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We compare the Book to the Screen and Everything Inbetween
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Cecil Donald Briscoe (March 20, 1940 – October 31, 2004) was an American stage and soap opera actor known for starring in the TV series Dark Shadows.We are joined by Roger Davis, Mrs Shawn Randall (close friend of Don Briscoe), Bonnie Jenkins (Don Briscoe’s Sister) and his niece, MaryAnn Grand and his great niece Sarah Grand.Opening Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows CatalogueClosing Credits: If These Walls Could Speak by Amy Grant. Taken from the album Lead Me On. Copyright 1988 A&M Records.All songs used by kind permission.All songs available on Amazon.
Sam Irvin (born June 14, 1956) is an American film[1] and television director, producer, screenwriter,[2] actor, author and film teacher.Irvin's directing credits include Guilty as Charged, Oblivion, Elvira's Haunted Hills, and all the episodes of two television series: Dante's Cove and From Here on OUT. His other credits include co-executive producer of Bill Condon's Academy Award-winner Gods and Monsters; associate producer of Brian De Palma's Home Movies; and historical consultant on the Tony Award-winner Liza's at the Palace. Irvin authored the acclaimed biography Kay Thompson: From Funny Face to Eloise (Simon & Schuster), the children's book parody Sam's Toilet Paper Caper! (Knuckle Samwitch Books), and the novel ORBGASM: An Erotic Pulp Sci-Fi Satyricon (Knuckle Samwitch Books). Irvin has won two Rondo Awards for Best Article of the Year ("The Epic Saga Behind Frankenstein: The True Story" published in Little Shoppe of Horrors magazine #38) and Best Interview of the Year ("Elvira Exposed!" published in Screem magazine #36). Between projects, Irvin taught graduate courses on directing at the University of Southern California School of Cinematic Arts.Opening Credits: Courtesy of Epidermal SoundsClosing Credits: Listen To The Man by George Ezra. Taken from the album Wanted on a Voyage. Copyright 2013 Columbia Records.All songs used by kind permission.All songs available on Amazon.
The Changeling (1980) The Canadian supernatural horror film from 1980; its plot follows an esteemed New York City composer who relocates to Seattle, where he moves into a mansion he comes to believe is haunted. The screenplay is based upon events that writer Russell Hunter claimed he experienced while he was living in the Henry Treat Rogers mansion in the Cheesman Park neighborhood of Denver, Colorado, in the late 1960s. The film also features Melyvn Douglas also in our book to screen episode Ghost Story. The film won eight inaugural Genie Awards, including Best Motion Picture, and was nominated for two Saturn Awards. It is considered one of the best horror films of all time, and one of the most influential Canadian films of all time. The Fog (1980) The John Carpenter’s supernatural horror film would put mother and daughter scream queens in a film together in the form of Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis. It tells the story of a strange, glowing fog that sweeps over a small coastal town in California, bringing with it the vengeful ghosts of mariners who were killed in a shipwreck there 100 years before. A novelization of the movie, written by Dennis Etchison, was published by Bantam Books in January 1980. The novel clarifies the implication in the film that the six who must die were not random but in fact descendants of the six original conspirators. The film has a guest star appearance by John Houseman who also features in our book to screen film this month Ghost Story.We are joined by author Jim Wosochlo (Unexhumed, Appalachian Schaumboch’s Tavern). You can follow him via Twitter: are also joined by author Matthew Brockmeyer (Nest of Salt, Under Rotting Sky). You can follow him via Twitter: Opening Credits/Introduction (1.51); Oh My GOD!!! (14.01); The Changeling Trailer (15.37); That Is Like So Tubular (18.02); Joseph Spirit Score (52.57); It Is Totally Rad (1:03.26); The Fog Trailer (1:04.51); Bodacious Talk (1:07.37); Such A Wastoid (1:28.41); End Credits (1:43.37); Closing Theme (1:46.15)Opening Credits– Epidermal SoundsClosing Credits – Ghost by Ella Henderson, taken from the album Chapter One. Copyright 2014 Syco/Columbia Records Original Music copyrighted 2021 Epidermal Sounds. All rights reserved.All songs available on Amazon.
