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Understanding God's Word

Author: Carl Vasta

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Welcome to UNDERSTANDING GOD’S WORD – an easier explanation of the THE STORY LINE OF THE BIBLE, and THE QUOTES AND STORIES FROM JESUS. The most recent series is called BIBLE SEEDS, my commentary on bible readings and whats happening to us in our daily lives. Type Carl Vasta into any browser to get to my website and download FREE videos, MP3s, PDFs and music that I wrote and performed.
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Bible Seeds: The Mark Of The Beast - Is it mark on the right hand or forehead from the Antichrist, or are the governments of world are trying to program it's people to accept whatever they tell them. Today, what we have is an exercise to see if people will actually do what they are told: about elections, about science, about who really cares about your life, your children and your loved ones! And the only one who cares is your God, the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.
Bible Seeds: Jesus knew that just because a person had Leprosy didn't mean that the cause of their Leprosy was because of their sin, but compared sin to the way leprosy works on the human body. Sin which progressively, or over time, rots it's victims and leads to their death!
Bible Seeds: They called him the "Healer", but he preferred to be called "The Requester". He added that he could not heal anybody or anything, but all healing was done by God through His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit! Many people came to the "Requester" and many were healed but he found that not everyone could be healed and he remembered what Jesus had said to some that were being healed - "According to your faith let it be done to you" ( Matthew 9:29 )
Bible Seeds: Have you ever been abandoned by a person you thought was your friend? By your husband? By your wife? By your Father or your Mother? By your children? By members of your own family? If you live long enough, the chances are you will face that situation!
Bible Seeds: Although my wife Mary wasn't here long enough to see the successful results of her gifts, she was like the lyric of an old song that went, "How few were her pleasures, she never cared for fashion's styles. Her jewels and her treasures, She found them in her baby's smiles".And to all the MOMS around the world: HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! You are God's gift to this Earth: Don't give what is Holy; that is what God gave you, "your children", to the dogs.
Bible Seeds" Today, we may not see many people in our society bowing before wood and stone idols but we see people praising the corrupt morals of the gods people worshiped in ancient times.
Bible Seeds: To those who consider themselves saved by our Lord Jesus Christ, do you remember exactly when that happened? My salvation was encouraged by many experiences but the one that sticks to me the most sounds silly to anyone I have ever told it to!
Bible Seeds: After thousands of years of the Earth, humans have proved they cannot govern the people that they live with on this planet. It's not a problem of ethnicity or gender. It's something that exist in all human beings. The problem is SIN or falling short of being perfect.
Bible Seeds: When one of our loved ones dies today, do we say, "Why Lord"?If you had been here, my loved one wouldn't have died. She would have been cured of the cancer that took her life! Or He wouldn't have died in the auto accident from a drunk driver! Or They wouldn't have been the victims of a senseless shooting!And what might Jesus say if he answered your question today 'I have been here for you and your loved ones all of your lives! Where have you been?
Bible Seeds: The words 'Hate Speech' have a different meaning when we look in the bible at what God is saying, "There are six things which the Lord hates. Yes seven which are an abomination to Him: Haughty eyes, A lying tongue, And hands that shed innocent blood, A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that run rapidly to evil, A false witness who utters lies, And one who spreads strife among brothers." Proverbs 6: verses 16-19.
Bible Seeds: On the day I finished moving into my son’s house, I was depressed because I had puzzled as much stuff in the garage as I could but there was still boxes and plastic tubs of stuff.I prayed to the Lord to help to know what to do and as I was sitting there in my depression, the Lord spoke to my mind and said, “Did you ever see a woman walking around town with a little dog or pet in her purse? You are the pet in the purse!”“What do you mean?” I said.Then he explained it to me……..
Bible Seeds: The are songs that were only known in Ireland and new songs that came out of Irish American writers. The was a commonality of all of them. They were some what like the bible: songs and stories of people with good judgement and people with bad judgement. The bible contains the same honesty. It tell of people with good judgement and people with bad judgement and it tells of good people who have days of bad judgement! This is also the story of how the song Danny Boy came to be and a added recording of my version of it.
Bible Seeds: We know and have been told in scripture that, those who have loved ones should also protect them from harm and danger, otherwise if the people who love us ignore the harm that comes to us, they are no better than those who bring the harm to us.
One of the things my grandfather said to my Dad at that time was: “Isn’t it strange one man can provide for 15 children, but 15 children cannot provide for one man?”
Bible Seeds: God is all knowing of His creation, their thoughts, and their direction. So He does not need the devil to know if a person's love is genuine, but . . . because a lot of the time people don't believe what he tells them, He uses the devil to prove his word is valid.
Bible Seeds: How can anyone fear an all-knowing, all loving God? Well, we shouldn't! What we should fear is the consequences of no God.
Bible Seeds: There was once was a great Emperor who confided to his friend that he discovered that "he was god!". His friend asked him how he came to know that he was god and the Emperor said, "I find that every time I pray to god, I end up talking to myself!" Now I don't know if that Emperor had a conscience, which is defined a a sense of right and wrong, or he had a super ego.
Bible Seeds: As we start the New Year, we must think of the words Jesus told his apostles when they asked him about the signs of the end. His first words were, "Don't be deceived . . . or don't let anyone fool you!
Bible Seeds: I will have a Happy New Year because those who love me support my hope in God and they see that my faith brings me a lasting peace. May your faith in God bring you a lasting peace in this new Year.
Bible Seeds: In many different religions around the world we see ordinary people going to extreme actions. The outstretched arms reaching up and pleading to be held and accepted by their deity or God, like a newborn baby crying to be picked up and hugged by their parents!Meanwhile, our Father in heaven reaches down to us ordinary people, delivering a newborn baby named Jesus His Son, and asks us to believe what he will say to us.
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