Do, Sin The and Ken’s early martial arts training.Training with fraudsDiscovering real internal Kung fu.What makes a martial art internal.Internal Martial arts combat applications.Xuxiaodong and his pummeling of alleged taichi master.Chen Xiaowang.Kung fu in mma.And much more!More about Ken:
Continuing the San Soo series where the first episode left off. We speak to Master Ron Gatewood regarding San soo fact and fiction. If your a San Soo practitioner or interested in early American Kung Fu this episode is a MUST! Ron helps separate  fact from fiction to uncover a truth that's even more exciting. In this episode you'll hear early San Soo training stories and topics including:Frank WoolseyJimmy WhooEarly trainingRon's investigation into the true origins of San SooRon's personal experiences in San SooRon's collection of Jimmy Whoo/San Soo videosand much more!
Legendary martial artist and MMA coach John Hackleman was kind enough to join Talking Fists. Many know him through former UFC LHW champion Chuck Liddell, however his life journey as a martial artist is amazing.We discuss:Why he started martial arts.His early training in Kajukenbo.Who he trained with originally.Walter GodinHow he developed his own Hawaiian Kempo system and the modifications he made to Kajukenbo.His cross training. His time in the military.His fighting career.Why he became a coach.Self defense.Traditional martial arts in mma. Kung FuLearning his system.His current projects.  and much more...
In Episode 2 I have the pleasure of interviewing Will Wain-Williams of Monkey Steals Peach. He's a Mantis Kung Fu expert.He'll share his kung fu journey with us and give advice to those who also wish to live the kung fu dream in china. He also delves into what Mantis kung fu really is and we discuss its techniques and the famed "Mantis hooks" in depth. We also discuss his current project in which he travels around China interviewing and training with various kung fu masters. If you want to know about Will and Mantis kung fu please click the links below.
This is the first episode of the martial arts podcast Talking Hands. Kung Fu San Soo is a popular martial art in California thanks to Jimmy H. Woo (Chin Siu Dek/陳壽爵). It's my first martial art I've ever studied, so obviously I felt obligated to begin my podcast with it. In this episode I interview Amar Georgeson, a fellow San Soo practitioner who traveled to the home village of San Soo. We discuss San Soo in depth as Amar walks us through his journey through the birthplace of San Soo. We separate fact from fiction only to discover something even more exciting. Amar published a book that's a MUST for all San Soo stylists out there, you can find it here: is Part One of my San Soo Facts and Fiction mini series within this podcast. Next guest will hopefully be Ron Gatewood. Thanks for listening. 
Part 1 of my discussion with the great Nabil Ranne. We take a deep dive into his personal training, and the Beijing line of Chen Taiji. Topics includeStriking in Chen stylePower generationTraining in both village and Beijing Chen styleand much more!
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