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Author: Sheedia Jansen

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A podcast for those who want to create a life of freedom through their business
15 Episodes
Having a branding that sells itself really makes things easier in business. To have that one must first understand what branding really is. From there, use the tools you have available to you to build a killer brand. All of that is explained in this episode, plus a ton of examples to help inspire you in the process. Listen away!Website:
Owning your true power, automatically brings success your way. How do you know if there's more power for you to unleash within? And how do you unleash it? That's what this podcast episode is all about!
Just having a small business with a few clients doesn't really work! In this episode Sheedia breaks down why things fail that way. It also covers why you can best serve the world as a rich person.Questions, comments or "aha" moments? Drop them in the group:
All my coaching clients have come from Facebook. It's the social networking platform that I have used. How? I break it down for you in this episode.Facebook group: $5k in Coaching Toolkit:
Should you stick to what you're doing and not give up? Or is that the definition of INSANITY?When should you do the mindset work and push through and when should you try something else?All these questions are answered in this episode!Share it with anyone you know has these questions.First $5k in Coaching Toolkit:
Once upon a time I had 40,000 followers on Instagram. Didn't make a cent from it! In this episode we cover, what went wrong and what I learned from it. Listen closely so you don't make the same mistakes!First $5k in Coaching Toolkit: Group:
Recognizing which stage your Coaching Business is in really helps you scale your business to the next stage. It's all about solving the issues going on at that stage to move onto the next one. That is what this episode is all about. Understanding what happens at each stage in your coaching business and giving you the advice needed in order to scale to the next one.Got questions, comments, "aha" moments? Leave them in the group:
Instead of just working hard, why not work smart? A great way of doing that is leveraging other people's work, audience and clients in order for you to take your business to the next level. Networking is the word usually used for this. So how do you network to land more opportunities to leverage someone else? All that is covered in this episode of Your Business Your Way!The best networking group around:
Understanding how to stand out in a crowded market. Plus explaining the basics of marketing. Making marketing simple and understandable. Best of all learning to market Your Way.Website:
As a free spirit, consistency can immediately feel like a limitation on our freedom. Having to give up what we really want to do in order to stay consistent. That does not have to be that way. This episode covers the tips and tricks to stay consistent while respecting your freedom as a free spirit.
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