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Join us every week for real, unfiltered conversations about life in Colombia. You'll get the good, the bad and the ugly!

Whether you're planning a trip to the city or you already call it home, the Medellin Podcast will give you essential insights that will help make your stay more interesting, rewarding and unforgettable.
62 Episodes
Meet Marissa Romero, who just 4 months after getting her masters in Construction Engineering in 2017, decided to leave her career and comfortable 9 to 5 job behind. Fast forward to 2020 and she now has a YouTube channel with over 130,000 followers. She has managed to create a business that helps entrepreneurs and content creators to build, grow, and scale their businesses on YouTube. On her fast-growing channel, she posts videos about creating passive income, side hustles, and making money online. In this episode we talk all about her journey to becoming a location independent entrepreneur, making money through YouTube, advice for newbies, dating in Colombia v.s in the US, cost of living, and a whole lot more
"Un Paisa no se vara" is a popular saying in Medellin which means that a paisa doesn't give up. After a terrible car accident leaving him paralyzed from the waist down; Martín, with help from his girlfriend, Andrea, regained his zest for life by creating a wheelchair system that allows people with mobility disabilities to move around faster and freely. Join us as this couple of Colombian entrepreneurs talk to us about doing business in Medellin, learning to live with a disability, the struggles of accessibility in Colombia, turning a G-String brand into a successful lingerie business, and much more
Looking for a drastic change from the monotonous suburban landscapes of Houston, Texas; David escaped to Medellin in 2016 and hasn't looked back since. In this episode we talk about moving to Colombia, how he completely changed his lifestyle in Medellin, how the current COVID-19 pandemic inspired him to start vlogging his day to day life, and much, much more
Coffee is a big business in Colombia. Join us as Pedro Echavarria - a "coffee man through and through" as he calls himself - and owner of one of Medellin's top cafes "Pergamino Café" takes us on a tour all the way from farming to roasting, retailing and exporting. What it's like owning multiple specialty spots, what they're doing to improve the life of coffee farmers and why Colombians drink terrible coffee despite having some of the best coffee in the world.
David is an Australian-American living the early retirement life in Medellin, Colombia. He grew up in a rural town in Australia, where he quickly realized that his opportunities were quite limited. In his late teens, he made a strategic, yet bold decision to pack up and move to the U.S in search of bigger and better opportunities. Among other things, he started and sold a few businesses, invested in real estate & stocks, and got into cryptocurrency investment and the youtube game. He says that he has always had the ability to identify emerging businesses, technology, and investment opportunities. This ability and a good dose of old-fashioned hard work are what gave him the opportunity to retire at the tender age of 32. David tells us about his journey to early retirement and how he ended up settling down Colombia. We also chat about his successful crypto-currency YouTube channel, dating, lifestyle design, and a whole lot more.
When asked what prompted their decision to move to Medellin back in 2008 to open their first restaurant, Rob almost instinctively answered - "ALCOHOL". For us, there couldn't have been a better start to the history of some of Medellin's most reputable gourmet restaurants - Carmen, Moshi, Sushi Bar, Humo, and Don Diablo. After all, this podcast was also inspired by ALCOHOL and a love for Medellin. If you've lived, visited, or planned on visiting Medellin, you've most likely eaten at, or at least heard of, one of their restaurants. The dynamic duo of Carmen Ángel and Rob Pevitts sit down with us for an unfiltered account of the past, present, and future of their restaurants. This episode is as real and raw as it gets. If you're interested in doing business in Medellin or you just want to get to know more about the people behind the food, this is an episode that shouldn't be missed.
According to many sources, Colombia now holds the record for the longest lockdown in the world. In this episode, Joel and Andrew chat about what they've been doing to keep busy and SANE during the lockdown.They give their personal predictions on what the new normal for tourism and daily life in Colombia will be moving forward. In addition, they talk about "Help Colombia", the new foundation they're working with to support and feed the poorest barrios in Medellin
Dejar los Estados Unidos y mudarse a Colombia le dio a Nailah una oportunidad para escapar la loca vida citadina y encontrarse a si misma. En este episodios nos sentamos a hablar de los pros y los cons de vivir en Colombia vs USA, el veganismo como un estilo de vida y no solo una dieta, cómo educar a través del activismo y mucho más
Leaving the United States and moving to Colombia gave Nailah a chance to escape the crazy city life and find herself. Join us as we discuss the pros and cons of living in Colombia vs living in the U.S., veganism as a lifestyle and not just a diet, why activism needs rebranding and much more--WATCH US ON YOUTUBE:
El artista del género urbano TIKE BOY se sentó con nosotros para contarnos de su experiencia en la industria músical, las dificultades de hacer dinero como un artista, cómo la música transciende las experiencias personales, chicas malas, el racismo en Colombia y Mucho Más!Gracias a Ron Bolívar por apoyar la fundación Help Colombia Now (antes Yo Soñé un Sueño) si quiere apoyar esta causa comprando una caja visiten: EN YOUTUBE:
Las licoreras son un negocio de legado en Medellín. Nos sentamos con Nicolás Ortiz un joven emprendedor y dueño de El Chuzo de Jota, una licorera muy popular en El Poblado, para hablar de su experiencia trabajando allá desde los 14 años, operar un negocio en tiempos de pandemia, lidiar con gringos borrachos, probando granizados por primera vez y mucho más--MIRANOS EN YOUTUBE:
Liquor stores are a legacy business in Medellin. We sat down with Nicolás Ortiz a young entrepreneur and owner of the very popular El Chuzo de Jota liquor store in El Poblado to talk about his experience working on a liquor store since 14 years old, running a business in times of a pandemic, dealing with drunk gringos trying slushies for the first time and a whole lot more--WATCH US ON YOUTUBE:
DonkiRap es un artista colombiano proveniente del Chocó viviendo en Medellín, A lo mejor lo conocen por su éxito viral con Bomby "Estamos Melos". Esta pegajosa canción se convirtió en el himno no oficial de la Selección Colombia tras su victoria ante Senegal en el mundial del 2018. El Mundial hace rato pasó, pero DonkiRap sigue haciendo música y está apunto de lograr cosas más grandes.En este episodio lleno de energía con Donki hablamos de:- Cómo empezó a crear música- Sus ídolos músicales e inspiraciones- Crecer en el Chocó y mudarse para buscar el éxito- La discrminación en Colombia- y mucho más!--MIRANOS EN YOUTUBE:
Ana Estrada es una paisa extrovertida quien ama los libros, la fotografía nudista, el baile de vientre y los idiomas. Increíblemente orgullosa de su feminidad y sexualidad, las cuales hace evidente en su perfil de instagram.Hablamos con ella acerca de su experiencia viviendo en Colombia en contraste a otros lugares como Australia, nuestros libros favoritos, piropos indeseados, casos de catfishing y mucho másSígan a Ana en su perfil de Instagram: EN YOUTUBE:
Ana Estrada is an outgoing 23-year-old Paisa girl who loves books, nudist photography, dancing, and languages. She's very proud of her femininity (and sexuality), and she confidently displays it on her Instagram profile. We talk about her experience as a woman in Colombia compared to her experience when she lived in Australia, our favorite books, family, catcalling, messed up Tinder experiences, and a whole lot more. Hoping to connect on a deeper level with her followers on Instagram, Ana recently started doing live readings of her favorite books. She discusses her interpretations of the books and how they relate to current events. Be sure to follow Ana on Instagram at ana_estrada.p--WATCH US ON YOUTUBE:
Amamos y siempre amaremos a Medellin, pero es hora de tomr las cosas a nivel nacional. Queremos ser más incluyentes con el resto de Colombia sin importar dónde vivan, y queremos ayudar a aquellos que más lo necesitan. En este episodio les contamos nuestros planes para el futuro del podcast y cómo planeamos Ayudar a Colombia--ESTAMOS EN YOUTUBE:
We love Medellin and always will, but it's time to take this thing national. We want to be more inclusive of all Colombians regardless of where they live, and we want to help those who are in most need, check the episode to find out how we're planning to Help Colombia--WATCH US ON YOUTUBE:
One of Medellin's top food influencer and food blogger, Maria Fernanda Cárdenas better known as "Mafe Eats" sits down with us to share her journey from doing Instagram as a side gig with her ex-boyfriend to organically growing an audience of over 80,000 people, the trials and tribulations of food blogging during the COVID-19 pandemic and the business of the so-called influencers in general and a whole lot more
Juan "Tello" Palacios es uno de los atletas colombianos más destacados a nivel mundial, Sin embargo, si no eres fan del baloncesto probablemente nunca lo has oído mencionar. Él es uno de solo 3 basquetbolistas colombianos que han alcanzado ese nivel profesional, se podría decir que él puso a Colombia en el mapa en términos de baloncesto. Hoy en día el juega con el equipo español de Movistar Estudiantes.Cuándo aún estaba en el vientre de su madre, ella se mudó de Chocó a Medellín con la esperanza de darle una mejor vida. A los 11 años, su mamá conoció en un bus a un entrenador de basquet llamado "Ángel" quién cambiaría sus vidas por siempre. A los 16 dejó su hogar para ir a los Estados Unidos en una beca estudiantil - Sin saber nada de inglés.Así no seas fan del balocesto, este podcast es sin duda alguna uno de los más inspiradores que hemos hecho. Hablamos de cómo terminó jugando en Europa, la ética de trabajo, lo que es ser negro en Colombia, su extensa familia, devolverle a Medellin y muchísimo más
Juan "Tello" Palacios is one of the most accomplished Colombian athletes in the world. However, chances are, you’ve probably never heard of him - if you don’t follow basketball. He is one of the three professional Colombian basketball players in history to make it to his level. One could say that he put Colombia on the world map for basketball. Today he plays in the Spanish basketball league for the Movistar Estudiantes team. While he was still in his mother’s womb, she moved from Choco to Medellin to give him a better opportunity at life. When he was 11 years old, his mother met a basketball coach “Angel” on a bus ride to work. This was a meeting that would change his life forever. At 16 years old he left his mother and went to the US on a high-school basketball scholarship - not knowing a word of English. Whether you’re a basketball fan or not, this podcast is without a doubt one of the most inspiring and thought-provoking episodes we’ve done to date. We talk about how he got to play in Europe, work ethic, being black in Colombia, his extended family, giving back to Medellin, and a whole lot more.
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