Season 2: Episodes 29 – 37 Samantha disappears intermittently. Samantha gets blackmailed by a private detective for using her powers. Samantha mistakes a hobo to be Darrin’s Uncle Albert. Endora gives the world two Darrins – a serious one and a fun side one. A teenage warlock falls in love with Samantha. The private detective arrives again to blackmail Samantha and Darrin. Endora sends Samantha and Darrin back in time to see if Darrin would have married Samantha if he knew ahead of time if she was a witch. Darren thinks Samantha’s magic got him the perfume account.Opening Credits; Introduction (.35); Bewitching Going Ons; Season 2: Episode 29: Disappearing Samantha (12:57); Episode 30: Follow That Witch (Part 1) (19.44); Episode 31: Follow That Witch (Part 2) (27.40); Episode 32: A Bum Raps (31.35); Episode 33: Divided He Falls (38.48); Episode 34: Man’s Best Friend (49.01); Episode 35: The Catnapper (57.54); Episode 36: What Every Young Man Should Know (1:05.56); Episode 27: The Girl With The Golden Nose (1:14.35); Witch or Mortal (1:30.09); The Bewitching Hour (1:37.31); End Credits (1:42.21); Closing Credits (1:42.52)Opening Credits– Theme Song from Bewitched Television Show by Jack Keller. Copyright owned by Screen Gems. Closing Credits – Everybody Wants To Be A Cat by The Stretchy Legs Big Band– from the motion picture Aristocats. 2019 Sketchy Leg Big Band Productions. All rights reserved.All Songs available through Amazon.
Book:Ghost StoryBy Peter StraubFilm:Ghost Story (1981) The book was released on 01 January 1979 and would be the watershed moment of Peter Straub career and become a bestselling smash. His earlier work had great critical acclaim but this would be the book that made him a household name. The story would involve five elderly gentleman in which the book explores their five narratives into a chilling story. This is considered one of the greatest horror novels of the 20th Century . Some of the characters and location would pop up in other books by Straub such as the novels Koko and Floating Dragon.This 1981 film would bring together some of the greatest actors from the golden age which would include Fred Astair, Melvyn Douglas, Douglas Fairbanks Jr and John Houseman and would make Alice Krige an actress to look out for. It follows a group of elderly businessmen in New England who gather to recount their involvement in a woman's death decades prior when one of them suspects her ghost has been haunting him. The film differs from the book as it removes a fifth characters story within the framework of the film. the filming process was emotionally turbulent for star Fred Astaire, who confided in Irvin that he felt he was going to die or be murdered while shooting the film, and at one point considered dropping out of the production.Opening Credits; Introduction (1.38); Plot Synopsis (7.30); Forming the Plot (8.21); Book Thoughts (16.21); Rating Ghost Story (45.09); Introducing a Film (48.04); Ghost Story Film Trailer (49.23); Film Synopsis (51.41); Lights, Camera, Action (57.17); Epilogue (1:29.57); End Credits (1:36.30); Closing Credits (1:37.21)Opening Credits– Epidermol Sounds Closing Credits – Haunted by The Pogues taken from the original soundtrack album Sid and Nancy. Copyright 1986 Epic Records Original Music copyrighted 2020 the Literary License Podcast. All rights reserved.All songs available on Amazon.
