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Marble Halls and Silver Screens

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Marble Halls & Silver Screens with Sarah Lee covers the news and views all the way from Burbank to the banks of the Potomac.
146 Episodes
The 'Biden Failures, Poker Face, and Rockin' Rowling' Edition
The 'Biden Docs, The Menu, and Goodbye Hollywood Bail Funds' Edition
The 'Speaker Drama, NOPE, and The Langley Files' Edition
The 'Border NGOs, A Christmas Story Story, and Dad TV' Edition
The 'Twitter/FBI Pipeline, Disenchanted, and Toxic Testosterone' Edition
The 'FTX Clawback, Spirited and Disney Relapse' Edition
The 'Midterms 22, Bad Sisters, and Smartless Biden Interview' Edition
The 'Open Borders Shuffle, Luckiest Girl Alive, and Fanaticism Explained' Edition
The 'Ukraine NATO App, The Bubble and Conservative Streaming Market Power' Edition
The 'Martha's Vineyard Migrant Crisis, Blackbird, and Rex Chapman School of Propaganda' Edition
The 'Zuckerberg/Rogan, Jexi, Manti Te'o' Edition
The 'MAL Raid, Elvis and Transing of Joan of Arc' Edition
The 'Pelosi in Taiwan?, The Resort, and Kaep's Hollywood Funding' Edition
The 'Biden Israel Issues, The Bear and Abrams' Hollywood Flow' Edition
The 'Epic SCOTUS Term, Father Stu, and Progressive Entertainment Overreach' Edition
The 'Biden Gaslight; Everything, Everywhere, All At Once; and Acting Presidential' Edition
The 'Biden Experiment, Top Gun, and Depp Decision' Edition
The 'Keystone Cop of Disinfo, KITH, and Netflix's Woke Walkback' Edition
The 'SCOTUS Leak, End of Ozark, and Time's Up for Me Too' Edition
The 'Disney Dance, Killing It, and Musk Gets Serious' Edition
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