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Join us every week for real, unfiltered conversations about life in Colombia. You'll get the good, the bad and the ugly!

Whether you're planning a trip to the city or you already call it home, the Medellin Podcast will give you essential insights that will help make your stay more interesting, rewarding and unforgettable.
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Breagan Whittington, pro MMA fighter turned dating coach, says that he likes to “experience new things and test his mental strength”. Well what better a place to do that than in Medellin, Colombia right? On this episode of The Colombia Podcast’s dating series, Breagan tells us about his work as a dating coach in Medellin and how he helps men to develop the social skills needed to meet women. Unlike many of the other coaches out there, Breagan encourages men to wear their hearts on their sleeves and to embrace love.He shares some of his wildest dating experiences which include a bit of heartbreak, comedy, pornstars, and miscommunication.
Daniela is an ambitious young woman in her early 20’s. One of her jobs is working as a waitress at a popular sports bar in Medellín where the regular patrons are mainly male expats and travellers. As you can imagine, she meets all types of people and gets a lot of attention - Not always the positive type. Daniela tells us about her interesting and funny experiences meeting and dating men in Peru and Colombia.
“It’s not webcam, it’s porn”, says Eleonora Tamayo a general manager at DMA, a booming OnlyFans management company in Medellin. She joins us on this episode to talk about the business of OnlyFans in Colombia and why it’s appealing to so many women. She claims that one of their models made a whopping $87,000 USD in one month.The OnlyFans website claims that models can earn anywhere between $1,499 to $7495 per month, based on an estimate of between 1% and 5% of their followers subscribing to their account. Imagine how appealing that is in Colombia where the minimum wage is currently about $265 per month. Elenora says that we have to think about Only Fans like any other social media platform. The aim is to gain followers, and in order to gain followers, you need content and marketing. This is where Elenora and her team come in. They create strategies, edit videos, and do a whole lot more for the models whose accounts they manage. The majority of the models they manage used to be webcam models. Many of them moved to the Only Fans platform after realizing that the content they create can continue to sell inevitably. Whereas, a webcam model needs to be in front of the camera to make money. Listen to the full podcast as Eleonora tells us how OnlyFans works, how to make money on OnlyFans, and her advice to anyone who wants to get into the business.
From mandatory mental health screenings to higher minimum amounts for real estate investment - There are some pretty significant changes being made to Colombia visa law. These changes could affect both current visa holders and foreigners hoping to apply for a Colombian visa for the first time. In this episode we invited Alan Gongora, founder of the Medellin based law firm Langon Colombia SAS, to explain why these visa changes are causing such a stir in the expat community. In addition to the visa changes, Alan also gives us his top 3 tips for any foreigner who wants to invest in Real Estate in Colombia. To learn more about Langon Colombia SAS check out thier website -
WARNING - Many guys may be butt hurt by what she has to say!!! Our guest Carolina has some brutally honest advice for brides-to-be whose future husbands are coming to Colombia for a Medellin Bachelor Party. It's not too often that we find a woman brave enough to speak openly about dating in Medellin. Carolina was born in Buenaventura Colombia but moved to New York when she was 5 years old. Now she's back living in Medellin but just let's say that she isn't having best of dating experiences - to say the least. Over the past 1.5 years, she's met several groups of guys who've visited the city to have their final blowout bachelor party. She's even been to some parties at clubs and posh penthouses thrown by 'the bachelors'. She tells us one story of a bachelor party that didn't go as expected. In her opinion, this story is more of a norm than the exception. In addition to talking about the bachelor parties, she tells us why it's so hard for her to find a good man in Medellin.
"I drank it, I kissed her neck, and the next thing I know, it's 11 o'clock in the morning" - Omer's seemingly normal Tinder date in Medellin was going extremely well. Nothing out of the ordinary - No red flags! Yet, he still ended up being another victim to be drugged with scopolamine and robbed while on a date.The last thing he remembered is 'sharing' a beer with his date and giving her a kiss on the neck! BUT, if there were no alarming warning signs, how did he still manage to get drugged and robbed? The moral of Omer's story - NO ONE is immune to being victimized by organized criminals who methodically prey on, then drug their victims with scopolamine. It could even happen to you. After having time to reflect and think about about how everything went down, Omer has some tips for anyone who plans on taking a shot at dating in Colombia. Listen to the complete episode to hear Omer's Story and the questions from our studio audience at the end.
Andrew jokingly admits to being a fuckboy on this episode of the Colombia Podcast’s dating series! But…what exactly is a fuckboy anyways? According to Alison Taylor, an outspoken California girl visiting Colombia, fuckboys are notoriously known for playing emotional games and messing with a woman’s time and energy. Her advice to these people is - “Play the lotto, don’t play me!” Alison tells us her tragically funny story of meeting one such Colombian ‘boy’ on the popular dating app Bumble. What was supposed to be a casual lunch date in Medellin, turned into a phenomenal 9-hr romantic extravaganza out of the movies…and then…crickets!!! Yep crickets - radio silence. Usually we have crazy dating stories from foreign men dating Colombian women, but this the script is completely flipped and we get the experience from the foreign woman’s perspective. If you liked this episode, please don’t forget to give it a Thumbs up and subscribe to our channel for more hilarious dating episodes.
