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Two life long friends, both named Aaron, call each other to discuss their recent music purchases.
29 Episodes
Ford and Hartley discuss the favorite new albums released in 2020. Stay tuned for the next episode where we discuss our favorite reissues of 2020! 
This week we discuss the legacy of Eddie Van Halen after his death from cancer at the age of 65. We also discuss a handful of new purchases from Idles, Prince, Jane's Addiction and more! 
Our podcast is one year old! We talk about Vinyl Me Please, records Hartley found at a garage sale and Ford's most recent pick ups. 
After a short break, we're back to talk punk rock, parenthood and buying a 2,000 piece record collection. 
This week we gush (and gush) over the new Hum surprise album release. We chat about albums we've bought recently on Bandcamp and more. 
In this episode Hartley tells the story of buying 600 records from a neighbor, Ford expounds on his love for ELO, we share a few recent purchases and get lost in a rabbit hole discussing a fake genre we invented called JAZZETAL. Don't forget to buy music from Bandcamp on Friday, June 19th as they are donating their share to the NAACP! 
It feels strange recording a podcast about buying records during these difficult times. We start off by discussing some ideas on where to donate to support causes that are more important to us right now than buying records. We then each dug out some older purchases from our piles to discuss. We also celebrate the news of PJ Harvey reissuing her catalog! 
We discuss the RSD Drops program happening in 2020. We run through a list of recent purchases including Miles Davis, Beastie Boys, Kraftwerk, Ozzy Osbourne and a rabbit hole on the new Vinyl Me Please reissue of Salt N Pepa's Very Necessary! 
This week Ford breaks down where to start with King Crimson for Hartley. We somehow get off on a Boyz II Men tangent?!?!? Hartley discusses his huge vinyl haul bought on Facebook market. 
In this episode we discuss the three documentaries released last weekend regarding vinyl records: Other Music, Vinyl Nation and Record Safari. We discuss our excitement for the return of Fiona Apple and discuss some of our most recent purchases! 
We keep this episode to the point by discussing the records we've bought recently. Ford's records were mostly bought before quarantine and Hartley's now bff with his mailman who brings him records every day since being quarantined! Stay at home!
This week we riff on ideas on how to keep business going to our local record stores to make sure they can cover their expenses during COVID-19 when people aren't able to go out and shop! Shop local and shop small whenever you can!
In this episode we spend time catching each other up on our recent purchases. We also discuss our favorite streaming music documentaries. Also, we discuss how people would be surprised about what our favorite types of music really are, despite what others assume. 
We discuss the Apollo fires and what it means to the vinyl industry. We even get sidetracked on why we still love CDs! We also discuss recent purchases including Hartley's insane bargain on a legendary, hard to find $250 record. 
This week Ford has a cold and sounds a little like Sylvester Stallone but that didn't stop us from talking about our recent vinyl purchases. We also discuss the importance of playing your records on a good stereo system and how to get one on a budget! 
In this episode we review a select list of albums celebrating their 25th anniversary and try to guess which will have a deluxe vinyl reissue to celebrate. We also review the albums Hartley bought for 50% off at Barnes & Noble over the holidays and Ford takes us into his Bryan Adams and Grace Jones obsession! 
In this episode we play another round of Alternative History, this time wondering what would have happened to the Band if Bob Dylan had never gone electric?!?! Also, we discuss Neil Peart's passing and Rush as well as review some of the many record purchases we made over the holidays. 
In this episode, we discuss our favorite new vinyl releases of 2019. We also discuss our favorite used vinyl finds while shopping this year. We bought a lot of records this year and had a hard time narrowing down our picks!
In this episode we discuss all the records we bought on Record Store Day/Black Friday. We picked up a few RSD specific releases each and then went crazy in the used bins. So many records were bought. Friendly reminder, the podcast is now on Spotify so follow the show there if that's your main source of podcasts.  
This week we discuss what records we hope to find on Black Friday during Record Store Day and go through our large stacks of recent purchases. If you want to check out the Greg Belson gospel soul mix that Hartley references, click HERE!PS - we are now on Spotify if that is your preferred method of consuming podcasts.  
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