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Did you know Monday's are the least ideal to workout or start new habits?Each day of the week carry a different energy which means different tasks and workouts are more and less ideal on given days.Based on the Ayurveda dosha's I break down which tasks, self-care and workouts are best to focus on each day of the week. 
Did you ever notice that some weeks you have no motivation to workout and others you have the energy to workout? That's because as females we are cyclical beings that follow the monthly moon cycle. Our energy wanes and gains throughout the month which means that our workouts need to change week to week to match our energy.Not sure where to start? Don't worry I walk you through the steps to match your workouts to your dosha and menstrual cycle.  
Self-regulating yourself and co-regulating your kids on vacation is a whole different beast. With more opportunities for sensory overload, routines messed up and skipped naps it's a recipe for whining, meltdowns and big feelings (them and yours).In this episode I share some of the key practices I use when self-regulating on trips and new strategies on helping your kids through big feelings in public places.    
Something triggers you and you immediately react. How often does this happen? If you have found that no matter how much you try to be patient and access that "pause" before your respond it feels impossible. Don't worry this episode is for you. I give you some of my best secrets I've learned to help me stop having knee-jerk reactions. 
You want to workout. You know you'll feel better. But you just can't find the energy and motivation to get your butt off the couch.Today I share 3 super tangible and effective ways to naturally surge your energy so you can get motivated to move and release that stress from your body.   
You ever struggle with constantly reminding your kids to do their chores and responsibilities? Do you feel frustrated? Wanna know how to set firm boundaries around screen-time? Tune into this episode where I walk you through 5 necessary tips to help you raise independent, mature and responsible kids.  
If you ever struggled with fear of rejection and failure this episode is for you.In this episode I share my own experience with fear of rejection and the perspective shifts and spiritual lessons failure is here to teach us in the new paradigm. 
If you feel like you are constantly rushing, stressed and overwhelmed during the morning and evening routine this episode is for you.I share some of my best organization and planning tips to help morning and evening routines with kids flow more smoothly.  
In this episode we walk through the steps of what emotionally mature parent looks like, the practices we need to focus on so we can be a more regulated and balanced parents for our kids.
So you listened to EP 94 and realized you were raised by emotional immature parents and carry the patterns into your parenting. Now what? You want to be a generational cycle breaker but you can't think your way and talk yourself into becoming emotionally mature. You have to heal yourself. In this second episode in the emotional maturity series we talk through the steps of how to train your brain to stop knee-jerk reactions, learn self-regulation and resilience.Tune in now!
Did you have one or both parents who weren’t able to nourish you emotionally? You didn't feel emotionally safe to be seen, share your feelings and be given support without judgment?Physical + Emotional Safety is necessary for every child. Mental health professionals call being raised by emotionally immature parents a silent epidemic that affects us as parents who aren't able to be empathetic, patient and supportive when our kids have big feelings. Tune into this first episode in this 3 part series where we talk about what it means to be raised by emotionally immature parents, how it effects us as parents and what we can do to break the generational pattern. 
We complete the burnout series with this episode. Today we are answering the burning question about why is it that sometimes we can be patient and sometimes we immediately snap?1. I  share how science and spirituality are not different and one of the same thing. 2. I  give you the science of understanding how to build stress resilience, frustration tolerance and willpower. 3. And I explain how building a stronger vagus  nerve is the secret to becoming more patient and build willpower. Tune in now!
Have you ever felt "not good enough?" Like you had to prove yourself, you don't belong and make choices so others perceive you in a certain way?Wanna know how to master a better relationship with yourself so you can feel enough despite what others say or feel about you?In this episode, I share the 4 daily "selfies" to build a deeper and more empowering relationship everyday. This includes tips on how to build self-love, self-compassion, self-worth and self-care so you can become the best version of yourself. 