Here's the first installation of our Colombia Dating series! Adam is a Danish-Irish guy that has been living and dating in Medellin Colombia for a total of about 2.5 years now. In this hilarious episode, he shares his CRAZIEST Medellin dating story, and tells us how dating has evolved for him since the first time he visited the city 4 years ago (like getting off dating apps). Not to mention his very practical dating tips for any single guy visiting the city. If you liked this episode, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel! New episodes dropping every week.
Legend has it that she got a Colombian student visa and did it all on her own. “Right now Canada isn’t really for me, and I prefer traveling and seeing the world”, says Josephine. Josephine Tse is a Canadian girl who fell in love with Colombia, and like many others, she faced the challenge of figuring out how to stay in the country longer than the maximum 180 days permitted by Colombian immigration.At the beginning of the pandemic, she started working virtually with a company called Voice123 whose founder is Colombian. Since the majority of her co-workers are Colombian, and she’s only met them virtually over Zoom, she wanted to take the opportunity to meet them in person. Watch the podcast to hear the rest of her story…In addition to telling us how she got her visa,, she tells us about her experience as an Asian woman traveling and living in Colombia - The good and the bad! Getting a Colombia Visa could be easier than you think.
VICHE (pronounced bi-che) is a type of alcoholic beverage made from sugarcane by Afro-Colombians on the pacific coast. In Sept 2021 viche was declared a part of Colombia’s intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO - Yet many people have never even heard of, much less tried the drink. On this episode of the Colombia Podcast, we talk with Lizeth Martinez, the owner and marketing force behind the fast-growing viche brand - Viche Canao. She's also our first Afro-colombian woman on the show! Lizeth is from Chocó, a region in Western Colombia seemingly forgotten and ignored by the Colombian government. El Chocó is known for its predominately Black population and is considered one of the poorest parts of Colombia. Lizeth's family and many others families in Choco have made viche in their homes for many generations. However, only now are they able to legally commercialize the drink. Due to a lack of money and marketing know how in el Choco, most of the families are unable to take advantage of the commercialization of the drink. Lizeth is one of the people working hard to change that. If you liked this episode, please feel free to share it and leave any questions in comment below. Follow Viche Canao on Instagram: @viche_canaoFollow us on Instagram: @podcastcolombia
En este episodio del Colombia Podcast, hablamos con nuestro amigo Julio Martinez acerca de la realidad actual de los venezolanos en Colombia. Conocimos a Julio hace 3 años cuando comenzó a trabajar en nuestro café favorito de nuestro barrio Manila - Hija Mía Coffee Roasters. El ha trabajado duro hasta convertirse en el administrador de este café y tiene un panorama muy positivo y un mensaje que quiere compartir con sus compatriotas venezolanos. Entre 2015 y enero del 2021, el número de venezolanos que emigran o buscan refugio en Colombia aumentó de menos de 39,000 a 1.72 millones. Esto es cerca del 37% de todos los migrantes venezolanos en Latinoamérica y el Caribe en este periodo. Una encuesta del 2021 mostró que “cerca del 31% de migrantes venezolanos que querían trabajar eran desempleados, y entre los que estaban empleados, 94% ganaban menos que un salario mínimo en Colombia.”
Federico is an x-military man from the U.S. who shares his story about moving to Colombia. He tells us how he got a retirement visa based on the pension he receives for his service and time spent in the Navy. Federico is one of the most positive people we've ever met and he brings that energy this week to the show. He also tells us about his transition to monogamy - dating one woman who he now calls his girlfriend.
