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Do you have a work problem? We have solutions.

On Help Wanted, Entrepreneur editor in chief Jason Feifer and money expert Nicole Lapin help you stay ahead of the curve and make money doing what you love — no matter if you’re trying to impress your boss, or if you ARE the boss.

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Whether you're talking to a prospective client, or to your boss about a promotion, you'll be faced with the same questions: when is it time to ask for money? And when it is the right time... how do you do it? Jason and Nicole help someone very close to home who is struggling with this question, and it all starts with a rule Jason learned while online dating.
Does self-promotion make you uncomfortable? Try this.
Some people might think that a personal brand is only important for entrepreneurs who are the face of their companies, but that’s not true! Think of a personal brand as a strong reputation rooted in your strengths… who doesn’t need that? When Jason and Nicole get a caller question about building a personal brand, they decide to phone-a-friend: Aliza Licht, an incredible marketing guru. Jason, Nicole and Aliza take today's caller through an exercise that you can use to build your reputation, get recognition for the work you love and secure the opportunities you've always wanted. Find Aliza's latest book, On Brand, here:
Does self-promotion make you uncomfortable? Today, Jason tells you how to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Because if you don’t tell everyone how awesome you are, nobody else will.
Today's caller is tired of getting underpaid for gigs she doesn't even like. Jason and Nicole give strategies for finding— and securing— opportunities to make a living out of doing what you love.
Getting rejected feels personal, but Jason believes it’s not. When someone tells you “no,” they're not saying no to you; they’re saying “no” to a very specific question that might not actually have anything to do with you. Today, Jason helps you understand that question so you can build a better strategy for handling rejection — and moving forward.
Feeling pressure from colleagues? Jason has the cure and it all comes down to distinguishing between what people need from you and what they expect from you. Today, he explains with a little help from the cofounder and CEO of Whole Foods John Mackey.
In this episode, Jason reads an email from someone who so desperately wants their book published, that they've sent copies to King Charles, Bill Clinton and Quentin Tarantino. It's not uncommon for people to look for a champion of their work... but, it's a waste of time. Jason and Nicole explains what you should do instead when you need a helping hand.
Today, Jason shares a strategy that will help you do the thing you’re afraid of. To start, he’ll show you how this helped a friend who’s been afraid of starting a new project.
Nicole received what is probably the worst sales email ever. To unpack what went so wrong— and how to get it right, Nicole and Jason are joined by MNN's very own sales lead, Will Stein. Will shares the tips and tricks he uses to send outreach emails that move conversations and relationships forward— rather than emails that get moved... to Junk Mail.
If you want your company or employer to do more than just post a photo of the planet for Earth Day, Jason and Nicole have you covered. Today, they sit down with Tricia Carey, the Chief Commercial Officer of Renewcell, an award-winning textile-to-textile recycling company. In their conversation, Tricia shares insight into what meaningful actions companies can take to be more sustainable, whether carbon offsets actually work, and one specific thing everyone can do today to help the planet. To learn more about Tricia, her work at Renewcell and beyond, follow her on LinkedIn:
Today, Jason shares the story of the worst thing that's ever happened to him— and what he did to turn it around. With this formula you can, too.
When is it a bad idea to bring your romantic partner into your work? That is the question Nicole was trying to answer gracefully... until she made a super embarrassing mistake. Jason gives a framework to help you decide when your personal life and professional life should stay in separate lanes, and just for fun, they spontaneously call up a guy at the very center of Nicole's mistake.
You’re ready to move on from something something— but you’re struggling to leave some small part behind, which is pleasurable and meaningful. You keep asking yourself, “Is this worth staying for?” Today, Jason will help you answer that question. And he starts with his own version of this problem. Are you ready to meet Drunk Party Jason?
We know why the group project was always the most dreaded assignment in school: there was always one peer who didn't pitch in. Unfortunately, in the "real world," you'll meet the same kind of peers. Jason has a strategy that will help next time you need to work with someone who is challenging.
Jason just collaborated with a bona fide jerk. Should he say anything? Nicole helps Jason map out his next steps, and gives you the framework to decide when to push back.
Jason shares the true stories that teach us when the "fake it till you make it" culture works and when it fails. Then, he shares a rule of thumb you can use when deciding if lying is fair game.
We’re told that our networks are our most valuable resource. But that’s a lot of pressure! You might worry: Do I know the right people? How can I meet more of them? Today, Jason offers a different way to think about your network — one that doesn’t treat it like some asset or a collection on a shelf, and that doesn’t feel like a failure if you’re lacking that perfect collaborator.
Between remote jobs, social media and new vocabulary to describe burnout, work looks different in 2024 than it did just a few years ago. Today, Nicole and Jason answer questions on FAQs on new work norms, like: should you follow your boss on Instagram? And, when is it okay to turn off your camera on a Zoom meeting?
When things go wrong, here’s a question to ask yourself: “Did I just run an accidental experiment?” The answer might be yes. And once you realize this, you’ll feel a lot better. Today, Jason shares why it works — starting with a big mistake he made.
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I liked the duo, but these judges suck. I'm going to have to stop listening because the "celebrity" guests are such jerks!

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That guy was a dick :P I wouldn't listen to a word he said about bars or marriage.

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Great way to address topics that no one should be silent about... Amazing show!!!

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