Episode 34 - 49 Mary and Burt’s marriage is in tethers over secrets and lies. Danny loses his beloved Elaine. Jody loses custody of his child. Corrine’s baby is possessed. Burt gets abducted by aliens. Billy gets involved with a cult. Dutch and Eunice go on the lam. Chester is dead and Jessica starts a new relationship. Opening Credits/Introduction (1.14); Out of the Shower: Chester (09.07); Jodie (15.13); Dutch and Eunice (29.26); Corrine and Tim (35.40); Mary and Burt (47.16); Danny and Elaine (53.36); Jessica (1:01.36); Billy (1:12.37); Burt (1:25.01); Into The Tub (1:37.51); Washing the Dirt Away (1:39.57); Closing Credits (1:49.59); Closing Theme (1:51.02)Opening Credits: Soap Theme by George Aliceson Tipton Closing Credits: Alien Abduction Probe by Hayseed Dixie taken from the album Killer Grass. Copyrighted 2010 Cooking Vinyl All Rights Reserved. All original incidental music opened and copyrighted by the LLPodcast Productions.All songs available through Amazon.
The Stephen Langford InterviewWe are joined by the writer, director and producer Stephen Langford whose current writing on the excellent Creepshow brought to you by Shudder discusses his career. Stephen Langford is an entertainment industry veteran, having written and produced for Warner Brothers Television, ABC and Sony Television. Along the way he has written for George Lucas and Steven Spielberg as well as writing producing and directing the movie Warm Blooded Killers. His film Lovewrecked was a hit on ABC Family in 2007 and is still playing in an expanded run in theaters overseas.Stephen has written or produced over one hundred and fifty hours of prime-time television. Among his credits are Family Matters, Malcolm and Eddie, and Saved By The Bell. His latest produced film is "The Nanny Express" which is running on the Hallmark Channel.Langford grew up in the Boston area and later attended Emerson College where he received a Bachelor of Science in Film. After college, he began working in the motion picture field working for such film directors as Sidney Lumet and Joel Schumacher.Stephen's Producer credits include Warm Blooded Killers, Silent Lies,Dream Factory Entertainment benefits greatly from having such talent on its executive team. Mr. Langford is passionate about his contribution to Dream Factory and holding up standards of excellence for every product that carries his name and the Dream Factory brand.Closing Theme: That’s How You Write A Song by Alexander Rybak, Single Release – Eurovision – Copyright 2018 Alexander Rybak
February 1969Episodes 681 - 700March 1969Episodes 701 - 723 Maggie steps into Vickie's shoes. Maggie falls in love with Barnabas. David and Amy are possessed by demons. Professor Stokes holds an exorcism. We go back in time to the 1800s. Barnabas goes back to 1897 to meet relatives that he missed whilst locked in the coffin. We are introduced to Collins, gypsies, tramps and thieves. It all becomes about the money, money, money.Opening Credits; Introduction (1.01); Out of the Shadows (29.20); Into The Shadows: Scene One (50.05); Scene Two (1:13.32); Scene Three (1:34.25); Scene Four (1:53.59); Scene Five (2:13.22); Scene Six (2:26.15); Shedding Some Light (2:44.44); Character Breaks (2:50.01); Tom’s Song (2:55.09); Tune In Next Time (2:59.55); Closing Credits (3:00.01)Opening Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert CobertClosing Credits – Russian Style – by The Hatters taken from the Album Полная шляпа. Copyright 2017 LB Family Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue All Rights Reserved. All Songs Available on Amazon
Killer Party (1986)This comedic supernatural slasher film from Canada follows a trio of female sorority pledges who unleash a demonic force after participating in an initiation ritual in an abandoned house on their university's campus. The screenplay was written by Barney Cohen who also wrote Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. The film stars Martin Hewlett and Paul Bartel.Night of the Demon (1988)This American supernatural film stars scream queen Linnea Quigley. he plot follows a group of high school students who throw a party inside an isolated funeral parlor. While attempting a séance, they accidentally release a demon locked in the crematorium that begins to possess them one by one. The film would spawn two sequels and a remake coming out in 2009. Both films now have cult classic status.Opening Credits/Introduction (1.51); Oh My GOD!!! (29.37); Killer Party (1986) Trailer (30.37); That Is Like So Tubular (32.15); It Is Totally Rad (53.19); Night of the Demons (1988) Trailer (54.44); Bodacious Talk (56.35); Such A Wastoid (1:20.25); End Credits (1:42.56); Closing Theme (1:44.03)Opening Credits– Epidemic Sounds Closing Credits – Demons Are A Girl’s Best Friend by Powerwolf taken from the album The Sacrament of Sin. Copyright 2018 Napalm Records Original Music copyrighted 2021 Epidemic Sounds and the Literary License Podcast. All rights reserved.
