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Part 2 of my camera gear discussion with Nilesh. We talk about Auto iso and mirrorless cameras.Check out Nilesh on insta:
Join me and Bhasmang Mehta from Wildlife Sojourns as we dive into Asiatic Lion and Elephant Conservation success stories! Bhasmang also shares his incredible experience of finding Tiger cubs.Check Out Bhasmang's work and Photo Tours:Website:
Join me for the second part of the interview with Niall Bell.We briefly talk about photographing in a zoo, photographing deer in the wild, macro photography and we have a good laugh about fungi.Check out Niall's photographs here:Instagram:
Join me this week as I speak to Niall Bell about his passion and love for British Wildlife.!Niall Bell is a very accomplished photographer with stunning photographs of our much loved British Wildlife. Niall runs workshops in the UK for Safari Sinclair when Rachel is in Africa. Listen to this podcast to get to know Niall that little bit better!Check out Niall's photographs here:Instagram:
Are you missing travelling? Well, what about setting yourself a project to appreciate the local wildlife close to your home. There are probably loads of interesting creatures fro you to photograph right near your home! Listen to this episode to find out what I'm doing in my garden and why...
Join me as I interview my good friend Corleen after we returned from South Africa. Find out what Corleen thought of Africa and the whole safari experience as a first-time safari-goer!Have you been thinking about going on a safari but still not quite sure if it's for you? Then this episode is for you...Please contact me for more information so you can really experience the spirit of the wild for yourself!
Join me for part two of my interview with Helen Colonques and find out about Helen's best wildlife sightings!If you missed the first part of this interview please check out episode 16.Take a look at Helen's wonderful photographs:Instagram:
Join me and Helen as we talk about some of Australia's wildlife and then dive into India's fantastic conservation efforts particularly with the Asiatic Lions, Leopards and Tigers.Check out Helen's wonderful photographs:Instagram:
Join me for part two of my interview with Mario Paul (from Wild Photo Africa) as we continue talking about Kruger National Park in South Africa and their fantastic conservation efforts!If you missed the first part of this interview please check out episode 14.Take a look at Mario's images here:Instagram:
Join me for part one of my interview with Mario Paul (from Wild Photo Africa) as we talk about Kruger National Park in South Africa and Mario explains what it was like to get back into the Park after 75 days of Lockdown due to Covid19.Mario also explains what Kruger National Park is like for wildlife, the different areas and what you can expect to see.For the rest of the interview please check out the next episode. Take a look at Mario's images here:Instagram:
How do you photograph Rhinos? What do you need to know and how should you approach it? Do you know the difference between a White Rhino and a Black Rhino?Find out in this week's episode about the 5 different species of Rhinos on our planet and all about how to photograph African Rhinos.To see some of my Rhino images that I talk about please check out this blog article: the podcast I reference these books:The Last Rhinos - by Lawrence AnthonyThe Elephant Whisper - by Lawrence AnthonyAn Elephant In My Kitchen - by Franciose AnthonyRemembering Rhinos - these charities: Save The Rhino: Pejeta Conservancy:
Join me as I talk to Paras about the wonderful Nairobi National Park. Find out why it is such a special National Park, why it is so unique and well worth a visit!Paras also tells us about one of his images that had a massive impact on conservation and awareness!Check out Paras' Images here:Instagram:
Do you enjoy photography but sometimes find you can get a bit disheartened? Do you feel your photography is in a lull?Join me in this episode as I explain how photography is like my half marathon running journey and what I have learnt.
Join me and Nilesh from NimTree - Wildlife Photo Tours as he tells me all about the magic of India. Learn about the best places to visit to see Tigers, Snow Leopards, Sloth Bears, Asian Elephants and much, much more. Also, learn about the best time of year to visit India as it can get unbearably hot - Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Find out in this episode!Want to check out some of the species you could photograph with Nilesh, take a look at this accompanying blog post: you like what you hear and want more info about Indian Photo Safaris, please contact Nilesh directly:Website:
In this episode, I describe my absolute joy at seeing Painted Wolves in the Wild for the very first time! I explain why you can't see these spectacular creatures everywhere and I also slip in some interesting Painted Wolf facts and info.Here is a blog so you can check out some of the photographs I describe in this podcast: Book Reference = Painted Wolves - A Dog's Life:
Join me and Charles this week for a very exciting look into Uganda.Born and raised in Eastern Uganda, Charles caught the conservation bug at an early age and has spent over 11 years in various roles and fields of conservation. He studied at the Kenya Wildlife Institute, majoring in Tourism Management and later moved to the famous College of African Wildlife Management; Mweka, in Moshi Tanzania.​Charles is a respected primatologist and tourism specialist, who has spent over a decade in Kibale Forest, seeing it transform from a forest reserve to a national park. He was a key player in habituating chimpanzees, and developing chimp related tourism. Charles has managed the Kyambura Gorge and the Jane Goodall Institute Collaborative Primate Habituation Project, both under the Uganda Wildlife Authority. ​Following senior positions in national parks and chimpanzee tourism management, he decided to take a Masters in Natural Resource Management at Leicester University, U.K., with an emphasis on the bushmeat trade. His knowledge of East African wildlife and protected areas will give you a clear insight into sustainable conservation in this region. His experience in ornithology (the study of birds) and great apes is also second to none!​ Charles is now an advisor to a charity working with schools adjacent to protected areas in Uganda (A.C.E) and to various tourism consultancies.Park Rangers Widows and Orphans Project: information about tours to Uganda please contact me:Instagram: safraisinclair_rachel Email:
In this episode learn about Nashulai, the only Maasai Community Conservancy. I briefly explain how this place changed my life before playing sound bites from Nelson and Maggie who explain what Nashulai is and what it stands for.As Covid-19 continues to change many people's lives, some are being affected way more than others. Our friends in Nashulai - Maasai Mara, have set up a project to help feed 8,000 people in the local communities.Many African's face the very real threat of starvation due to the halt of tourism. They have no welfare system in these countries so often no work means no food! This also poses another problem, no money to pay anti-poachers to protect our wonderful wildlife.Can you spare just £5 or $5 dollars to help feed a family of 10 people for one week?By doing this, park rangers will know their families are fed, so they can continue patrolling the land.Every little helps! If you can, do something good today and bring a smile to your face and someone else's too! 😃Please donate here: 
Discover my 10 tips you can try during Lockdown to keep you sane and upbeat. Some ideas involve photography but others don't - check it out to see :-)Also featured is a very special letter from Covid-19. If you like the audio you'll love the visuals which can be seen here: 
So what are your thoughts about the most talked-about show at the moment? Do you think they did enough to highlight the real issue!In this episode, I hear from A-LLAIN, DJ, Producer and Spotify Playlist Creator as he tells me his point of view. I then share my thoughts about Netflix Tiger King and why I feel the directors missed a golden opportunity that will likely never be on offer again!If you'd like to see any images please read my blog article here: watch my video: are the socials for my guest speaker A-LLAIN:Do It Sessionshttps://a-llain.comdisapplepodcasts Cloud: Cloud:
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