After a stressful situation ends like traffic or your child's meltdown how long does it take for you to recover from the stressful situation?Once it ends does your stress end and do you bounce back to feel calm and balanced again? Or does the frustration, irritation and overthinking linger long after the stressful situation ends? In this episode, I talk about the differences between stressors and stress, how to dump out stress from our system so we can end chronic stress that leads to burn out. I'll also introduce you to the power of the Vagus nerve the epicenter of the mind-body connection and how it's the antidote to manually regulated your stress mode on command!Tune in now!The Chutney Life Therapist per state list
This is the first episode in a four part series on Burnout. This episode will help anyone  feeling parental burnout and pandemic fatigue by learning the different stages that lead to burnout and  5 steps to start shifting out of this low vibe space into a state out of more balance, flow and energy from the inside out.   Bring out a pen and paper to take action on each step!
You ever wonder why despite your greatest intentions of NOT snapping at you kids, you find yourself doing it anyway?In this episode we break down why we feel stuck in this pattern and how to FINALLY break out of it. Get your notebooks out, this episode is jam packed with wisdom that will change your life! INSIGHT TIMER MINDFULLY HANDLING MELTDOWNS COURSE
Do you know the difference between your child's tantrum or meltdown?Nope they aren't the same thing and YES there are very different strategies to help your child ride-through-these tough situations.I break it all down in this episode. The differences, your role as a parent and strategies to help support your child (without you having your own meltdown).Tune in now!INSIGHT TIMER MINDFULLY HANDLING MELTDOWNS COURSE
Screentime struggles, tantrums, picky eaters, bad sleepers oh my. Do you ever wish that your kids came with an owner's manual?Well since they don't I got the next best thing. Early childhood development expert, parent coach and founder of Spark Wonder Mona Singhal who can guide us to answer the questions we so desperately confused about when our children are between the ages of 9 months to 5. Parenting takes a village. there is no shame to ask for support when you feel lost and confused. I'm not talking about asking your parents or friends who have no idea what is going on in a toddlers development or head, I'm talking a parenting expert!In fact it's the BEST thing you can do for yourself to build your confidence, ditch mom guilt and find a roadmap to help you and your child connect and thrive. In this episode  we talk about:1. Tips on creating sensory and educational playrooms for toddlers2. How to handle screen time tantrums and how to make transitions smoother. 3. The best ways to "play" with our kids that builds deep connections. 4. Breaking the stigma of how it’s absolutely OKAY to need help in learning how to engage, stimulate and connect with your toddlers emotional and educational needs. And so much more!If you have kids between 9 months and 5 years old, this is a must-listen to podcast!FULL SHOW NOTES HERE
Today I have Christy Whitman NY Times #1 Best Selling Author and sought after Celebrity Coach talking about her new book,  THE DESIRE FACTOR: How to Embrace Your Materialistic Nature to Reclaim Your Full Spiritual Power Christy’s life-changing message reaches over 200,000 people a month and her work has been promoted by and featured with esteemed authors and luminaries such as Marianne Williamson, Dr. Wayne Dyer, & Marci Shimoff.On this episode we talk about:The 7 essential universal laws that each one of us need to be aware of and why they are so important.The common obstacles that is standing in your way of manifesting yours desires Why hard work is not the key to creating what you want. And the one secret desire most people have but are ashamed to have it. FULL SHOW NOTES HERE
Infertility challenges are unfortunately way to common these days. Either we have personally be on the journey or we know someone close to us who is currently on it. In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week and in support for all my fellow mamas who have been on or are currently on this journey, I invited two infertility warriors, advocates and co-founders of Fertility Rally, Ali Prato and Blair Nelson onto the show to talk about how they offer 24/7 support, content and curated events for anyone going through infertility or building their modern families. We talk about: What to say and what not to say to someone on the infertility journey.  (EVERYONE needs to hear this!)Common misconceptions about infertility. And we talk about ways someone on this journey can find nourishing support and sisterhood through Fertility Rally. Whether you have gone through infertility or not it is our duty to be educated so we can be empathetic and supportive to those on this path. 
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