DARK SHADOWS: Interview with Stacy Poulos, Niece of Alex Stevens, The Werewolf of Dark ShadowsAlex Stevens (1936-2015) was a stuntman from New York City. Born in Connecticut, he and his twin brother lived in several homes before settling in New York. He served as a stunt coordinator on the original Dark Shadows. Alex also appeared on-screen in the role of the werewolf, although he was never credited for this. As the werewolf, Alex doubled for the characters of both Chris Jennings and Quentin Collins.Alex Stevens also performed stunts on the 1970 MGM feature film, House of Dark Shadows and its followup, Night of Dark Shadows. In 1970, Alex was the mystery guest on a memorable episode of "What's My Line?" where he appeared in full werewolf makeup. He signed in as the Wolfman. After the panel members were allowed to remove their blindfolds, Stevens removed his werewolf makeup for the audience.We are joined by Stacy Poulos, the niece of Alex Stevens who shares her memories of her uncle.Opening Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows Catalogue Closing Credits – Awooo by LVCRFT – taken from the album This is Halloween Volume 1. Copyright 2019 LVCRFT MUSIC All Rights Reserved. All Songs Available on Amazon
Season 2 Episodes 21 -28 Darrin knocks out a heavy weight champ. Endora gives Tabitha a teddy bear that magically dances. Endora gives Darrin three wishes without him knowing. Samantha uses her magic to design a Paris original. Samantha turns a horse into an attractive woman. Endora gives Tabitha the power of speech. A leprechaun visits Samantha and Darrin looking for his pot of gold. Sam uses her magic to get even with a snobbish girl who happens to be Larry’s niece. Opening Credits; Introduction (.38); Bewitching Going Ons; Season 2: Episode 21 – Fastest Gun on Madison Avenue (11.49); Episode 22 – The Dancing Bear (17.30); Episode 23 – Double Tate (23.43); Episode 24 – Samantha, The Dressmaker (28.31); Episode 25 – The Horse’s Mouth (36.07); Episode 26 – Baby’s First Paragraph (40.48); Episode 27 – The Leprechaun (47.11); Episode 28 – Double Split (53.17); Witch or Mortal (1:00.36); The Bewitching Hour (1:06.52); End Credits (1:13.15); Closing Credits (1:14.18)Opening Credits– Theme Song from Bewitched Television Show by Jack Keller. Copyright owned by Screen Gems. Closing Credits – My Strongest Suit – by Sheree Rene Scott taken from the Original Broadway Recording Disney’s Aida. Copyright 2000 Disney Records. All rights reserved.All songs available through Amazon.
Book: Cabal By Clive BarkerFilm: Nightbreed (1990)Published in 1988, this horror novel would be also include in the US publication several short stories which would form Books of Blood part VI. Set in Calgary, Alberta CANADA, the story revolves around a serial killer and the man who he tries to frame. Boone, the main characters finds himself in Midian, a city below the ground with the night breed dwell.The film was written and directed by Clive Barker based on his 1988 novella Cabal. At the time of its release, the film was a commercial and critical failure. In several interviews, Barker protested that the film company tried to sell it as a standard slasher film and that the powers-that-be had no real working knowledge of Nightbreed's story. In 2014, a director’s cut was released. The film and book spawned a limited comic book series, computer games, two part graphic novel and in 2018, it was announced a proposed television series currently in preproduction. The Literary License Podcast will be reviewing the Director’s Cut.Opening Credits; Introduction (1:38); Forming the Plot (5.28); Book Synopsis (6.32); Book Thoughts (11.34); Scoring (48.35); Introducing a Film (53.07); Film Trailer (55.01); Lights, Camera, Action (56.23); Epilogue (1:33.53); End Credits (1:36.03); Closing Credits (1:37.23)Opening Credits– Epidermal Sounds Closing Credits – Beautiful Monster by Ne-Yo, taken from the album Libra Scale. Copyright 2010; Def Jam Records Original Music copyrighted 2021 the Literary License Podcast. Music available through Amazon.All rights reserved.