Every 18 seconds, some foreigner dressed in flip flops and shorts falls deeply in love with a beautiful Colombian woman (based on qualitative research done by the Colombia Podcast Crew). But what happens when foreign men meet beautiful Colombian women and want to take their new found love to the next level? On this episode of the Colombia Podcast, Mike (a Gringo) and Vanessa (a Colombiana) tell us about how they met on Tinder, what it was like dating long-distance, their challenges getting a visa to the U.S, and how the cultural differences make for an entertaining marriage. Do you have an experience dating or getting married to a Colombian? We'd love to hear from you - Just leave a comment below. Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel and like this video. New episodes dropping every week!!! Follow on Instagram: @podcastcolombia
"We out here in these streets!" responded DJ Yonny when asked how open things are in Colombia at the moment. On this episode of the Colombia Podcast, we sat down with the charismatic New York native "DJ Yonny" to talk about his decision to move from the U.S to Colombia during the pandemic. Before the pandemic he was always fully booked, jet setting around the U.S and the globe playing at different venues. That all suddenly changed when Las Vegas, the location of his popular party "Breakfast in Vegas", got completely shut down. Like many of us, he was forced to reinvent his business and lifestyle. Today he and his business partner Curtis have a set of AirBnB properties in Vegas and are back to making music. Yonny talks about what it took for him to make it as a DJ and gives his advice to anyone who wants to make it as a DJ in Colombia or anywhere else in the world. Be sure to Follow Dj Yonny: @DJ YONNY Follow on Instagram: @djyonny and @breakfastinvegas
Do you believe in faking it till you make it? What's your opinion on fake butts? What's the fakest $hit you've experienced in Colombia? On this episode of the Colombia Podcast, Joel, Andrew, and Lita discuss faking it in Colombia. Their challenge was to think about the various aspects about Colombian life that they personally think are really fake, and see what the others thought of their assessments. Some of the things that they chatted about were: - Fake butts & plastic surgery (of course) - Fake relationships (extreme age gaps) - Fake news (what to believe) - A false sense of security (letting your guard down) - Faking it till you make it (do you believe in faking it?) If you enjoyed this episode, please give it a like and don't forget to subscribe to our channel for more to come.
Curtis arrived to Colombia with just enough clothes for two days in his suitcase. It was supposed to be a quick, spur-of-the-moment guys trip to Barranquilla and has turned into something much bigger than Curtis could have ever imagined. Six months later, he finds himself living in Medellin producing more inspired music, and living a much more rewarding and fun lifestyle than he had back in the U.S. How did things escalate so quickly? Listen to Curtis's hilarious story about why he left the U.S and ended up moving to Colombia. He talks about the cost of living in Colombia, dating in Colombia, being black in Colombia, getting inspiration for his music, partying on a yacht in Cartagena, and a whole lot more. A bit more about Curtis...Curtis is a music producer and entrepreneur from the U.S who started making music when he was just in middle school. He has produced tracks with high profile artists like Bad Bunny, The Chainsmokers, and Don Eazi.Before the pandemic started, he and his business partner DJ Yonny were always booked up, playing regular gigs in Las Vegas and other cities around the country (and world). However, like for many others in the entertainment industry, their business took a sudden turn for the worse when Vegas and other cities literally shut down.
Spoiler Alert - Crime in Medellin is on the rise! But just how bad is it? Is it safe to travel there right now? Andrew, Joel, and guest hostess with the mostess Carla Diaz weight in with their personal experiences and opinions, and try to paint a realistic picture of safety in Medellin. Staying true to form, they also chat about other totally unrelated topics like getting married in Colombia, driving in Colombia, practicing Jiu Jitsu in Medellin, going to the hair salon/barber, wearing masks in the car, and how open Medellin is at the moment for tourism.If you're planning a visit to Medellin, this is an awesome episode to watch. Don't forget to CLICK THE SUBSCRIBE BUTTON
Ever wondered what it would be like to start and run a successful tour company in Medellin? Well Juliana Grisales, a Paisa entrepreneur, and owner of "Top 10 Tours in Medellin" is doing just that. She tells us her story on Episode 60 of the Colombia Podcast. "We created it in 2016 with the idea to have the most amazing and spectacular experiences in Medellin and surrounding areas" - Juilana Grisales, Owner of "Top 10 Tours in Medellin". We talk with Juliana about the legalities of starting a tour business, becoming a licensed guide, sustainable tourism in Colombia, tours in Medellin, Pablo Escobar, crazy experiences, and...we then take a hard left to get Juliana's opinion about foreign men and dating in Medellin Colombia. Naturally right? What else goes hand-in-hand with talking about tours?
Andres Luna is from Cali, Colombia. Although he grew up in one Cali's poorest barrios, he now lives in Medellin where he manages his companies and tries to live life as if everyday were his last. He's what we like to call a serial ARTrepreneur. He started his first business when he was only 15 years old, and has since then started several others including 10X, an app that makes it easier for companies to sell their products using WhatsApp. He's a TEDx speaker, sculptor, and yes, a bad ass salsa dancer. In this episode he tells us about how he started his first business, how he ended up starting a tech & marketing company, how he plans to break a Guinness World Record, how he met his current girlfriend, the difference between living in Cali and Medellin, and much more.
CAUTION - This is potentially the funniest, most dramatic, entertaining and unfiltered episode we've produced to date! We interview Carla, aka Lita Candela, a Venezuelan artist who's been living in Medellin for about 6 years now. She's also a designer, tour guide, volleyball player, quote manufacturer, cat mom, and one hell of a funny and charismatic person. In this episode Lita tells us about what brought her to Colombia and the challenges she faced and is still facing living in this city. She takes off her gloves and delivers ruthless blows to the jugular and balls when discussing dating Colombian men. She described making it as an artist in this city as being - "Hard AF". There are a few surprises, gifts, and announcements made in this episode, so listen to the episode to hear the full story.
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