December 1968Episodes 636 – 657 January 1969Episodes 658 - 680 Jeff marries Vickie and then disappears. Amy breaks out of Asylum and ends up at the big house. Chris is a werewolf. Vickie communes with the dead to find her husband. The ghost of Quentin Collins appears. Joe goes off to Windcliff. Chris moves to the cottage and becomes poisoned. Barnabas and Julia begin their detective agency.We are joined by Mary O’Leary, Producer of the Jonathan Frid documentary, Dark Shadows and Beyond, The Jonathan Frid Documentary. The documentary is available on Apple TV in UK, USA, Ireland and Canada for 5 October 2021 release. It will also be available through Microsoft, Google Play, Vimeo on Demand through these territories which will include New Zealand and Australia. You can buy the DVD or BluRay at Info about preorder for DVD and Blu-ray on Amazon Credits – Dark Shadows Theme – by Robert Cobert Music Cues by Robert Cobert from Dark Shadows CatalogueClosing Credits – Night Moves by Marilyn Martin – Self titled album. Copyright 1986 Atlantic Records All Rights Reserved. All Songs Available on Amazon
Scanners (1981) Directed by David Cronenberg and one of the first films made in Canada to compete in the international and American market. It would bring Cronenberg and his use of controversial body horror to a mainstream audience. The film deals with scanners who have psychokinetic abilities and how the government wants to use them as weapons and one man’s fight against the government. The film although filmed in Canada would have an American feel. Dick Smith (The Exorcist, Amadeus) would provide the special effects and make up. The film would lead to two sequels, two spin off films and a proposed television series currently in predevelopment.Videodrome (1983) This science fiction body horror film directed by David Cronenberg would be his first film with Hollywood backing and finance. Set in Toronto during the early 1980s, it follows the CEO of a small UHF television station who stumbles upon a broadcast signal featuring violence and torture. The layers of deception and mind-control conspiracy unfold as he uncovers the signal's source, and loses touch with reality in a series of increasingly bizarre hallucinations. Rick Baker (American Werewolf in London) would handle the special effects. James Woods was a big fan of Cronenberg and met with him in Beverley Hills which would lead to him being cast.We are also joined by James Wosochlo, author of Appalachian: Schaumboch's Tavern. You can follow him at his website: are also joined by Craig Johnson, Craig’s World and Dayvid Grant coming over from our Book to Screen: Kings of Horror EpisodesOpening Credits/Introduction (1.51); Oh My GOD!!! (17.57); Scanners Trailer (19.26); That Is Like So Tubular (21.31); It Is Totally Rad (51.15); Videodrome Trailer (52.55); Bodacious Talk (54.50); Such A Wastoid (1:39.06); End Credits (2:00.07); Closing Theme (2:02.07)Opening Credits – by Epidemic SoundClosing Credits – Sex (I’m A…) by Berlin. Taken from the album Pleasure Victim. Copyright 1982 – Enigma Records, M.A.O. Records Original Music copyrighted 2021 Epidemic Sound and the Literary License Podcast. All rights reserved.
David Selby joined us to talk about his career as a stage, film and television actor and his poetry and writing career.  He joins Vickie Rae and Jesse Fultz to discuss his roles as Quentin Collins, Abraham Lincoln, roles in Flamingo Road, Falcon Crest and Castle Rock.  Listen to an icon as he discusses his life and what is to come.
Season 2 – Episodes 13 - 20 Endora gives a teddy bear to Darrin who thinks it maybe Larry. Endora gives Darrin a statue that makes people tell the truth. Samantha and Darrin receive a card from the boy they celebrated Christmas with and reminisce about that Christmas. Samantha and Darrin go to a rundown cabin which she twitches a makeover on. Samantha gives birth to Tabitha and Serena makes an appearance. The Kratvitz’s buy stock for Tabitha which increase in value. Tabitha receives a letter from her paternal grandparents causing Samantha and Darrin to reminisce. Opening Credits; Introduction (.35); Bewitching Going Ons; Season 2: Episode 13: My Boss The Teddy Bear (10.34); Episode 14: Speak the Truth (16.34); Episode 15: Visions of Sugar Plum (24.39); Episode 16: The Magic Cabin (27.20); Episode 17: Maid To Order (32.55); Episode 18: And Then There Are Three (41.27); Episode 19: My Baby The Tycoon (54.27); Episode 20: Samantha Meets the Folks (1:04.44); Witch or Mortal (1:07.35); The Bewitching Hour (1:12.40); End Credits (1:18.13); Closing Credits (1:19.06)Opening Credits– Theme Song from Bewitched Television Show by Jack Keller. Copyright owned by Screen Gems.Closing Credits – Baby Mine by Arcade Fire – from the motion picture soundtrack Dumbo. 2019 Buenos Vista Records – Courtesy of Disney. All rights reserved.
Book: The Dead ZoneBy Stephen KingFilm:The Dead Zone (1983) Released in 1979, this was Stephen King’s first smash hit which was also the first of his books to kit the top ten best sellers. This was also the first novel to feature the fictional town in Maine called Castle Rock. This science fiction thriller would spawn a critically acclaim film directed by David Cronenberg and a six season television series which aired on the USA Network. The Dead Zone (1983) The film was directed by David Cronenberg with screenplay written by Jeffrey Boam. The film started shooting in January 1983 in the the Niagra Falls region. The cold and brutal winds were sometimes unbearable for cast and crew. Interestingly enough, Bill Murray was first choice but producers felt that he was not dramatic enough and Christopher Walken was cast instead. The film is considered one of the best Stephen King adaptions.We are joined by Barbara Venkataraman, author of the Jaimie Quinn Mystery series. You can follow her at the following link: Her Jaime Quinn Mystery series is currently available free on Amazon Kindle.We are also joined by James Wosochlo, author of Appalachian: Schaumboch's Tavern. You can follow him at his website: Credits; Introduction (1.38); Stephen King Novel (24.07); Plot Synopsis (36.32); Forming the Plot (42.12); Book Thoughts (1:25.58); Introducing a Film (1:38.18); Film Trailer (1:39.20); Lights, Camera, Action (1:40.59); Epilogue (2:18.52); End Credits (2:36.51); Closing Credits (2:38.58)Opening Credits– Epidemic Sound – copyright 2021. All rights reserved Closing Credits: If You Could Read My Mind by Stars of 54, taken from the album 54. Copyright 1998 Tommy Boy Music (UK) Original Music copyrighted 2020 Dan Hughes Music and the Literary License Podcast. All rights reserved.All songs available through Amazon Music.
Season 5 is here and we have some great stuff coming your way as we celebrate our fifth year.  We thought we would start off our new season with a Getting To Know you with interviews of all our co-hosts who share their thoughts, films and books and what they love about doing our show.  The interviews are all available separately or you can hear them all in one go.  Welcome to Season 5 as we enter our new frontier.
We are joined by Dayvid Jo Grant​, our new co-host for our Season 5 - King's of Horror Book to Screen episodes. We welcome him to the Literary License Podcast family and we can't wait to see what he adds to these episodes. He is a true gem and we are so lucky to have him.
We are joined by Jon Wilson, writer and scriptwriter. Jon has been with us from day one and as we enter our fifth year, he has experienced alot of our teething pains. He is a total asset and although due to work commitments he is only able to join us for one episode per month, we are so glad he continues to be a strong member of the Literary License Podcast.
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